That’s more like it…

We dropped by here for dinner the other day – my missus, Melissa and I. My missus and I were here once before and we quite liked the food served.

This time around, we ordered a plate of fried rice (RM6.00) to share…


…as Melissa felt like having that and she said that it reminded her of what she used to have at a place called Cinta Malaysia in Wellington except that they used chicken instead of the bits of char siew, it being a place that did not serve pork. I thought it tasted something like what we had here in Auckland, New Zealand minus the colour of the frozen vegetables used.

For the vegetable dish, we had the bitter gourd fried with salted eggs (RM7.00)…

BG with SE

…and it was pretty well done, I would say.

My daughter also wanted this dish ofΒ kiam sor hoo-pheeΒ or translation, the salty crusty fish fillet (RM12.00)…


…and she liked it and I guess that was all that mattered. Personally, I would say that it was well-cooked but I did not like the frozen fish fillet used as I found it to be quite bland or somewhat tasteless. I wished they had used some fresh fish fillet instead.

The pork belly fried with salted fish and dried chili (RM12.00)…

PB with SF & DC

…was very nice but could do with a bit more salted fish to give it a stronger taste and fragrance.

What I like about this place is upon payment of the bill, they give you the chit from the cash register in which everything is itemised and the individual prices indicated. At most places, they would just give you the bill in which they would write “food” and the total for that indicated in one lump sum so one would not know what cost how much.

I must say I was quite pleasantly surprised that the total for the food only came up to RM37.00 as of late, I felt that dining out at such places around here has been getting a bit too expensive. As it is, I certainly wouldn’t mind dropping by again and I do hope that it stays that way.

Extra! Extra! Read all about it!
This is new – the Tiramisu Mille Crepe, just launched yesterday…


here at the home of mille crepes in SibuΒ @ RM9.00 a slice…

I would say it was very nice. I particularly loved the coffee fragrance.


But don’t take my word for it! Just hop over to give it a try!

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33 thoughts on “That’s more like it…”

  1. Oh..that fried rice look lovely!! Yum yum!!

    Where is this shop? Near pahlawan?

    Tiramisu mille crepe, ok, will be in my list on my next trip back.

    Behind Pahlawan Cafe/Secret Recipe. The food is quite nice – just skip the fish fillet. Ya…the mille crepe’s nice but personally, when it comes to tiramisu, I prefer the cake.

  2. I am the first today? Wow!

    Yup! Looks like nobody dropped by around midnight…and it’s just 4.30 a.m. at the moment – all still in Dreamland. πŸ˜‰

  3. Hi Arthur, from your pics and description, this seems to be a decent makan place. I’m looking out for such places near my neighbourhood to go to on days when I do not feel like cooking and don’t want to spend a bomb. No luck so far.

    Again, I like the crepe cake. I do not think we have this here or I am too lazy to hunt it down. πŸ˜€

    Ya, I always found dining out very expensive in Singapore even without conversion but then I always stayed around Orchard so that would come as no surprise. I guess you stay in some exclusive, high class neighbourhood? They say it is cheap in some housing areas – there is a Singapore makan show on Astro here – everything only SIN$2.00, so incredibly cheap. They’ve three or four places in KL now specialising in mille crepes (and cakes) – I’m sure there are a few in Singapore as well and I think you can order onine from Humble Beginnings.

    P.S. Ah yes! They have them here:

    1. Thanks Arthur! It takes a foreigner to tell a Singaporean where to eat in Singapore! Shame Shame… Haha.

      Really Thanks. I’m going to get some for wife and kids!

      The marvels of Google! I use it all the time, so handy and very useful. Hope you all will like it! πŸ™‚

  4. the fried rice looks yummy! not too dry not too wet. and that tiramisuuuuu mille crepe! yummmmm!

    Yum! Yum indeed… RM9.00 here, how much in Penang? This is the most expensive of the lot – vanilla’s around RM6.60 only here, rum & raisin RM7.80 and double chocolate RM8.80.

  5. Bitter gourd with salted egg! Heavenly! Both of my all time fave ingredients πŸ˜€

    Never a fan of bitter gourd till I tasted it fried with salted eggs. Very nice indeed! πŸ˜‰

  6. When i saw the crepe u post in facebook, it’s already makes me drooling, kakaka…

    Actually, the novelty has worn off – like macarons or Hokkaido cupcakes… Not that crazy over them anymore probably because they are easily available and I can have them anytime. If it’s tiramisu, I would prefer the cakes but then again, that would depend on where – those from the bakeries here aren’t nice. I would never bother to go and buy to eat – this mille crepe is comparatively nicer.

  7. all the food there looks good. yum…fried rice eat with those dishes sedap

    Yup! Good enough and reasonable prices – I would not mind dropping by again…and again.

  8. I’ve tried mille crepes but don’t really fancy them. I prefer the old fashion cheese cake anytime. You are really adventurous when it comes to food unlike me, always sticking to the same ol’ same ol’

    Like how I would never ever be able to appreciate those expensive Taiwanese desserts. Give me ang tao cendol anytime.

  9. RM6 fried rice shared among 3 of you? That’s cheap!
    I like coffee…so, if the tiramisu has nice coffee fragrance..then it should be nice! πŸ˜‰

    It’s pretty good…and yes, the food here is very reasonably priced.

  10. Like you i’m not a fan of bitter gourd when I was younger. Now I start to love this dish especially when it is fried with egg or salted egg. Unlike me, my boy loves bitter gourd. This place always have new mille crepe cake – a must place to eat out at Sibu!

