(I’ve had) the time of my life…

Right now, I am on transit in this hotel at Sepang and will be flying back to Sibu today. We interrupt the regular New Zealand posts in their chronological sequence to present to you all this very important message…

We left Auckland, New Zealand at 1 something in the morning, NZ time and touched down at KLIA at 7.15 a.m. Malaysian time yesterday. Words simply cannot describe what a wonderful week we had and we really enjoyed ourselves so very much there and we have my friend and her family to thank for the fantastic and memorable time there starting from the moment we arrived with the absolutely superb welcoming lunch that she had cooked specially for us…

Welcoming lunch

This nyonya mee siam was just the tip of the iceberg but you all will have to wait till the actual post to see what else we had that day.

It was so sweet of them to open up their beautiful and cosy home to all of us…


…and my friend’s hubby actually took the week off just to take us all over parts of New Zealand around Auckland that we had never been to before despite the fact that this was actually my 3rd visit to the city…

Auckland, New Zealand

We had the most awesome dinners (and on occasions, breakfast too) at home…

Lobster dinner

…on certain nights and we went here, there and everywhere to eat…eat…and eat…till I was literally bursting at the seams. We wish we could have stayed longer, maybe till after Christmas or the New Year but I guess it would not be nice to overstay our welcome. We certainly hope to go back and visit this lovely loving family again someday.

And that was not all! We went with one giant suitcase and two hand-carry luggage and came back with two giant suitcases plus a smaller one and two hand-carry luggage plus a bag thrown in for good measure – my friend gave us so many things to take home and made sure that we would take all that we could carry…despite the fact that we went there shamelessly empty-handed. Sigh!!!

All that we, Melissa, Lucy and I, can do would be to extend our heartfelt gratitude and utmost appreciation from the bottom of our hearts to my dear friend and her family for everything – we are indeed most indebted knowing that there is no way we will be able to repay you all for everything except to pray that God will always bless you all abundantly each passing day in the years ahead. Thank you, thank you…and thank you from all of us. Cheers!

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Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

29 thoughts on “(I’ve had) the time of my life…”

  1. You, Lucy and Melissa are always welcome in our house. It was an absolute pleasure having you stay and even our dogs feel sad now you have returned home. Do come and visit us again, there is so much more still to do, see and eat ( mostly eat actually ).

    Sure will and would love it if you can put up with us putting up with you while there – no need to go anywhere, not even going out to eat…the ladies can cook and show off their culinary skills and we men can sit back, relax and enjoy eating… Hehehehehe!!!! 😉

    1. Eh, eh.. Ni Sudah lebih ni!!! We ladies cook n u guys relax n enjoy?.. Huh, not if it’s doomsday!!!!!

      They always say: It’s a man’s world… No kah? Give you ladies the pleasure of showing off your skills mah… 😉

  2. One of my favorite song your post title today. Anyway, liar-liar pants on fire, you did gave us buah tangan and u did not come empty handed at all. In fact, we felt so blessed having you all gracing our home and spending your time with us. Memories like this is hard to come by. We have many house guests but none as fun as you all. Nothing to wake up to in the mornings and missing you guys so much. Please do visit us again.. soon! … And yes, we do have the time of our lives 🙂

    I too enjoyed the company of you all – so kind, helpful, caring…such great company. Looking forward to visiting you all again…and vice versa! 😉

    Aiyor…little buah tangan only, give also feel so shy! Next time, I go on a flight that will arrive in the daytime and I will bring lots and lots of stuff and declare…never mind if I get stuck for hours at customs, and next trip, will not be on transit to Welly so I will have all the time in the world. 🙂

  3. Wah, the nyonya mee siam is making my stomach growl! Glad you had a fantastic trip. Looking forward to more on your trip especially the food 🙂

    It was soooo good and gosh! You will never believe the things we ate! Will have enough to blog about for the whole of 2013, I think… 😉

  4. The nyonya mee siam looks great. So colourful, love it. Can’t wait to see more post on Shereen’s awesome cooking. Glad that you have a great time spend with the Fieldens family. So much sweet memories to cherish.

    Yes, it was so awesomely great! We really enjoyed ourselves to the fullest, couldn’t ask for more.

  5. I am sure you all had so much fun!

    Welcome back STP! 😉

    Sure did, thanks. Will start hopping around everybody’s blogs once I’ve finished unpacking. So much stuff, don’t know where to begin, what to put where… Pening, kepala old man! LOL!!! 😀

  6. Oh, what fun it is to ride
    In a one horse open sleigh, eh!

    Welcome back Arthur… and the meesiam looks good but LEMON?! SG nampak so demure tapi tadi lihat the comments with Eli, wah… terbeliak… Happy New World today!

    Thanks. I did not take the lemon – tempat orang putih cannot get calamansi so easily perhaps – lemon, senang, just go out into the garden and pluck. No end of the world today…so life goes on! She memang sophisticated lady mah…nyonya ada class one, not like me. 😉

    1. Wah, you sekondeng me one kah? .. Lol! Demure?… thank you, thank you. First time ever I was described like that.. Hahaha.

      Demure? Hmmmm….but got class, got style, I would agree…and great company – she and her hubby and son, all!

  7. Yummy food, awesome friends, lively sceneries ertainly make your stay so enjoyable in NZ.

    Enjoyable plus-plus, no doubt about that! Really had a great holiday there! 🙂

  8. The Nyonya mee siam makes me drool.

    Lucky you, Arthur always surrounded by awesome people like them.

