Walk right in…

The Payung Mahkota Cafe here…

PM Sibu

…held an open house recently and I had the privilege to be invited.

The Chinese New Year decorations are up…


…and I love how they use those rattan “trays” and “recycled” flowers from friends (old flowers from their homes that would otherwise have been thrown away) for that purpose…


They are really so creative and innovative when it comes to these things like the floral arrangement decor…

PM floral decor

…that has become synonymous with this place or their original outlet along Lanang Road.

It was a buffet dinner and for drinks, we had a choice of roselle or the very nice pineapple and ginger soda…

PM drinks

This was new – their Cambodian-style beef rendang

PM beef rendang

…which was pretty good, I would say.

I’ve had their Payung chicken before…

Payung chicken

– cooked with yogurt but it was the first time my missus and Melissa were having it and they loved it very much. The thick gravy went very well with the rice.

There was my favourite Payung rojak, of course…

Payung rojak

…and also their pomelo salad…

PM pomelo salad

…and this green salad as well…

PM green salad

There was also their tomato noodles but I did not feel like having that but I did help myself to their lovely banana cake…

PM banana cake

…and sandwiches…

PM sandwiches & cake

There was quite a crowd that night…

PM guests

…and I was not fast enough to take photographs of some of the dishes before somebody had helped himself or herself to it like the asam chicken, for instance…

PM asam chicken

…that I just had not too long ago and quite liked it.

The Myanmar-style pumpkin…

Myanmar pumpkin

…was absolutely out of this world! It was really very very nice but the boss said that he made the mistake of covering it after he had cooked it and it went all soft and mushy – it would have been a whole lot nicer, otherwise. Still, all of us thought it was great and kept going back for more.

The paku (wild jungle fern), masak lemak (cooked with coconut milk)…

PM paku

…was very nice too. Unfortunately, this and also the pumpkin are not on the regular menu of the cafe – be it at this outlet or the other but the boss said that he would be able to cook that if one were to call the cafe a day or so earlier and put in a special request for these. If anyone is interested, the contact number is 016-890 6061.

It seemed they had forgotten to serve the very popular mushroom roll and somebody had to rush to go and get it but by then, we were already very full…and anyway, we had had that many times before. So we left before that made it to the buffet table that night.

Thank you so much to the management and staff of Payung for the invitation – we certainly had a delightful dinner feasting on all that was on the scrumptious spread and rest assured you will be seeing me again…and again…again. I certainly will be back for more.

Come Chinese New Year’s Eve, Saturday, 9th February, 2013, should anyone be feeling lazy or not that keen to go through all that hassle to cook, he or she can drop by here for the special buffet dinner:
Chinese New Year’s Eve Buffet!
5 p.m. to 9 p.m. Adult RM58.00 per person, children (below 13 years old) RM48.00 per person.
For booking, please contact 016 890 6061 or 016 893 7614.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

31 thoughts on “Walk right in…”

  1. their decoration were quite unique and lovely
    i must say,
    the creativity indeed showed

    One reason why I like this place – compared to others that try to be classy but use plastic flowers!!!! Horror of horrors!!!!! 😦

  2. cambodian style beef and payung chicken were i guess
    the best among this batch
    cambodian style beef seems spicy
    while payung chicken looks creamy

    Everything’s nice…

  3. Wow… Lots of food.. Is this a Cambodia/Myanmar restaurant?

    Let’s say it’s Asian fusion. They’ve an Indonesian, one or to Indians, one from Kashmir…and the boss has friends in Myanmar and elsewhere…and they create their own dishes for their menu based on those from the various cuisines. Can’t find anywhere else – one of the reasons that make them special.

  4. I really like the decor, very tasteful. The selection of food I would say is excellent, there are items I have not tried yet like the Cambodian style rendang and asam chicken. I am curious about the rojak. Is the sauce like Penang style rojak? Do I see cabbage in there and four angle bean? The banana cake appears to have a lot of bananas in there. I would say that this is the sort of restaurant I would enjoy going to.

    The Payung rojak? The sambal is similar…but not what’s in it. Yes, they have cabbage, four-angle beans…all the vegetables and herbs, raw. Very healthy and very nice!

    If you come to Sibu, I will surely take you here – everyone who has tried loved it and would want to come again and again….like that cousin of yours or something – the papakucing… Now he wants to stay at the hotel right behind this cafe so he can come every day. LOL!!!

    1. Yes the rojak is yummy!! I like it so much! You should try it if you are in Sibu!!

      See!!! Hear it first-hand from one who has tried! Rest assured, she’ll be back for more! LOL!!! 😉

  5. Count me in! Next time when I’m there, we have to make it for dinner so that we can order everything on the menu. I want to try EVERYTHING!!!! Love their decor too as its not just about classy but understated classy which is much more difficult to achieve.

