Night and day…

We were coming to the end of our approximately one-week stay in Auckland, New Zealand and when we got back to the house in the evening of our 5th (5½) day there, we started to do a bit of packing…and that night, we did not go out for dinner and my friend’s hubby went and bought home some pizzas for everybody from the New Zealand original chain – Hell’s Pizza


one of Melissa’s favourite eating places in Wellington. Hey!!! I was told that for takeaways, they would place the pizzas in coffin-shaped boxes but I was quite disappointed that other than the little crosses in the boxes, there was no such thing.

This one was supposed to be the most popular – the Serpent…


…with smoked salmon and stuff but you can call me boring , uninteresting, not very adventurous or whatever but I did not really like it and would go for the usual such as their pepperoni one…


I’m not too sure what it’s called but I think it’s probably Lust (pepperoni, salami, ham, bacon & cabanossi lashed with your choice of sauce).

I was o.k. with the Hawaiian too…


…which probably was the Greed (double ham, double pineapple & double cheese). I wouldn’t think it was the Envy (salami, ham, onions, mushrooms, pineapple & bacon).

For the sides, we had the crumbed camembert…


…and the kumara chips…


…but this was the one that actually took my breath away…


– the Unearthly…


…with its very nice topping of berries, bananas, chocolate and custard. This was the first time ever I had a sweet pizza (which was not really sweet actually – just nice) and I truly loved it so very much!

Thanks to my friend’s hubby for all that…but I would say that none of those could beat what we had the next day. For breakfast. we had these lovely curry puffs…

S's CP1

…that my friend made herself and I can dare say that of all the pies and savoury stuff that I had during our stay in New Zealand, there was none better than this one…

S's CP2

They were so absolutely delicious that I wished I could have more and more and more. Unfortunately, there weren’t that many to go round. Hehehehehehe!!!!!

We were now in the 6th (6½) day of our stay and we would be leaving at around past midnight that same night but that did not stop us from going out one last time – do come back and see where we went and what we did and our “grand finale” before we said our goodbyes…

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33 thoughts on “Night and day…”

  1. Interesting name for a pizza joint. Coffin shaped boxes? Oooo…won’t go down so well with Chinese customers, we all so pantang one 🙂 Wah, Shereen’s curry puffs look very good! Shereen, next time make more, Arthur say not enough hee…hee….:D

    Ya…very strange concept – sure will not do well in Asia. Shereen, you hear that? Hehehehehehe!!!! 🙂

    1. Phong Hong,
      How I know? Somebody so action, told me he don’t want to eat anything Asian. The few Asian stuff that I forced him to try is like forcing poison into his throat like that ( lol!… I’m exaggerating;) )! So that’s why la I did not make more.

      You know we do not have good curry puffs here…and yours were different – the filling, though mostly potatoes, was so very nice…and different from the usual here. Just can’t put the finger on what was so different about the taste – I loved it! Yummmmm!!!!!!!

      1. … “somebody so action”‘ wahahaaa!! Shereen’s curry puff pastry looks great, I can have it just like that, no filling also never mind, with a cup of strong black….mmmmm 😉

        Dunno about the pastry, she did not say she made it herself…but it was very good – anytime better than those frozen pies and the rest that I had…and the filling was simply great!

  2. but with those sinful food, i think STP was most probably feeling like heaven in that hell~~ 😀

    True! True! As the song goes, heaven is a place on earth…

  3. So much varieties of pizzas. Shereen’s curry puffs looks good. Make me “lau chui nuar”.

    They were soooo good! Slurpsssss!!!!! 😛

  4. Actually, I prefer my pizza not to have too much of the sampah- sarap. I like mine very simple with just some cheese and very little toppings like the authentic poor man’s Italian ones. As for this Hell’s pizza, taste not bad la and pretty cheap considering how much stuff they put on their pizzas although Pizza Hut’s is just $4.99 for a large pizza!!… very cheap, hor?

    Gosh!!! I don’t even know how much a pizza is here…at Pizza Hut. Not into the bread dough base, so even if we do go, Melissa would have the seafood lasagna, not the pizza.

  5. Haha love the names of the pizzas… the sweet one with the berries look so so so good! Wonder if someone would ever bring this over to Malaysia?

    I was pleasantly surprised when I tasted it – did not expect it to taste so good. Loved it!!!

