Give me love (1)…

(We interrupt our regular programme for this very important message…)

I would like, at this point in time, to take a little time off again from my New Zealand posts to give due acknowledgement to some very lovely and special people and to express my appreciation and gratitude for their kindness and generosity over the Christmas and New Year festive season.

When I was in Wellington, I received an sms from Quay Po who was in a panic somewhat as she had sent me something via poslaju but to Sibu and I would not be around to receive the consignment. I told her it did not matter as usually they would hold it for sometime and if nobody came to collect, they would return it to sender. I got back to Sibu on the 22nd December, Saturday and was only able to collect the parcel on the 24th – they would only hold it for 14 days, it seems…so a few days more and the thing would have been sent back. Anyway, thank you once again, Quay Po, for the Christmas presents…


…and the lovely Christmas card…


Melissa liked the cute penguin…a lot!!!

And of course, I must thank my wonderful super-dearest of dearest friend and her family in New Zealand once again also for the birthday and Christmas presents they gave me, my missus and Melissa…

From NZ for X'mas

…and thank you so very very much for all the things you gave me to take home…


…including these two tins of pâté de foie gras…


Oooo…I love liver pâté  with crackers! Yum! Yum!

Thank you also for all the ham, bacon and sausages and everything…


I’ve been cooking them bit by bit for breakfast…


…and I am pretty sure that I have enough in my freezer to last for a long, long time!

I’m afraid I’ve finished the super yummy chocolate cake…

Choc cake

…but no worries! I still have the cookies and the fruit cake and I am saving them for Chinese New Year. If I’m not mistaken, fruit cakes with an ultra-high liquor content are like fine wine…and old people. The older they get, the better they become! Hehehehehehe!!!!

Well, folks! If you think that is all, I am afraid you’re all sadly mistaken for my friend also gave my missus boxes and boxes of spices…


…and this bottle of Vegemite to me as well…


She insists that the New Zealand-made one is a whole lot nicer than the Australian one which I have tried before and ended up throwing away the whole bottle…except for the bit that I tried and did not like. Well, I’ve yet to try this one but I did sample a bit earlier in New Zealand – it came with the daily morning breakfast packs at the apartment where we were staying in Wellington and I must say that I liked it very much. The chocolate’s for Melissa, mint-flavoured…and this is one…


…of the ten XXXXL t-shirts…


…that she got me from New York when she was there last year.

I am pretty sure there are some more somewhere – I think I saw a packet of iodised sea salt and the skin for those Vietnamese rolls, and shoes and slippers for Melissa too…but there are simply too many things to keep track of all of them. Seeing is believing, right, folks? We went with only 20 kg luggage between the three of us…and came home with the maximum allowance of 60 kg plus three hand-carried bags, totalling at least 20 kg altogether.

Thank you again my dear NZ friends for these and everything!


Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

18 thoughts on “Give me love (1)…”

  1. wow thats a lot of blessing my friend goo thing you still got it despite of you not being at home
    well you deserve each one of it

    I’d like to believe I do…but not this much. This is absolutely overwhelming, I am stunned!

  2. Your luggage back can masuk all ah? LOL

    Mana Ling’s ones she sent too

    Akan datang – see the sequel…the next post! That’s why I kept telling papa kucing not to bring me anything anymore on my way back – cannot possibly carry!!! Had to buy one new giant suitcase some more.

  3. Wow! What you have is indeed a LOT! It is good that you did not pay much for the baggage because it is not beyond the weight limit.

    I made sure of that. Can be quite a lot on international flights.

  4. hello im sexy and i know it?! hahahaha omg! u should wear it and take photo! =p

    I did! You can see it in my Facebook albums. There may be one as well in one of the posts coming up soon…

  5. That’s a lot of SPAM! 😀

    I like the foie gras, I wonder if it’s available here. I seriously doubt it since I haven’t seen it around import specialty hypermarkets unless it’s really niche.

