We had lunch at Parnell, Auckland’s “oldest suburb”…

Parnell 1

…that afternoon, our 5th (5½) day there…

Parnell 2

…at this Japanese restaurant

Gion 1

According to this blogger,  this restaurant was named after the city by the same name in Japan which is popular mostly due to the movie and book, “Memoirs of a Geisha” and Akira Kugue, the head chef also known as the Sushi Master, was trained in this area in Japan which is also very much known for the expensive restaurants.

It was indeed a lovely place…

Gion 2

…with the evidently Japanese touch in every nook and cranny…

Gion 3

…including inside the washroom…

Gion 4

The waitresses were all Japanese dressed in kimonos and they were cheerfully smiling all the time, very pleasant indeed  and I must say that the service was very prompt and simply excellent…

Gion 5

We were served this miso soup and salad upon arrival and I must say for someone quite impartial to miso soup, I loved the one here very much – a lot different from what I have had elsewhere and I hear they make it using fresh ingredients unlike many places that use those packet stuff that one can get at the supermarkets.

This was served very early…


– if I’m not mistaken that was the cold dish – the Tataki beef…and to use my exact word at the time, it was simply “orgasmic“. Gosh!!! It was so very nice that it left me absolutely speechless. But in a way, it was a mistake that it came out first for after that, much of everything else paled in comparison. I think I would be quite happy to have just that with a bowl of rice for my lunch!

We had the spider roll…

JL 2

soft shell crab, kaiware radish, soba tempura and mayo…and their chawan-mushi – the Japanese-style steamed egg custard…


…and this agedashi tofu…


deep-fried tofu with spring onion and dashi sauce.

I had the lunch special…


…with the tempura prawns and karaage chicken, if I remember correctly while my missus had the beef teriyaki and the pork katsu…


…and Melissa had the salmon teriyaki and tempura prawns…


My friend’s son had one of the udons, probably kitsune (deep fried tofu)…


…and we all shared the sushi & sashimi set…


…and this one, whatever it is called…


…the kaisen karayaki (grilled with prawn, scallop, oyster, salmon, spring onion, onion, mayonnaise, rice) perhaps for I do remember there being some rice inside…and we also had some teriyaki chicken…


…and some more salmon sashimi…


That certainly was indeed the best Japanese meal I have ever had – not that I’ve been to many as there are only two such restaurants in Sibu…and I walked out of the place still savouring the memory of the taste of that so awesomely yummy tataki beef. Slurpsssss!!!!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

25 thoughts on “Geisha…”

  1. Sir,

    Lol…really? Seriously?? 🙂 washroom again??? :p If you use synonyms for the W.C. throughout your NZ entries I figured you have used up quite a few already. 😉

    I noticed Shereen’s lovely husband has a soft spot for dark coloured shirt… especially black (I stand to be corrected)… er… well, at least from your blog. Apart from black T it would be white… that ‘wolf whistling’ effect white uniform. Kakaka. Just joking. Shereen & Simon… no offence ya. 🙂

    They put in a lot of effort to make their washrooms unique and nice there, not like the ones here – boring plus dirty and smelly some more. Ooooo….eyes off, he’s taken! LOL!!! 😉 I’m afraid I never noticed…but if I’m not wrong, grey or black is the popular colour there. I can’t wear those here, not even dark blue…except maybe at night – I will have heat stroke.

  2. wow, very nice japanese food.. such delicious food and doesn’t looks like only for Geisha but perhaps for the Empress in the past also?? haha~~

    Yes, Shereen certainly went all the way to make sure that I had the best of the best when I was in town. No holds barred! So sweet of her!

  3. Aiya how come you didn’t know the name of that dish? Its called ‘whatever’.. ah so desu nei..;).

    Me kampung people mah, belacan budu, I know very well…and only two Japanese restaurants in town and I hardly ever go – only when my girl’s around – she loves nippon food…and knows all the names, not me.