    I did not like bitter quord before too – only now, I’ve acquired the taste but must not overcook – I like it still crunchy. Yes, this place is one place not to be missed if in Sibu…

  11. Only RM37 for all those so super yummy food. Pretty pretty cheap. I love the bitter gourd with salted egg. Nowadays bitter gourd are not bitter at all.

    Right, and I wonder why…and terung Dayak is not sour and chili is not spicy hot anymore too. 😦

  12. The dishes above suit me reaaaaaal Fine!! The price is reasonable and I am drooling over the bitter gourd with salted eggs! Cheap, cheap!! Last and not least, the crepe! If IPOH has a crepe outlet, I think I will be their regular customer for sure!

    Exactly what I was thinking – these dishes, sure Claire would love. LOL!!! πŸ˜€ You have a sweet tooth too?

  13. i still can’t believe i missed out on the mille crepes in sibu =.=

    Next time you have to do your homework – revise all the posts in my blog and note down things you must not miss…and all the relevant details.

    1. gimme crash course can? *big grin*

      Like what my mum used to tell me when I did not feel like helping her in the kitchen, “So lazy, no need to eat!!!” Muahahahahahaha!!!!

  14. RM37 for all those dishes… man!! how to find such great value in KL?? sigh…

    wah.. that tiramisu mille crepe certainly had me drooling….. courier over.. can pls? wink!!

    It’s cheaper to go and eat at one of those places over at your side. I think there are three now – three main or more popular ones. Just a bit more expensive…

  15. When I was a kid, I hated bittergourd and I refused to eat it at all. But luckily, the adult Sean is a little wiser, and now I happily gobble it up (especially when it’s cooked with egg!) πŸ˜€

    Same here, but like Irene says bitter gourd isn’t bitter anymore… Does that mean that it has lost its health benefits. They say medicine has to be bitter to be effective.

  16. The fried rice and other dishes look very delicious! Somehow at home, can’t get the nice “wok hei” aroma in the fried rice and fried bittergourd. Oh, you rushed to taste the new Tiramisu mille crepe! Worth it, ya?

    Yup! Caught it the very first day it was launched. Cannot be out-dated lah… No point talking about it when have the town knows about it already and have tried it even.

    Wok hei? Just let the rice burn a little if you want that – actually, if you have the right ingredients, the rice would taste real good…wok hei or no wok hei. I always feel that my fried rice is nicer than any place in town.

  17. Tiramisu mille crepe…argghh, is killing me!! Yet to discover any tiramisu mille crepe in KL. Hopefully, I ll get it here some day.

    Come, come on over to Sibu. MAS having cheap fares right now, if I’m not mistaken.

  18. I like all those dishes especially the bitter gourd and salted fish pork belly. Coincidently I fry bitter gourd bee hoon for din- dins tonight πŸ™‚

    Oh? I’ve had the soup version, never tried the fried one. I wonder what that tastes like…

  19. Food in Sibu is really cheap! My mum and I had sweet sour fish fillet, manichai with eggs, ochien, 2 bowls of plain rice( all small portion) and takeaway of fried rice and manichai with eggs cost RM48.00. It’s not an air- conditioned place but at Petanak market. Still can’t get over that.

    Maybe the oysters in the ochien are expensive? You also have three dishes but for 2, but you tapao some more so it’s quite ok. Same thing here at the open air hawker centre near my house – used to buy from one of the stalls…but getting more and more expensive and portions getting smaller – hardly enough to go round for one meal…so we stopped buying. Rather oily and a bit too much msg as well.

  20. Saw the bitter gourd here. πŸ™‚

    Yeah, I notice that frozen fish tastes bland than the freshly caught ones. That’s why I prefer fresh fish when cooking food.

    Yes, nothing beats the fresh ones…but it can be seasonal. Now that Chinese New Year is just over, there may be more available in the market. Was so very expensive at the time.

  21. i love that bitter gourd dish but yet it would depend on the
    taste still i dont want it to be so bitter
    and i prefer to eat it with a lot of rice

    Bitter gourds here are not bitter anymore, dunno why. Some say it is cue to excessive use of fertilisers and some say without the bitterness, it has lost its medicinal value. Medicine has to be bitter to be effective, Chinese people believe.

  22. Never loved bitter gourd but after Mama Carrie whipped a plate of it fried with eggs, I’ve somewhat fallen in love with it.

    Fried rice looks a little expensive for that portion. Any special ingredients inside, like prawns or oysters?

    Just char siew, and if they were tiny bits of prawns, I certainly did not notice. Doesn’t look big in the photo but I would think that’s more than 2 individual servings there. But what’s most important would be the fact that it was pretty well done – quite nice…compared to fried rice at a lot of places that I’ve tried. Ummmm…do they have oysters in fried rice where you are? That’s certainly new to me.

  23. Seems like your family go for outside food quite frequently ya?

    We usually go for lunch after the church service on Sunday mornings, no time to cook…so that’s once a week. Other times, maybe there are people, friends or family, visiting…or my missus does not have time (or is too lazy) to go marketing (and do the cooking) and there’s nothing in the house…

  24. oooh the pork belly with salted fish is my favourite dish of all times. I think the salted fish paired so well with pork belly and dried chillies!

    Yes, but the one here – very faint taste and fragrance of the salted fish. I would prefer more… πŸ˜‰

  25. Looks like another promising Chinese restaurant in town. I haven’t been here yet.

    Do they do butterscotch prawns? πŸ™‚

    I don’t think so – that’s Ruby’s secret recipe. Will see if they have the creamy butter prawns like Ming Mei Shi or not – the one’s nice too.

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