This is better…

This coffee shop…

MC Cafe

…is also located along this road…


– the second one in the block of shophouses on the left. I did not really like the very much-overrated kampua noodles and piansip at the one at the very end and while I was in the vicinity, I noticed that this one was also very crowded so one morning, I decided to stop by to give it a try.

There was a man running the noodles stall…

MCC kampua stall

…and I would say that his…

MCC kampua

…was a whole lot better than what I had at that other place or even here, around 100 metres away at the junction of the next lane running parallel to this road.

Actually, the first shop in this block is also a coffee shop but it seems that it no longer opens in the morning. If I’m not mistaken, they have a chu-char (cook & fry) place at the back and I guess these days, they only have it at night. That is the thing about Sibu – if you stand at one place anywhere in town, you will see coffee shops all around you so much so that you just cannot decide where you would want to eat.

Anyway, back to this shop that I went to, I also ordered the pian sip

MCC pian sip

…and it was good too but I prefer the one round the corner.

Despite the fact that I quite liked what I had that day, I would not say that they were the best in town but they were good enough for anyone who happens to be around there and is looking for something that is nice enough. There are a few others around there though…so I guess I would have to head back there again someday to try those as well.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

24 thoughts on “This is better…”

  1. hmm i think first dish was better and more scrumptious
    haha but still the second was kinda interesting

    It depends. My daughter would only go for the 2nd, not so much into the noodles.

  2. u killing me softly with the kampua, is it? somehow, cant appreciate the piansip… kampua kosong is good enuf for me… and yes, yellow bowls make the food more attractive!

    Hehehehehe!!! Torturing, eh? Better plan to come sooner then. Not really into plastic or melamine plates and bowls. I prefer porcelain, provided they’re not chipped.

  3. Eating here and eating there…… errerrrrrr ever experience stomach discomfort or worse food poisoning after trying some place new? or one that you are not familiar with?

    So far so good. I’ve had two cases over the years – one at that very old-school restaurant near the present pasar malam site and the other at the now-closed down big restaurant at Sanyan – and on both occasions, it was from the shredded crab meat in the not-to-be-named soup. I could taste that it was “not fresh” as soon as I ate it but I carried on eating…and the runs started even before the dinner was over. I’ve heard of friends coming down with food poisoning eating at the chicken rice franchise…but so far, I’ve eaten there too and never encounter such problems.

    1. I had a terrible near death episode two years back…. I never went back to that restaurant ever although it is very famous for crabs, pork legs and dim sum…….. πŸ˜›

      I brought a friend to eat once – can’t remember what I ate but I can clearly recall it was not great. My missus brought the crabs & pork leg home for dinner once and it was not nice…and the third time,I dropped by to say hi to my cousin & family who were having dinner there – did sample a bit and again, I did not really like…
      That’s why I cannot understand the crowd there every night – very cheap, very fast perhaps…but if you ask me, I would rather go elsewhere. I have also heard a lot of horror stories about the farmed/reared crabs sent by lorry from Limbang/Lawas…arriving 3/4 a.m. and what they do to keep alive/fresh. Plus it’s so crowded – not surprised people will come down with food poisoning when everything has to be done early and quickly.

  4. So nice, surrounded by food πŸ™‚ I guess one can go from shop to shop to try what’s available and then earmark which one is good for what. Two things that stick in my mind now when I see Sibu being mentioned anywhere is kampua noodles and pian sip πŸ™‚

    The thing is one must know where the good ones are – not all are good, you see. That’s why many who came to town and went to any shop to eat – they ended up grumbling away that food here wasn’t nice at all.

  5. I refer to this kopitiam as “kedai kampua kerusi kuning” because of the yellow chairs at the shop. The kampua is not bad. I usually order the kampua with a bowl of “sup campur”, that is what many patrons of that shop ordered. U should order that next time u r there STP….cheers!

    Not to be mistaken with Lou Chow chicken rice (next to Hong Fu, behind Courts Mammoth) – that one also yellow chairs. Wah! Jauh you go cari makan – after that, go to the traffic lights (red, yellow, green) casino round the corner? πŸ˜‰

  6. Slurppppp!!!…both looks great. Bet you have stepped foot in every kopitiam in town. I noticed for kampua, they normally used the straight noodles and not springy one. Am I right?

    Not really! So many coffee shops here – one block at least two or three – no way I can possibly eat at all of them. Will have to be selective and hope for the best. The curly noodles – usually it’s for kolo mee but some kampua places may use those too.

  7. Like the road sign…Long Bridge…many shops..have to try one by one to find the best shop

    There’s a history behind that name but I’m not going into that. It’s actually about 100 metres long only with 3 coffee shops – 2 open in the morning and one at night.

  8. Feel like eating it right now after seeing your post…

    Haven’t had your lunch? So late already. Go, go…

  9. That guy ( kampua seller ) is Chinese? He looks very much like a Burmese. The presentation very senonoh and clean, makes the food look so much better than those that just dump everything onto a bowl, so selekeh and comot. Mo makan pun no nafsu.

    Foochow true and true…or at least, he was speaking the dialect. But I did think he was rather tanned too and mata not really sepet – maybe ethnic adopted…or it’s like that in the family…or he’s Cantonese perhaps – some look like that. None of those migrants here – usually. Mostly Indons. Ya…the appearance was pretty good, eh? Tasted not bad too.

  10. How I wish there is a plate of kampua noodles and piansip right in front of me now.. I mean the real thing.. not this in your blog… LOL…

    Plan a trip here once your foot gets better!

  11. Hi Arthur! I have never tried this kampua noodles before but I know you are the expert judging by the number of posts you have covered this dish! Sooo, I trust you when you say this is not as good and that is the best!

    I would just follow you wherever you bring me next time! πŸ˜›

    Looking forward to that. So? When are you coming? Come, come! You will love it here, I assure you.

  12. Now you’re at that area more often, so time to explore that area for nice kampua.

    No more. Stopped already…but still not 100% ok. It would take time, I guess… 😦

  13. noted that the streets still have their original english names! nice!

    Some have been changed.. 😦

  14. wow… I think you can do a long post with all the kampua noodles and piansip you eat!!
    maybe a top ten Kampua noodles & top ten Piansip to visit?? πŸ˜‰

    Cannot lah. My top 10 may not be somebody else’s top 10 – so many said this one nice, that one nice…the best in town but when I went to try, I found they were not really nice. To each his own.

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