Our day will come…

Well, the day we were all waiting for has finally come…and we’re in the midst of the festivities and celebration at this point in time.

I dropped by a bakery round the corner from my house to get these…

Ong lai

…since we did not make any pineapple tarts (and nobody gave me any) this year.

Actually, I like these a lot – and I like the fact that they’re in the form of gold nuggets which would symbolise prosperity and they come in those little red cups and red, to the Chinese, is the colour of good fortune. Other than that, pineapple is called ong lai in Hokkien, ong meaning good luck and lai meaning come. Β I know there are people who will display a pineapple somewhere in the house but not me – I would not bother to go to that extent in the hope that good luck will come my way. Incidentally, since I was stopping by to get some for me, I got two tubs for my friend, Huai Bin, too. I hope he likes them as well.

My missus did the cooking on the eve of Chinese New Year while I did the cleaning – all the mopping, sweeping and vacuuming and also the arranging of the furniture, the laying of the carpets, the decoration and all that…

Living room

…but it certainly was worth the effort as nothing beats sitting back at the end of it all to enjoy looking at one’s work and having the satisfaction of seeing that it has been pretty well done…

Dining area

That afternoon, Huai Bin dropped by my house to give me these…

From Huai Bin

They’re some kind of firecrackers that you can light like a match. Actually, I’ve not tried them out yet…and being quite a noob at these things, I wonder if I can manage. Hehehehehe!!!!!

We had our reunion dinner early. There must be fish as they say nien nien yew yu which meansΒ “an abundant harvest every year” so we had fish…


…and these ngor hiang/lor bak or golden meat rolls seem to be a must at every Chinese New Year Eve reunion dinner as well…

Ngor hiang

My missus cooked duck for my daughter and me…


– she did not touch that as she does not like duck. That is why we seldom have that at home during ordinary days.

In line with our kampung theme for our open house this year, my missus cooked this ayam pansuh – chicken cooked in bamboo…


We tried a bit and everyone loved it very much.

Other than that, we had this golden pumpkin with sweet vegetable (cangkuk manis) dish…

Golden & sweet

…fried with sambal udang kering (dried prawns) which in a way was in keeping with the emphasis on gold (good fortune) and sweetness (joy) for the festive season. There were others but we did not bother serving them as we could not possibly eat so much – you may get to see them some of my posts that are yet to come.

I did light a couple of those small firecrackers that I had, solely to preserve the tradition and culture, unlike my neighbours who went all the way…

Firecrackers 1

…to welcome the new year with a bang…

Firecrackers 2

So how have things been going at your end? Having a great time and eating like there’s no tomorrow? No worries – after all, it only comes once a year!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

19 thoughts on “Our day will come…”

  1. I love those pineapple tarts! Thanks for sending some over buddy! πŸ™‚

    Ah, the 3,000 Sung Lee Hung firecrackers, I usually just light them in the box. Haha! I tried using a lit cigarette this year but it wouldn’t catch on fire, and I had to take it out and do it again and finally lit the middle.

    Those are matchstick salutes – just strike then against the side of a matchbox (it works with sandpaper too – friction is the key) and throw.

    Happy CNY buddy and I’ll buzz you! Do drop by as well! πŸ˜€

    Most welcome, glad you like ’em golden nuggets. Thanks for dropping by today… photo in tomorrow’s post. πŸ˜‰ Happy New Year, have fun!

  2. GONG XI FA CAI…! the food all looks good, so is the house… ok, the Kitchen god will definitely say something positive to the big boss up there… Have a good year ahead!

    Thank you, and the same to you and mamakucing and smallkucing too. Hopefully…and hopefully, the big boss will grant me a windfall soon! πŸ˜‰

  3. I thought you only capable of holding water hose.Hmmmm… now I know that you do wonders with broom, mops and vacuum cleaners… hahahah. Nice deco by the way and you must have worked very hard moving the furniture around to lay the carpets. Can imagine you sweating buckets doing that!!! Harder work than climbing tiny hills at Hobbiton:)
    The pineapple tarts do look good indeed and of course, Lucy’s dishes surely very delicious as whatever she cooked I really really like. How many people eating the reunion dinner anyway?

