Sure looks good to me…

I saw Huai Bin‘s photograph on Facebook of the pork burger that he had, bacon and all, and it sure looked good to me. I certainly wasted no time and made a beeline to the place the very next day…


I did not like what I had the first time I dropped by here but the smoked duck and mango slices appetiser that I had the second time around was pretty good.

The bacon deluxe burger certainly looked great…


…but at RM19.90, I thought that was somewhat a way bit too pricey. As for the taste, it was quite all right but it failed to sweep me off my feet. Somehow I could hardly taste the bacon and I was not too sure whether the patty was pork or beef. It did not have the fragrance and taste of the latter so I guessed it was the former even though the colour would make you think otherwise…plus it was kind of dry or perhaps I should just say, it was not exactly as juicy as I would have liked it.

Well, if it’s burger that you want, I would think this would be a better place – I love their cheese burger (RM14.90) which would come with an egg and also their spicy grilled chicken burger (RM12.90) and their HUGE double cheese burger is only RM16.90, much cheaper than this one here.

My missus had this sambal sotong rice (RM10.90)…


She liked it a lot and my daughter said it was nice too. I tried a bit and I thought what I had here was nicer (and cheaper too) and it could do with a little bit less msg.

Melissa had their mushroom chicken chop (RM16.90)…


…and the moment it was served, I could see the disappointment in her eyes. If I’m not wrong, I think she had expected fresh mushrooms like those she used to get in New Zealand and not these canned ones which she does not fancy too much actually. I tried a bit and thought that it tasted Chinese – not like a western dish. Ah well! They did claim to be a fusion cafe so one would not be able to argue with that.

All things considered, the place was all right and the food was edible, to say the least, but at those prices, chances are, given a choice, we would be a lot more likely to head elsewhere.

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31 thoughts on “Sure looks good to me…”

  1. I don’t like fusion as I always felt cheated with the taste and ingredients. Anyway, fusion is what we would cook at home on a daily basis so why go to restaurant and pay. Even your corned beef yesterday also fusion what.. Hehehe.

    I’m not into fusion as well. I thought it has gone out of style elsewhere – not the “in” thing, anymore…but this one seems to be doing well enough to stay open all this while. Well, to each his own – some people probably like it this way…western dishes with the Oriental taste.

  2. I’d be tempted to try most things you recommend, you seem to be a great food critic.

    I’ve made pork burgers for my daughter. I’ve added all sorts of things to them. She loves pork burgers more than regular burgers. The last time I mixed it up and added a bit of sweet Italian sausage to the burger meat. She raved about those, and they didn’t last a day.

    I love sausages. Bet those brought the taste of the patties to a whole new level. This is the first time I’m having a pork burger – here, it’s mostly beef or chicken and the patties aren’t that great…except for the place I have linked to this post – it will be in tomorrow’s post. Love the burgers there really…and my friend who liked this one, agreed with me – this one paled in comparison.

  3. Sometimes the food doesn’t meet up with our expectation. May look good but tastewise it is disappointing. Guess you won’t go there again not at least for a while. I don’t fancy fusion food either. Sometimes this campur-campur things don’t really suit my tastebuds.

    Yup…like chef sesat or what. If they offer different kinds of dishes – Chinese – Malay – western and so on separately, then it is ok…but not a rojak of everything together and then they call it fusion. Once, I had steak with paku-pakis goreng sambal – not compatible at all. I wonder what gave them the idea that such a strange combination would work.

  4. hmmm… I think the Payung and the RUBY are the still the best .. hahaha.. if you ask me, I am a Pro-Chinese food eater anytime!! πŸ™‚

    Ming Mei Shi is good too…and a few others as well just that you all were not here long enough to try all of them. Have to come over again another time. πŸ˜‰

    1. LOL….Claire….bet you are dreaming of midin now. Pricewise Ruby is still the best la

      Not that cheap anymore…but I found a nice place that is still very cheap. Watch out for the post – scheduled to come out in a few days’ time.

  5. If no try, u won’t know how’s the taste, if the food is good, can go back again, if not good, emmm…

    True, very true… Have to try, then we’ll know…and sometimes, what someone likes, we may not…and vice versa. Can’t just take other people’s word for it.

  6. that bacon deluxe burger looked absolutely great!! yummy yummy…

    Some things are not as good as they look- others may not look good but can be very very nice. Like me, so big, fat, old and ugly…but I’m nice, am I not? Hehehehehe!!!!!