    1. Why use something so strong as ‘resistant to change’? tsk! I meant shocking at first glance because it’s different from what one would expect for a pizza.

      Shocking is a strong word to use, isn’t it?

  6. These type of food, I can ony indulge once in a while.

    That’s how you keep your hourglass shape eh? Hmmmm…wouldn’t want to go out to eat with you then…but then again, maybe it’s best that way as I will get to eat most of everything. Hehehehehehehehe!!!!

  7. I was captivated by the uniqueness of that fruity sweet pizza! I don’t think we can get it anywhere in Malaysia, except from our own kitchen 😛

    …and I don’t think we can get those berries either! Bananas, no problem, of course! Maybe they have those in KL, I wouldn’t know.

  8. wow, so those are supposed be crucifix shapes at the center of the pizzas? quite cool (though i guess some customers might find those offensive, eh) 😀

    Those here, I’m sure… I remember there was a big hoo-haa many years ago about some cross-shaped patterns in the cloth used to make the Sabahan traditional headgear worn by somebody…and that spelt his doom in the election at the time – they crucified him for wearing that when he visited the state.

  9. so basically you’ll taste a piece of heaven on hell is that is?
    interesting and unsual name for a resto

    Interesting concept but can’t say that I like it… I’m old school.

  10. well i looks yummy and kinda biggie
    but i guess i could eat at least more than half haha

    And you’re so skinny! How blessed you are! 🙂

  11. First time I see a a sweet pizza with fruits toppings. Indeed this is something different compared to the 3 pizzas above that is easily available in our country. The homemade curry puff is so nice and salivating.

    Yup, never seen that before…and I did not like the look of it at first. When I tasted it, it was a different story altogether. So very nice! Ya…the curry puffs were so very nice too…better than the pizzas, I would say.

    1. Oh-uh missed out some words..retype..Hell food not meant for saintly man like you, sin-food are for Bananaz haha.

      Now, that certainly makes a lot more sense…but me saintly? I wouldn’t think so… 😉

  12. How much weight did you manage to put on?

    Pants getting tight or not? ;p

    No worries. Eat now, pay later… If scared of putting on weight, scared of this, scared of that, best to just stay at home…no need to go on holiday.

  13. Wahhh..the fruits pizza looks so enticing. And reminds me of the fruits sandwich Huai Bin had earlier.ehhehehehhehe

  14. Lovely names to the pizzas. I should start naming my food a lil ore creatively!

    I guess that will catch people’s attention – great with kids. They may eat something if they like the name… LOL!!! 😀

  15. wondering how come our pizza experts here dont have a nice dessert pizza like the above one! and the crumb camembert looked yummy.. unlike our plastic mozzarella… 😉

    Yup…first time I saw and tasted one and I loved it! Since we have custard tarts, actually, we can have this here too. Shouldn’t be that difficult to make, just that we may have to use different types of fruits since we may not have those here…or they’re too expensive.

  16. ? Rather than come out with don’t know what satay taste or some weird weird one. hmmm…

    Wah, Shereen’s curry puff, look delicious!!

    Malaysian-ised…cater to our local tastes mah…sure people like, otherwise they would not have come out with that. Ya, Shereen’s curry puffs were really good.

  17. alamak!! Why my comment come out half…

    this is what i comment…

    YUMMY Pizza, sure my boys will said , wah so nice!! I want!! Now two of them are into anything with pepperoni. :S But for myself i love hawaiian pizza. Strange right, i don’t eat pineapple, but those pineapple on pizza i eat. hahahhaha

    WOW!! The last fruit pizza look very very interesting!! But with chocolate sauce? i wonder how it taste? How come pizza in our country cannot invent something like this

    Dunno? LOL!!! 😀 My daughter loves the smoked salmon but none here…so here, she’s opt for the pepperoni. I like the Hawaiian. Ya…the fruit pizza was really good. Too bad you’ll have to fly over to NZ to try that. Hehehehehe!!!!

  18. Pizza not really ngum me….But maybe the pizza there taste different la

    You’re not into western or like me…pizza is for tea, like bread, sandwich and stuff? But I can adapt easily – as long as got things to eat, fine with me.

  19. Interesting pizza names and more interesting name to the pizza outlet!
    I’m ok with pizza but I love other Italian food like pasta 🙂

    Yup, I think I’m the same… Love lasagna too…

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