This is the moment (1)…

We hailed from the same kampung (village) and he was my ex-student in the early 90’s and we are in some way related…and he finally tied the knot with his girlfriend of 8 years here last week…

A & S 1

I wonder what was going through his mind in his last few moments of bachelorhood…

A & S 2


Well, as soon as the bridal car arrived…

A & S 3

…the father escorted his daughter into the church, up the aisle to the altar to hand over her hand in marriage…

A & S 4

…and once the service was over, the sacred union blessed in the eyes of God…

A&S wedding mass

…the happy couple walked out of the church as man and wife…

A & S 5

Incidentally, something in the booklet caught my eye…

A & S 6

…and I could not help but wonder who that “handsome bestman” was. Eyewwwwwww!!!! It turned out to be Louis, my lawyer-friend and also an ex-student of mine…

A & S 7

*choke*choke* Muahahahahahaha!!!!!!

Well, congratulations, Alexius & Stephanie, and here’s wishing the two of you every happiness and may God bless the two of you abundantly each and every day in the years ahead.

The wedding reception followed…but that will be in the next post.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

28 thoughts on “This is the moment (1)…”

  1. So bad you!!! Okay what, the best man not bad looking what… very ‘tua-pan’ the nyonyas will say. All the bibiks will be dying to have him as a son-in-law 🙂 You must have started teaching very young as your ex students can get the title ‘warga emas’ in a few years’ time ( I don’t mean it badly.. glass half full, pls!)

    This batch already halfway through my career. I’ve others even older…with lots of kids already and some, I even taught their children. OMG!!!! I’m ancient! A dinosaur! LOL!!!! 😀

  2. Arthur you are bad. Handsome mah the best man 😉

    Ooi, Louis!!! You see these comments? All the women terpikat dah!!! So when are you giving me a treat? Ummm…never mind…hehehehehe!!!!!

  3. Congratulations to Alexius & Stephanie!!!

    Any picture of you and the newly wed in the next post? hehe…

    Thank you. Nope, no photo of me…didn’t want to steal the limelight. Muahahahaha!!!! 😀

  4. STP, you were invited to attend your ex-student’s wedding. You must be their favourite Sir back then.

    Maybe among a selected few… Hehehehehehe!!!!

  5. Question ~ Why all the brides usually cry at their wedding?

    Not anymore. Brides today…walk so fast, hiong kai kai – so hard to take photos – now you see, now you don’t. Want to take a good shot, a nice angle…impossible! Not like the brides in the old days – so slow, so lemah lembut…and cried as they would be “given away”, no longer a part of her own family. I saw an aunt gettikg married – Foochow practice, she had to kneel in front of each elder brother or sister to ask for forgiveness for leaving the family…and OMG!!! The crying!!! All the make-up spoilt!

  6. Hi Arthur! I love attending wedding ceremony! The union of 2 people in love… The vow to commit to each other… In sickness and in health… Spending the rest of their lives together…

    It reminds and refreshes our faith for our own marriages, not to take our spouses for granted… We need to fall in love again and again with the same person… Especially in this world of temptation that we are living in now…

    Oooo…you’re so romantic! But yes, it’s so so special…if in a church – not like at the registry, somehow I feel that the romance simply isn’t there. Oh? Temptations? Hmmmm…… You? Not in my case, that’s for sure. 😉 LOL!!!!

  7. Congratulations to the newly-weds. The best man looks as handsome as the groom. Is that Melissa in the 2nd pix?

    Yes, and the mum next to her, partially-blocked. Thanks on the couple’s behalf.

  8. Wow, this is surely a happy event!
    Congrats to the lovely couple! Blessed marriage to them 😉

    Thank you, it most certainly was. I love weddings, love to share the joy – the happiness all around.

  9. Aiyoo…you can still flip up the ribbon to look at the numbers ma. I saw number 3. Go guess the remaining 3 numbers :-p

    Shy lah! Never mind…what is not meant to be mine will never be mine. Just hope and pray that God will be kind and merciful…

  10. Seldom attend weddings nowadays…but if I do…always on the lookout for bride’s mother…and almost 70% chance of what the beautiful bride will look like later….but then again there are no more ugly ladies nowadays…..just poor ones.

    Not in my case – it’s the other round. When I go out for dinner with my in-laws, they say I’m the son and missus is the daughter-in-law. Must be the food she cooks… Hehehehehehe!!!!

  11. Congrats the newly wed beautiful and handsome couple.

    AH! So this is the wedding you mention, you eat so full till want to explode?? HAHAHAHAHA

    Thanks. Yup, see tomorrow’s post. That night, had to skip dinner…could not eat anymore.

  12. I love the color theme of their wedding
    but in my case if ever I’ll be having
    my wedding I’d love to use red color hahaha

    Wah!!! The Chinese love red…

  13. Very nice church wedding ceremony. 🙂

    I was looking at another word in the text – Organist.

    I wondered what that was until I remember Catholic churches are known for their organs. 😉

    Remind me to tell you the story of a midget pianist when you’re home… Hehehehehehe!!!!!

  14. Please send our regards to the bridal couple. May they grow prosperous in life and be happy soul mates in love forever. =)

    I love wedding vows, especially when it says “for better or for worse, till death do us part”. And the Bible verse that was used on the wedding invitation.

    I’m guessing that an organist is the person who plays the organ? You’re so lucky to be able to attend so many weddings and be a witness to such joyous and the one special occasion in a couple’s life, suituapui. =)

    You too? Just as a pianist is the one who plays the piano. Hmmmm…..!!! 😉 Thanks for you good wishes.

  15. wedding vows are fun…and i often use it on my hubby. “for better or for worse…let’s not have the worse ok?” that’s to make sure he eats healthily or else he’ll end up like his family members who have bp, cholesterol, diabetes and gout…in one body!

    Gosh!!! You are what you eat! He’ll have to watch his diet then… Can’t go with you and eat all the stuff you have in your blog.

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