Our way home…

We landed at KLIA at around 7.30 a.m. Malaysian time, 21st December, 2012, and I did not want to book the 8 something connecting flight back to Sibu in case there was a delay and we would not be able to catch it. I remember the last time we went to Auckland in 2005, all the flights were terribly delayed owing to thick fog in the vicinity and we did not get to KL till at least 6 to 8 hours later. This time around, we were lucky and the only delay we experienced was only for about 45 minutes on our KLIA-Auckland flight…and again, it was because of the thick fog there. Besides, we were in no hurry to get back so I thought it would be good to stop in transit and get some rest to rejuvenate before we headed on home.

So there we were once again at this very much-favoured hotel of mine but this time around, they could not put us in Terminal 7, my favourite due to its close proximity to the lobby as they had full occupancy the night before and the guests in those rooms had not checked out yet or the housekeeping people had not had time to get them done. They were only able to give me one in Terminal 9 but it had two twin beds instead of a king but it did not matter and they had a very nice and comfortable couch in the room…


…instead of just a chair like what they had in the Terminal 7 rooms where I stayed in before  – we would be there for just one night only, anyway.

Of course, this one was further away from the main building…


…but it was closer to the main car park…


…and just a stone’s throw away from the security guard’s booth…


…and there was another car park to the right as well so one could park there and just jump out of the vehicle and walk two steps to get to the room.

It being an airport hotel, once in a while, you may be able to catch a glimpse at an aircraft taking off…


Check-in time should be at 2.00 p.m. daily but we were early that morning so we would have to pay an extra RM60.00 for the early check-in…and the receptionist told me that once I had checked in, I would not be allowed to change rooms later so I would have to stay put in the one with the twin beds. Well, as I have mentioned earlier, it was not a problem at all…and all we wanted would be a comfortable place to rest instead of having to hang around the lobby till 2.

They have free wifi now…


…and they would give you the password and everything upon check-in. I would say that the connection was excellent – no problem at all…and I did not see any need whatsoever to use my own wireless Broadband modem unlike at other hotels in KL where the connection would suck big time and most of them would insist that you pay an exorbitant amount per hour to get connected. Tsk! Tsk!

Another difference that I noticed was that the hair dryer was in the bathroom…


…and not beside the dressing table mirror like in the Terminal 7 rooms.

They have lighted-up signs now…


…beside the old ones, not that they were really necessary as the corridors were always bright and reading those signs had never been a problem…and talking about the corridors, obviously, the tiles had seen better days but I would think it would be nice if they had just taken the trouble to just mop and clean them regularly…


– that would suffice, I am sure.

This was nice…


– they’ve taken the trouble to put chairs around like this for people who would like to come out of their room for a whiff of fresh air….and I absolutely loved that antique-looking clock they had on the wall in the room…


I had a little problem with the room rates when I stayed here on our way from Sibu to New Zealand. Despite having stayed here all the time using my government rate, I was told that effective January, 2012, pensioners would no longer be eligible for that even though when I last stayed there some time in August, I could still enjoy the privilege and had no problem whatsoever with that. Being very civil and polite, I did not make a scene and just checked in quietly. Thankfully, when I checked out, I discovered on my bill that they had decided to give it to me, after all…and this time around as well.

As a matter of fact, when I settled my bill the next morning, I found that they had waived the early check-in charge too! Isn’t that really so nice and sweet of them? We had their complimentary breakfast early the following morning and took their free shuttle to KLIA and hopped on our flight back home to Sibu.

With all these nice little gestures here and there, I certainly would be back, should and when the need arise, that’s for sure. Thank you so very much to the management and staff and a double thumbs-up to all of you! Cheers!!!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

29 thoughts on “Our way home…”

  1. you are a pensioner? they are so kind to give u gov rate and waived ur early check-in charge 🙂

    We served all our lives, and now that we’re retired…there should be some sense of gratitude and appreciation, don’t you think? Surely we do not deserve to be swept off the table and conveniently forgotten…and not that there are that many of us left! I did comment on Facebook when I was grumbling about them excluding pensioners from the privilege that: “…it looks like to them, the warga emas is not so emas, after all…”

    I did not ask for the early check-in charge to be waived though – they just did it on their own accord. So very nice of them. I would have paid that – policy is policy, business is business…like I would have paid the normal rate (around RM100 more) if they had insisted it’s their new policy but just let me know when I call to make the room reservation, that’s all.

