Cover me…

I took my missus and Melissa to Sri Pelita for lunch that day – Melissa had never been there before so I wanted to let her give it a try. When we got there, I must say that I was impressed by what I saw…

Good practice

See! They took the trouble to cover up the food unlike many places that I have seen in the peninsula where they would simply leave the food exposed to flies and what not. Such sliding netting would definitely be more convenient than individual food covers as somebody can just slide them from one side to the other and need not have to open the covers one by one, especially when they are  not transparent, to see what’s inside. They even have lights inside so one would be able to see everything clearly…and for all that, I would say that they deserve my double thumbs up. Bravo! Bravo!

These people in the food business should jolly well know that they depend on their customers…so instead of just making money and more money, they should, at least, think of the well-being of their clientele – the cleanliness, the comfort and so on. I simply cannot understand how some people seem to take pride in going to those horrible murky-looking places to eat, some even without proper tables and stools for them to sit and enjoy the food…and they’re not even nice and friendly. Some are so rude and temperamental that you cannot even go and ask if you have waited a little bit too long. I, for one, would not bother going back to such places…though I know many would – the very same people who would complain like hell about the service everywhere else like in the offices or the banks, for example. Frankly, I just can’t understand why there is this double standard.

Well, my missus had the nasi campur (mixed rice)…

Nasi campur

…and she particularly loved the sambal chicken that she picked.

My daughter had the nasi brayani kambing

Nasi bryani + fried chicken

…so she was given this bowl of mutton curry to go with the rice…

Mutton curry

She liked both the rice and the curry and while she was making up her mind, she said that the fried chicken looked nice so I ordered it for her as well. Unfortunately, that was a little bit too much for her to handle so guess who helped her to finish it all up. Hehehehehehe!!!

I had the nasi bryani too and I chose their fish curry…

Fish curry

…over their chicken kurma to go with it but that was not a good choice, I’m afraid. No, there was nothing wrong with the curry – it was very nice, I would say and I enjoyed the gravy with the rice. However, the ikan bawal hitam (black pomfret) was not fresh – probably those frozen ones bought from the cold storage shops and the texture of the meat was mushy and not quite palatable. Anyway, I had my daughter’s mutton and the chicken to make up for that.

I am not too sure how much each individual item cost but inclusive of drinks for the three of us, the bill came up to RM27.00 and I thought that was pretty all right considering that the food, with the exception of the fish, was really good.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

45 thoughts on “Cover me…”

  1. fish curry’s always a risky proposition at these outlets, i think. i can’t remember having good encounters with mamak fish, but that’s ok, cos i’m happy just gobbling the rice with the creamy curries and gravies and some chicken 😀

    Ya, I should have opted for the chicken kurma…but the fish looked really good! 😦

  2. Hi Arthur! All your photos are making hungry now and it’s midnight here!

    No problem there – the city never sleeps. Do they have 24-hour nasi kandar places there too…like in the cities in the peninsula?

    1. Nasi Kandar = Nasi Padang?

      Yes, we do have 24hrs makan places here but the thought of driving out and fill up the tummy before going to bed is not so enticing. 🙂

      Nasi kandar = Indian muslim while nasi padang = Indonesian.

      I think I prefer nasi padang. Ooooo…in the 70’s, I used to eat that at Tiong Hua or Rendezvous, opposite Cathay Cinema (Dhoby Ghaut/Bras Basah Road) – so very nice. Tiong Hua, I think, not there anymore…and Rendezvous is now a high class hotel – dunno if the nasi padang is still as nice as way back then…in 1973. Yes, I’m old, very old! LOL!!! 😀

  3. You know what, I’ve never tried anything beyond Chinese food (some western, perhaps) in Bintulu because my dad is the kind of person who only eat Chinese food. So I have no idea whether the mamak style food in Bintulu is good or not. The mutton curry looks pretty good!

    Same as my father, exactly…but because my mum’s half-Melanau, we get to eat some kampung-style and nyonya cuisine at home. The food at this place is pretty good and parking is a breeze unlike in the town proper.

  4. for nice fishes, that bill seems pretty reasonable..

    Good night Arthur, soon the baby will be coming over KL with Janice and I. That time, I will be putting on hold all my night activities, and even blogging, which I’m already slowing down. Fret not, as I will still be here to read up on all your food adventures!

    Read my lips – the fish was not nice! Tsk! Tsk! Oh? So you’ve been enjoying yourself all this while – jolly bachelor in KL, eh? Hmmmm…got baby already – that would call for a drastic change in your lifestyle, may entail a lot of sacrifices. Crucial time for father and son bonding – that will determine what it will be like your relationship in the future.

