Travellin’ man…

People did not use to travel so much when I was younger. For one thing, it was certainly not easy to move around then. I remember I flew to Kuching once when I was in primary school to visit my cousins there and I guess I was one of the privileged few.

Later, in my teenage years, I hopped over to Kuching quite frequently as I had a lot of friends there and most of the time, I would use the Rajah Mas, formerly called the Rejang, paying RM10.00 only to sail on deck, meaning that I would not have a cabin to sleep in. The ship would sail from Sibu at around noon and would depart from Sarikei at around 6.00 p.m. and reach Kuching in the morning the next day. I never used the Pulau Kidjang which sank in 1973…and the Rajah Mas followed suit in 1997. Subsequently, there were express boats plying between Sibu and the state capital and I went on that once…

Kuching-Sibu express

I cannot remember when this was exactly but I guess it would be sometime between 1978 and 1980 or 1981…and yes, it was called the M.V. Concorde. LOL!!!

I was in Singapore in 1973 when the Pulau Kidjang tragedy occured and that was when I travelled by train for the first time and went to Kuala Lumpur for the first time too…

National Museum
*@ the National Museum, Kuala Lumpur – 1973*

…and I did go up to Genting Highlands as well.


It wasn’t a theme park at the time – just a hotel and a casino, the first phase of what is today a sprawling place with a few hotels and everything that is in it now. The road then was horrible – you would go zig-zag, left and right, till you reach the top by which time you would be quite sick, I’m sure.

After that, I took a bus to Penang – also my first visit ever, and stayed a few days on the island…and there wasn’t any bridge at the time so we had to use the ferry…

Penang ferry

…which still runs to this very day.

Well, time has changed…and of course, I have changed too…a lot!!! And one thing’s for sure, travelling today is definitely so much easier and a whole lot more comfortable than how it used to be.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

33 thoughts on “Travellin’ man…”

  1. ewah ewah! Bell bottom pants! Very stylish, I like! hahaha

    Not exactly bell bottoms. They were straight down – wide from the top, the fashion at the time.

  2. Those were the days. Very handsome & stylo then. Like the 2nd pix with that hair style and bell bottoms trousers. Was in fashion at that time. Put on shoes with high heels or not?, hehehe!!!!!!….

    Yes, platform shoes, 3-4 inches high and add that to my 5 Feet 10, I was a six-footer then! Muahahahahaha!!!!!

  3. Fulamak, STP, you so good looking when young. Tall and slim. That time no big tummy, handsome la!

    Sigh!!! Time has not been kind to me, what to do? 😦

  4. fuyoh!! phweet phweet!! STP was so tall and slim and handsome when he was young!! last time your nickname was STP (Sui Tah Poh) but now your nickname is STP (Sui Tua Pui), haha!! more more more, show us more of your old photos with handsome face~~ :p

    You’re the one who started this, wasn’t it – posting old photos of yourself in your younger days? I’m just following the rest of you. Actually, I had the post ready long ago but I kept re-scheduling it as there have been so many other things cropping up. You want more? Hey! Don’t get so (s)excited now! Down, boy! Down! Muahahahahaha!!!!! 😀

  5. Wah, love these photos! Really very old school and classic! You look very ‘yao yeng’ leh!

    Look-ED!!! Not anymore, unfortunately. 😦

  6. i miss the ferry days of Penang…when there was pretty much no choice but ferry 😀

    Now there’s a bridge that is near impassable during peak hours and there is a new one that will be ready soon…but I hear it will be just as bad owing to the bottle neck in the roads leading to the bridge. The planners have to think of a solution to that before they switch to the new bridge…or it will be back to Square 1 – just as bad as ever before or even worse!

  7. Wow Arthur! So stylo and good looking! Show us more pics!!!

    Good in small doses, once in a while…a little at a time like doing the striptease. One go, reveal everything – not (s)exciting anymore. Muahahahahaha!!!!!

  8. Nostalgia…;-)

    I agree with you that travelling today is more comfortable than the past. Unfortunately, convenience replaced an important element of travelling, and that it adventure.

    I guess your travel was more adventurous back then than the way I would travel by riding a plane. Well I guess, if you get some you lose some.