    Reading their comments to you, you are a fun people to be with.

    Have a nice weekend.

    Thank. You two. Need two hands to clap – all fun people…so sure a whole lot of fun when get together.

    1. Yan,
      Yes!!!! Arthur is a great person and so much fun to be with. He’s a natural born joker. The minute he opens his mouth, you’ll start laughing even if what he say is not funny. Some people are just gifted like that 🙂

      I think I must have been a clown in my previous life. Hehehehehe!!!! 😉

  9. Welcome home! Your friends are awesome! Memories are really made of them and the times you spend with friends. Thanks for sharing your holiday. Looking forward to more pictures. That lobster dish is so oozing in goodness..

    Thanks. Sure there will lots and lots of posts on the trip coming up… Ya, so blessed to have such incredibly wonderful friends. I must have done some really good deed in my previous life to deserve all this… 😉

  10. My head was playing the song while I was reading your post.

    Welcome home! I’m wondering, is the third picture a picture of the Auckland Harbor? Then, I presume you must have visited Davenport?

    Devonport, you mean? Of course, we were there! Watch out for the post! 🙂

    1. Yeah, I meant Devonport and the inactive crater there (can’t remember the name, though). Cool, can’t wait for it! =)

      Mt Eden. I was there too…

  11. Such hospitality from Shereen and Simon. 🙂

    Drooling over those lobster!

    Yes, they were simply out of this world…and everything else I had when I was there. Shereen made sure that I had nothing but the best! 🙂

  12. Words cannot describe how wonderful your friends are… especially when we go to a place we are not familiar with… it makes the trip more memorable…
    Take your time to put up the pictures.. mine lasted for nearly a month or more when it comes to posting up the pictures.. 🙂

    Yes, so much nicer with great friends around. A world of difference if compared to going some place where you do not know anybody. Hmmm…I think mine will last for more than a month. So many places we went, ad so much food we ate…

  13. So nice to have friends that treat you like family. I’m happy that you and your family had a wonderful time. 🙂 Naturally the food looks delicious. 🙂

    Yes, it was very nice indeed and we definitely had a great time… Enjoyed the food so much there!

  14. the food was always way over the top
    just so yummy to look at
    and im sure feel like heaven to taste

    Yes, heavenly’s the word…that’s for sure! 🙂

  15. I’m looking forward to all the delicious home cook meals you had in your kind and caring host’s home in NZ 😀

    Welcome home, Kampua King!

    Thanks. Do hang around – you will certainly see a lot of that.

  16. Looks like you really had an awesome time! Such a warm and hospitable family! The food they served were mouthwatering!

    I sure did. It was absolutely great!

  17. The secret to having a great time as guest is not to over stay…LOL. and I learn it from the KIWIS themselves….ie..any guest smell like a fish after the 4th day….and I guess the maxim is universal.LOL…but your hosts appear otherwise..lucky you..LOL

    Well, Shereen’s Malaysian and so is the son and Simon has been very well Malaysian-ised – speaks English more like a Malaysian than a kiwi…plus we could use the washing machine and the dryer and had our own shower/bathroom and toilet in the house so we did not end up smelling like fish. Hehehehehe!!!!!

    1. Would love to have Arthur and co stay with us longer as he’s very handy with the water hose and the dog’s pooper scooper.. Hehehe.Joke aside, we really enjoyed our time with him as we had so much fun and laughter.Had many guests over the years but none as nice as him.

      Yunno lah…I’m really good with hoses one. Muahahahahaha!!!!!! I really felt so much at home too…and would love to have stayed longer if only I could. Love to have you all here at my place again too though mine isn’t half as nice as yours. Can do lah hor…as long as there’s a decent place to sleep, right? As always, it’s the company that counts… 😉

  18. We also just returned from Kuching yesterday night at 10:00pm due to one hour flight delay. The girls were restless and baby was cranky.
    They settled down quickly and seemed happy to be home after having an enjoyable one month trip to Sibu and Kuching.
    There is no place like home, I guess.
    Let us know the first food you have upon reaching Sibu. Kampua, kompia or laksa?

    1. Still tired and sweating plus-plus – so very hot here…so I have not gone out to eat kampua yet. Missus did buy kompia when she went to the market that day so I had had that. After all the food I had when in Auckland, I do need to go a bit slow now… So fat, so heavy right now… 😉

  19. Did you put on weight? I bet you did! hahahhahahhaha

    Wow!! Look at the mee siam, so so generous with the “liew” ! Finally you get to try Shereen’s cooking, it must be yummy yummylicious!!

    So sweet of Shereen and she look very sweet too and so do her hub Simon, took a week off and bring you all around. Lovely, warm and sweet host.

    Yes, they’re all so lovely lovable people, so kind and caring and so generous. Certainly had a wonderful time there, enjoyed the company a lot…no need to say anything about the awesome food and all the places that they took me too. Loved every minute of the time spent in Auckland! 🙂

  20. Wahhhh…the mee siam that Shereen whipped was so addictive. Aiyor..I wana dive into the noodle jor….**so hungry now**

    Why? Starving yourself to save tummy space for your Christmas Eve dinner? Ya…the mee siam was so very good indeed! Enjoyed that a lot.

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