  5. The nasi brayani kambing looks nice…wouldn’t mind that at all:) …with some popperdams??

    Papadums? I like!!! They gave 1 free per person. In fact, I liked it so much I found out where to buy and went to get my own. They got theirs from Kuching but they told me of a shop here where I could get the same – yet to fry them though. The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. Hehehehehehe!!!!!

  6. I don’t think I have ever seen any Indian and/or mamak food stall and/or restaurant in Bintulu. But they are all over in Klang Valley. There’s one particular stall in Uptown 7 that sells pretty good and really cheap Indian food. Settling my lunch there at least twice a week. LOL.

    Also very few here – one hand can count! And selections limited, not like the nasi kandar shops over in the peninsula.

  7. That is my type of food, curries and biryanis! The food counter is neat and clean and the sliding netting is something I have yet to see anywhere here. And mutton curry is my must order at any curry eatery. And I love papadums too, always asking for second or third helpings hee..hee….

    Mine too!!! Ya…that’s exactly my point – I saw all the food laid out in the open, completely exposed at those shops over at your side…and the sight of the multitude of flies at some of these places can be really horrifying! Go to the stalls opposite the teacher-training institute in Sg Petani, Kedah and you can see this with your own eyes! It’s a wonder there has not been cases of mass-food poisoning…or maybe nobody has complained…or there has been some major cover-ups. I do wish the authorities there will do something to ensure the hygiene and also the well-being of the people there…instead of harping on trivial matters all the time. Tsk! Tsk!

  8. That looks really good!

    The nasi briyani looks a bit dry though, but I imagine it’ll taste good with gravy.

    Good work on the visible pricing and as you mentioned hygiene! 🙂

    Yup, I think the bryani at two other places here, at least, is nicer but this isn’t too bad…and the curries to go with it are great plus they do seem much cleaner here.

    1. Sounds good! 🙂

      Yeah I remember seeing you at one of the briyani places when I was a kid.

      Ya…the one next to the bookstore. Used to go very often as my daughter loved the bryani there. Not so frequent these days – parking is such a pain!

  9. *salivating* now.. indeed the price is very reasonable and I like your missus’ choice too.. something that I would take as well.. Nasi briyani is not for me cos of the “ghee” I suppose or is it the spices? Not so sure…

    Ahhhh!!! Must be the spices. I also do not like it too strong – it is ok here though I would prefer it a bit more oily, as Huai Bin said. Other than that…and the texture of the fish, everything was great. Would definitely go again…

  10. I’d love mamak food. If i go for one, i’ll fill up my plate with every sauce they have! Like volcanic lava. Chicken curry, gulai ikan, mutton curry, beef curry. Most of the time, i’m a bit paiseh ’cause even the indians are sprinkling curry on their rice. It’s flooded with bawal emas over here in Kelantan. So much so that, the hypermarkets are selling for pnly RM12.99 per kg. Usual price like RM30 per kg. I wonder it’s nice for curry. Never try bawal in curry. Usually steamed for its sweetness

    Bawal emas? You mean the silver or white pomfret – what we call “pek chio”? If I’m not mistaken, it depends on the places where they come from – those from Thailand or some place are not so nice but should be ok for curry or masak kunyit – as long as the meat is firm and smooth. Not so nice for steaming. The good ones, you would not be able to get at those prices here…not when Chinese New Year is coming. Everyone’s buying and hoarding! The black ones are nicer for curry, or tenggiri (bey ka) would be nice too. Some people like tongkol as in the fish curry for Trengganu’s nasi dagang…but not me.

    P.S. You’re in Kelantan?

    1. We did have steamed bawal emas when we had our wedding dinner years back in Miri. I was surprised too when the restaurant people suggested it. The flesh is nicer than white pomfret. Yeah, i’d been taking care, full time, of the kids since 2 years ago in Kuching. Just moved to kelantan for my missus’s final two years training in USM. Do come over for nice nasi kerabu and thai food!

      That would be the good one – any dinner with that would be pretty expensive. If it is steamed, it means it is very fresh and very nice. Otherwise, the restaurant would deep fry it and drown it with sweet sour or some other kind of sauce…so people would not be able to tell the difference. Ya…would love to go to Kelantan and Trengganu some day – never been to those states in the peninsula…and I sure would love to try the local favourites there.

  11. I went there a few says ago and I must say I enjoyed the nasi briyani ayam I ordered. 🙂 but I came there for their white tom yam. Unfortunately, they said they don’t do it anymore.

  12. Wow, awesome curries but the nasi brayani looks a bit dry. Drooling!!!!…

    It was all right when you pour all the gravy on to it. Very nice.

