This was where we had our lunch that day…

Waterfront 1

According to my friend, they had the best seafood chowder in town…

Seafood chowder 1

…but Melissa browsed through the menu…

Met @ Waterfront

…and opted for the fish and chips instead…

Fish & chips

– she has always been a fan of fish and chips and I guess her heart was still In Wellington with that fish & chips place that she frequented during her two years there. I did not try what she had that day so I am in no position to make any comment.

My missus, and my friend’s son as well, had the chowder…

Seafood chowder 2

…and she liked it but it was a bit too much for her to finish. She has never been a big eater her whole life through, anyway so it certainly was quite an achievement that she only left behind a couple of  bits of the bread.

As for my friend herself, she had this plate of mussels…


– I tried one and thought it was really very nice. I really loved the mussels there – no smell, not like the imported ones here despite the fact that it states very clearly on the box that they’re imported New Zealand mussels.

I had the kiwi burger…

Kiwi burger 1

…which, according to the menu, was noted for its size.

Kiwi burger 2

They had beef inside, egg, bacon, beetroot, lettuce and whatever else and this…

Kiwi burger 3

…would bear testimony to whether it was good or not. LOL!!!

After lunch, we walked to Queen Street

Queen Street 1

…and I was attracted by these door handles…

Door handles

…at another restaurant along the way.

Of course I did not go to these shops there…

Queen Street 2

– I only dropped by two of the souvenir shops and I must say that this time around, I did not get to see any of the sweet English-speaking Asian, probably Japanese students working part time, shop attendants that worked in these shops in the CBD when I was there in 2005. Instead, in both the shops that I went to, I was quite put off by the very loud young China girls in one of them, speaking Mandarin with a peculiar accent or at least, not like what we usually hear around here. They spent all their time talking away among themselves…and did not stop even when I had picked all that I wanted to buy and was paying for them. They simply took my money, put the things in a bag and passed it to me together with the change…and did not say a word to me at all – not a greeting, not a thank you, nothing! I sure am glad I did not encounter any of the likes of these in any of the shops in Wellington.

Well, we did not stay long at Queen Street. As soon as I had got what I wanted, we adjourned to some place else…

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

24 thoughts on “Waterfront…”

  1. The seafood chowder looks so yummy *slurps*

    It certainly looked good! I did not get to try though – had my own huge serving to handle.

  2. I notice in Australia and NZ they like to put Beets in their burgers. I wonder why. How come Shereen didn’t take you to the beach to dig some mussels? I heard there were plenty of it 🙂

    Eyewwww!!!!! I’m not so agile, yunno…considering my shape and size…and my age! I may just tumble over. LOL!!! 😀

    I liked those beet slices – anytime better than those pickled gherkins. Would take them out and throw away… 😦

    1. Gert,
      Arthur is much worse than both of us put together! He’s a putera lilin, Siew cheh and baby all rolled into one!! Cannot kena panas, cannot walk, cannot this and that! Very high maintenance that guy!!!

      LOL!!! Well, I was the only one who did not need to use sun block the whole time I was there…and my missus was the one whose skin ended up peeling despite all the protection. Hehehehehe!!!!!

  3. You licked your plate clean! Hahahahaha! That burger must have been excellent. It looks very substantial and I see a nice piece of bacon peeking out of the bun! The seafood chowder looks yummy too,. I like the way it is served, can eat the bowl too 🙂

    Ya, the chowder certainly looked perfect. The burger was really good – see how clean my plate was! I’m so shocking hor…so greedy one! LOL!!! 😀

  4. I have never tried chowder before… and like your wife, I take in small quantities..hahaha… for my case, my sons will take what I cannot finish most times, otherwise I normally share with my friends… I guess that never happens to you before, eh… I can see your plate is like a “mirror”… lo….

    Ya, I never need to share but I did tell my missus an ddaughter to do that before we came to Auckland since they usually do not eat so much…but I don’t think they did – everything too nice to resist so they ordered their own.

  5. The burger and chowder look great.
    So cute the door handles…

    Looks violent, so threatening…like some horror movie – wouldn’t dare to enter. LOL!!!

  6. How many person eating again? So much food. Amazing to be able to finish it. Testimony to good food

    There were 6 of us – I think Simon had the chowder too.

  7. The Botswana Butchery is actually a restaurant. The meat cleaver type door handles are there just to add to theme of the restaurant. Would love to try the food there someday. If given a choice, I rather the Chinese girls at the souvenir shops behave like that than swooping down on you and literally harassing you.. Lol!

    Old people – so much noise, all the yakking in their high pitched voices would give me a headache. Old school teacher some more…would prefer some peace and quiet anytime. Hehehehehehe!!!! Ya…I thought it was a restaurant. In fact, I think I saw it was a restaurant when Simon and I walked past…and I think that was the one where Simon noticed some people eating something that looked like dim sum (in those bamboo baskets) and he was surprised. I just saw the misleading name when I uploaded the photo…and that confused me.

