Give me love (2)…

(We’re halfway through our “commercial break”, folks…)

To continue from where we left off in my previous post, I must not forget to thank smallkucing‘s aunt – his father’s sister, once again for dropping by to meet me when I was in Auckland and giving me these…

From Lay Soh

We flew back from Auckland, New Zealand, at 1 something in the morning (NZ time) on the 21st of December, 2012 and arrived at KLIA at 7 something in the morning, Malaysian time…and Mandy, another so very dear friend of mine, insisted on dropping by at the airport hotel to see us even though it is so very far away…to take us for dinner here but that will be in another post sometime in the near future, hopefully. LOL!!! The way things are going, it certainly seems as if the NZ posts are never ever going to end.

Well. Mandy, being Mandy, certainly did not come empty handed…


She gave us this very lovely layer cake…


…and what I loved best about it was that it was not sweet at all – kind of sweet and savoury a bit with the very pleasant fragrance of spices, not too strong – just nice!

She also gave us this bread from the same bakery and the Sitiawan mee sua that she bought in Ipoh…


I loved the mee sua served dry, tossed with Bovril and everything else and I felt it was nicer than our own local Sibu ones.


However, when served with the Foochow-style chicken soup cooked with our traditional Foochow red wine…


…it paled in comparison – our own Sibu Foochow mee sua tastes very much nicer this way.

Then, there was MerySia too who had come home from her vacation to her home place in Medan, Indonesia and she went through the trouble of going out of her way to drop by my place just to give me all these that she had brought back to Sibu with her…


I felt somewhat embarrassed as I did not buy much in New Zealand – things are way too expensive there…and I couldn’t jolly well give her things that somebody else had given me…so all I could give in return were two miserable souvenir NZ key chains. As they say, it’s the thought that counts…so I hope you do not mind, Mery.

Next in line, I received these from Yee Ling…


…which arrived just in time for me to use to wipe away all my perspiration – flowing out like rain from every pore after I came from the nice cool weather in New Zealand to our hot, stuffy and humid conditions here. LOL!!!

She also sent me these separately via poslaju

YL 2

I think I will save them for Chinese New Year too…and she also enclosed this t-shirt…

YL 3

…from this event that my good buddy, Huai BIn, was involved in. Of course, it is too small for me but it is just right for Melissa.

Last but not least, when I was in New Zealand, I received an sms from Jimmy (formerly based in Bintulu, now teaching at a premier school in Kuching) telling me that he had made some tempuyak (fermented durian) and would like to send me some…but I was not around then. So the other day, after we had come back to Sibu, he sent me a tub of his labour of love…

From Jimmy

…and it was absolutely superlicious!!! Gosh!!! That was certainly a lot – 20 durians, at least…to make that amount.

It is so very sweet and nice of all of you,  Lay Soh, Mandy, MerySia, Yee Ling and Jimmy, and I do appreciate it all very much. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and may God bless you all always. Cheers!

(Now on with the show…)

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

26 thoughts on “Give me love (2)…”

  1. The Sitiawan mee sua when cooked in soup looks like our mihun. It is a bit bigger and not as smooth as the Sibu mee sua. Love the Bak hu and Bak kua. You have received quite a bit of goodies for the CNY. Cheers!!!!….

    Looks like mihun…but the texture & taste completely different. Not like our Sibu Foochow mee sua either, and not as fine. Ya…can save a bit, come Chinese New Year. 😉

  2. commercial break… =.= lame! the sibu foo chew mee sua looks so plain! doesnt attract me! the dry Bovril seems nicer! =D

    Never judge a book by its cover…and never tried before, don’t jump to conclusion. Ask people who have eaten before and fallen head over heels in love with it. Right, Shereen?

    In the past, Foochow food was notorious for being bland, not delicious…quantity over quality but things have changed – especially now that people have learnt to appreciate the taste of the basic ingredients and not drown it all out with all the seasonings, sauces and what not….but must be fresh – like fish at the restaurants – the fresh ones, they steam, no need for lots of ingredients…so very sweet and if not so fresh, they deep fry and add sauce, usually sweet and sour.

    Ummm…why lame? Thought that was good for a bit of comic relief.

    1. Yes, I totally and wholeheartedly agree with you.. Tak Kenal maka tak cinta! Have not tried the bovril mee sua but the foochow mee sua is totally on a different level. Tried all kinds of style mee sua but none as good as FooChow ones and this comes from me.. very fussy when it comes to food.. I’ve even tried to replicate it but of course not as good.

      There, Henry…the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth!!! You don;t know what you’re missing!

  3. So envy you lah!!! Always get to eat all the good food!
    If I come to Sibu, remember bring me go eat all the tasty food!

    Of course!!! Everybody gets the same warm welcome and hospitality if they take the trouble to come over. When are you coming?

  4. STP, you really made everyone envious! You got so many friends all over the planet! 😉

    Hehehehehehe!!!! Isn’t it good to have so many wonderful friends?