    But at least, I’m better than her lecturer in that teacher-training institute over at your side. She had a lesson on umai…and he criticised it saying she should have a lesson comparing umai and sushi instead. I think he meant sashimi… See! At least, I’m a bit better!

  4. Nice lovely yummy food, oh spider roll something new here. Chef maybe a big fan of Peter Parker?

    Spider roll, we have here also lah…just the presentation…and dragon too, they have. Nothing to do with Peter Parker…and anyway, he’s dead – somebody else replace3d him in the comics series.

  5. All looks so awesome. Though not a fan of Japanese food but all the dishes above makes me drooled too. Shereen, camera shy kah? Have a nice weekend Arthur.

  6. wow, exquisite japanese cuisine eh.. aptly titled geisha some more 😛 .. nom, glad you’re having so much fun there! 😀

    Have an awesome sunday Arthur

    Thanks, you too!!! It was certainly THE holiday of a lifetime. I cannot imagine ever having a holiday as wonderful as this one again….

  7. What an exotic meal, Arthur! The presentation is really something… and I guess the pricing is also out of the world, right? hahahaa.. no need to mention then…

    I did not dare to ask…for fear I would have a heart attack!

  8. well those food presentations was appetizers already haha
    i love how they do each dish

    Yup, beautiful presentations…all so neat and attractive…

  9. Gosh! You make the Tataki beef dish sounds heavenly! Wish I can try it in future. I love Japanese food, so every dish posted here makes me drool! Super like this post 🙂

    Never had it ever before and it certainly swept me off my feet. Soooo nice…and besides, beef in NZ is really really fresh – not the ones in Sibu. We do not have fresh beef here, only frozen imported ones…

  10. Nice Japanese restaurant! 🙂

    The places I’ve been to overseas are usually way over my budget, except for quick takeaway sushi and “California roll” places. A sit down dinner would be something like Italian in Hong Kong – very hard on the wallet. Lovely place and food though.

    That goes without saying. After Auckland, I would never say anything here is expensive ever again. Ya, they have lots of those stalls all over and they do have quite a lot of choices – more than just sushi and rolls. Definitely cheaper – my girl used to get from those places when she was studying in Wellington…and they do enjoy brisk business, I noticed.

  11. Whoa, the “O” word 🙂 Then I must try tataki beef next time I drop by a good Japanese restaurant!

    Good luck. Hope you find one that is just as gret – for one thing NZ beef is very very fresh…and the seasoning and what not – they did it really really well. So very nice.

  12. wah lau eh…over there you really eat kau kau ah…food from all corners of the earth…got kampua from Sibu ka?

    Not this time around. Somebody should go and open shop there – would make a fortune, I’m sure!!! Cheap ingredients, sell at NZ12 a plate. Wow!!!!

  13. wah… the portion is very good!! and that awesome looking Beef Tataki & Spider roll….let’s hope I get to visit NZ soon cos I ll definately head to this place…is this restaurant on the expensive side??

    I dunno. I did not see the bill…but I guess it must be. Everything there is on the expensive side. After that, I would not complain anything’s expensive here ever again…especially with the currency conversion. 😉

  14. you have covered so many places during your stay there. Love jap food all time!

    Thanks to my friends, the Fieldens. Don’t think I’ve ever done so much in so few days in any place with anybody else…

  15. *drooling at the sight of Japanese food* I got so hungry reading this post!

    LOL!!! No worries… Jap restaurants all over KK. You name it, they have it! 😉

  16. love the first photo! blue cars and blue sky!

    hungry now in between appointments and i see all the yummy japanese noms. hmmmm….

    Torturing eh? They all tasted so good…even for me. I’m usually not really into Japanese food.

  17. Wow look at all of those dishes, makes me hungry not and its barely lunch. I think i will grab some St Pierres for lunch 🙂

    Muahahahaha!!! Bon appetit!!! 😀 😀 😀

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