It’s your turn…

After our Italian dinner that night, Justin invited me out for dinner again as he had promised me to give me a treat sometime ago and had not got down to doing that. Well, since they had not tried the food here before, we all agreed to meet there – the two of us and also Julia and her brother, Gabriel – both home on holiday from Perth.

They did not want anything spicy so I steered away from the usual belimbingΒ or tom yam prawns and the like but I did order the special Payung otak-otak which they thought was spicy but they were fine with it. Of course, we had the mushroom roll as well and I also ordered their lamb masala

Lamb masala

…which was pretty nice.

When Mandy was in town, she had the asam chicken…

Asam chicken

…which was new and she liked it, so I ordered that too to give it a try. It was good but between the two, I think I prefer the masala.

Everybody loved the Payung rojak and they also wanted the aromatic kacang ma chicken

Kacang ma chicken

…so I asked for that with extra Chinese white wine. Justin had that in Kuching before and was pretty impressed by the one here. Julia, on the other hand, was having it for the first time and she loved it.

For dessert, I ordered the banana cake with ice cream

Banana cake + ice cream

…and their Mulu ice cream…

Mulu ice cream

…and also their durian ice cream…

Durian ice cream

…with a special request for extra durian. Yum! Yum!

Julia wanted the jelly pisang that she had read so much about in my blog so she ordered a glass of that as well.

All in all, everyone loved what we had that night but I would say that although they had maintained the prices of everything on their menu, it seemed that the portions had shrunk somewhat. In the past, I think there would be enough to be shared among 3-4 persons but looking at what we had that night, I would think there would be sufficient for 2 or 3 only. Thankfully, they had not scrimped on the ingredients so in my opinion, everything still tasted as great as ever!

Thank you so very much, Justin, for the very nice dinner and to Julia & Gabriel for your delightful company. I certainly had a great time and I hope you all did too!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

28 thoughts on “It’s your turn…”

  1. Mmmmm wouldn’t mind some kacangma chicken now. Gotta bring back some Motherwort next month! πŸ˜€

    That’s easy to get, no problem. Must get the pek chiew thow – the traditional white one and not easy to get especially the good one. Not so nice with red Chinese cooking wine. Some people use tuak – not my favourite either – must be original.

  2. If I want Durian, I normally have to order it online… although a few places carry it local but it’s shipped from another state.

    A bit off topic, yes it’s cold here in my part of the USA (hence knitting the mittens) it’s 17F/-8C

    Brrrr…so cold. Stay wrapped, keep warm there. Durian? Shipped from some place? We can’t send it anywhere here – they’re banned from all aircrafts…and even by the postal service here. Too smelly…not even the desserts, all durian products.

    1. Durian? Shipped from some place?

      I’ve found them in Maryland but they got them from another state (New York) and New York received them from another country.

      Here in the USA, Durian is quite popular with some raw foodists, but I can’t be bothered to go through all the hassle just to get Durian.

      Gee!!! I didn’t know that! I thought we can only get it here and folks in western countries would not touch it with a 10-foot pole because of the strong smell. Interesting.

  3. The asam chicken is so tempting…

    Ya, most of the things hare are very exotic…and very nice. Mostly original, can’t get the same anywhere else. πŸ™‚

  4. Asam chicken sounds interesting, is the spices something like the one for asam fish? Wah, I would go for the lamb masala with lots of rice. Oh, they serve the durian ice cream with durian flesh, nice!

    Yes, the durian ice cream is very nice – fresh durian in it! I think the asam chicken is more than the fish version – also sourish though because of the asam, I guess.

  5. Love the assam chicken too. Bet it taste heavenly. I will have no problem dealing with any spicy food since there are so many cooling desserts around.

    It’s not really spicy so most of the time, we will request for extra spicy… Then, there will be a bot of kick!

  6. all the food look so nice esp the kacangma n banana cake. is this cafe walking distance from kingwood hotel? n banana cake available for everyday and takeaway?

    Back top back – right behind. Just turn round the corner at the end of the Kingwood Hotel new extension block and you will get to it already.

  7. The kacang ma chicken sounds interesting, got Chinese white wine in it, mmmmm. Durian ice cream, durian ice cream…come to me, come to me!!

    It cannot go…so you have to come!

  8. That’s durian in the ice cream? Very special! But don’t think I’ll like it cause I don’t eat durian, hehe…

    There is the local mango (quinee) version as well…and other ice cream desserts. Not a problem at all.

  9. Of all the food, my favourite is kacang ma but prefer cooked with red wine. Theirs look different. Oh gosh, love the durian ice cream.

    Red wine? The Kuching one – different from the Sibu Foochow one? My friend gave me a bottle once…and we cooked kacang ma with it. Not nice – the original pek chiew thow is still the best!!!

  10. yay, i also stay away from spicy food usually, so this meal would sit right with me πŸ˜€

    You don’t go for spicy? Aiyor….. My missus would not enjoy going for dinner with you then. She must have everything extra spicy!

  11. I like Payung food. Nice. Especially the pomelo salad

    Most everything is nice here… Love to drop by any chance I get!

  12. Love everything you tayang today but Simon will pengsan at the durian ice cream.. Hehe

    Who knows? He may just love it! πŸ˜‰

  13. honestly, i can’t differentiate the dishes anymore by looking
    at pictures hahaha
    i can’t memories the names either haha
    but i know it’s great

    Hah!!! The same when I see people blog about Filipino delicacies…or things from cuisines of other countries.

  14. anyways desserts is what iam most looking forward
    at your every post
    if only i could get a taste of it from here

    Save, save… Maybe one day you can hop over here for a visit! πŸ˜‰

  15. Nevermind about the rest of the food, just give me the extra durian ice cream!!

    Come, come. Almost a year since when you all were last here – and for 2 nights only. Time to come again…and stay longer this round. πŸ™‚

  16. Banana cake with ice cream? That’s special. By the way, I can’t help but notice that the plates of lamb masala and the asam chicken look oily, though.

    Special? Isn’t how they usually serve banana cake? With ice cream? But it’s usually chocolate though – not vanilla.

    Nope, both were not oily – must be the reflection of the spotlights. That’s why I prefer taking snapshots in natural daylight. You do not see a layer of oil floating on the gravy, right? Just some glistening – I see that kind of really oily stuff in some Malay dishes (they do use A LOT of oil to fry the pounded ingredients till fragrant) …and I would not want to touch that if I can help it.

  17. Hi Arthur! I can’t take my eyes off the lamb masala… The thick spicy gravy with rice combination is to die for!

    Yes, I loved it – went well with the rice…but it’s North Indian though – not spicy and I’ve this thing for hot and spicy stuff.

  18. i can see that you are a great fan of the mulu ice cream. i tried this maldives ice cream there. interesting πŸ™‚

    Ya, I remember they had that. Not sure if it’s still on the menu…

  19. this place seemed to be a favorite of yours…. it would for me too which such dishes… and yes, I am also eyeing the Mulu ice cream…

    It definitely is. Good food, good ambiance, great service, nice friendly Hokkien plus English-speaking people…I would definitely go there again and again.

  20. The banana cake looks good! moist the way i like mine to be:D and complete with ice cream…life is wonderful!

    Yes, that’s the way I love it too…but I had that with chocolate ice cream before – seems a bit better with that.

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