Two days…

Gosh! We’re already into the 3rd Day of the Chinese Lunar New Year. How time flies!

Well, we did not do much on the 1st day – we had the traditional Foochow mee sua first thing in the morning…

Mee sua

…for longevity and prosperity and it being a  Sunday, we went to church, all dressed up to the nines in our new clothes…

Melissa - CNY 2013

…and then we dropped by my parents’ house…and after that, we went to visit my in-laws but they were not at home. It did not matter much as they would be coming over for dinner – we usually invite them over in the evening of the first day…and other than the dishes I had featured in my previous post, we also had this very intoxicating kacang ma chicken…

Kacang ma chciken

…and this dish of freshwater prawns fried with cheese and garlic…

Cheese prawns

…that my missus cooked.

I got up early in the morning the next day to fry this tom yam mihun

Tom Yam mihun

I actually added a lot of sotong (squid) and prawns but somehow they all shrank and were hardly visible under the mihun.Well, it did not matter much as everyone loved it and said it was very nice.

In line with the kampung theme for my Chinese New Year treat this year, I cooked some tempoyak (fermented durian) prawns…

Tempoyak prawns 1

…something that many were tasting for the very first time!

Tempoyak prawns 2

I also cooked some cincaluk (fermented shrimps) fried rice…

Cincaluk fried rice

I did not put too much cincaluk in it in case there may be some not that accustomed to the taste and smell but I did prepare this cincaluk dip (with thinly sliced chili and calamansi lime juice added) and placed it by the side for anyone who wanted more for that extra kick.

Cincaluk dip

For the vegetable dish, I had some fried tapioca leaves and sweet potatoes…


I used some ready-pounded sambal that my missus had in the fridge but I think there wasn’t enough so at best, it was just all right – could have been a lot nicer, I think.

I was going to cook some terung dayak (Dayak brinjal) but it was already 10.00 a.m. and my phone had started ringing. There were people on the way already so I had to abandon the idea and make do with what I had to serve…

Ready to roll

Gosh!!! Everybody must have loved what I served as in no time at all, everything was finished – probably, this was something different from the usual fare of curry and stuff that they would normally find in other houses and by around 2.00 p.m., there wasn’t much of anything left for those who came later.

Huai Bin dropped by at around 5.00 p.m. with one regular reader/commenter, Grace and a few of my ex-students…


…so they just had to make do with the cakes…

Fruit cake
*My friend’s awesome fruit cake all the way from Auckland, New Zealand – one slice of that and you will fail your breath analyser test… LOL!!!*

…biscuits and stuff – that was all I could offer by then.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

28 thoughts on “Two days…”

  1. woah….look at the prawns!! Happy CNY, STP!

    These are the medium ones – a bit cheaper and better than the large ones which would be all head. That’s why they are called tua thow hay – big-headed prawns. Thank you and wishing the same to you and your family!

  2. very intriguing kacangma… what does it taste like? hmmm …

    Come to Sibu and will ask my missus to cook for you – in the meantime, imagine lots of ginger, half a bottle or white wine plus those dried herbs – dry-fried and pounded to dust form.

  3. kacang ma chicken and tempoyak
    seems pretty weird i mean intriguing haha

    Very exotic dishes, very very nice…but I would not think they’re weird or intriguing, definitely not to the extent of balut – that would probably rank the same as our sago worms…no, thank you. 😉

  4. prawns dishes looks perfect but i think
    i would love that dried on rather than the saucey one

    Dry is nice too…but in soup, the soup is so very sweet and tasty and this one’s great with rice. Can eat two plates!!! Yum! Yum!

  5. very delicious looking dishes and Melissa looks very pretty with long hair. love the fruit cake, so much raisins, my kind of cake!

    I would prefer a bit more cake – the fruits are very sweet.

  6. Wow, that’s a lot of food you cooked. Love them all to the heaps x’pecially kacang ma. Tempoyak prawns, ermm……new creation for this CNY.

    Wish you “Gong Xi Fa Cai” again. Arthur.

    Same to you and your family. You Kuching lang, so sombong…Sibu so near but you never want to come. Come over lah…and we can cook specially for you. Slurpssss!!!!!!!!!

    P.S. You have tempoyak at home? I can blog about how to cook the tempoyak prawns and you can try cooking it yourself. Sure your hubby will want you to cook it every weekend. Yum! Yum!

    1. Don’t say me, Kuching lang. sombong. I feel guilty!!!…hehehe. I don’t know how to eat tempoyak but you are most welcome to blog about it. Who knows, just in case I have tempoyak, I can try it out…and might cook it until lost count like the assam fish. Cheers!!!!!!!!!…

      Ya mah, never want to come to Sibu one… LOL!!! 😀 Ok, will cook again one of these days and blog about it.

