Nobody else…

This is nobody else’s recipe, solely my own…so if there is any that is in any way similar, it is purely coincidental.

In my previous post, I mentioned that I managed to get hold of 1 kg. of udang galah (freshwater prawns) and I cooked a few with tempuyak (fermented durian) for my mother. I also had about one-third of a bottle of tom yam paste left after using some of it for frying the mihun for my Chinese New Year open house


So, this was what I did. I prepared the ingredients that I would use…


– the leftover tom yam paste, one Bombay onion, sliced and one chili, seeds removed and sliced as well, a few stalks of serai (lemon grass), some Thai basil leaves and a few calamansi lime. I cut the lime and squeeze the juice into the bottle and shook it well to mix it with the remaining paste inside and dilute it so it would be easy to just pour it out later. Then I added a spoonful of sugar to it and shook it again to melt the sugar and counter-balance the sourness of the paste and the lime.

Once that was done, I heated just a little bit of oil in the wok and fried the onions in it, followed by the serai and the Thai basil leaves and the chili…


Then, I added the prawns…


…and mixed them well with the ingredients till they turned red in colour, indicated that they were all cooked.

Then I poured in the tom yam paste and calamansi juice plus a bit of sugar mix…


…and added a little bit of water to let the prawns simmer till the gravy had dried up and the flavour had gone into the prawns.

Once ready, I dished out the prawns and served…


My daughter seemed sceptical at first but when she tried one of the prawns, she said, “That’s very nice!” and wanted more. “Of course it is nice,” I responded. “Look at who cooked it!” Hehehehehehe!!!!

So, there you have it – another hassle-free easy-to-cook dish that you can try. On my part, I think that if I were to cook this again, I would add a bit more water as the gravy went so absolutely well with rice…and there wasn’t all that much to go round this time around.

Author: suituapui

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30 thoughts on “Nobody else…”

  1. Udang galah again??? Gosh… they must be pretty cheap there! Well, this is one unique recipe.. with the tom yam sauce, it must be very appetizing!

    These were very big – RM40.00 a kg. Slightly smaller, RM30.00 a kg. Prices may vary according the availability and season. Yes, it was very nice – we all loved it a lot. Sure would cook again when I have the chance… Yummmm!!!!

  2. Arthur…I find myself drooling over your beehoon…my favourite! and I like mine to be drowned with lots of calamansi juice, and just a couple of those prawns too! Haven’t had those for years!

    Ya, I guess you do not get these freshwater prawns there… The sea ones are just as nice – if you can get them fresh…but not those frozen pre-packed ones that they sell in the supermarkets. I think they boil/steam them first – already cooked and all the sweetness is gone. Not nice at all.

  3. Haha! I love the banter between you and Melissa! πŸ™‚

    It looks really good though! I wish I was there to eat it. 😑

    Those fermented durian prawns look awesome!

    No worries, Huai Bin. Wait till you come back and I’ll see that you get to eat this and whatever else I may come out with, promise. Let me know soon as you know you’ll be flying back.

  4. Hi Arthur! I observed that you like to use bombay onion and chili along with other herbs in your cooking. Nice! I like those ingredients too… and I’m sure this prawn dish is to-die-for!

    BTW, I cannot stop laughing at your comments on Quay Po’s latest post!

    I saw the people at my favourite cafe – Payung cooking – they use mostly Bombay onions and lemon grass…and sometimes, kunyit, ginger or lengkuas depending on the dish – not so much shallots or garlic…but usually, I just see what I have at hand and throw in…and pray that they are compatible. Hehehehehe!!!!

    P.S. Pssssstttt!!!! I’m sure the hubby cooked that – it was burnt, not charred on purpose. Muahahahahaha!!!!!!

  5. oooo, tom yam prawns! i know many of my friends would love to get their hands on this, it looks mouthwatering. personally though, i usually don’t like tom yam (am not a fan of spicy and sour), but even so, i wouldn’t mind a helping of this dish! πŸ˜€

    It’s not sour – with the sugar added, it is like sweet and sour…not even half as sour as the nyonya acar timun that goes so well with keropok.

    But there would be the fragrances of the serai and what not used…and some people may be put off by the smell especially those into western, Chinese, Japanese…all those mild cuisines that do not have that kind of exotic taste. I thought Penang asam laksa would fall into this same category…and it is so very popular?

  6. Not a huge fan of prawns but those mee hoon looks so good I just got hungry!

    You don’t eat those prawns? Allergic? Watching your cholesterol level or expensive in Bintulu? We had that very often when growing up – my mum fried with ginger and soy sauce and we loved it! Lately, it is getting a bit too expensive to have too often, I’m afraid. Just save for special occasions.

  7. Very good dish! I have a bottle of the same Tomyam paste still unopened. Hmmm….shall I or shall I not? If I cook the prawns, I will remove the shells first. I know that it is not so presentable but easier to eat. I am craving for the meehoon. Carbohydrate hunger hee..hee… πŸ™‚

    You can try! Good luck! I used kitchen shears to cut the shell all along the back (and at the same time, de-vein the prawn)…so when eating with fork and spoon, it is easy to open it up and get the flesh out to eat.

