Strawberry fields forever…

After our tour of Hobbiton, we left the town of Matamata and our next stop was at Cambridge

Cambridge 1

– no, not the one in the UK but there is one by the same name in New Zealand as well. Known as “The Town of Trees & Champions”, many medalists at international sports competitions came from there and the town is now best known for its thoroughbred studs and stables, which have produced many champion horses in the sports of racing and show jumping.

There was a Christmas fair at the town hall…

Cambridge 3

…so we went in to browse around. They had the Nativity scene on the stage…

Cambridge 4

…and Christmas trees all around…

Cambridge 5

…and there was a Christmas bazaar too…

Cambridge 6

I saw many nice things on sale but I did not buy any for fear that our suitcases would be overweight and we would have to pay the excess baggage charges on our flight back. For one thing, the people there were very friendly and polite and even though we did not buy a thing, they were still very nice and generous with their thank you’s and Christmas wishes…and of course, they were all tickled by my t-shirt! It literally stole all the attention everywhere I went that day. LOL!!!

After leaving Cambridge, we stopped by this strawberry farm…

Strawberry 1

They had fresh strawberries for sale…

Strawberry 2

– huge and freshly plucked ones, of course…

Strawberry 3

…and the smaller lower-grade ones, they sold cheaply for making jam…

Strawberry 4

…or they export them to sell at our supermarkets here, I guess…seeing that the ones we have here are all not very big…or not that big, at least.

We did not buy any though – our main intention of making that pit stop there was to have their super yummy ice cream…

Strawberry 5

…and you can see from the crowd at this place in the middle of nowhere…

Strawberry 6

…that the ice cream was really very good.

Strawberry 7

However, my friend insisted that there was this other place…

Strawberry 8

…located near Auckland airport where the ice cream would be a whole lot nicer…

Strawberry 9

Fast-forward to our last day in Auckland, we went there just to check it out. I heard the strawberries there were cheap…

Strawberry 10

…but I thought those at that other place looked better. They even sold these strawberry souvenirs there…

Strawberry 11

…but unfortunately, they did not catch my fancy so I did not buy any.

As for the ice cream…

Strawberry 12

…it certainly had a higher content of strawberry, so much so that it was a little sour and personally, I preferred the one at the other place. All in all, I would think that the award-winning ice cream at Puhoi was the best. Slurps!!! That was soooo good!

Anyway, back to our tour, upon leaving the strawberry farm, we drove past Hamilton

Hamilton 1

…but we did not stop there as we were heading back to Auckland for our dinner. I saw this banner across the road that caught my attention…

Hamilton 2

The Hollies? Gosh! You would have to be as old as I am to know who they are! Well, if you don’t know this, the remake of one of their hit songs was the official UK’s Christmas No. 1 for 2012. You can click the link to watch the video – and who knows, the song may even sound familiar to you. Wink! Wink!

Next post – dinner, of course!!! Make sure you come back to join us, ok? Cheerio!!!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

31 thoughts on “Strawberry fields forever…”

  1. Beautiful strawberries! However, the ones sold in the supermarkets here don’t taste very good which gives me the impression that strawberries are pretty but not nice to eat. Perhaps the fresh ones in NZ taste good. Did you eat any when your were there? The ice-creams looks good!

    Your cousin never brought you any from there? I’m not a fan of strawberries – not the sour ones we have here…and even there, I’m not really a fan. Only my girl and the mum enjoyed themselves…and they loved the cherries too! I’m so boring – even there, I would eat…bananas. LOL!!! 😀

  2. that’s quite a gigantic ice cream cone that shereen is holding! it’s a sweltering afternoon in KL right now, so i could definitely use some chilled refreshment like that 😀

    That’s not Shereen, that’s my daughter, Melissa lah! Shereen, where got like that? My girl’s sweet and simple one…like the father! LOL!!! 😀 Shereen’s so classy, so glamorous, so bootylicious… Muahahahahaha!!!!!

    1. Wei! Wei! Wei! You know the meaning of bootylicous or not? My butt definately is not huge. Infact, many people say my butt is very cute.. Lol!( super- duper perasan 😉

      Sexy…like Beyonce mah! 😉

  3. That ice cream is big. Love it heaps. Wow, red and juicy strawberries. How nice if make into strawberry jam.

    It was! Hmmm…not really into fruit jam and not into strawberries either. My missus and Melissa love them though…and cherries too. So they had a great time enjoying those and other fruits there.

  4. Hmmm…strawberry here is expensive but the keychain is cheaper than NZ.hahhahahaha

    Most things there are expensive, even without converting – we are so very lucky here really!

  5. i think i’ll likey the second strawberry ice cream, the cone they served is better one, not the laoya one as in the first ice cream 😛

    But too much strawberry…not too my liking. I liked it fine and smooth, rich and milky like the first one.

  6. Those are giant strawberries! My girl loves them very much… as for me, I prefer what Melissa is holding…. *slurppp* hahahaa.

