It’s my turn…

My dear friend, Mandy, was in Sibu for a couple of nights on a working trip but unfortunately, I did not get to see her while she was here as she and her colleagues stayed at a hotel in town and in the early morning, they would drive off to their work site somewhere along the Sibu-Bintulu road and would not be back till late evening or night. She was here before though so she did take them to Payung and also to Ruby, now that she knows jolly well where they are located.

We only managed to get to meet her at around 3.00 p.m. that day when she was leaving and we went for something to eat here…and after that, we dropped by my house to sit and chat. Then, we went here for an early dinner before sending her off to the airport to catch her flight home that very night itself – on her last trip to Sibu, it was closed for the Gawai holidays so she did not get to try some of the great stuff that they serve here like this pork belly dish, for instance…

DwM 1

…served with mantao (steamed buns). I wanted her to try our version of something similar that we had when she took us all for dinner at  Dengkil…and she loved it very much! She said it was definitely different and the meat was softer but both were good in their own ways.

Of course, I had to order the midin (wild fern) fried with belacan (dried prawn paste) for her…

DwM 2

…as she loved it so much and simply must have that! If I’m not mistaken, she had it for every meal in those two days plus that she was here.

I  also ordered their creamy version of the butter prawns…

DwM 3

…which would be different from the salted egg ones that are found elsewhere and she loved it too. I particularly liked how the prawns were firm and so very fresh.

My daughter wanted the lemon chicken…

DwM 4

…and as always, her wish is my command even though personally, I can jolly well live without eating that. No doubt it was very nice but then again, we can get that dish everywhere, can’t we?

This is a Foochow soup – the chao chai (preserved vegetables) fish soup…


…but though it was very nice and they used very good fish for this, I personally felt that it was not exactly like how that soup should be like. It just was not sour enough and I did not detect the fragrance of the traditional Foochow red wine in it.

Dinner did not come cheap though – it came up to around RM97 but they all had buah kedondong juice, unadulterated and undiluted…

DwM 6

…which would be at least, RM3-4.00 a glass and if we deduct that, it was probably around RM85 for 4 persons, inclusive of rice.

For one thing, the servings were very big – probably for 4 and we had to struggle to finish everything. I had forgotten to tell them to cook for 3 or maybe even 2…in which case, it would probably cost much less.

Mandy was furious and gave the poor lady boss (who was only following orders as she had specific instructions from me not to accept payment from anybody that I bring there to eat) a good piece of her mind for refusing to accept payment from her. Muahahahahahaha!!!! It’s my turn lah, Mandy – you picked up the tab at Dengkil so this round is on me. Fair and square!

And actually, I do feel that if I go some place, the people there would be the hosts and it would only be right that they foot the bill – though not all the time. Shy lah…like that! I should get to pay sometimes as well…and likewise, when anybody comes here, I’m the host so I should be the one paying, right or not? Come! Come! Let’s hear your honest opinion on this…

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48 thoughts on “It’s my turn…”

  1. Hi Arthur! Nice dinner! I have never tried the wild fern, Midin, before. How does it taste like?

    It’s a wild jungle fern – the texture and taste is different from the paku-pakis you get to see in Malay or even Thai cuisine. It is crunchy like the texture of asparagus, maybe a little softer…sweet tasting…very nice. Come, come on over – I can take you to eat this and more! Be forewarned though – you will like it so much you would want to eat it again and again – like Mandy! A must-have for every meal… 😉

  2. as long got food and be happy, any one can pay… hahaha…

    No lah! All the time, other people pay…shy also lah. 😉

  3. Everything looks delicious but not too sure about the fish soup. But if the taste is more or less like the foochow sea cucumber soup, I sure will like one. Never mind who pays as long as everybody enjoys the dinner and the company. Money can find but good friends are difficult to come by. Anyway, you don’t know kah, money that comes out from sibu’s banks tak laku one… Not even in Sibu.. Lol!!!!

    Tsk! Tsk! Mulut masin you…sampai my credit card, I could not use in Welly. 😦 The fish soup…more like kiam chai fish soup but with lots of ginger and red wine – Foochow dish. True, true…but friends also must give and take. 😉

    1. tapi sometimes, kena extend with red carpet baru itu orang mau datang… else tak laku betul my invitation… betul u shereen, does not really matter who pays… as long as not over doing it… Good company and good friends are hard to come by, especially those from Standard Chartered Bank..Big Strong and Friendly… hahaha… Good Morning to All!

      Hahahahaha!!!! Blush! Blush!!!! Must come, must also go mah…banyak, sikit also must balas – my mother would never return an empty bowl (last time, no tupperware, no plastic container) one, same here. She has taught me well.

  4. hmmm, butter prawns vs salted egg yolk prawns. i can’t decide which one i prefer! both sooo good 😀

    Here, they do not do it creamy – their salted egg prawns. They coat it with the batter and fry – I prefer it creamy.

  5. All the dishes are very good! Anyone going over to your place must eat the midin because we can’t get it here. It’s funny how people will fight each other to pick up the tab, I think it’s all good because both parties have good intentions. I agree that sometimes it is wise to give someone the pleasure of picking up the bill. But of course like you, as the host, I will insist on paying too and let my guest do the honours when it comes to their turn.

    Yalor…”oo lai, oo khi” – got come, got go…fair and square. Any plans to come over anytime soon? You’ll love our midin…our kampua…kompia…everything! Hehehehehe!!!!!

