Empty handed…

Normally, when one visits a place, one would not want to go home empty-handed and would like to buy a little something to take home.

If you come to Sibu, for instance, you would probably want to buy some kompia home…

Kompia plain

…or the sweet version, the chu-nu-miang

Chu nu miang

Some would prefer the fried ones stuffed with pork belly…

Kompia pork belly

…or minced meat…

Kompia minced meat

Others may prefer the lung ngor or in Hokkien, the kay nerng kor

Lung ngor

…and some love the tee piang

Tee piang

…or the lay peang

Lay peang

…or the ma-nging (which means horse’s ears or something)…


…and perhaps, our Sibu Foochow-style sio bee (siew mai) as well…

Sio bee

I know a few people who would want to tapao our kampua noodles home…


puak lak (with chili)…

Kampua with chili

…or the special, perhaps…

Kampua special

…with all the innards or the one with garlic added…

Kampua with garlic

…or with pian sip

Kampua with pian sip

Gosh!!! Phewwww!!! The list is endless but I am pretty sure that anyone who drops by Sibu will want to buy as many things as he or she can possibly carry to take home – like how people going to Penang would cart home their tambun biscuits or those going to Ipoh would bring home bags and bags of their heong peah.

So, what would people usually buy home should they drop by the town or city where you live?

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

34 thoughts on “Empty handed…”

  1. If I drop by Sibu, I’ll definitely want to taste some kampua as I always wonder how different they are from the Perak ones. I’d also like to have the chili kampua noodles.. Drooling at this hour already! >_<

    Come, come! When? My! You’re up early today! 😉

  2. If possible, I would like to bring back as much as I can except kompia stuffed with pork belly. Noodle special looks so good and full of ingredients. Can’t even see the noodles. Drooling at this early hour. Yummy!!!….

    LOL!!! Must KIV that! Anything but the pork belly kompia for you. Hehehehehe!!! The kampua special is very very nice but best eaten on the spot – by evening, the minced meat would give out a peculiar smell, not nice anymore.

  3. Oh my tummy! These timeless local delights remind me of childhood. I love the kompia with minced meat a lot. The last time I ate tha was 10 years ago…

    No worries, you’re coming soon! Next month, right? 😉

  4. Hehehe we managed to bring some of those sio bee and ou ne back from Sibu. I brought laksa paste, dry Kampua, kolo mee and mee Pok from Bintulu though. Generally I don’t bring anything from KL or Melb back, coz no one’s asked.

    Ooooo…if there’s word that I’d be going over to KL, the orders would start pouring in! 😉

  5. No need nowadays you didn’t hear the advert meh can pos laju-it also can you got my address? hehe

    No more such service, can no longer afford – terminated liao. Want to eat…come on over.

  6. Balas dendam kah so long u did not post any food porn? Sekali keluar, berderet-deret.. my heart cannot take it.. hahaha. All those food if possible, I’ll buy a lot- a lot to last until my next trip and also of course all the belacans, udang kering, ikan bilis, ikan masin and mee daddy.

    So? When is you next trip? I am waiting…and waiting…and waiting for the good news. Can’t wait to have you all here again… 😉 But I hear udang kering now RM180 a kg – too expensive, worth its weight in gold so can strike that off your list lor.

  7. If I ever step foot in Sibu, I want to eat all of the above! Back in Terengganu, people would mostly buy our keropok keping or keropok lekor. Those are the usual hot items besides some local kueh. And also the Cap Bunga Ros curry powder. And not forgetting Nasi Dagang.

    Ya, love the keropok from Trengganu – very nice. Cap Rose? I think we can buy that here…

  8. wah….I want all the biscuits. But some look quite oily leh….

    Look who’s talking! The one who is always sick…. Hehehehehe!!!! Must eat, everything…but moderately.

  9. They all look incredibly delicious. If I have to pick one, it will have to be the kampua noodles with minced pork and pian sip ‘cos I’ve not eaten them before. Only been to Kuching and Damai Laut ages ago.

    You go to Kuching, they have it all over now. The city’s full of Foochows…but many say that they would have to come to Sibu for the nicer, more authentic stuff.

  10. How nice if i have the foods right in front of me now and can eat and read blog at the same time, lol

    LOL!!! Yes, nothing like having some of these for your teatime snacks, eh?

  11. How about if I go to SIbu STP? What can I bring back? 😉

    Lots. What would you like? The kompia & chu nu miang – they are plain…and if you are wary about the people making them, the bakery at Sugar Bun (see earlier post on the Sarawak franchise – certified halal) also makes very nice ones. My missus will buy those when she goes marketing (convenient – on the way). We have halal kampua too – I like the ones at Sunny where you get 5 prawn fritters for the special for just an extra RM1…and there are the sambal laksa Sarawak, paste for Sarawak masak hitam, kek lapis Sarawak, Bintulu belacan and cincaluk and budu’ – much nicer than those factory made ones…etc…etc…etc – ask Azura. Anyway, I don’t think you’re really interested in heading this way… 😦

  12. There’s so much that I wanna bring home to noms if I were to visit Sibu!

    But if one visits my hometown Kluang, then a must is the original railway coffee at the Railway station – no to the copy cat fellas! And there is a very nice tau sar peah too somewhere in the middle of town….dang I forgot the road and shop name. Hehehe.