    Me too! Ice cream anytime or strawberry in desserts, not too crazy about the fruit…

  7. that picture of you and justyn having same shirt was just so cute and lovely

    Hahahahaha!!! Sure grabbed people’s attention, eh? 😉

  8. strawberry ice cream was i guess my second favorite
    flavor of ice cream
    though i dont eat strawberry often i just love that fruit

    Your 2nd? What’s first? Vanilla? I like that too…

  9. ice cream again? kekekekke..

    Strawberry! So big and Is it sweet?? I don’t like sour.

    AH!! What a cute t shirt!!!!!!!!!!!! Like a baby t shirt. ahhahaha

    LOL!!! So 可愛 (lovable/cute)? 😀 The first one not sour – very nice…the 2nd one a little bit as so much strawberry and coarse, not as smooth…so I prefer the first.

  10. Watch the Hollies live in KL at Stadium Negara and during the sound of the harmonica at the intro of this song, can remember vividly Bananaz was in ecstasy having goosebumps all over. Oh what a feeling!

    Oh? You saw them in KL? That must be many many moons ago… 😀

  11. wow that is nice..
    sp loves strawberry a lot… is it sweet?
    the pic .. just like father and son…

    Hmmmm…I think you need new spectacles… Don;t insult Justyn like that! 😉

  12. You were a hit on this particular day. You got quite a few smiles from strangers. Some of them even took the trouble to give you some nice comments and none of them were smirking or condescending. Kudos to you for being so sporting;) By the way, as for the strawberry ice cream, the whole purpose of having that strawberry ice cream was to really savour the fresh strawberries and not the plain ice cream ler… tsk! tsk! tsk!

    Would be great for true-blue strawberry lovers…but you know me lah! Jakun from kampung…like bananas only! LOL!!! 😀

    1. Ello I no got see bananas one? Where got? ..;).

      Not you lah, the real thing…the fruit. Shereen had to go and buy and keep in the house and I would eat every day…even though their bananas are not as nice as ours. 😉

  13. Gosh, look at those strawberries! The strawberry ice cream must be lovely! =D I like the one that tastes sour and sweet; it gives me that kick.

    Then you’d probably prefer the second one… 😉

  14. Very nice photos and I like the title, I remember that song. Heh! Still keeping with the song title, that’s what I love about you mate.

    Those are very Christmas festive looking photos – love the nativity scene.

    …and of course the strawberry ice cream! 😀

    Haha! I think the ones here are from local plantations, they are naturally small, importing it would just increase the price. Or maybe you’re right! We get the low grade ones. 😡

    Gee! You know the song? But you’re so young! 😉 Yup! Ours probably from the Cameron and places around the peninsula…probably cheaper than to import from overseas…and other than being expensive, yunno what they say about imported fruits – they spray some chemicals to prevent them from ripening too fast and rotting on transit. 😦

  15. waiyo…drooling at your ice cream photos! sigh…i cannot satiate my tastebuds at this time of the night. sunny hill ice cream shop already close…

    Hahahahaha!!! Pays to drop by during the daytime… 😉

  16. We love strawberries. We grow them in our garden, and use them in a variety of dishes. This past summer/fall I used them in making jellies, jams, and butters. They are also quite yummy in smoothies. Later today, I’m making cantaloupe smoothie, it’s one of our favorites. The main ingredient is cantaloupe, but I add other fruits (and some veggies too.) It never lasts long at our house!

    Yes, Shereen has a patch in her garden too. Oooo…if only I could try your ice cream – bet yours tastes great. Nothing beats own home made…

  17. The ice-cream Melissa was holding looks better. The other one looks very messy but I love sour so maybe I’ll prefer this.

    Love your I’m Sexy tee, Arthur!

    Ya, I’m sexy and you know it! LOL!!! 😀

  18. I like the last pic of the deep pink ice cream and all those pics of the red juicy fat strawberries… how come strawberries are so much fatter and deep red out of Malaysia? sigh…. the ones in Cameron just dont quite make the cut these days cos they tend to be sour… Love sweet fat ones!! 🙂

    Duuno, sweet or sour, I’m not really into strawberries unless in desserts…and especially when they’re so expensive. I’d stick to my bananas…and papayas. 🙂

  19. Both you and Justyn look so cute in the cheeky t-shirts. Bet you managed to steal some stares and giggles from strangers or passer-bys…

    No, they would stop and give compliments like “That’s a nice t-shirt!” or “I like your t-short!” Those Caucasians are very friendly and more social.

  20. very cheap basketfull of strawberry. can make a lot of strawberry jam

    I’d go for strawberry desserts anytime. Yum! Yum!

  21. The strawberry ice cream looks good! Cameron Highland should do something similar also lar…….

    I wonder why they can’t? But they have nice strawberry desserts there though – I loved them…a lot! 🙂

  22. We get those miserably small strawberries here and at exorbitant prices too!

    A penny for your thoughts, Melissa. What went through your mind with that ice-cream in your hand? Come on, spill it! haha..

    She certainly looks so pleased, didn’t she? 😉

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