  2. Great deal. The last photo of the clock is amazing. And I do agree with you on the floor.

    Certainly is, minus the hassle of having to go all the way to the city and back plus there’s nice buffet breakfast at 5.30 a.m. Other hotels 7.00 or to the earlier 6.30 a.m.

  3. The hotel is not bad, seems quite comfortable. The management certainly exercised some good PR eh?

    Yes, that’s the way it should be. Some hotels where I’ve stayed in KL – they certainly do not believe that the customer is always right, quite unfriendly, some of them, I would say…and they’re not cheap either!

  4. I was staring at the Ter 1 – Ter 5 wondering what the Ter was…and finally I got it. hahaha

    Ya, the old sign states it very clearly. They name each block “terminal” as at airports. Big sprawling place – I’d always make it a point to ask for a room nearest to the main terminal building – don’t want to walk so far, sweating plus-plus!

  5. Connecting flights within short intervals may cause anxiety especially with our airlines here.. hahaha… I have yet to stay in hotels near to the airport…

    I made sure I’d have enough time to take my sweet time…didn’t want to rush for anything, didn’t need all that stress, worry and anxiety…especially as we were going on a holiday. Take it slow and easy.

    But you may need to pay more though if you’re not on a connecting flight – if I’m not wrong, they will charge those astronomical airport charges accordingly but not if you’re catching a transit flight. Not too sure, can ask the travel agent when making your booking.

  6. Convert what you spent here by NZD and you got a steal…..works both ways..but we are at the receiving end…..what to do…!!!!

    Gosh!!! If I were to convert that to NZ$, it would be dirt cheap!!! Around NZ$60 only, where to stay at that price there… Normal rate would be around NZ$100, still cheap but this applies to this hotel only – if you go downtown, then it’s a different story. Will need to spend at least double or more – hotel plus taxi, so no point heading to the city if no plan to do anything there. Very nice here.

  7. I see a cute white plushy sitting on the comfy sofa….Looks like a hedgehog to me.ehhehehehhe

    It is a hedgehog! Melissa bought that in NZ, albino…all white. She loves it so much, so soft and nice.

    1. Only one in Malaysia and last one in NZ.. which means, now none in NZ!

      Hahahaha!!! That was at Newmarket, I think – the kitchenware shop with the very expensive apron…

      1. No, not Newmarket. Remuera 😉

        I thought so too…a shop – going to where the car was parked, that complex… The bird cages were at the big complex at Newmarket – the one with the lady in red singing.

  8. Early in life hear people say ‘money is not everything’ and when progress in life later learned something new with a BUT..”everything needs money”. Early check-in they wanna charge..when late check-out they also wanna charge. Time is money. No?

    Like that hotel in KL – 12 is 12, non-negotiable. That’s why I like this one – I requested for late check-out once before – I think they gave me till quite late…but of course, that would depend on room availability. Must be understanding – business is business, cannot be too demanding.

  9. So nice of the hotel to waive your early check in charge. You sound like having a very contented stay there. Great!

    Yes, very happy with it. Just the location – in the middle of nowhere and most everybody would think it is too far to hop over to say hello.

  10. Travelling is fun but when it comes to flight (especially those long ones), sure very tired…

    It was absolutely perfect – the way I planned our itinerary… Very relaxing, no rushing…and ample rest in between flights. Just nice!

  11. wah good for you le……
    I don’t like connecting flights as well.. waste of time and scared to miss the next flight…

    Ya, I gave myself ample time in between so flying was stress and worry-free.

    1. The last I know of was the transit time need to be at least 6 hours for int’l flights and local flight need 2 hours, not sure IATA have change the rules, now that things are so advance with internet.

      2 hours to check in for international, best 3 to be on the safe side…and 45 minutes for local, best be there 1 hour earlier. I understand for booking of transit local flights – at least one hour between the landing of one flight and the taking off of the other…but the cheap airline, I think 45 minutes…also possible – you just have to risk it.

  12. It looks like the hotel is doing something right this time! It’s little gestures like this that mean so much to customers, right? To the hotel it may be a few tens of RM less but they earn a long-time loyal customer like you in return! And best of all, word of mouth too! Bravo! 🙂

    Yes, I would say it is a great place to stay and of late, they seem to enjoy brisk business – full occupancy all the time. F1 coming – sure fully booked around that time.

  13. A temp home before you head home to your real home 😀

    Yes, very quiet, relaxing place…no jam, no hassle…plus free shuttle service from KLIA and back, so convenient.