    Coffee, we have our very own Mui Hock…simply the best! Can add that to the must-buy list. We have very nice tau sar peah here too but I would not add that to the list as they’re available most everywhere. Oh? You’re from Johore? Gee!!! Must have uprooted and left long ago – dunno the name of the shop and road even.

    1. left home in 1993 and not returned since 2007 when my parents moved up. But I still get my supply when dad returns to play catch up with his old kakis:D

      Wow! 1993 – that’s a long time ago. But 2007, ok what… But ask many people here too – they know the place very well – they dunno the name of the shop or the road too.

  13. Im a bread lover so i’ll definitely would love all those breads above
    and i also want filling up breads with some meat or something
    it compliments each other

    Yes, the kompia…best with filling of your choice.

  14. That’s a lot of delicacies to choose from! Thanks for sharing, suituapui. If possible, I’d love to try ’em all! =D

    Come on over… 😉

  15. Aiyoh… tempting us with the Sibu goodies!!! Did I try the lung ngor? I love that too!!
    As for IPOH, a lot of people would love to buy Salted Chicken, Heong Pian, pomeloes, but most would love to eat the food here there and then!! After today, IPOH will be back to her quietness, thank goodness for that… phew…

    Ivan came over today – brought me one pomelo!!! LOL!!! Yes, tempting you – tonight, you can book zero fare, Air Asia…. Quick! Quick! Try your luck!

  16. STP you forgot the ” tiang pian ngu ” 鼏邊糊, and ” mee ling kuwei “.

    People would not want to tapao dianpianngua…soupy. Personally, I’m not a fan – could not even finish half a bowl. Dunno what mee ling kuwei is…

    1. You can find that at the stall selling tee piang, yam cake, siew mai, pau and etc etc…

      Maybe I will see it if I google…

  17. Hi Arthur! I would love to bring back the noodles… but how to? Not sure what would people buy home from Singapore? I know my HK friends love our Pandan chiffon cake from Bengawan solo… and maybe the Bah Kut Teh spice mix… oh and our famous chicken rice, chili crabs, pepper crabs, char kway teow, lor mee, kaya toast, laksa…….. but not sure how to bring all these home… 🙂

    Singapore = bak kua…and the nyonya zhang at Katong…and the char siew pao. These are the things we would usually cart home.

  18. I’ll usually bring few bottles of ghee hiang sesame oil back. But if you’re in malacca, ill suggest a trip to sam sok gong at Jonker Street! That’s where I’ll go if I wanted to bring something back to Penang for friends or homies. The problem is, that area is kinda congested and parking is limited!

    You’re telling me! The road so small and jammed packed with cars, tourists and Singaporeans. I thought people going to Melaka would cart home all the stuff from Tan Kim Hock? When I was there that day, I brought home a whole lot of their nyonya zhang. VERY expensive but very nice…and can’t get in Sibu.

  19. How come the Bandong kek lapis not in the list? LOL!!! I am missing the mille crepe too even though we can simply get over here.

    Kek lapis, Kuching more famous for those. My friend, Ivan, just left town – took him there this morning to buy – Evergreen and a new cheese one – the lady said very very nice but a bit more expensive than the rest. Come, come… Air Asia zero fare promo is on right now!

  20. Oh yes, most of the food above i will bring back and beside than that not forget the season fruits like dabai and longan!!! hahahhahahhahahhahha

    Ya, boxes and boxes of all these and more… 😉

  21. I am actually a biscuits person. I think I would love all these biscuits in Sibu too.

    Come! Come! Air Asia zero fare promo is on right now. I just checked… KL-Sibu only RM79. So cheap, even though not zero-fare.

  22. Am going to Sibu end of this month, can you please let me know where I can buy nice sio bee in Sibu. Thanks

    They like the ultra-expensive ones at Hock Cheu Leu or New Capitol Restaurant
    but I like the ones here:
    but they do not look nice and some complain that they’re a bit sweet…and prefer these here:
    They sell pre-packed frozen ones – very convenient for people to buy and take home.

  23. I will love to bring back some of the goodies when I visit Sibu (plan is next year) after got my first bonus!!!

    In seremban, I bring home ‘siew pow’
    In Teluk Intan, I bring home ‘chu cheong fun’ & ‘heong peang’
    In Penang, I bring home ‘soya sauce’.. ;p

    That Penang soy sauce seems to be mighty popular. So good kah? I seem to have seen it at some supermarts here – will have to go and see. Ya, I hear Teluk Intan’s heong peah is better than the others…and Kampar chicken biscuit. Not a fan of Seremban’s siew pao. Come, come…welcome to Sibu! Lots to take home. 😉

  24. oh! i can die right now! this is the creme de la creme food porn!

    Hahahahaha!!! SOME of the best that Sibu has to offer. Lots more where these came from…

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