On our way back to the house from Queen Street that day, we stopped by this place

Nosh 1

If you’re a cheese lover, likeΒ the one in Puhoi, this is definitely the place for you!

Nosh 2

You will find cheese…

Nosh 3


Nosh 4

…more cheese…

Nosh 5

…and more cheese…

Nosh 6

…all over the place and they will let you sample some as well…

Nosh 7

Of course, there are other things there too – after all, it is a supermarket…

Nosh 8

So this is how a rhubarb looks like! I had that in my apple crumble that day – the one that I found somewhat disappointing…and after having seen it, I still do not know what it is – all I know now is that it is somewhat sour so you can jolly well guess that it is not something I would fancy.

My friend asked me to sample some of this panettone

Nosh 9

– some kind of Italian bread, and I thought it tasted something like a cross between cake and bread.

Omigawd!!! Look at the price!!!

Nosh 10

I’m not too sure though how much of it you will get in one whole bag.

There is a cafe here…

Nosh 11

…but we were only there to pick up a few things and head on home to prepare dinner. We had dinner at home that night, you see…and that will be in the next post. Ciao!!!

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Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

33 thoughts on “Cheese…”

  1. cheese…not for me…hehehe…not a fan of cheese

    You kampong people like me – belacan-lover and cincaluk and tempoyak…..but Shereen’s hubby, Simon, likes these too, don’t play-play!

  2. Unfortunately I’m not a fan of cheese. Although I take cheese cakes.LOL!
    But I don’t mind admiring the types of cheese. Woah…that roti kek very expensive huh.

    No? What about the cheese in your pizzas and pastas, your burgers and sandwiches, and cheese cookies….and those creamy cheesey butter prawns? Yum! Yum! I’ve fallen out of love with cheese cakes but I still love the Japanese baked cotton ones.

  3. The panettone is very expensive there! Wow, $34.00 for 750 gram. Over here we pay around $8.00 for a big box imported all the way from Italy.

    Whatever, you will not find me paying money to buy that to eat. Give me my Sibu chu-nu-miang, the sweet cousin of the kompia, or lung ngor (kay nerng kor/Chinese kuih bahulu) anytime….

    1. Gert,
      This Panettone is the high class one la.It’s imported from Italy too but from the taste, you know that it’s worth the price. We have the cheap ones too here, also imported from Italy but the taste is no where near to this particular one. In this panettone case, the mahal one is definately more sedap.. hehehe.

      Me no class…did not really like. 😦

  4. The goodness of cheese! Am glad that I am in the midst of nibbling some cheese while blog surfing…or else I would have gone crazy.

    Ahhhh!!!! Cheese lover! My daughter loves cheese. I like only a few varieties, not really into it.

  5. So much cheese! But no thank you πŸ™‚ Looking forward to seeing what Shereen cooked for you πŸ™‚

    No? You’re the same as your kampong cousin-in-law? LOL!!!! You like Chinese cheese – tau joo (fermented tofu)? Yucksssss!!!!! I would not touch that but my missus loves it soooo much – can just eat that with porridge even though her doctor-colleagues kept telling here off and insisted it would cause cancer!

    Dinner? Get some napkins ready…to wipe away your drool! LOL!!! πŸ˜€

    1. Me kampung too. Prefer belacan and budu. Eh, you don’t like tau joo? I like lah, some people use it to fry vege, very appetizing hee..hee…:D

      No, thank you. You can have my share. Hehehehehe!!!!

      1. Phong Hong, I gang with you la.Orang Sibu tu way classier than us la… Lol!

        Where got? I anak kampung…jakun go abroad, seeing and eating all the things I did not know one. Names, also have to check website for the menu.,..or google for the spelling and kadang2 pun salah. “panettone”, said “panna cotta”. Shy lah! Blush! Blush! Hehehehehe!!!!

  6. cheeeeeeeeese! i’m a cheese lover, so i’d go ga-ga here. i like all of ’em, from the mild ones to the stinkiest ones, from the creamy ones to the hard ones πŸ˜€

    You’ll love it there then – cheese everywhere you turn!

  7. Last time I am not a big fan of cheese..
    but then my boss bought some cheese for me from Italy..
    it was really good.. mamamia…

    Wahhhh!!!! You saya suka boss punya orang kah? And he buys cheese for you! LOL!!! πŸ˜€ I wonder what cheese he bought – so many different types – some i like, some…no, thank you!

  8. In fact, I am not a western food person, I am more into Japanese and Thai food actually. So, I find cheese so so only.

    You’re half-half then – not old, not young. Young people today…so much into western especially Italian and Japanese. Thai, not so. I’m old….

