All things considered…

After our visit to the Farmers’ Market at Parnell in Auckland, New Zealand, my friend and her family took us for dim sum or what they call yum char there, at this very posh and expensive-looking Chinese restaurant

Grand Park, Auckland

…at Alexandra Park there.

Let us look at the things that we had and we have here, like the char siew pao (barbecued meat steamed buns), for instance…

Yum char 1

Theirs were very nice and I loved the filling…

Yum cha 2

…but they were very small – maybe half the size of what we have here…or three-quarters, give and take a little. We also shared the porridge and I would say that it was really very nice as well.

The siew mai (meat dumplings) were very good too…

Yum cha 3

…but I had better har kau (prawn dumplings) elsewhere…

Yum cha 4

One thing I noticed when I was in New Zealand was that they had awesome crayfish and scallops and mussels and everything but their prawns were not as nice as the ones we have at home, or not the regular ordinary ones, at least.

Their chee cheong fan was great too…

Yum cha 5

…and the skin of the yam puffs…

Yum cha 6

…was excellently done. Melissa and my missus loved them a lot but I was not too crazy about the filling – I think I am more accustomed to the char siew filling in our yam puffs here, the one they have in their char siew pao.

This was their fried fish balls in curry…

Yum cha 7

The balls were fine – very firm and springy, no fishy smell but when it comes to curry, I guess the Chinese would have to take a back seat – definitely nowhere near my friend’s nyonya chicken curry that we had the day before when we arrived in Auckland.

These were tofu slices with fish paste toppings…

Yum cha 8

…if I’m not mistaken and they had brinjal…

Yum cha 9

…too and something wrapped in bean curd skin…

Yum cha 10

Those reminded me of yong tofu, the dry version.

These would have been really nice – prawns on toast…

Yum char 11

…had the prawns been as sweet and succulent as the ones we have here and I think I had better beef balls…

Yum cha 12

…before when the Shanghai chef was still in town at the dim sum place here.

Everybody enjoyed these sotong (squid) sticks…

Yum cha 13

…and the roast pork belly…

Yum cha 14

…was simply out of this world! Yum! Yum!

I’ve never been a fan of these…

Yum cha 15

…but theirs were pretty good.

Hmmmm…I can’t seem to remember what these were…

Yum cha 16

…or what they tasted like. Looks like I will have to go to Auckland and my friend will have to take me here again! Hehehehehe!!!!

The lau sar pao

Yum cha 17

…were, at best, just ok. They were not so generous with the filling which was not as goo-ey as elsewhere so much so that I had to press the bun a bit to get it to flow out…

Yum cha 18

…but I loved this a lot! It is something that I have not seen anywhere else (…not that I’ve been to a lot of dim sum places! Wink! Wink!). It is yew char koi wrapped with chee cheong fan skin and served with a special chocolaty sauce…

Yum char 19

Not exactly sweet, great fusion between the east and the west.

I came across this webpage and it seems that the restaurant has been getting not-very-flattering reviews from diners who have been there before. I would agree with those who said that the people were very rude – I thought the older (Chinese) ones were definitely no Miss Congeniality, like the people in Hongkong when we went there in the 80’s. The younger ones were very nice and friendly though – probably part-timers, university students working on weekends to earn a bit of pocket money.

I must say, however, that it is somewhat true what one said that one should “bring someone who speaks Chinese if you want to find out what you are eating”. We had a bit of difficulty describing what we wanted to the older lot – things that  my friend and her family had before and would like us to try. The younger ones weren’t so much of a problem. I did not know of any time limit given and the only hitch we had was that we arrived before the carts came out at 10.30 and the old waitress insisted that we should order from the menu and did not look too pleased when we insisted on waiting.

Personally, I would not think it was as bad as how some of those people put it in their comments. I guess those of us over here who are more accustomed to such rowdy or  boisterous, eat-and-run dining conditions would not feel ill at ease at places like this. I don’t know how much all that cost though – my friend and her hubby would not let me pay for anything no matter how bad I felt about them footing the bill ALL the time…but I am pretty sure that it cost a bomb!

Thank you so much, nonetheless, for the yum char feast! All things considered, it definitely was a great brunch and we enjoyed it very much. Thank you…thank you…thank you!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

22 thoughts on “All things considered…”

  1. the intense cravings just strike when i read this post. Seriousllyyyyyyyy……………………………
    Everything looks so fine and fresh! ugh. Wish to get my dim sum craving fix right now! ><

    I’m sure there are nice places where your are, dim sum all day long. Not in Sibu – only in the morning and maybe one or two that are pretty ok, the rest not really.

  2. Gosh, the dim sum spread is making me hungry. Must go for some on Sunday. By the way where is the chicken feet lah? How can having dim sum without a serving or two of it 🙂

    Praise the Lord, alleluia!!! Thank goodness Shereen did not order that and make me eat! I would probably throw up all over the place… I think they did suggest but she graciously declined, bless her!!! LOL!!!! 😀

    1. Gert,
      Don’t want to embarrass Arthur la. Chinaman don’t eat but the mat Salleh eat. Everytime we have dim sum and have chicken feet, everybody stops and turns their head to look at the mat Salleh sedut-ing the chicken feet and spitting out the!!!