  7. Yum! Yum! Yum! Look at all the glorious food! I am sure the kacangma is delicious though it didn’t come off pretty in the photo 🙂 I am curious about the tempoyak prawns. The gravy must be delicious, would love that on rice. And the cincaluk fried rice sounds yummy too. I like Melissa’s dress and her little jacket. Simple and feminine. Nice shoes too!

    Yes, kacang ma is among the most un-photogenic dish, I know…but it tastes really great. And I thought my missus could do a bit better with the presentation of the mee sua as well….but never mind! It all ended up in the same place anyway. Hehehehhehe!!!! Ya…everything’s nice eh? Who could ask for more? 😉

  8. Yes, time flies indeed!! Can’t believe it’s already the 3rd day, hur hur~
    Love the group photo!!

    Nice eh! Love the happy faces, the joy all around!

  9. Such a nice spread of food! I’m not surprised at all that they would be gone in minutes! The prawns looked delish, so did the tom yam bihun and fried rice! Yum!

    Everyone loved everything or at least that was what the said. I guess judging from the fact that everything was gone in just a couple of hours would be an indication that they were telling the truth.

  10. I would certainly go visiting to your house if you were staying nearby!! hahaha… such glorious food! Mine is so simple compared to yours… all the prawn dishes are making me drool…..

    No need for Chinese New Year. Come anytime and I will cook all these for you… Come, come! 😉

  11. Gong Hei Fatt Choy! Gong Hei Fatt Choy to you, Lucy and Melissa! I miss all this going round visiting friends during CNY and over-indulging in food, and I love CNY cookies….oooo, CNY cookies, come to me, come to me! Just the thought of having some of the cheese and garlic prawns together with your mihun, aiyo, I am so happy already loh 🙂 Heh heh, looks like Shereen’s superbly intoxicating fruit cake will make one have sweet dreams, yes? AND, you look slim and young in that t-shirt (whose good taste is that? 😉 )…almost as young and good looking like Huai Bin 😉 Kong Hee Fatt Choy!

    Hahahahaha!!! Ouch! That would be an insult to Huai Bin! Shereen bought it at Ground Zero in New York…so special, must keep till Chinese New Year to use lor. 😉 Yaaaa…nothing like this overseas – I would be quite miserable too if I were in your shoes. So sad.

  12. Ulala you and family are enjoying nice food..Melissa like put on some extra kg already? No?

    Yes, she certainly looks nicer now…and happier too…not like some Somalian refugee like when she was in SP. 😉

  13. I had mee suah too on the first day!
    Your one looks like in herbal soup?
    Gong Xi Fa Cai, STP!!!

    Thanks, same to you. Nope, not herbal – Foochow-style…chicken soup cooked with ginger and traditional Foochow red wine.

  14. kacang ma…….i have two packets yet to “opening” ceremony…hope there is no “expiry date” to it :p

    Not that I know of, not too sure.

  15. heheh, glad to see you’re eating deliciously this holiday! i’d be happy to munch on the mee sua, the tempoyak prawns, cincaluk rice, sweet potatoes and kacang ma chicken (yes, that’s NEARLY everything in your post!) 😀

    Ya…hop over sometime and you can get to try these traditional Foochow and kampung-style stuff for a change.

  16. I should have come over then! 🙂

    The food looks awesome! I didn’t have a car though, thank you very much for your offer to pick me up but I felt it was in very bad form to accept that to go to *your* house so I hitched a ride with Grace.

    Loved the muesli cookies though! 😀

    Yes, you should. I called you but you said you were out with friends. No problem at all – I can go over anytime. No need to feel bad or anything, always here for you – my pleasure, really. So just give me a tinkle if you feel like coming over or need to go some place. 😉

  17. Wow Arthur! I love that Mee Sua!

    I didn’t know that you cook?! Most of the time I see you doing restaurants and eateries reviews… I thought you dine out most of the time? What a nice spread!

    I do! But nothing classy, sophisticated like yours – all hassle-free, kampung stuff like what you see in the spread. I do share the recipes once in a while. Mee sua? Come on over, you’d love the ones here.

  18. AWW! the mee suah looks mouth watering delicious and the prawns! I want!! Shereen’s fruit cake looks so rich and I am sure it tastes awesome.

    Ya, the fruit cake was really good – all gone now though. Everyone liked it! The mee sua – I think it could be presented more nicely but it was good all right.

  19. can i have the beehun recipe,please Arthur?

    Sliced shallots, garlic & chilli…plus prawns & sotong…plus bottled tom yam paste, stalks of serai and curry leaves. This one I fried sometime ago – I use Thai basil leaves instead…and added a bit of kunyit as well. Up to you…let your instincts lead the way – that’s what I always do, never follow recipe one:

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