  9. My two boys love their cheeses a lot no matter how stinky and moldy they are. Sometimes, I’ll even get a headache smelling from some of those cheeses. Suffering living with these cheese lovers.. Lol!

  10. AH! So many cheese!!! I like cheese, normal cheese will do, this type i don’t know how to appreciate. πŸ˜›

    That Panettone look good, is it soft? From the picture it look soft. I think those we get from supermarket during christmas it is a bit hard.

    Not hard, not too soft either…not as bland ad bread and not sweet like cake – somewhere in between….and it did not sweep my feet away, I’m afraid.

  11. My panettone is about 800gm.

    Gosh!!! Can make a fortune if you sell that at NZ prices! Worth its weight in gold!

  12. Annie, panettones are supposed to be light texture and shreddy. I make my own, but for comparison, got my son to bring one back from Marks & Spencer and the instruction was to have it “slightly warmed” before serving. I foiled it completely and put in a hot oven for about 10 minutes. It was really nice. So maybe you ought to do that next time for the supermarket bought ones.

    You eat it like that…or with something else? First time encountering, not too sure how to go about it. Ah well…many people love kompia just like that, missus included…but not me. Must have filling, the more sinful the better…and same with pulut panggang – must have kaya or susu cap junjung! Oops!!! Dakek!!!! Hehehehehe!!!!

    1. You can have it with churned butter, jam or anything that you fancy. Police won’t tangkap one. I like mine turned into French toast and feels it is nicer than when using brioche. Celup sambal hay bee pun sedap.. Hehehe

      There! Like how we eat kompia lah… Hahahahaha!!!!

  13. Thanks for the tips Gerrie, next time i should do that.
    Arthur i am ok, just eat it plain or with my coffee.

    Like how you eat kompia…Hehehehehe!!! πŸ˜‰

  14. I like it with a good black coffee. Was supposed to try it with Marsala wine, but I completely forgot about it, and when I remembered, there wasn’t any panettone left.

    It’s very nice lightly toasted, as well. Actually it’s like a rich brioche. It just takes 3 days to make. Haha!

    3 days!!!!! *faints* No wonder so expensive!

  15. i saw quite a number of french cheese in your photos… raclette, camembert… apparently they’re being exported everywhere (just not so sure about the states though…)

    You should be an expert of these…and all things French, I’m sure? Wink! Wink! Muahahahahahahaha!!!!

    1. well, i wouldn’t say that i’m an expert, but like you i love nice food, and you have them here in france…

      I guess every place has its own specialties…and nothing like eating the authentic stuff in their place of origin, not the pale imitations here that they try to pass off as the real thing and people would pay through their noses to eat them. Macarons and mille crepes are french and I love both.

  16. Oh, wow, an abundance in all things cheese! I’ll have a field day there. *winks* You’ve not seen a rhubarb before, STP? Rhubarbs in NZ are cheaper; the ones in KL are pretty pricey.

    They have that in KL? Me, kampung people…never seen nor heard of it before – first encounter when I ordered the apple rhubarb crumble at Devonport…and I did not like it at all. Have always loved all the apple crumble I have had before…and if that was because of the rhubarb, I would mind one bit if I’d never hear or see it again.

    1. Yes, we do – but it’s more for the Caucasian folks living here. I think I saw it in Cold Storage Bangsar, with the price scaring me away.

      Thank goodness I do not like it… LOL!!! πŸ˜€

  17. unfortunately im not a cheese lover actually i cant barely recognize any of it fo me they were just a bunch of cheese haha

    I’m not into cheese the big way either, not by choice…but because we can hardly get it here other than the usual cheddar and the cream cheese spread and maybe a couple of others.

  18. if panettone has a hint of bread and cake it must be tasty and easy to eat huh

    I thought it was all right but many other things are all right too…and are a whole lot cheaper as well.

  19. What a wonderful array of cheese!

    Very reasonable price too, even when converted. I love the stuff! πŸ˜€

    I guess you have quite a lot of choices in KL…but not here. Just cheddar, mostly.

    1. STP, yes, we’ve a variety of imported cheese but the prices are mostly on the high side.

      I guess anything that’s imported would be expensive. 😦

  20. Wow! A heaven for cheese lovers! What a wide variety of cheese.. I love cheese but here you don’t get so many types unless you go to a gourmet supermarket, not to mention those imported cheese are so expensive 😦
    Wish I can try the panettone (first time hearing it)…

    Me too, first time hearing it that day…and didn’t really turn me on – just ok. Ya…cheese is so expensive here and very limited choices.

  21. A variety of cheese. Spoilt for choice. Love cheese cake but not to the extent of having it a lot, maybe 1 or 2 pieces. That’s all.

    I only go for the Japanese baked cotton cake now, not the usual ones.

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