      He so Malaysian-ised one, cannot consider Mat Salleh anymore…but wait a minute! They say lots of collagen! No wonder he looks so young and handsome. The buntut too!!! Me, gone case liao…no need to eat anymore. You young people, go…go and eat lots of those. LOL!!! 😀

  3. wah two posts for today and all about food?? the food mayor of sibu has turned into the food mayor of new zealand these days?? haha..

    nice dimsum by the way I just love them!! yum yum.. the roast pork belly, the beancurd skin, the custard bun, the squid stick.. drooling!!

    I’ve been writing my scheduled posts and I found that they would probably go on till the end of January…so I have decided to squeeze everything a bit and have two posts a day from now on. Make sure you come back for the 12 noon post, eh? Other than the one at 00.05 a.m., that is….except on New Year’s Day – one post only for that special occasion.

    Nice eh? I think this is the only Chinese that we had during our stay in Auckland…except for one supper that we had in the middle of the night.

  4. Another great post. Speechless for words!!!….blood pressure instantly shoot up looking at those awseome & glorious dim sum. All looks so good. Droolingggg!!!…all the way.

    Actually, they have lots and lots and lots more – really at a loss, dunno what to have…and can’t possibly try them all. So many choices, not like the dim sum around here…or even in KL. Shereen just ordered what she thought I would enjoy… So sweet of her.

  5. YUMMMMY!!! What food galore… !! Can feed a table of 10 anytime! The chee cheong fun wrapping round the yau char kwai with melted choc? That is interesting! So how was the price like, Arthur? Must be pretty pricey!! 🙂

    Yes, they ordered so much…an dyet they hardly ate much. Guess who finished most of the stuff… 😉 Dunno the price lah…people belanja, not nice to go and ask how much – like looking at a gift horse in the mouth, Shy lah.

  6. So many items for the dim sum feast! The one with chocolaty sauce is certainly something new, am trying to imagine how it taste like 🙂

    I really liked it a lot – a bit of the salty taste…and the chocolate sauce was not too sweet, just right. Went pretty well together.

  7. well i myself was not a food adventurist but seeing your posts inspire me to look around
    perhaps next year

    Hope you will not end up like me…but I guess that will take some time – you’re so skinny. Hehehehehehe!!!!

  8. The balls were ice cream balls, vanilla ice cream to be exact and the skin was mochi. The yew char koi is actually with peanut sauce and not chocolate la.. Lol! For the price we paid, it was actually quite worth it as in my opinion, the quality and selection is better than what’s available in Malaysia. I think it’s on par with the famous Shark’s Fin Inn in Melbourne. There were many more things that I would like you and co to try but too bad you all punya tangki mini sizes:))
    PS: Aiyoh, how many times must I explain to you that the prawns we get here are from Thailand, Vietnam and china? I don’t think that they will serve you prawns from the local waters as they are too expensive and anyways, no tiny prawns here la.. all jumbo size ones… like the people… Opps!!!!

    Peanut? I could have sworn there was chocolate in it, not all chocolate as it was not really sweet. Ok…ok…next time, we skip the prawns outside. Will only eat the jumbo ones that you buy, we cook…at your house. Deal? Wink! Wink! Hehehehehehehehe!!!! I can’t remember if I ate those mochi balls – ate so much, brain also short-circuit… But really, the name mo-chi always brings my “more high” story to mind. LOL!!! 😀

  9. I’ve had my fair share of communication barriers with waitresses (resorted to my broken Mandarin) and unfriendly waitresses.

    Oh, mussels. The NZ variety has to be the freshest I’ve eaten. Had already heard during my stay in Auckland that dining out there is not that cheap.

    Not cheap at all. I just shared a photo on Facebook of a sign outside a cafe – egg on toast & coffee NZ$10.00 only. Even without converting, that is very expensive.

  10. ah, brinjal dim sum, that’s actually my favorite one! and the ones here look perfect … plump and juicy 😀

    My daughter’s favourite. I’m just ok with it – would prefer steamed brinjal ulam with sambal belacan, a kampung boy at heart.

  11. Oh the ‘rojak’ yew char koi wrapped with chee cheong fan skin and served with a special chocolaty sauce is something new.

    Peanut sauce, Shereen says…but I could taste something chocolaty but not really sweet, not salty either….and not quite peanut, actually. Whatever it was, I liked! Very nice, never had anything like that before elsewhere.

  12. Wow quite bad publicity from the webpage on this restaurant on service who would more or less driving customers away in a rush, and yet their biz is good. No? Not many dimsum restaurants or what?

    Got lots! This one classier and according to Shereen, the best around. I guess when you’re the best, you can throw your weight around a bit mah… Like the grumpy people at those Penang char kway teow places… Anyway, as I have said in the post, not all the comments are true and usually, if good, people do not bother to comment…but anything they’re not happy with they will grumble till kingdom come. True or not?

  13. Very mouth watering dim sum!

    Very! We were early, the first to arrive but later, the crowd came in and the place was packed…

  14. Yew char kueh + chee cheong fun + chocolate sauce! Now that’s something I’ve never had before (but am keen to try!)

    It’s peanut sauce, it seems…but it tasted like some kind of chocolate. Really nice, I liked it a lot.

  15. I love that char siew pau, just the way i like it, small and fluffy and with a split on the top. YUMM!!

    yew char koi wrapped with chee cheong fan skin and served with chocolaty sauce??? Sound very weird, i am not a very challenging person, i rather stick to the original chee cheong fan or just yew char koi itself. kekekeke

    I also thought I would not like it…but when I tried, I thought it was great…very different but very nice. Must be more adventurous – try something different and see. Chee cheong fan – KL, anytime one can get one – better or worse, wouldn’t be that much of a difference. 😉

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