    1. you should compile the best 10 places and make it into a post!! that’s the job of a Mayor~~ :p

      Why? The 10 best for me may not be the 10 best for you or anybody else for that matter. What I blog about is purely my opinion – anyone else is free to beg to differ. Like what so many have been claiming to the best kampua in Sibu – it would not make it into my top 3. Post on that coming up next week…

      1. You can put disclaimer mah:

        Top ten places according to Food Mayor of Sibu. 😉

        For one thing, who would give a damn. Not that people are lining up to come to Sibu and would want to know where the best places to eat here are. Fat chance. So hard to persuade people to give Sibu a chance and come over. Lonely Planet has a list – not that anybody knows or cares… 😦

  6. first thing my oldest wants to eat when we land in Sibu in a few mths time. she dont know what it is called, been 10yrs since her last visit she told me she wants that curly top vege! so cant wait to taste all the yummy yummy food in Sibu.

    Hahahaha!!! Midin, for the win!!! Hey! That rhymes! Yummmmm!!!!

  7. Fried midin is the best…I miss it a lot too!

    Ya…you had that once in Kuching and have been yearning for it since. Love at first bite, eh? 😉

  8. I love all the dishes above!! Too bad I didn’t try the prawns the other time while I was there.. 😦 Yes, if anyone comes to our hometown, it is “tradition” that the host treats at least once.. hahahaa.. anyway, it also depends on circumstances…

    Same here…but just the first time especially. Of course, we will try to pay when going out to eat again after that. Got come, got go lah…

  9. The food looks delicious – as always. I’m always fascinated by your photos of wild fern, I love the color and I bet it tastes great!

    It is also even blanched and tossed in our traditional red wine with garlic and ginger but I prefer it cooked this way – with our local dried prawn paste and lots of chilies.

  10. I love reading posts where you’re the host! Hehe I can only imagine Mandy fighting with the lady boss on the bill! Poor lady boss! The dishes looked good.. and I think I’ll love the midin too! Actually i’d love anything with belacan 😛

    Yes, the poor lady boss. She was only following orders – kena big one kau-kau! LOL!!! The dishes here are all very nice – worth a visit anytime. Ya, I bet you’ll love midin – best with belacan! Yum! Yum!

  11. First time maybe, second time urm depends but if the same ppl kept coming a thousand times, will you still play host and foot the bill? 😀

    I don’t mind lemon chicken anytime. Very appetizing what…

    No problem if people will come a thousand times – but that will be the day! Ask people to come half dead – most would not bother coming even once. So sad…nobody wants to drop by to visit me here. It is very nice, I tell you – those who have been here can’t wait to come again – only those who have never been here before look down on our little down and would rather go elsewhere… The usual question: What is there in Sibu? 😦

  12. just our culture I guess… we are always so paiseh or hak hei with guests… lol

    I also share the same thoughts… if I m the host for guest, I shld pay.. hehehe but then again.. sometimes in life… its not abt who pays, it about us doing what we should for our friends…. and that’s how we built good friendship..

    p/s: I love Midin too!

    But I would insist on giving and taking – both ways…sometimes at least, if not all the time. Come, come! Lots of midin here… Nice, eh? 😉

    1. I am not paiseh and hak hei. I can eat what you offer me. LOL

      Oh? An open statement! That’s a dangerous thing to say… Muahahahahaha!!!!

  13. I like Foochow soup – the chao chai soup. Esp..the chao chai hung ngang! Probably because it has hint of sourish taste 😉
    Take turns to pay will be fair enough!

    Yup! No need to fight over it. 😉 I think it is the Chinese thing – an indication of good manners. Like when people give you something, you have to refuse…say no need, no need…and the other party will need to go through the process of forcing you to accept…and eventually, you give in and accept happily.

  14. As always, simply delicious. I can imagine Mandy’s furious face when the boss refuse to accept her payment. Cute, rite?, hehehe!!!….

    Yes, very cute. Like her nephew – the one whose photos she always shares on Facebook. Muahahahahaha!!!! 😀

  15. Midin midin i love you!!! And the chao chai soup, slurp!

    Not the one here. Ruby’s better – more like the real thing but I have not had it there for a long time.

  16. aside to the midin, i’ll love to try every dish hahaha
    even that fish soup
    and dessert can never go wrong in me

    If only you can come over, I’ll make sure you get to try the very best we have to offer here… 😉

  17. Give and take lo. Sometimes you pay, sometimes others pay.

    Yes, that’s the way it should be! Mandy, you hear or not? LOL!!! 😀

  18. My modus operandi when fighting for bills is to make sure I pay it before dinner is over! Usually find an excuse (like going to the toilet) and sneak to the cashier. Then when everyone is willing to pay you smugly tell people you got it covered. =D

    Hah!!! All my friends have grown wise to this tactic – everytime I said I would like to go out for some fresh air or to the toilet, they would say no…and scramble to go and pay. 😀

  19. Ooo, that butter prawn is very tempting. So moist, so succulent, so heavenly good~ That plate is not enough for me alone :p

    Wahhhh!!!! That’s actually quite a big plate though it does not seem so in the photo.

  20. Ahhh, my much loved wobble-wobble meat 🙂 One day…I’ll get to taste Mandy’s ‘darling midin’ and see if the curly fern will become my ‘darling’ too, heh heh 😉

    Well, you will have to come to Sibu if you want to do that!

  21. I can still remember how difficult it is to pick up the bill when I was in Sibu. Got to go “curi curi” deposit the money with the cashier then only can we all pick up one bill for all the yummy meals you took us to, during our stay. Must make you promise not to do that the next time I come visit you. I really appreciate your hospitality. You and Lucy are very gracious hosts. Love all the food I had in Sibu!

    Ok, promise, scout’s honour…cross my heart!!! Come! Come! When are you coming/ Bring Gary, your mum, Nick…everybody! 🙂

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