  8. the seafood chowder and the burger looks good.. but then a clean plate may not necessarily means how good it is, for the Whale from Sibu that could be too small and one bite could finish all!! hahahaha~~ 😀

    I had photos of everybody’s plates too but in the end, I decided not to include – I’m sure nobody would want to see a string of photos of nothing but empty plates. Would you?

    On the other hand, an unfinished plate of something need not mean that something is not nice either. Maybe the person is a small eater…or he or she ate something earlier and was already to full to eat some more. Never ever jump into conclusion based merely from the look of things – at your age, you should know that only too well. Tsk! Tsk!

    1. It may surprise you, SK but ‘the whale from Sibu’ is actually a small eater and he certainly is no whale either! Some people is just big and not necessarily fat. You would never say that Frankenstein is fat, do you? Anyway, big or small, thin or fat, whale or anchovy,it is the heart, personality and manners that really counts!

      Hey!!! Don’t stop now!!! More…more…more!!!! Yes, yes…not like some people we know hor? Wink! Wink! Muahahahahaha!!!!

      But it is true that I do not eat that much anymore. Those were the days when I could eat so much….and still yearn for more! So many nice things to eat there, too bad tummy already shrunk with age… Sobssss!!!! But thankful that I could still eat as I like…at my age.

  9. Beet Root in burger? Interesting!
    Is Melissa a fan of Fish & Chips?

    She is. Ya…they had beetroot slices in the lamb burger I had in Wellington…and also the full monty I had at Burger Wisconsin…and this one as well…and I actually liked it very much!

  10. That is one damn good looking chowder! Haven’t had a good and satisfying one locally for a long time. Beetroots! Lovely touch to burgers though I am not complaining about gherkins either.

    This certainly looked a whole lot nicer than the one earlier at Devonport – so thick and rich looking. Too bad I did not get to try that. LOL!!! Many people love those gherkins, I know. They would be shocked to see me opening my burger to pick out those bits of gherkin and putting them by the side before closing the burger again and starting to eat. 😀

  11. Bananaz lup chowder too oh yummy. Wow very impressive butchery door handles, brilliant idea.

    You do? Know any place serving nice ones in KL? Other than Mango’s, that is… 😉

  12. WOW..that’s one burger Kaw Kaw.ahhahaha. I dun take beetroot. Suprising they include in the burger. Just give me more lettuce and cheese will do.heehe

    awww..chowder. I wish I can get a good one here.

    Shereen’s son, Justyn, says he doesn’t like either but I tried and I liked! First time eating, very nice.

  13. Seafood chowder looking good, but i like your kiwi burger more, but but why beetroot in the burger…hmmmm..i don’t like beetroot but i know it has a lot health benefit. 😛

    Why don’t you like it? I like!!! Thought it was nicer than kiwi fruit…more or less same texture…or maybe these, they already pickled, I wouldn’t know.

    1. Annie, these kiwis and Aussies got no taste one! I also don’t like beet root.. probably from my traumatic diet experience… Hahaha. The beet root is fresh or canned ones, Arthur.. not pickled.

      Aduh!!! So I also no taste lah. I like!!!! 😉

  14. food looks good aside to those mussels haha as you
    know im not a fan of shell foods haha

    So you’re ok with fish then? There may be shellfish in the chowder too though – it’s seafood chowder…

  15. Are you sure the mussels here are really imported from NZ? Cause, there are times when the store would disguise it as NZ-imported when it’s really grown locally or imported from China.

    Boy, that’s rude of the girls. I presume you didn’t lodge a complaint with their superior?

    No supervisor, just the two girls and if not for them, I probably would browse longer and bought some more stuff. Can’t stand noisy girls/people and noisy places – couldn’t wait to get out of there.

    Here, they sell the mussels packed in very nice looking boxes, labelled in huge print – New Zealand mussels…or Mussels from New Zealand with around a dozen inside. Never read the fine print so I am not sure whether they’re actually from NZ or from China…but they certainly do not come cheap. Available at cold storage shops selling frozen imported stuff like Aussie or NZ lamb and beef and so on. I’m ok with them despite the smell but my daughter does not like so I do not bother buying them anymore.

  16. I’ve never tried chowder before but the mussels & burger look delicious! But the burger portion a bit huge.. And what a big slice of beetroot (no thanks)!

    Loud-talking Chinese nationals working at souvenir shops? What an impression. I would be put off by their attitude, too.

    I wonder why they have to speak so loudly when they were practically standing next to each other…and the accent sounded very strange – to us, at least…not like how they speak Mandarin here. You don’t like beetroot too? Nice!

  17. Love the mussel. Though not a fan of burger, your kiwi burger makes me drool.

    It certainly was very nice! 🙂

  18. I can see that you had completely cleaned up your plate and the burger seemed to be good then…NZ is a fantastic beautiful place…anyway I can see my favourite store …the LV shop..I love LV..

    Wahhhh!!! You’ve got class. Not for us here – if we carry one, people will say that we bought from the pasar malam. 😦 I was fortunate to have such awesome friends there to take us around to all the wonderful places in and around Auckland.

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