You probably will never guess where my friends took us for dinner on our second night in Auckland, New Zealand – they took us to this Korean restaurant

Korean dinner 1

…in the CBD in the city. I understand it is very popular and  famous, having had people like the NZ Prime Minister, John Keys, dining there before.

It’s a very nice place, no doubt…

Korean dinner 2

…with its traditional Korean table setting and sitting…

Korean dinner 3

…and looking at the number of people there that night, there is no doubt that it is the favourite of many…

Korean dinner 4

We have a Korean restaurant in Sibu and it has been around for many years. I do not dare say how authentic it really is and it has been many many years since we last dropped by. What I remember clearly is that after eating there, our clothes would stink quite terribly…and they did serve kimchi there – just that I tried a bit but I did not like it, not at all. That was so long ago, and I wonder if Melissa can still remember ever going there to eat – she probably was still very young then. Well, she certainly looked very happy…

Korean dinner 5

…to be able to try some authentic Korean food at this restaurant that night.

We were served these for starters…

Korean dinner 6

…and whatever they were, they were all very nice and we all loved them a lot!

All these were served as the sides…

Korean dinner 7

…that came together with the mains. I particularly loved the one in the middle – the one that looked like something made using tung hoon ( glass noodles).

I don’t know what dressing they used but I loved the salad they had on the left…

Korean dinner 8

…so much so that I kept eating and eating it until my friend asked me to stop in case I would be too full as the best was yet to come.

They had some dip that looked like sambal belacan

Korean dinner 9

…but of course, that was not what it was. I did try a bit but no, thank you. I think I would stick to our good ol’ sambal belacan anytime. Hehehehehehe!!!!!

I think this soup came with the rest of the sides too…

Korean dinner 10

…but if you asked me, I would just say it was different – pretty ok, not bad…but different and not something that would see me going back for more.

We did order the bibimbap, beef, as well…

Korean dinner 11

 I liked it very much – it was pretty good and a complete meal by itself actually.

My friend ordered a whole lot of things for us to enjoy that night but I can’t for the dear life of me remember any of the names as they were all in Korean. All I know would be that we had beef…

Korean dinner 13

…and chicken…

Korean dinner 14

…and even pork…

Korean dinner 15

…marinated in different ways, including one at least that was very spicy. All of them were good – everything tasted great but I simply cannot put my finger on one to say this was the best! I enjoyed them all…

Korean dinner 16

For one thing, they had these huge exhaust pumps right above the grills…

Korean dinner 17

…so all the smoke and the smell would be sucked out during the process of the grilling and that was why our clothes did not stink of the food by the time we finished dinner and were about the leave the place.

Other than that, they had this pretty Korean girl to do all the grilling and serving at our table…

Korean dinner 18

…so all we had to do was to sit back, relax and enjoy ourselves eating all the very delicious Korean fare.

Unfortunately, though I know it is the favourite of many and many would be shocked  to hear it, I’m afraid I still have not changed my mind about this –  the kim chi

Korean dinner 19

Sorry, my friend, but I just can’t get myself to like it…and I don’t foresee ever acquiring the taste for it and liking it ever. Well, at least Melissa and the mum loved it so as Meatloaf would sing, two out of three ain’t bad…and the fact that it did not go down too well with me would not change the fact that it was, without doubt, a delightful evening and we had a wonderful never-before authentic Korean experience and truly felt that the dinner, as a whole, was absolutely great – a zillion thanks.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

22 thoughts on “Arirang…”

  1. The meat looks quite a big portion.
    Their bibimbap has alfafa in it!

    It tasted really good, all tossed together. Everything was nice…but to me, except the kim chi. So stupid hor! Hehehehehe!!!!!

  2. It’s okay, Arthur. One man’s meat is another man’s poison:) My motive is not to force you to like something that I may like but more for the dining experience. Glad that Melissa, Lucy and you actually like the food although the service could be better. Looking at those pictures actually makes my mouth water. Will go again when boss is back:))
    PS: Perhaps you should explain before any question is asked as to why the bibimpap had fried egg sunny side up instead of raw egg 😉

    NZ strict food regulation…which I sokong 100%!!! Always feel uneasy about the raw egg in our “Moon River” kway teow…and knowing what it’s like here, I wonder how fresh those eggs actually are to be eaten raw.