    I like the photos, by the way. 🙂

    Nice change from my usually food posts, eh? Ya…it certainly isn’t as exciting as way back then – the glamour or attraction is gone. As the slogan of our cheap airline says, everyone can fly…so nothing special about it, anymore.

  9. Hi Arthur, interesting,…did you join a tour group during your Peninsular trip ? Our family were visiting Peninsular in the same time frame with a tour group…Several in the group perished with Pulau Kidjang.

    Oh dear. No, I did not. I went on my own. I did not join any tour anywhere until say, the 80’s. Gosh! That was a terrible tragedy. Didn’t know anybody in that one but I knew one old Malay man in the Rajah Mas case. So sad.

  10. Wow oh wow! Very stylo- mylo… can hide a few grown chickens inside the flare of those pants.. Lol! Love the first picture.. macam Hong Kong superstar 😉

    Very macho in denim eh? Wink! Wink! Hehehehehehe!!!!

  11. fuiyo…..manyak stylo….ada casanova ka?

    Don’t ask any questions and I will tell no lies! Wink! Wink! Muahahahahahaha!!!!

  12. Girls are commonly known for “changing their looks from the age of teens to young adults” (18 changes) but I guess it applies to you as well.. only difference is that you change tremendously from age 20s to 50s… hahahaa… I can only conclude that marriage does indeed fit you very well.. feed you very well too! Harmonious marriage all the way, Sir!

    Is that supposed to be a good thing…or otherwise? Hehehehehe!!!! 😉

  13. Wahhhhh…epic pics. U used to travel a lot when you were young but me the other way round. I only started to travel when the age starting to increase.heheheheh.

    You’re still young. I don’t think I’ve been to as many places when I was your age. People in those days did not travel much – not so easy and no money. 😦

  14. Arthur, that was what cool looked like back in those days, eh? My grandma once quipped that she feels like crying when looking at her old photos. Travelling these days is so convenient. I remember when I was small, there was no highway and the journey between KL and wherever my father was posted back to Terengganu was such a torture. Some more, no air-cond in the car back then.

    Same thing here when travelling in between the towns. Hours and all the smoke from the boat engine…and if by road, not tarred – we would arrive at our destination looking not like a snowman but a “dustman”.

  15. great photos from the past! it makes me wanna take out my old pictures and look at them for an afternoon of nostalgia. the boat ride looks like quite a thrill! 😀

    It was very nice basking in the sun with the strong cool sea breeze blowing onto the face…but I ended up at my destination looking like a lobster – sun-burnt! LOL!!!

  16. Hahahaha my father used to wear something like this and had similar hairstyle! Not so fashionable these days though. I was lucky to have travelled to China, HK, Europe before I even hit 12. And of course, living in Melb for more than 10 years later. Need to plan a getaway soon!

    Hmmm…some people have all the luck in the world. So where are you heading to next?

    1. Back to Melb! But before that, a road trip to Melaka (work purpose, actually) next month and hopefully Penang sometimes soon.

      Wow!!! I guess it’s not so burning hot in Melbourne anymore…autumn’s coming.

  17. I was fascinated by this kinds of pics,
    anyway you are one handsome man now and then
    it’s good that you manage to keep this pictures
    for that long

    Now too? Oooo…you flatterer! Lying through your teeth! LOL!!!

  18. well you had a lot of great memories through travelling huh
    and it was indeed easier nowadays to do so

    Travelling does indeed broaden one’s horizons, lets someone experience things different from what he has around him day in and day out. It’s good to travel. Should do it when young.

  19. Whoa! Love those photos, especially the black & white ones. So stylo & look at those wide pants & flower power shirts! And the one on the express boat – gosh, like a Hong Kong 70’s movie star!

    Yakah! Not bad eh? Unfortunately, that was so long ago… 😦

  20. Wahseh… handsome lah. I almost mistaken you with Paul McCartney…. 😉 Joking..

    Wadek! Wadek! Wadek! From Hongkong actor to Paul MaCartney pula! Muahahahahaha!!!! 😀

  21. Any more old photos to share?

    Wait! Wait! Maybe I can do a post on old Singapore…in the early 70’s… 😉

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