What they do…

There is an English proverb that says, “When in Rome, do as the Romans do.” That was the reason why when I was in Wellington, I would not eat anything that we can get to eat at home…but we did stop by this shop…

Wellington Seamarket

…for the fish and chips that Melissa liked a lot and had quite often in the two years she was studying in this city…

Mel takes charge

They sell fresh seafood here…

Fresh seafood counter

…including lobsters or what they call crayfish…


…and oysters…


Melissa and her mum had the fish and chips…

Fish & chips

Gosh!!! Look at the serving or the amount of chunky chips that they gave!

I had the fish burger…

Fish burger

…and it was definitely nothing like what we have at those fast food joints back home. Even my favourite at our local franchise, the Sugar Bun, pales miserably in comparison…and the fish and chips at the fish market place in the peninsula do not come anywhere close either.

The fish was soooooo nice, no fishy smell at all…

Fish burger inside

Melissa said it was the fish of the day – warehou and whatever it was, I really really loved it!

They have tables and chairs by the side of the pavement so customers can choose to sit there à la alfresco to have their meal. Here, you can see the mother and daughter enjoying themselves…

Mum & daughter

That certainly was a delightful lunch that we three had that day. Yum! Yum!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

45 thoughts on “What they do…”

  1. Didn’t know your favourite is Sugarbun too.. me too me too.. hehehehe..

    and and.. I feel like eating Oyster laaa.. huhuhu..

    You do? Eyewwww!!!! I only love oysters in or chian (oyster omelette)…

  2. Hahaha I remember Sugarbun! But nothing can beat fresh fish amd chips. Manhattan fish market (I think it’s called) is a disgrace of a seafood restaurant, nothing is fresh there. You could find nice fish and chips in KL (eg Sid’s pubs). And yes I live raw oysters!

    Loved it the first time in KL, not after that in Penang – the batter soggy and oily… Liked the Fish Shop’s oyster fritters…but no raw ones for me, thank you.

  3. Wow….that fish burger looks really good. Now I’m craving for one. Wish I can have it for dinner! So lazy to cook 😛

    Sure you can get it there. It’s the typical English staple, isn’t it?

  4. The fish look very fresh, nice. A lot people thought “bread” is the main food for caucasian. For me, i think it is only for European but not for people in aussie or NZ. Their main food is potato, equal to our rice.

    Yup! And potatoes are cheap, carrots too. They do eat bread too…depending on what they’re eating.

    1. Actually, you will be surprised to know that many Mat Sallehs here in NZ actually have rice for most of their dinners, bread for breakfast ( toast ) and lunch ( sandwiches ) and hardly any potatoes be it mashed, roasted or fries even though they are dirt cheap. Potatoes are mainly eaten by the Maoris and islanders.

      Oops!!!! I was wondering when I made this reply. LOL!!! Ya…I saw sacks and bags of rice at all the supermarts.

  5. I wish we have shops like that here. Now I feel like having fish and chips 🙂

    You don’t. I’m sure there are some western restaurants and cafes that serve pretty good ones.

  6. oh yes.. fish and chips are plenty but really good ones are just so few. Most of ours uses the Dory frozen fish which really is quite tasteless and fishy. Melissa’s favorite looked really nice…..and yes, I dig loads of chips!

    oo.. I also recently found an awesome F&C here at Mulberry restaurant in KL. Drop by and I’ll take u there… 🙂

    Back home, I would not bother going for fish and chips anywhere, actually. We have one good place in Sibu and I like the fish sandwich at Sugar Bun but I don’t go except when going with my daughter – she likes. I’m just ok with such stuff – so many of our own Malaysian delicacies I would very much prefer.

  7. Fish and chips may be nice but too much of that can be overwhelming, I feel.

    We had so much of fish and chips when we were there that we were so desperate for Malaysian cuisine.

    That was what happened to me at that fish market place in Penang. Had to struggle to finish, did not enjoy at all. The one here was so different, so very nice… I really enjoyed it very very much!

  8. I like the last picture. So relaxing..aahhh…

    Yes, so very nice to do that here. I do that all the time, just sit on a bench by the road enjoying the lovely cool weather, the wind… Can’t do that in Malaysia, especially KL – so hot, air so polluted, so daughter.

