Coming back again…

There I was on the 6th (6½) day of our stay in Auckland, New Zealand – back again at Botany where we had dinner the other night and where I used to loiter around when I was there in 2005.

For one thing, the place had changed a bit – bigger now and more shops and stuff but I remember this place very well…


I went in to look around and this was where I bought the t-shirt and pants set for smallkucing – I wonder if it fits the little kid or not.

I also remember this…


– I used to drop by there on my previous visit to shop for cookies and stuff…


…to eat and also to take home but this time around, there was no necessity for me to that and I guess the reason would be quite obvious.

Here’s another photograph of how disciplined motorists are there and despite the fact that there are so many zebra crossings in the vicinity and so many shoppers crossing the road at any one time, they were all very patient and would stop and wait for them to cross from one side to the other…


I wonder how many zebra crossings there are here in in our country – I know there are  a few at our airports, KLIA or even the one right here in Sibu but unfortunately, I have yet to see any car stopping to let the people walk across first.

If I may digress a bit, I do recall that one time when there was a composition in the SPM English Language paper on road safety and one of the points given was “dangerous – zebra crossing” or something like that and a candidate wrote, “It is dangerous because the zebra will bite the students while they are crossing the road.” Well, we can’t blame him, can we? After all, zebra crossings are non-existent in our country and even if they are, they might as well not have been there. Even with traffic lights alongside those crossings, people get run down like my daughter’s coursemate right in front of the entrance to the teacher training institute in Sungai Petani, Kedah.

Anyway, to get back to where I was, there was a craft market there that morning so I dropped by to check it out…


There were some interesting stuff at the stalls…


…such as these…


…pretty dresses for dolls…


…and these Maori/New Zealand-influenced handicraft…


Soon it was time for lunch, so we made our way here…


…for that. More about this in my next post…so do stick around!

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22 thoughts on “Coming back again…”

  1. sini tak de zebra… else ada zebra panggang, zebra sup, zebra satay… the one infront of ikea, they have to put traffic light for the zebra crossing and yet, still, some vehicles just ignore the lights… hmmm… i blame the hot weather… makes people irritated!

    Cowboy country, no man’s land…no law, no discipline…survival of the fittest. The same as the one in front of my girl’s institute – zebra crossing and traffic lights…and yet, senang-senang…trainees get bulldozed out of the way…and nothing ever happens to change that. Zebra meat? I hear, a long time ago, that they served that in Out of Africa – that place is still around, isn’t it?

    P.S. The baju, anak can pakai or not? Too big? Too small?

    1. no worries re baju, interchangeable with wifey… hahaha…

      LOL!!! So big kah? Over-estimate lah like that! 😦 Untung the mother can wear… LOL!!!

  2. We have those crossings here in the States and people usually stop. I’m sure you have a few that won’t though.

    Oh, I’d have loved to see the craft market, if they had yarn or beads (for my beaded jewelry) I would have been thrilled!

    Had they had that, I would have taken lots of photos to share with you…like the woolly poles. Didn’t see any, unfortunately.

  3. I love the zebra biting comment!hahaha!..used to have The Warehouse here too but not sure still around or not. Btw I think I learn more abt Auckland from your blog than being there physically before! Interesting read 🙂

    Glad to like it. Actually, I’ve learnt more, seen more and eaten more this time around than both my previous trips put together. Had a really great time! 🙂

  4. so little photos?? i expect this would be a huge place and there are many things to see and to buy.. hmmm, i saw the Subway sign, probably you have sneaked in there and enjoy your feast instead?? 😀

    Few, you mean? I had Subway in Wellington – had a foot-long Morrocan lamb…and I did not really enjoy it. That’s why I did not bother to blog about it. Lots of selections, all kinds of varieties and everything looks so nice and fresh….up to you to pick what you want – so much more than the Malaysian counterparts. Here, I never even bothered.

  5. Malaysian drivers do not know what is the function of zebra crossing. Even if they did, they simply don’t care. And if you are crossing a one way street, you must also look at the other side. In Malaysia macam-macam can happen.

    It’s the 2nd one, 100% – they just do not care. I wonder why there is this kind of mentality among us here…unlike our neighbours right across the Causeway.

  6. First day of school ( std 1 ) we have been taught to cross at the zebra crossing. I can still remember, my class teacher told us that you will be safe if you use zebra crossing. All vehicles will stop for you and they did… then. Not anymore, I guess. A Caucasian friend told us that when he was in Melaka few years back and was in the Clock Tower area and wanted to cross the road. He saw a zebra crossing and walked all the way there and waited and waited but no car seems to slow down or stop for him to cross. He then decided that he should just walk and then only cars will stop but to his horror, when he was in the middle of the road, a car just came screaming down at him and nearly knocked him down. He was so shocked and angry when the driver of the car rolled down his window and hurled abuse at him and calling him blind and a moron! He was in the middle of the zebra crossing/ road already and yet this idiot man blamed him!!! I was very embarrassed when he relate this story to us but then we too had our shares of nearly got mowed down at zebra crossings in Malaysia! Never had any problems in NZ and the only morons that did not bother to stop at zebra crossings here are Chinese… probably Malaysian!!!…. but they’ll learn quickly enough as ppl here take very seriously about this matter. I saw a mat Salleh man ran after a car and stop the driver and lectured the driver. I cringed when I heard the driver’s accent… Malaysian!!!!!!

