When the sun goes down…

After that very heavy but absolutely superb welcoming lunch, my friend and her family took us on a drive to enjoy the captivating sights along Bucklands Beach


…and also at Musick Point

Musick Point

I don’t know why it was thus named as there wasn’t any music anywhere to be heard nor was there anybody around who was sick of Man United! LOL!!! It certainly is a beautiful place – a great look-out point at the beautiful scenery in and around Auckland, New Zealand.

It was almost sundown when we got to Ponsonby and I managed to catch a nice shot of the Sky Tower at dusk…

Sky Tower at dusk

We dropped by this place there…

Burger Wisconsin

…that claims to be the “home of the world’s best burger” . I had a look at the menu and for obvious reasons, I simply could not resist ordering…


…the Full Monty…

The Full Monty

Just one look at it and you will know that it is way better than any that one can get from any of the fast food joints around. Despite being still very full from lunch, I enjoyed the gourmet burger so much – a really satisfying meal indeed…along with the sides that we had – some onion rings…

Onion rings

…and kūmara fries…


…with their special dips. Thankfully, the place seemed very popular and many of the eateries and pubs there were all so crowded and because of that, we had a bit of difficulty looking for a parking space and in the end, we managed to find one quite a distance away. The walk certainly did me good and on the way, I saw this graffiti on the wall that was rather pleasing to the eye…

Auckland graffiti

After dinner, we went on a drive along Franklin Road to see the Christmas lights. We did not stop anywhere to snap some photographs though but if you are curious as to what it looked like there, you can click this link here to watch the video. You will get to see all the awesomely beautiful festive decor on the houses all along that street…and they even changed the lighting at Sky Tower by night to the Christmas colours – red and green in keeping with the joyous festive season.

Our stay in Auckland certainly got off to a wonderful start, don’t you think? Well, do stay tuned for more…!!!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

37 thoughts on “When the sun goes down…”

  1. Love those first two photos STP.

    Full monty – I only think of one thing when full monty is mentioned. *wink wink*

    There was a movie with the same name. Unfortunately, you get none of that sexciting stuff – just a burger. LOL!!! 😀

  2. Burger Wisconsin! LOL I live next to WI, and as many times as I have been there, I have yet to eat a burger that is similar to the ones on that menu 🙂 Love the photos and the posts….keep going! CEPAT! CEPAT!

    Oh, even before I scrolled down to see what you ordered, I guessed you would have ordered the Full Monty LOL!

    Hah!!! Pretty safe for you to drop by for a month at least – all the stuff that you can find there, I’m sure…and none that will make you miss and long for home – no kolo mee, laksa…no kampua, no kompia. LOL!!! 😀

  3. Ah hah! Straight away I knew you would go for the Full Monty! I would have ordered the same thing :). It does look like a really grand burger and you still had room after that lunch 🙂 The scenery in the first 2 photos, really beautiful and serene.

    It was all right, being only the first day…but in the course of the week, I ate…and ate…and ate…till I was so heavy, I could hardly walk! Ya…NZ is beautiful and we were blessed with great weather the whole time we were there, praise the Lord.

  4. Such beautiful scenery… serenity… I heard that NZ is good for our eyes.. soothing scenery everywhere! As for the food, I think you will not bite into another burger for a long time… LOL…

    I never eat burger here…not at those fast food joints, that’s for sure, not for a long long time already – just once in a while at Secret Garden in Sibu where they have fresh own-made patties.

  5. hehehe, now this burger looks a lot more appetising cos it was cut into halves and not bitten by your oily big mouth, haha!!

    oh kumara fries?? something new to me, and it does looks very interesting, i would want to try that.. is that some special breed of potatoes or just different way of preparing/cooking it??

    Kumara’s Maori for sweet potatoes. Ya, full monty mah…open wide-wide…revealing all that’s inside. LOL!!! 😀

  6. Oh Full Monty would be mouth full leh even though it has been halved still a problem to stuff in haha. Kumara fries like slightly over fried. No? Yes trust me too nice graffiti

    I was being very polite in the company of others, not like when I was alone and had the lamb burger in Wellington…so I did not stuff it all in the mouth all at one go, tiny little small bites…nibble…nibble…nibble! Hehehehehe!!!!! Dunno over-fried or not – maybe it just looked like that – never seen that before so cannot make any comparison.

    1. The kumara fries were not over- fried. As kumara contains a high sugar level, when fried they will naturally caramelise.It is perfectly normal for them to look like this. Personally, I prefer kumara fries than potato fries as the taste is not as bland. Generally, you can’t get kumara fries in any fish and chips shops or cafes. They are normally found at those gourmet eateries and this applies in overseas too. That was the very reason why I wanted Arthur to try some.