  14. A sweet deal for the hotel. I hate connecting flights and the long wait at airport especially after a long day work. Hence, when it comes to planning our own vacation, I will make sure that there are no rush and we can take our own sweet time to enjoy the trip. I have never stayed in a hotel nearby airport. This hotel seems to be a great choice. Will consider this should there be a need.

    Yes, they have attractive promos regularly – you can check their website…and maybe, your company is entitled to corporate rates – would be cheaper than normal.

  15. I like the place where they put chairs for people to come out for a whiff of fresh air

    Nice places all over just to sit and relax – there’s a nice swimming pool too. The spa’s under renovation right now though.

  16. For us, when we travel, it doesn’t matter if transit 2 hours or 6 hours. We never know if we get to be on the aircraft till the very last minute.. sometimes less than half an hour with our bags still not checked in! Just imagine if we are in a huge airport.. have to run like crazy.So stressed!!! So tak best go jalan like this.. but still, have to be thankful at least we get to go jalan, right? * sigh *

    Ahhhh!!! Staff privilege travel. I know – my friend uses that when he comes to Sibu…so he cannot really tell what time he’ll be here till he’s secured himself a seat. But cheap airline – sometimes, it is cheaper to book a ticket instead of using that – the promos may be cheaper sometimes.

  17. well good internet connection is a must at places like this
    most specially for us bloggers haha

    That is why I always bring along my mobile 3G modem…so I can stay connected wherever I go, never mind if the connection at the hotel is bad…or unavailable.

  18. i think the place looks too simple but yet if you were satisfied with it i bet it was a great place to stay in

    It is not a resort…just an airport hotel – for people in transit – for a night only, usually. If you click the links to the other posts to see the photos, it is really quite nice…a lot better than many of the other hotels I’ve stayed in KL or Penang or elsewhere there…and they may be more expensive even! Indeed, I am satisfied with this place.

  19. Glad u had a somewhat pleasant stay! ahahha 🙂
    To better times ahead!

    Yes, I do like that place…very much!

  20. Maybe the person in charge realized that he/she should waive the extra charges and give you the 50% senior citizen discount since you’ve stayed at this hotel on previous occasions?

    It’s a double-edged sword; a long transit time will require lots of waiting with less hassle, but a short transit time will incur unnecessary stress. For my case, Brunei Airlines gave the Singapore-bound passengers about only an hour to transit at Brisbane. (We ended up running at full speed from the duty-free zone to the aircraft. >.<)

    …and there would always be a transit stop in Brunei…plus they pray before take-off, right? DF in Brisbane? It’s cheaper at KLIA than Auckland, dunno there. As for the hotel, they were so nice as to respond on Facebook. This was their comment:
    CONCORDE INN KLIA Hi Mr. Arthur Wee; Thank you very much for your kind support. I regret the inconvenience that you have experienced during your arrival; I have forwarded your comment to the respective manager and close-monitoring will be carried out on this matter. Kindly be informed that retired government pensioners are entitled for the government room rate but ID is required upon arrival. Once again, thank you for your kind support.
    See! They’re very nice people there!

    1. Which is why I was thinking that if I ever fly to Auckland again, I think I’ll head for SIA instead. =D

      Hmm, I don’t remember if there were any prayers before take-off. It’s been so long…

      That’s what they told me – Auckland to Brunei…before going to KL – airfare’s pretty cheap, they say, just that they stop in transit and they pray before take off.

      SIA’s expensive, they say, plus you have to fly to Singapore first…and if the timing’s not right, you may have to stay a night there… I did not even bother to check the fares.

      So far, many use Emirates from Singapore as it is cheap but they have to stop in Oz on the way – young people shouldn’t have a problem with that…and you fly in the same aircraft on the same airline…unlike Air Asia – once in Oz, you need to use another airline to fly to NZ – and the risks are there – can cancel or reschedule anytime, it seems.

  21. Nice! They have LCD screens now, I remember it being hard to navigate at night. I usually use the place as a crash pad when there are parties in Sepang. 🙂

    Instead of driving back with everyone in a jam and probably un-sober.

    I think it’s the layout as we would not know where to start from Terminal 1…and where to go from there – something like Sibu roads – you may be able to get in but you may not know where you’ll come out – the lanes here are so confusing…and there are so many of them. Once you’ve checked the layout plan, you should be fine…

  22. connecting flights is always a risk. Anyways I’ve never stayed at any transit hotels before and thanks for sharing this info.

    Welcome. I think Tune is close to LCCT, PanPac has given up on the one at KLIA – it may have changed its name by now. I remember on eof those international chains run the one at Auckland airport, can’t remember exactly which one now…but I guess those do not come cheap.

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