    Lovely range of sausages too, would make for an excellent breakfast!

    Hah!!! I can invite you over when you’re back in Sibu? Wink! Wink! LOL!!! 😀

  6. I say, you went over with abundance and came home with over abundance 🙂 Those are very good gifts. Love all the makan stuff especially the sausages. Nice T-shirts too!

    Not really. Went there near-empty handed…as taking food into the country was out of the question. Can declare and may be able to get some stuff through but wouldn’t want to get stuck at customs at 1 a.m. in the morning and we had a flight to catch to Wellington that same morning.

  7. That’s a lot of goodies from your friends. True blessings. You are spoilt, Arthur. Have a nice weekend.

    Yes, so over-spoilt and over-pampered…and no way I can ever hope to reciprocate… 😦 You too, have a great weekend.

  8. Oh my, that’s a lot of good stuff from your so-very-generous friends! So lucky you!

    Vegemite – is it anywhere close to our Marmite or Bovril?

    You don’t know Vegemite? Supposed to be the distant cousin of Marmite (British). It was mentioned in the song “Down Under” (Men at work) so I went and bought a bottle a long time ago and it tasted awful!!! But Shereen says the NZ ones are better. Ya…I am so very very lucky indeed!

  9. heheh, i’m liking the look of those t-shirts! i know some people find them corny, but i love t-shirts with silly catchphrases written on them. i find them cool 😀

    I love those too but have to be careful what they say – I saw a boy here wearing one that said: Play Station…across his chest with a big red arrow pointing down to his nether regions… I wonder if he knew the implication.

  10. Wow! wow! wow! I was shocked to see the many gifts and goodies that you received from friends like Shereen and Veronica. I spotted Coach, Ralph Lauren perfume, those super large T shirts, chocolate moist cakes, and etc. I really can’t name all, as I was too stunned looking at it. You are certainly blessed. Lucky Arthur.

    Shocking is precisely the word, stunned, speechless… I really don’t know what to say!!! Even if I give thanks and praise to God every waking hour, every minute…for I have been so abundantly blessed, it will still not be enough, really!!!

  11. wahhhhhhhhh….. what an awesome loot home! I m just drooling at all the food….. a beautiful friend like you will always be blessed by beautiful friends… waiting for the continuing post 🙂

    Thank you, thank you for your kind words…but it is certainly a case of me giving an inch and getting a lot more than just a yard!

  12. Give me love, Give me love
    Give me peace on earth
    Give me light, Give me life

    In memory of a great song by George Harrison Give Me Love ; Not to worry your pixz above clearly show you’ve got abundance of love & kissez. Peace on earth.

    Ya, George Harrison, precisely! Certainly getting a “whole lotta love”… Now, whose song would that be? 😉

  13. “my wonderful super-dearest of dearest friend, Shereen, and her equally wonderful hubby and son, Simon and Justyn,”…. Hehehehe, you’ve learnt well or afraid that I might harass you again??? On the day that you wore the ‘I’m sexy ‘ t- shirt, so many people actually smile at you.. in a good way and some even took the trouble to compliment you. The kiwis have a good sense of humor and bravo to you for being so sporting 😉

    Sporting? You know me lah…I’m shameless. LOL!!! 😀 Actually I’ve reached the stage when I do not care what people think – just be myself, do what I want…and I always believe that it anyone has a problem with that, they are the ones with the problem, not me… 😉 I guess ang mo people are more like that – Asians are more worried as to what others think.

  14. Love the shirt! Will be a good one for me to wear should I have a hangover…though I am seriusly hoping not to have to wear it for the reason of hangover.

    Definitely not me. I’ve stopped drinking long ago… Good boy now. Hehehehehe!!!! 😉

  15. Lol… rancangan cuti-cuti ke NZ tergendala…
    Wow! That’s LOTS of goodies you brought back from NZ! Certainly LOTS of love you received from Shereen & Quay Po!

    Yes, everybody’s so kind and generous to this old man… 😉

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