    1. HAHAHA… you make my evening so happy! Surely you are very nice. Sibu I come … oppp, when ah?!

      You’ve been saying that for years now…. πŸ˜‰

  7. Looks like the burger trend in KL has influenced Sibu too….

    Not the KL trend – the other place with the nicest burgers around has been at it before that craze started – since 2009/2010, I think… I don’t go that often as I’m not really into burgers. You’ll see it in tomorrow’s post…

  8. RM19.90 for the burger, price is steep for Sibu standard :P. Next time you come KL i bring you for better burger, almost the same price, but i am sure it taste a lot better. kekekeke… i said, if i go back Sibu, i won’t go and have western food or any fusion food, i will always go for chinese food, or my kampua or kompia. hahhahaha

    This place never in my good books – never brought anybody here, you see. Just that I saw Huai Bin’s photo on Facebook and he said it was nice…and it was pork so I just had to go and try. Not worth the trouble, no need to say the money. Cheap burgers – so nice and juicy own-made patties…come and check out where in tomorrow’s post. Slurpssss!!!!!

    1. It was never in my good books either. Haha!

      It’s a bit too dark and the crowd there is rowdy from all the drinking, not an optimal place for dinner + conversation.

      Lunch time, it’s all right…but the thing is the food ain’t so great and is very expensive so I would choose to go elsewhere instead.

  9. The presentation looks good, but taste-wise, erm, it’s really depend on individual.

    I suppose there will be people willing to pay that price and actually think that it is nice… but not me.

  10. ooh ya, the RM19.90 price is a bit surprising, especially since many of the new burger outlets in kl charge less. but still, it looks great and i bet it tastes satisfyingly good! i’m craving burgers now becos of you πŸ˜€

    Go, go…Burger Lab’s calling out to you. Muahahahaha!!!!! Unfortunately, this one was not good…or at least, not for me. Come back tomorrow for another burger attack and a much cheaper one at that – this place is really good, never fails to satisfy.

  11. too bad the burger taste is not that great, it looked good in photo!

    the portions in other dishes looked a good size… πŸ™‚

    Portions ok, taste also ok…but not great…and theburger’s way too pricey. 😦

  12. Though I am not a fan of burger, I would say the burger does look good to me. On the whole, my preference is still the sambal sotong rice.choice.

    Ya, full marks for presentation but it was not as good as it looked. Sigh!!! No sambal, no sotong, no everything for me for one whole month… Paying for my sins! 😦

  13. Like Melissa, I get disappointed when I am served canned mushrooms!

    Two years of eating the real thing – fresh and cheap. Was quite all right with canned before… 😦

  14. I used to like canned (when I was younger) but now I only eat fresh mushrooms too.

    We can’t get them here. Once in a blue moon, we may see a tub or two at the local supermarket…but more often than not, they’re not fresh, starting to rot. 😦 I’m ok with the canned ones – love them in omelettes.

  15. That burger seems to be a huge bite huh
    well i think i would love it but the lettuce seems
    to have those hard part

    Take more veg, young man! It’s good for you…

  16. well i think what melissa had were the best among this list
    i mean it caught my intention the most

    Nope, not in our lists, that’s for sure… 😦

  17. That burger looks good, but that chicken chop, looks too cheesy, I think I’d be disappointed like Melissa too!

    Both, not something we would want to have again…never mind what they look like. 😦

  18. I am actually quite surprised that bacon is used in the burger! That thing is salty and stretchy that it simply won’t go with the easier to bite combination of bread and burger.

    It is ok if it is well done – nice and crispy and very fragrant. I think I had that in my burgers in New Zealand – very very nice. This one’s bland – maybe it’s not smoked – or dunno what they did before putting in the burger. When I grill mine, they would all curl up and get burnt at the edges and all that – not so nice looking but taste really good.

  19. Hamburger for me please!! I love it!

    This isn’t so great – come back tomorrow to see a really good one. Btw, a warm welcome and thanks for drooping by. Sorry, I don’t know Italian so I can’t comment in your blog – looks like a great one. As they say, food is an international language. Cheers!

  20. Wow…RM19.90 is pricey for a burger. Unless it is really taste heavenly and extraordinary, else it would be driving me away with that price. I love the portion of sotong in the sambal sotong rice.

  21. Hi Arthur! Agree with you that the burger is overpriced when I compare that with the other local outlets on your blog…

    Presentation was all right, portion was huge – it wouldn’t have been so bad if it had tasted really really awesome…for that price! 😦

  22. Yeah, I thought it tasted pretty good at the time – asked for the bacon to be served soggy (don’t like crispy bacon) and not to overcook the patty.

    However, the Secret Garden one is in a class of its own! πŸ™‚

    Thanks for dinner there buddy!

    It is all right…and that’s it. Just all right…and nothing to shout about in comparison to Secret Garden’s. But at RM19.90, I really don’t think it is worth that much, I’m afraid… Would need to be really sensational to merit that kind of price. Most welcome, Huai BIn – we’ll go again the next time you’re home. πŸ˜‰

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