Up the hills…

After that ultra-heavy yum cha brunch, we certainly needed a bit of exercise so we went sightseeing at places up and down the hills around Auckland City.

First stop, One Tree Hill

One Tree Hill

When I first came here in 1980, there was indeed one tree at the top of the hill but if I’m not mistaken, eventually, some political activist went and chopped it down so the tree wasn’t there anymore.

This was the view of Rangitoto from the hill…

Rangitoto from One Tree Hill

…and here is Melissa with the city skyline in the background…

Mel @ One Tree Hill

You can see from the smiles on her face in all her photographs that she was very happy all throughout our stay in Auckland with our awesomely wonderful hosts.

Hmmmm…somebody obviously had a bit too much time on his hands, it seemed…

Special message

Next, we proceeded to Mt Eden

Mel @ Mt Eden

…where one would be able to see the volcanic crater…

Volcanic crater at Mt Eden

…and walk around the rim. I did not, of course – the word does not exist in my vocabulary…so I just spent my time snapping more scenic photographs while waiting for the rest of them to come back. You can see the Sky Tower and the Harbour Bridge in this one…

Auckland from Mt Eden

…and this is the shot of One Tree Hill from Mt Eden…

One Tree Hill from Mt Eden

Our last stop that afternoon was at North Head

Breathtaking view from North Head

…and again, one would be able to get a nice view of the city from the look-out point at the top of the hill…

Auckland from North Head

Actually, I had been to the first two of the three places before but things certainly seemed so much nicer when one was in the company of great friends, don’t you think? We certainly enjoyed the tour and at the end of it all, my friend said that it was time for tea…but that would be in the next post. Make sure you come back for that, ok?

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

18 thoughts on “Up the hills…”

  1. i din know there was no more tree there… checked with Wiki, apparently was lucky enuf for me, managed to see the last tree standing while was there… aso… it is also called N-one Tree Hill now.. hahaha…
    Btw, your pics of blue skies and the snow effects… kinda sending mixing signals to my kepala hotak… Nice pics…

    It was there when I went in 1980 but by the time I went again in 2005, it was already gone.

  2. Sweet memories! I was at Mt. Eden in 2010 too – I thought it was a beautiful place.

    I saw a lot of joggers going up the hill.

    Haven’t been to One Tree Hill though, the view looks gorgeous too. Gotta love your Auckland posts!

    Have a good Sunday buddy!

    You too, Huai Bin. Yes, there are so many breathtakingly beautiful places in and around Auckland alone….

  3. The view at the hill is so pretty and relaxing!
    The weather seems very comfy too!

    Shereen & family took us to see all the awesomely breathtaking sights in and around Auckland. Lots more the come!

    I’m really thankful that we were blessed with splendid weather during our two-week stay there. Bright sunshine and lovely cool wind…but do be careful if you go on long walks – have to put on sunscreen. You may not feel the heat but at the end of the day, you may end up sunburnt.

  4. very nice view!! so relaxing..

    “After that ultra-heavy yum cha brunch, we certainly needed a bit of exercise”.. and after a tiny bit of exercise, we certainly need another megaultra-heavy tea!! hahahaha~~ well, what’s Food Mayor of Sibu cum New Zealand without food right?? 😀

    Of course…Eat while I still can – not many things left in my life that I can really really enjoy! 😦

  5. I remember seeing a lot of sailboats when I was there and it was delightful.

    Yes, Melissa does have the sweetest smile. Keep smiling, Melissa.

    Well, Auckland’s called the City of Sails… Watch out for the post on this… I have something in store but not too soon, I think.

  6. Thought the name very familiar One Tree Hill? Oh yeah its the American television drama about basketball thingy. So that one tree became ‘concreted’ instead haha. Nice view of NZ

    Don’t think that’s a tree…just a monument. It probably was there already when there was still…a tree.

  7. So nice!! Beautiful views there!
    Hahaha you ate a lot huh? How many kgs have you gained?

    Don’t ask! I looked at my photos, I almost fainted. Deleted all of them…. 😦

  8. Yesterday was tortured with all the awesome dim sum and today tortured with all the beautiful scenery. Very nice and relaxing with all the greens and the blues. Melissa is always ever ready with that big smile when she takes photo. Never had I seen her once without smiling. Smile and the world will smile at you!!!….Melissa.

    …and when she is happy, I am happy too!!! 🙂

  9. you got pretty good shit suituapui,
    it was so great to see a city on that view

    Yes, such beautiful views – sure will take one’s breath away. Loved it!

  10. Hey Arthur… now one day two posts? Need some catching up here… Great idea to go for walks after such a sumptuous brunch … and after the walk, dessert time!! wow..what else is in store.. I really love to travel in this kind of itinerary! 🙂

    Have to – so many photos, so many things to blog about. If I do not put up two a day, after Chinese New Year, I would still be going on and on about my NZ trip – everyone would be bored stiff by then.

    1. Yeah, I get what you mean.. mine lasted for a month or so too… but those like me who havent been to NZ will love to know more .. and more….. 🙂

      Good then. Worried that people might get bored… Hope to finish it all in less than a month, so much to blog about…even with two posts a day!

  11. I remember One Tree Hill! My first stop when I toured NZ some years back. Hmmm if only I can afford the 3 weeks off to repeat my NZ trip with the hubster.

    Lovely place to unwind, relax and have a really nice holiday… No regret going over, loved every minute!

  12. Love all the photos you posted today. You must have been very busy when we went walkies.

    Snap…snap…snap…click…click…click… That’s why must have two posts a day – too many things to blog about, too many photos to share. Already delegated a lot to my Facebook albums, still got lots left!

  13. beautiful and awesome place with awesome friends!

    Eh, did Melissa put on some weight? She looks good.

    I think so. Nice round cheeks now…unlike when in Sg Petani – sunken, like nothing to eat…and looking all stressed out.

  14. Oh my Goodness! Mt. Eden, Mt. Eden. Beautiful scenery! =)

    The last I was there, it was breezy with lots of tourists there – and I almost tumbled over and into the crater. Might just return there for a visit again somewhere down the line. =D

    Oh dear!!! Don’t tell me you’re that clumsy… Hehehehe!!!! 😀

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