    Yes, like a waterfall!!!! But it was good for me – much-needed exercise. So now you know, when I go to Auckland again, I can do a lot more than just water the plants! πŸ˜‰ Reunion 3, but 1st day dinner with the in-laws 12…and Day 2, lost count how many came. Tiring but so much fun! Very very nice!

  4. You have a very neat and cosy home. Must be tiring with all the cleanup. I am having backache now just from wiping the grills LOL! The food your missus cooked all look very delicious. I particularly like the ngor hiang a lot! I am scared of firecrackers. When my grandpa was still around, he would be the one who lit it up at midnight. And being hard of hearing, he could withstand all the loud bang.

    I’m ok after all that hard work – sweated like hell but I guess that was good for me. We’re not crazy about all those noisy firecrackers and fireworks either, especially Melissa when she was small. In the past, we used to go some place to get away from it all…but these days, I guess we can tolerate it better. Old house, can’t afford to renovate so the best we can do is to keep it in good shape.

  5. I have not seen pineapple tarts like that before! So cute! I am still waiting for my parents to come over in a couple of days time, so perhaps I’ll have my CNY feast and cookies then!! πŸ™‚

    LOL!!! Bet you’re waiting eagerly for the day… Hope they bring lots of goodies for you… Ozzie, like NZ, is rather strict when it comes to food. So troublesome. Tsk! Tsk!

  6. Wow…definately does feel very chinese new year…pucuk manis is hard to come by at my place…I really love them. And those pineapple tarts…I’ve not seen anything like that. Are those just sugar dough on the outside?

    It’s just the pineapple tart pastry – instead of having it as the base, they wrap the pineapple jam inside and brush with egg for the golden look once baked. I think these look much nicer than those pineapple rolls.

  7. All the food looks so scrumptous especially authentic dishes.

    They were nice…but after all the hard work all day…I could only manage to eat a bit. Still, it was good, enjoyed the preparation – and it’s only once a year.

  8. Over at KT also abundance with firecrackers.

    Thankfully, we get a lot of rain these few days…so we do get some welcome relief!

  9. Gong hei fatt choy Arthur. May the snake year bring you and your loved ones prosperity and good health!

    Had our reunion dinner at home with MIL preparing all 8 dishes on her own:D I can imagine that yours is just as delicious…after all its home cooked with love!

    Thank you and the same to you. Ya…nothing beats home-cooked. Can’t imagine those catered ones where they have to collect by none and would only eat in the evening. Would be cold by then…and reheating would not be good for the taste, that’s for sure.

  10. You dont have pineapple tarts? Pity.. I have two tubs here.. LOL.. .My son bought one back from Sg and one I ordered from my cell leader.. both of them taste….. hhmmmmm… I show you some pictures if I remember .. hahaha… Well, I bet your golden nuggets taste good too!!
    Yes, your house is very cosy and comfortable… and the dishes… hmmmm.. .I would love to try them all.. LOL…

    The pineapple nuggets? I think I bought you some when we met in Penang and went karaoke-ing…but by the time, I passed them to you, they were not in very presentable shape already…or maybe, they were no longer presentable by the time I got to Penang, so I did not give you any in the end. Come, come…next time you come to Sibu, we will have more dinners at my house – let you enjoy all the yummy stuff.

  11. Gong Hei Fatt Choi Arthur!! Wish i can try the chicken cooked in bamboo, must be good 😦

    Very nice. No salt, no msg added…so sweet, all natural. Thanks and Qong Xi Fa Cai to you too, Xin Nian Kuai le!

  12. wow i must say you have a pretty good house
    i love your furniture and the living rooms seems pretty cozy

    Thank you. Very simple, small old house and the best I can do is to make it look presentable.

  13. I have never tried such fire cracker my parents dont allow us to
    haha all we get to try are those fountain like lights stick
    i dont know what was it called

    Wah!!! Your parents are so protective. Good that you don’t play. Those things don’t come cheap. I just watch the neighbours’ from inside the house – safe from the poisonous fumes.

  14. so good, over your side can light fire crackers….

    Legally it’s banned…but I guess, it’s not a “fine” country here – unlike where you are. LOL!!!

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