  8. Any chance to try out your cooking when i go Sibu? kaka…

    Of course…if you stay long enough. Most will be here for one or two nights so we would be out all day and night, seeing the sights and dropping by nice places to eat. This group was here for almost a week, 5 nights, I think…so I was able to cook/buy stuff (things one would not get in the shops) for them to have dinner at my house on one of those nights:

  9. Another drool inducing post!! This time, homecooked by Foodie King Arthur himself. I’ll try out your recipe when my cholesterol level has gone down to udang galah acceptable level. πŸ™‚

    With what we eat every day these days, it will never go down… So, no steaks, burgers, lamb chops and shanks, calamari and everything for you? Oh dear! I wouldn’t want to dine out with you should I ever hop over to Kuching…

  10. No, I do still love and eat steak, burgers and all red meat. That’s why my cholesterol level doesn’t go down…hahha..Make sure you contact me when you’re in Kuching.

    What for? No prawns to eat… I love oysters too – Kuching or chian, best lah! And crabs! Slurpssss!!!!! Hehehehehehe!!!!

  11. OOh such a nice dish! I love tom yam paste too.. I saw that you used Nona brand, I think I saw that brand sold here. Maybe I should give that a try because I find my current tom yam paste a bit too salty! Haha.. Incidentally I also have some prawns in the freezer! I just need to get some lime and lemon grass! πŸ™‚

    Yes, I like this brand. Have used others before, not so nice – can’t remember the brand now. Go ahead, give it a try. Bet it’s going to be nice.

  12. Nom!!!…Nom!!!…I love this. Simply out of this world, I would say. What say you if I use mackerel or sotong instead of prawn. I need your opinion, Sifu!!!…

    Sotong would be nice. Fish is good too, I guess…since no soup. Don’t like fish in soupy gravy because of the bones and tendency to fall apart if cooked a bit too long.

  13. Oooooo…. I drooling habis looking at your bee hoon and I like the pecah-pecah ones like yours. Your udang recipe is just like Daging Masak Kaprau. Only difference is you use udang and red chilli instead of cili api. Yes, next time you cook it must add a bit more gravy.. best gaul with rice πŸ™‚

    Yes, I think I will try cooking this again but using met this time. I’m sure it will come out like one of those very nice exotic dishes at Payung. Would a great change serving this at dinner parties instead of the boring curry beef or ayam masak merah… Will blog about it once I’ve tried.

  14. haha here you go again with chili and onions
    youre a spicy eater aren’t you

    Isn’t that good? Life should be spicy or it gets rather bland and boring. πŸ˜‰

  15. You’re a good cook ya!
    The mihun and prawns looks mouth watering!

    Can’t go wrong with prawns and all the fragrant ingredients. You can give it a try – so very easy!

  16. Yeah…Arthur going to cook me udang galah the next visit. I think I ll prefer tom yam than the tempoyak.hehehhe

    Ok, noted. Tom yam prawns coming up… πŸ˜‰

  17. Yum, I’m already drooling!

    Too bad I’m allergic to prawns (and its seafood relatives). =( I’d have gotten Mama Carrie to cook something like this for me. =)

    Try chicken. Should be nice this way…

  18. Oooh….love that bi hoon. It’s just like the way my mom used to cook it…..mmm. And the fresh water prawns look SO tempting. Can’t wait to go back and enjoy that. My mother-in-law will always buy and cook for us when we go home. She’s really sweet huh πŸ˜€

    It’s a main attraction here – not cheap anymore…and not all that easy to get these days. Not surprised if they’re frozen and exported…or at least, to West Malaysia…like our hay bee! So expensive now that I just can;t afford anymore. 😦

  19. The moment I saw the ingredients…I knew it would certainly turn out yummy! Those are the usual same set of ingredients for my seafood stir fry.

    Yup, bet that would be great for squids/sotong too… Yummmm!!!!

  20. CNY open house?….never invite me there….hahaha,joking πŸ™‚
    The dishes look super yummy..

    I thought I sent you messages via Facebook and also in reply to your comments, asking you to come but you never showed up? Now I have a whole lot of ang pao packets for you…but I don’t know how to pass them all to you. I thought I could do that when you dropped by my house then. 😦

  21. me lazy…i use Pete’s recipe…just garlic and kicap…theboy love the “gravy” ..ate with rice.

    alamak…paiseh..till now have not tried out your bihun recipe…you posted last year :p

    For cooking udang galah. Aiyor…want to cook with kicap, must use ginger lah…and if got serai, add a stalk or two. Add sugar to counter the saltiness of the kicap. Wait! Wait! When I can eat prawn again, I will cook and blog about it – this one…my mum punya style. She would cook this way all the time…and I ate it like that all the while when growing up.

  22. Yum!! Both the prawns and mee hoon looks very good and sedap!!

    See! I wanted to give you but you did not want…so I cooked and ate it all myself. Hehehehehe!!!! Hope to get some the next time you come back.

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