      Not really into fries, chips and those stuff – those would be Melissa’s territory…she loves them to bits! I’m old school – I love it steamed or boiled or cooked in some dish, kampung style…but I enjoyed the ubi kodok at Cameron, first time having that…so jakun! 😦

  7. Superb love the beaches & beautiful scenery. Oh, the Full Monty looks good though I am not a fan of burger and onion rings looks cripsy. Kūmara fries looks something like our french fries.

    Personally, I think potato fries are nicer – would rather have sweet potatoes in other ways. Keep coming back for more… Lots of scenic views to share…and food as well, of course. Maybe I should have two posts a day instead…or else this will drag on for a long long time.

  8. And now I feel like heading to the fast food restaurant…although is too far to reach for such an additive BURGER!!! Bad..next time dowan to come so early.make me lapar aje.

    LOL!!! Lots of torture coming up… This was just the first night of the afternoon we arrived. Imagine how fat I became… 😉

  9. Burger Wisconsin?Is there a place in NZ?
    I had been to Wisconsin in the states….

    You can click the link to see the official website. Well, we have all kinds of names here – Tokyo Bar, for instance, and there’s nothing Japanese there… 😉

  10. Love the guy’s reaction on the 4th photo. He appeared shocked/shy when Big Monty took this pictures……or maybe the lady was saying…………..”..quick..quick..hide your face..”

    As long as she’s not saying, “Darn!!! Not another blogger!” LOL!!! 😀

  11. The country is so beautiful that I would love to visit again. We flew into the first lights of the day and it was truly a dawn to behold.

    When were you there? Which airline? MAS flights from KLIA used to arrive at 10 something in the morning but the current ones land at 1 in the morning – pitch dark, nothing to see. 😦

    1. MAS has 2 schedules into Auckland. Some days of the week, the flight arrives around noon while other days around midnight. There is one day a week when the 2 flights arrive on the same day.

      But not at dawn or early morning. Guess they were using some other airline…

      1. Yes, you are absolutely right:)) According to my boss, airlines that arrive at dawn are Cathay, LAN Chile, Air New Zealand and Korean Airlines. Most Asian carriers normally arrive around lunchtime or late at night.

        Next time I will take a flight that arrives in the daytime and I will bring lots and lots of food from here – never mind how long the customs people will want to take to go through the stuff – including the RM180 a kg straight Sarawak udang kering!

      2. Adoi, putus la my kaki waiting for you outside with cramped arms aiming the camera at the arrival pintu!!!

        You don’t have to wait for me lah… I can always call you when I’m done, no worries… You can stay at home, cook nice nice stuff to welcome me… Hehehehehehe!!!!

  12. Those Western food looks sinfully good. But, after having it for several times, I will miss our local food. The food there was served in such a big portion.

    Yes, servings are really huge. I was there for two weeks only altogether – did not miss home food, not at all…otherwise, might as well stay at home. More keen on making the most of the opportunity and trying all the stuff that we cannot get here.

  13. What happened to the pictures of the other 3 burgers? So bad you, only tayang yours!!

    I did not take any! I only took a photo of mine…and could not wait to dive in! LOL!!! Melissa took a photo of hers…but I did not get it from her. Malas.

  14. What a beautiful scenery at the lake!!
    Wondering when I will finally have the money to go… 😦

    Young people can fly AA to Oz, and Jetstar from there…and some airlines do have very cheap fares too (all via Oz) – not that expensive. Ya, Shereen has commented – that’s the sea…not a lake.

    1. Huh? What lake? The photos are of the Waitamata Harbour looking out towards Rangitoto Island. If you were to swim in a straight line, eventually you will reach South America.. hehe.

      Definitely not Lake Taupo, that’s for sure. LOL!!! 😀

  15. the food looks just so perfect,
    it seems so scrumptious

    Loved it…and that’s saying a lot…considering that normally, I do not go for burgers at those fast food joints. I guess these gourmet burgers are special and a whole lot nicer.

  16. Musick Point was named after pioneer aviator Captain Edwin C Musick. There used to be a radio broadcast station ( still there but you were too lazy to walk.. Heheh ) but is abandoned now. So, technically speaking, once a upon a time, there was music at Musick Point but no no no, there is no gay marriages being officiated there as far as I know.. Hahahaha.

    I think I read about the radio station somewhere… Hmmmm…no Man United? The two guys in the vehicle, you said probably smoking pot – well…if they were in Malaysia, they would have been arrested…but not for drug abuse. These days, in certain states, can’t have two guys sitting in a car, parked somewhere, I hear.

  17. *MUsick’ Point…haha, duh, Arthur! Fortunately for you, my Becky (in my dreams..) is no longer with Man U, otherwise I send flying punch to you! Kumara chips are yuums, too bad not to your liking. NZ is a beautiful country, a great place to leave the rat race for, even for just a week 🙂

    You like that ManUre chap who married that Old Spice? Eyewwww!!!!! The chips were ok, not bad…just didn’t get me jumping with delight. Ya…it’s beautiful. Some nice shots in the upcoming shots… Love the place, love the weather…

    1. Yoong,
      U must ask Arthur to tell you his MU joke. He told J in a bus when we went to visit Hobbiton and J burst out laughing. He then told all of us in the car and we laughed until almost terkencing.. Lol!