  5. Bro why are you rushing to have twin post in a day? Ban ban lai pengyu.

    So many things to blog about…all waiting in line, wait too long become ancient history liao lor…

  6. U edy sent so many things to me via Small Kucing…. All the SIbu goodies. Love it.Thank you…thank you! Next time get me some mee sua ar.ahahahahah

    No problem. Can ask Kucing bagi u a bit – I gave her one big bag…and one big bag of dried kampua/kolo mee… 😉 I send token only – just a little bit, cheap cheap stuff…not worth sending by poslaju – the charges more than the cost of the stuff.

  7. Mi Sua and Bovril??? hmmm, have you tried the Vegemite and MiSua? alamak da berterima kasih three times, come again and we will give you more porkie products 🙂

    Ooooo….don’t speak too soon!!! You may see me flying in on the next flight to Auckland… LOL!!! 😀 Will try the Vegemite once I’ve opened the bottle. Still have Bovril in the fridge…

  8. All the things above is nice but I tak merajuk if nobody gave them to me;)… but the tempoyak!!!!!!!…. Argghhhhh!!!! You’re so lucky!!!!!! Not easy to get such ‘fresh’ tempoyak and I’ll trade all that you’ve brought back from NZ, all the cakes and breads that you get from Mandy and everything else that all the lovely people gave you.. Hehehe. I love Jimmy already, such a fantastic man… Lol!!!!

    Yes, he certainly is…and you look at his tempoyak…so white…like his fair complexion. He must have used very good durian…and made sure it was very clean. They sell at the market here…but the colour, some may even be greyish white, not too appetising to look at!

    1. How did Jimmy send you that tub of tempoyak by the way?

      By bus. They run an intra-state courier service here but durians and smelly stuff are actually not around…but you know what it’s like here – more flexible…not like the airlines…and Jimmy, being Jimmy, he packed the tub in boxes with layers and layers of newspapers…so much so that there was no smell at all – not until the tub was revealed!

  9. I’ve never had Mee Sua done “Kon Lo” style before, esp with Bovril! Is that your own invention? My Goodness the tempoyak looks super intimidating! 😛

    Nope, not mine. After I got married, my missus introduced that Bovril mee to me and I have loved it immensely since! It seemed that they would always have it that way in her family. It is very nice really! Hmmm…you don’t like tempuyak? I can just have that, mix a bit of sliced chili…and eat with ikan bilis and rice…no need for anything else. Soooooo nice!!!! Yum! Yum! LOL!!! 😀

    1. You got me drooling now, Arthur * sapu air liur* 😉

      Slurpssss!!! Come, come to Sibu, quick! I certainly have more than enough to share!!! 😉

  10. still got a lot of blessing to share huh,
    one thing is for sure about this post
    you always have me craving

    Too bad you’re so far away… Otherwise, you can bet that I would be sending you stuff as well, things that I think you would like. 🙂

  11. that macadamia brittle and that first noodle dish looks great
    i was on diet by now and those makes this even harder

    Poor thing! It certainly is a torture to drop by my blog, eh? No food in the next post, promise! Make sure you come back, ok? 🙂

  12. wow, how nice!! everybody is giving you love lah.. everyone just loves to feed you with food yeah?? kekekekekeke~~ :p

    Isn’t that the same? Like a mother or a father looking for food to feed the child or the family?

  13. OH Me Oh My! hahaha… I am so happy! Happy to see so much gifts from these beautiful bloggers (including Mandy!)…really so nice of them… seems like you are being Loved everywhere! 🙂

    It certainly seems so and it sure feels great – so glad to feel love and be loved. In today’s world, we certainly need a lot more of that…love and affection, friendship, I mean…never mind, gift or no gift.

  14. I love all the goodies you received! You are very blessed to have such good friends! Happy 2013!

    I am, praise the Lord for His abundant blessings. You too, hope you have a great year ahead.

  15. :O Prosciutto spotted! Must cost a bomb eh! :p

    Probably… Whatever it cost, most likely I would not be able to afford it, everything’s expensive there. Praise the Lord that I have such generous friends! 😉

  16. The meesuah looks good…….
    Thanks again for the 2 lovely keychains….

    The Bovril one was nice. Most welcome, but so shy lah…that was all I could give, just a small token. Everything’s soooooo expensive there – can only see, can’t afford to buy.

  17. Nice! You are much loved by many indeed Arthur! 🙂

    Now I have to keep track to see what you already have so I don’t get the same stuff for you for CNY. Haha!

    That tempuyak looks seriously good – I wonder if Jimmy would be receptable to making a bit more of it, Heh. Cheers buddy! 😀

    You like tempuyak? Maybe I can spare you a bit of that when you’re back here. Oh no! Please don’t get me anything when you come home – good enough that you care to get in touch and say hello everytime…and you always take the trouble to bring me stuff from your travels, so sweet of you.

  18. hhhmm, more goodies from your lovely friends. So blessed, Arthur!

    In the meantime, I have some more…but those would have to wait till the end of the NZ posts, I guess. 🙂

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