If you may recall, when I got back from our trip to New Zealand, mummy-blogger and fellow-Sibu blogger, MerySia, dropped by my house to give me these goodies that she had brought over from Medan, Indonesia…

Gifts from Medan

…when she came back here after her holidays in her hometown.

I’ve not tried to fry rice using the seasoning in the packet yet and other than that, I put the packet beside the one with the big green ribbon in the freezer and did not manage to fry them to eat until just the other day. She could not tell me what they were and her instructions were to keep them frozen and to take them out when I was ready to cook them and eat – and that was exactly what I did. The rest of the stuff? Well, they’re all long gone now, of course! Hehehehehehe!!!

When I unsealed the packet and took out what were inside, I found that they were, in fact, some kind of rolls…

Medan rolls 1

I heated some oil in the wok and deep-fried them till golden brown…

Medan rolls 2

…and when I cut one to try…

Medan rolls 3

…I found that it tasted pretty good.

I would think they were actually some kind of popiah but other than the carrot, cabbage and whatever else inside, they had potatoes as well…

Medan rolls 4

My daughter enjoyed eating them too and we had them for dinner that evening and finished the whole lot in one sitting. Thank you so much, MerySia. It was nice, very nice!

And to move on from there, that day, when we went here for lunch, my missus bought these Portuguese egg tarts…

Portuguese egg tarts

…from the bakery. I tried one but did not feel it was all that great – as it was, I would think that I had had nicer ones elsewhere. Perhaps, I should have heated it up in the oven first before eating.

Well, that was exactly what I did with the chicken pies (RM1.80)…

Chicken pies 1

…that she also bought and I must say that they were really very nice!

As you can see from the photographs, they had huge chunks of meat inside…

Chicken pies 2

…and mushrooms too…

Chicken pies 3

Theirs are not the “usual” chicken pies that I am more accustomed to, like the awesome ones here that I like a lot. I think this is their own original recipe and it tastes good – nice for a change, I would say, and that’s all that matters.

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21 thoughts on “Nice…”

  1. The ‘popiah’ is a bit like Indonesian croquettes. Tried them in an Indonesian cafe in town. Not too bad. The Portuguese egg tarts and the chicken pies look good. I much prefer Portuguese egg tarts to the normal egg tarts. Don’t know why but I just do.

    Melissa too. I’m ok with both…but these aren’t great. Better ones at a dim sum place here. Ya, the Indon popiah were pretty nice.

  2. Indonesian always invented delicious food. They have various type of instant noodles as well which I bet taste so good. hehe.

    They’re all ok – can’t say there’s one that I would be dying to have again. Still think Indomie mee goreng is the nicest.

  3. Popiah rolls and egg tarts looks great. Popiah so cripsy looking. Yummy!!!…..yummy!!!!….

    Yes, finished in one sitting and Melissa loves popiah fried like this. She sure did enjoy them.

  4. wow really special indo popiah!! must try if i ever get to go there!

    Penang-Medan is very very cheap. Dunno if AA flies direct or not…but even via KL, if you get the promos, it will be very cheap. Can hop over on a long weekend. I love Lake Toba but I don’t think you can make it if it’s just for the weekend – quite far from Medan.

  5. Can courier one of the popiah over, lol

    All gone in a jiffy! Should be able to get in Singapore – so near to Indonesia…

  6. the chicken pie certainly looks hearty! and the popiah just as interesting. I reckon until I get to find that popiah, perhaps I could try making it on my own but will need to figure out what spices were used 😛

    No idea but they seemed like our popiah but with potatoes and a little bit of thick creamy gravy inside.

  7. It looks like popiah, but down in Indonesia(Medan) we call it risol and it tastes different from our local popiah. Our local popiah do not have potatoes at all.
    If you happen go to Medan for holiday, you can drop by one of the shop selling risol,lempar, kroket along Mojopahit street and Kalimantan street.
    Next time if I happen to go back my hometown again, sure will get lempar ayam for you to try, it taste good too.

    Wish I could go again – so many things to try. Last time I went 1986, not a foodie nor a blogger…so not so much into the food. Would love to try everything if I get the chance to go again.

  8. Portugese egg tarts are nice, but I think I still prefer the traditional ones with crumbly pastry 🙂

    Me too – those baked ones…but it also depends on the taste of the pastry and the egg custard. Not all are nice. These seem fried, the layered puff pastry.

  9. i bet those Portuguese egg tarts tasted like heaven
    im quite curious about that chicken pie

    Not really. If you read what I said in the post, the exact opposite is true…

  10. Dear Arthur! Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope you had a good time with your wife and daughter!

    Food price in east Malaysia is cheap! You are a lucky foodie!

    Bet yours was so good, so romantic… Saw your menu on Facebook. Some things are cheaper in Singapore, even after conversion…and I’m sure Singaporeans are more substantially paid. I wouldn’t be able to afford the more expensive items here – not on my measly pension.

  11. ahh… interesting stuff from Medan. Feeling hungry after looking at the pie, thin crust with huge chunks of meat are just tooooooooo tempting…. 😦

    Nah!!! Bet you have even nicer ones there. Over here, nice pies are few and far between. 😦

  12. That popiah thingy looks very interesting. Sometimes it is nice to eat something different instead of the usual rice and dishes. Chicken pies looks very good too!

    ya…worth giving it a try. Different from the usual and in a very nice way.

  13. Their noodles memang sedap

    Ok lah. None that I would be dying to go out and buy again…all more or less the same. I still prefer Indomie mee goreng.

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