    Like Sibu in the old days – cars had to give way to pedestrians and cyclists, never mind any crossing or not – and they could cross the road anytime when they felt like it so much so that people from other towns and states dreaded driving here – so scary, they said. But I do remember in the 70’s in Penang, the trishaws were the kings of the road…but not anymore, I guess. It all boils down to one thing – civic-mindedness and road courtesy…something which is sadly lacking these days. Looks like it’s a matter of only the strong will survive…and size does matter, when it comes to such things around here. Hopefully, we can all chip in and put in our bit to change all that…

    1. I was honked many many times whenever I stopped at a zebra crossing to allow pedestrians to cross in Malaysia. Once or twice the cars behind would try and pass me and showed me the finger or hurl abuse, narrowly missing the poor pedestrians. Not a good look! Only ever happens in Malaysia….Oh yes, China too!

      There too? Thought the pedestrians and cyclists rule the roads there – like Sibu in the old days? Or maybe that’s in IndoChina. 😉

  7. I’m just back from Korea. Unlike our country, it feel safe to use the zebra crossing there. The vehicles will stop until you have safely crossed the road. I really can’t figure out the amount of patience that the motorist in our country have. I have seen a car at Penang trying to squeeze at the back of an old lady when she is only half way to the other side of the road. The poor old lady have to quicken her pace in order to avoid being hit. This is some sense of courtesy and patience that we need to learn from other countries.

    Yes, it may be a very small step…but it can start with you and me and hopefully, more will follow likewise. 😉 As the old Chinese saying goes, “A journey of a thousand li starts with the first step.” So, let’s take that step in the right direction…, all of us.

  8. i love the discipline that the motorist have in NZ. even our neighbouring countries respect the zebra and pedestrian crossings more than our folks here.

    Exactly! That is precisely what I’ve been saying… Something must have gone wrong somewhere with the culture, the upbringing here

  9. Over here got zebra crossing or not, it makes no difference.. we pedestrians still have to look right, left, right… and make sure no motorbikes coming out of nowhere to snatch our bags! You know.. it is really a “fear phobia” whenever motorbike sound is heard from behind.. we ladies tend to clutch to our bags tighter… OK, back to your topic, are the stuff sold in the warehouse cheaper than those in the malls?

    I guess they are cheaper, not too sure. I did not shop nor compare very much – would just buy if I likes something and I thought the price was affordable.

  10. Totally agree with Claire, got zebra crossing or not, makes no differences. Oh, love the Maori/New Zealand handicraft and wow, so cute, the pretty dresses for the dolls.

    I don’t know in Kuching or elsewhere…but some here drive so very fast – but the town is so small…10 minutes, can get from one end of the town to the other. Dunno what’s the hurry – somebody about to give birth or dying in the car or what…and they also have to stop eventually at the traffic lights (though some don’t!!!)…

  11. I love grocery store overseas… somehow their arrangement makes them looked really organized and pretty and definitely makes me wanna buy them all.

    on another note, when I was in the States, people actually stop at a STOP sign. Here, I m told no need to stop at this sign cos no one does and people will actually honk me if I stop… I guess same like the zebra crossing, size dominates here so the vehicle do not have to give way to humans… sigh….

    I guess ours aren’t too bad…but they certainly have a whole lot more choices there – more than Sibu, that is. Ya…sad, isn’t it? This kiasu mentality… I wonder if we will ever change.

  12. eek, i have a guilty confession to make. i don’t often stop at zebra crossings either, unless the pedestrian is already crossing or looks very determined to cross. if they’re just standing by the road or if they look very hesitant, then i don’t stop…

    I stopped at one her that day as the pedestrian was standing by the side. I waved but she did not move…so I drove on. I guess people here are so used to cars not giving way that when one does, they get so scared, wondering what you’ve got up your sleeves, and would not cross!!!! 😦

  13. So cute, i mean the dolls and the dolls costumes. My two girls will scream if they happen to see these. So lovely that I couldn’t find it.

    They’re really very nice, aren’t they? Nicer than real dresses for little girls.

  14. Hhahahha…sorry to say I never trust the zebra crossing in Malaysia. Later mati katak.

    I guess that’s why motorists are not in the least concerned – they know people will give way…especially when they go fast!

  15. heheheh..over here, when we use zebra crossing, always i look left or right before i cross and make sure the car had stopped then only i cross. I cannot tell my sons, you can just walk over when u see zebra crossing, the car will stop.

    Craft market, i bet it is interesting and i am sure a lot things to see too.

    My 1st encounter with a zebra crossing – in Singapore 1973 at Siglap market. I was told to stand by the side, wait for the car to stop and then cross…and there was no problem at all. Maybe not so many cars then and life was slow and easy…but Singapore today, you simply cross the road anywhere you like, fine SIN$500 for jaywalking. It’s a fine country! We certainly need something like that to discipline the people here.

  16. Thank you very much. Yes, the Shirt fits him. Pants a bit loose . Maybe a few more months then can wear the pant :p

    Tell the papa not to eat all the food – let the poor boy eat some…then can wear the pants! LOL!!!

  17. Cute doll dresses. Long time haven’t seen such dolls, as they are not in favour with the young girls nowadays. During my days, such dolls are popular, and anyway there weren’t much variety of toys like there are now.

    There are zebra crossings over here but only at certain places. But never trust the zebra crossing, or rather the majority of the motorists! Gotta ensure the vehicles actually stop before crossing it. And there are those pedestrian crossings with traffic lights, where the motorists never stop even though it was red for the vehicles, because there weren’t any people crossing!

    Even if there were, they would not stop like the one in front of the teacher-training institute in Sg Petani. Would have to make sure no traffic before crossing never mind what colour the lights at any one time…and would have to move fast as the vehicles might appear out of nowhere, speeding recklessly.

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