    1. I must have ayam with my briyani. ;p

      Kari ayam? I prefer that too actually…but my girl loves mutton. I thought I wanted to try the fish that day – too bad it wasn’t great. Next time, I would just stick to the usual stuff.

  13. i think you purposely added that extra piece of fried chicken for your daughter, knowing that she sure cannot finish hers, you will be the one who can benefit from that!! hahaha, you smart!! 😀

    Hah!!! You certainly know me very well! 😉

    1. nah, i don’t know you that well, but your size tells me that!!! muahahahahaha!! 😀

      My size? You’ve seen??? Muahahahahaha!!!! 😀

  14. I love a good Indian fare.. my favorites are always fish curry, beef rendang, yellow cabbage & egg…. I will flood my plate till the rice swims in the gravy!! 😉

    too bad the fish was not fresh… quality control is important…else no return customers…

    Yup…but so far so good except for this one time. I like how at the nasi kandar shops, they mix all the different types of gravy together and pour onto the rice – the end result actually tastes very good! 🙂

  15. Looks so salivating. Many times, I think it was your good photographing skills that make the food look so good.

    No leh? Cheap digicam, just snap…

  16. Usually this kinda meal is quite expensive (at least at my place), can strike up to RM7-RM8 with just 2-3 dishes.

    Anyway, it’s important to keep the food hygiene so kudos to the caterer!

    Yup, my sentiments exactly. I’ve eaten at a number of places over at your side…and it has always been over RM10. Not cheap. 😦

  17. I wonder if this Sri Pelita is the same as the Pelita nasi kandar back in KL/Penang. It certainly reminds me that! That briyani looks so good.. I would have been able to finish that fried chicken AND curry! 😛

    Nope, no connection. I may have eaten at Pelita in the peninsula before – the name sounds familiar.

  18. Love the hygiene part….and love that nasi briyani with the mutton :p if only I can partake mutton often….and that curry fish looks delish and all for RM27…cheap 🙂

    Yup! Good practices as such ought to be encouraged. We should be sensitive to such things and try and change – discard out not so desirable habits and work towards making ourselves better.

  19. wow.. lunch time now coming here to read this… I hope I can ditch my lunch box and go run for the mutton curry!!! hmm… shall we do this for dinner tonight?

    Usually, I would go for an early lunch at such places as that would be when the food is all freshly cooked. Usually, for dinner, it may be stuff that has been sitting there all day…or refills.

  20. Thumbs up for the restaurant for taking the trouble to cover the dishes. Most of the restaurants here do not do that. Imagine some are running for 24 hours, and the food is just left exposed like that. I seldom frequent nasi kandar stalls, but I still loves the aroma of the food which is from the indian spices they used in the food preparation.

    Yes, so I noticed. I guess it is all right when everything is freshly-cooked and steaming hot but I get very worried if it has been sitting there all day. They certainly taste good, no doubt about that…with all the ingredients and spices. I love them too!

  21. Aiyoyo! The sambal chicken! The mutton curry! What lah you…so cruel, so wicked 🙂

    Huh??? What? What? What did I do? Muahahahahaha!!!!!

  22. YUMMY!!!! I am eyeing on Lucy’s sambal chicken too, i bet it taste very good! Melissa’s nasi brayani and ayam goreng look nice too! Hungry!

    You can give it a try when you’re home… Not bad the food here. Love how they fry the veg – not like those we usually see at the Malay stalls, look very nice.

  23. ‘Cover me’ is common saying like those detective or army soldiers engaging in a gun battle haha. Too much movies huh?

    Ya…I certainly need someone to do that – got spammer commenting to fire me now, don’t play-play!

  24. Its good to cover the food free from flies. Whoa ikan curry won over ayam kurma. Yummy dunno how long can tahan without curry.

    Gee! Has been quite awhile – still can’t eat curry? What is it exactly that you can’t eat? Anything spicy, is it? Hmmm…well, you had had too much curry mee in the past – now it’s time to pay your dues.

  25. wow..the nasi padang looks good! I love to have nasi padang here in Singapore at the food malls. btw, agreed with you on some dirty and rude eateries. once I was at kl trying out some famous beef hor fun. the service really sucks and the boss damn rude.

    Dunno why they cannot be nice. Business so good, should be very happy and extra friendly, smiling from ear to ear. Probably success has gone into their heads – so stuck up! 😦

  26. those dishes looks pretty yummy
    and i think it was close to some dishes we have here in
    the philippines they look quite synonymous

    We’re neighbours… 😉

  27. i checked this place out the last time i was with my family in sibu, i have to say i’m very impressed. i love the briyani very much. just a bit sad that there is no roti canai for lunch.

    No? I thought they have that any time of day? Maybe they ran out of dough…

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