    Thought service was very good – no problem at all with that… We certainly enjoyed the food and the Korean experience, thanks to you all…and thank goodness, they played jazz…not k-pop…or worse, oppa gangnam style. LOL!!! Going again??? Tsk! Tsk! *jealous mode* 😦

  3. Though I am not a fan of Korean/Japanese food but looking at the pictures of the juicy meat make me drool. The salad is that good which makes you keep on eating till the policewoman has to stop you, heheheh!!!1…

    Very nice indeed! Personally, I think I would very much prefer this to the sushi and sashimi in Japanese cuisine but I did get to enjoy some really yummy stuff at a Japanese restaurant in Auckland, things I’ve never had before – watch out for the post!

    1. Aiyor, Irene. How not to stop that Arthur from eating those salad. There were so much other things to eat, and yet he kept eating the salad. Like that, stay at home and I can prepare bowls and bowls of salad for him to munch.. somemore my salads organic lagi, homegrown!.. Tsk! tsk! tsk!

      No mah, so very nice mah…and paid for, so must not waste…must eat up everything….leaving the kimchi to you and everybody else. Hehehehehe!!!!

  4. Ok, I’m coming out of the closet, Arthur. I also don’t like kimchi. Muahahahahaha!!!!! But everything else I love, even that dip that looks like sambal belacan. I like Korean BBQ very much and this reminds me that I haven’t had any for quite some time 🙂

    Hahhhhh!!!!! See! I am not the only one then… Thought something wrong with me – everyone seems to like so much – blog about all kinds of recipes using kim chi, even kim chi fried rice! Give me cincaluk anytime…

  5. When I was in Korea, the only problem I faced was to have their traditional dishes with rice. I couldn’t enjoy it too. BBQ and noodles are still fine for me. I actually like Japanese food more.

    The bibimbap was nice. That’s a rice dish…

  6. I have kimchi in the fridge that I’m not sure when the bottle will be opened. The rawness of the chilli is, shall I say, the thing that delays the process? Will have to find an ‘auspicious’ day to try it. haha.. But I will, make no mistake.

    Yeah, I’m wary too about going to a korean bbq unless the vacuum system works.

    The food looks great. What an array!

    The exhaust pump? They did not have that at the one here when I went long long ago so when we left, we would smell like somebody’s dinner… 😦

  7. WOW!! Haven’t been here for two days, i got so much to catch and read. tsk tsk tsk

    Korean food, my favourite!! Yummylicious!!! slurp slurp slurp. Eh, kimchi is good lei, must eat more. Is that Kimchi Jjigae, another my favourite, sometime i will cook that at home too. Nice!

    Happy New Year to you and your family, Arthur!

    The soup? Looks like it… Tasted ok when in soup like that…but I did not like kim chi straight, just like that. Your favourite? Hmmm…maybe I go and check out the one here – if they have, we can go there next time. Ya…I have two posts a day so if you’ve been away for two days, that would be four posts that you’ve missed…

  8. I am surprised that you like to eat korean food..
    I like their BBQ meat and eat with lettuce… love it .
    but I don’t like the Kimchi

    I would not say I like…as in I like and anywhere I go, I would want to look for it and eat but what we had that night was very nice and I would not mind another round if ever I get the chance to enjoy anything as nice as that. Ah…you’re my friend! We can leave the kim chi behind by the side… Hehehehehe!!!!!

  9. Korean food in Auckland? Hmm..

    Korean food has alot of side dishes.. Not a big fan of Korean food, prefer Japanese, hehe…

    I liked them all…except the kim chi. Japanese, it depends on what. Not all would be my favourite.

  10. yay, bibimbap! that’s my favorite korean dish of all. the one i could eat at least once a week if offered, i think 😀

    Good grief! It was nice…but I would not think I would want to eat that all the time. LOL!!! 😀

  11. Not too sure why until now I still keep away from Korean food. Nevertheless, the food you had with Shereen and her family certainly amazing and delicious!

    Can give it a try. Nice also…the BBQ.

  12. I always said ‘YES’ to Korean food. Looking at the photos here make me drool 🙂
    Blessed 2013 to you and family!

    Thanks, and the same to you and yours. First time having Korean, other the one here which, I feel, is not all that authentic those days when I used to go,…and I liked it very much.

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