    True, true…not flamboyantly opulent – love how they use the simple everyday flowers that we find everywhere around here. So? When are you coming again? Can’t wait to have you back here again….and make sure you stay at least a week or longer this time!

  6. Can lohsang with the pomelo salad..likey pomelo especially the sour sweet types

    My daughter loves that the most. I went for the Payung rojak. Ya, why not? Do it Malaysian style – one and the same thing.

  7. The food looks delicious! All of those bright flowers make the place look very happy too.

    That’s the thing about this place. The food’s good, the decor’s so tastefully done, the ambiance is nice…and the people are so friendly they make you feel right at home. My favourite!

  8. Jump the gun thought you inviting all of us to your open house…;).
    [Come Chinese New Year’s Eve, Saturday, 9th February, 2013, should anyone be feeling lazy or not that keen to go through all that hassle to cook, he or she can drop by here for the special buffet dinner:]

    If you’re coming, our door is always open. Most welcome…anytime. Come, come!!! 🙂

    1. The one with the misai, the rest all not sharp and clear where else the rest of the pixz are so sharp and nice. Love the floral deco pixz very much despite ma CVD can see the contrast of yellow & purple & green leaves not becoz can see green but perception that all leaves are green No?

      Nope, not all leaves are green. There are red ones even… Oh? You’re attracted to the one with the misai? Muahahahahaha!!!! 😀

  9. I think you’ve posted about this cafe before right? The name ‘Payung’ sounds familiar.

    Many times. I drop by quite often – in fact, anyone who comes to town, I would take him or her there. 🙂

  10. wah, food looks really good! lotsa healthy salads, and even the cakes and sandwiches look more wholesome than usual. i haven’t had myanmar-style pumpkin before, but it sure sounds intriguing 😀

    We all loved that so much. I wonder how they cooked it – must get some hints one of these says…and try to cook my own. Ya…most everything’s good here.

  11. wow.. you received invitation to such a delicious buffet in Payung…. so nice! The owner sure appreciates you after all the advertising, bringing so many friends and recommending in your blog! 🙂

    Yes. We’re old friends – ever since when he was a hair stylist. 1981, when I got married, he did my hair. We were slimmer and a lot younger then…and I had more hair! Hehehehehe!!!!

  12. When come to decoration, they are so creative and have all the ideas to do it. All the food looks so great. Love the Payung rojak and pomelo salad.

    You’ll love the food here, that’s for sure. Everyone loves it!

  13. waiyo! sibu food mayor! i’d love to be in your shoes! 🙂 i want to tag along to payung!

    Come along…if you don’t mind being seen in the company of this big, fat and ugly old man. 😉

  14. This restaurant is becoming very famous from your blog 🙂
    Food is nice as usual. Thumbs up on the lovely decorations. The old rattan trays brings out the rustic charm of the place.

    Oops!!! Just noticed this comment in spam… Wonder how it got there. Never mind, the more the merrier. 😉

  15. Love all the different types of salads. The price of buffet on Chinese New Year eve is very reasonable.

    I would think so, considering that all the restaurants in town will be closed…and unless you cook your own at home or have your reunion dinner at noon, you will have nothing to eat…except perhaps McD’s or KFC and the like.

  16. The restaurant is made famous you already 🙂 As always, love the food here. Thumbs up on the nice decorations. Love the rustic charm that it brings along.

    No lah, it was already popular. I just brought a little extra business to them only…and I go there myself quite frequently.

  17. Everything looks great, I especially like the looks of ‘Payung rojak’ and ‘Pomelo salad’ because I love to see lots of color in food.

    How thoughtful of the business to do something such as this and I think that’s as excellent way for the business to advertise their cooking skills. If people love the food, they’ll be sure to tell their loved ones.

    Ya, and bring them there to eat too – like what I’ve been doing all this while. Any friends coming to town, I will surely bring them here.

  18. Oh god the Payung Chicken looks extremely good hahahaha.
    And I love Pomelo as well. Granny will always give some to me during CNY! 😀 glad u had fun

    It has some significance, I think. Brings good luck of something…

  19. Wow!! You are their VIP guest and also their regular!

    Cambodian style beef? Sound interesting, i would love to try. Assam chicken sound good too and also the myamar pumpkin. Maybe next round, when i am not so rush and my mum not so tie up with things. I passed by this place, now i know where they are. 🙂

    Ya, next round, we can go there together… 😉

  20. Lesson from Arthur – If you have not enough time to capture pictures of food, take pictures of girls instead! 😀

    Some people would be equally attracted…or perhaps even more. Wink! Wink! 😉

  21. Despite the many times you have blogged about this place, I still love seeing what dishes they have. The Cambodian rendang and the Pomelo salad looked heavenly. This will definately be a must visit for me if I ever visit there… 🙂

    Ya…I try to order something different each time and blog about things I have not blogged about before. But that means I cannot order and enjoy things that I’ve tried before and loved a lot. So sad… 😦

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