      She’ll have to invite me to Perth to hear that and all the rest – not for public viewing. Hehehehehe!!!!!

  18. Yeah….Indeed a wonderful start. Fresh air, blue sky, the place looks clean as well. Not forgetting nice food too…

    Ya, it is very good there…but when you see the prices of all the things, you’ll come running home…

  19. “When the sun goes down”…the heat is still on! This heatwave over here is a killer. Hey, Mr Sunshine, take off that hat and do a rain dance for me! I am wilting, wilting..

    Getting even more wrinkled then? That’s bad! Should move to NZ, Ozzie weather is too unkind for the likes of you. Hehehehehe!!!! 😉

  20. NZ is still the best kept secret for me.
    Once upon a time..Air New Zealand had this commercial in Hong Kong ..showing only greens mountains and ocean and it was a hit in Hong Kong cos nobody there has ever seen a place with nobody. Queenstown was such a paradise until the Japanese with 1 foot or longer camera lenses discovered it…the greenery..the scrubs..wild flowers..then the blue lakes..then the bare mountains with their snow caps..and the blue skies..will always be on my mind.2 weeks is too short for a proper NZ holiday.. 20 days excluding flying time is just barely enough…Was back there some 5yrs ago and Te Anua was like what Q.Town was 38yrs ago.
    Too bad you did’nt go South Island bro.

    Went there once, not too thrilled and even less now – too old for all the excitement…plus with the prices of everything there, I can’t jolly well afford a 20-day holiday. Went there with two objectives – for Melissa’s convocation and to visit Shereen & family…and both materialised superbly well. Couldn’t ask for more…and couldn’t possibly have stayed that long even…if not for the kind and generous, loving and caring Fieldens PLUS I do believe that wherever one goes, it is always the company that counts the most.

  21. Beautiful scenery, very New Zealand, it could qualify for an ad! 🙂

    That burger looks gorgeous too, and sweet potato fries! That goes the best with burgers (second being onion rings and regular french fries a distant last). 😀

    LOL!!! That’s the NZ in you speaking eh? Wink! Wink!

  22. i love your first photo. the sight of the sea, so beautiful and blue, stretching out calmly into a distant horizon … it helps me feel a little bit better too on a stressful friday evening 😀

    Lots of such scenic views in NZ – really soothing, relaxing and rejuvenating! Lovely place to go on a holiday…and unwind, no need to do anything just laze around and soak in everything.

  23. The burger looks delicious. Does it have two burger patties? What type of yellow sauce was that, that’s spilling onto the plate? Some type of mustard sauce? I made my daughter burgers yesterday. I added some finely chopped mushrooms, a bit of onion, seasonings to the burger before I cooked them. I meant to take pictures (only made two) but she gobbled them up before that happened, ha ha. 😉 Next time I must be quicker with the picture taking. 😉

    My daughter dislikes onion rings but I love them. I must say the best onion rings I’ve made (thus far) where prepared in my food dehydrator. Same crispness and flavor that I love without the frying. We love kumara (sweet potatoes) and grow them in our garden. I must say, that I like kumara fries more than the traditional fries.

    Perhaps I’ll make some kumara fries today… It’s a finger food day, so I’m making foods you would eat with your hands. My daughter has been asking for pizza for a few weeks, so we’ll make that, and then (after I get home from work) we’ll spend the day together.

    Everything in your photos look delicious (as always.)

    Thanks to my friend, Shereen, I got to eat the best that Auckland has to offer when I was there. The yellow sauce was probably what it said in the menu – “melted cheddar & fresh garlic mayo grand”. My daughter loves onion rings – I’m just ok with those. Kumara fries was something new to me – here we dip in batter and fry to make fritters or we steam or boil and eat it just like that. We also cook it in various ways and serve with rice for our meals…or at times, I cook porridge with it – that’s a Taiwanese dish. It is getting too expensive these days though. 😦 LOL!!! Ya…have to be fast – even when dining with friends – some may not wait and those who do may not be too happy if we take too long to snap the photos.

  24. sorry uncle arthur i missed so much of your updates 😦 but i am glad to see the beautiful pictures you have uploaded on facebook as well as on this blog post. i love the awesome scenery! Hope the trip leads a perfect ending to year 2012! 🙂 looking forward to more awesome things in 2013!

    Latest: Thanks for being here in 2012!

    Thanks, I certainly look forward to that too. Do hang around – there will be lots and lost and lots of photos coming up – NZ is definitely a beautiful place…

  25. Beautiful place! I love the view! Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! Advance Happy New Year!

    Goes without saying, breathtaking views all around. Christmas went by quietly, New Year as well…I guess. Had all our fun already, now suffering from the “hangover”. LOL!!! Happy New Year in advance to you too.

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