  9. Cannot recall so many motor cycles in Wellington City. ..Only those group of BIG BIKES occasionally in fronts of pubs.
    If you master your batter…try sole fish(ikan sebelah)…thats the closest you can get at home. When in K K..bring you to “Sailors”….for me its the best Fish and Chips in town.

    Hmmm…must check the airfares as soon as i get home. 😉

  10. The blue and white checkered Oysters from Bluff was the No. 1 many years ago…am wondering if Pacific one are the same.Half dozen oysters 1 paua fritter two tarakihi ….and drown them with cola…

    Oysters? No, thank you! Looks terrible, smells terrible, feels wonderful…. Muahahahahaha!!!!! Remember the joke? 😀

  11. True have to try what we cant get at home, but sometimes must also try their local style just for comparison. Bananaz just loves the chips not those from fast food while in Sydney and its so different. Whoa your fish & chips looks yummy, I got a feeling the chips there must be much better compared to here. No?

    Somehow things here taste nicer – must the nice cool weather, whets up the appetite…

  12. Oh love to sit and enjoy a cuppa or bite by the walkway. So nice just the three of you ‘chang toi keok’ a romantic Cantonese saying for jamming the legs under the table ie some sort of a candle light meal together with loved ones. Its cool in NZ different from DownUnder in their summer months?

    Eyewwwww!!!! Can’t stand Oz in the summer – the flies, the heatwave, the bushfires…and when I went, there was the garbage collectors’ strike – dirty, smelly garbage all over the city…

    1. Eh thought the summer months in NZ not the same as DownUnder? Remembered Xmas time is in summer there, probably NZ is cooler.

      Nope! Not hot! Beautiful sunny yet cool weather, no flies…

      1. Definitely!!!! NZ weather is so much better than Oz’s… cooler although we do get a lot of rain regardless of the season. We still need a sweater sometimes during the summer months.

        I second the motion! Oz is mostly desert so even the scenery does not come anywhere near New Zealand’s.

  13. Not really into fish & chips or burger but I would say your fish burger looks really good. Yummy!!!…

    It all depends on the fish…

  14. Fish & Chips is my one my favs! If happen to go Western country, I don’t mind having it everyday cos their fish is always fresh and serves with lots of fries!!!

    Come, come…plan a trip there and I will tag along… 😉

  15. The fish and cheap is so nice….and with that portions, I will be full in no time. I like raw oysters too…yummy :p

    You do? Hmmm…not for me. 😦

  16. well im not a fan of sea foods but i must say those seems so fresh and would be tasty at any kind of dish

    You don’t like seafood? I love it but sometimes, it may be a bot too expensive.

  17. Oyster!!! Yummy!!

    I am very particular about my fish and chips. Not everywhere serve good fish and chips, that’s why i am hardly order. I think yours look very good and i bet it taste yummy too.

    After what I had there, it would be hard for anything anywhere else to measure up to the standard. It was really sooo good!

  18. Gosh, I love the raw NZ oysters (and in the or chien too) and the crayfish. Am missing my time there.

    You lived here before? Or were you here on a holiday or something?

  19. That’s a smart idea, eat different foods. I’m always up to trying something new when I’m on vacation. That’s a lovely shot of mother and daughter. My daughter loves fish, and I make her fish sandwiches/burgers quite often. They’re definitely much better than the fast food variety… and some of the restaurants she’s tried also.

    Ya…home-cooked is always the best – the special ingredient, love.

  20. Hi, everything look so delicious and appetizing. Thanks for sharing your pictures, excellent click.

    Have a nice week ahead,regards.

    Thanks. Enjoyed this a lot. Really loved the fish!

  21. Not a fan of fish and chips myself. Only when I’m on strike would the family get to enjoy them.. hehehe. Due to that, I don’t even know that the shops sell fish burger. If they all look like yours, I wouldn’t mind eating one as the one you had look so delicious.

    This one’s really good…better than what I had in Auckland on a previous visit but that one, we tapaoed, did not eat on the spot so that could have affected the enjoyment adversely.

  22. Looks great! I ate a lot of fish and chips in NZ and AU. Lovely stuff, and cheap too, fills you right up for less than 3 dollars at small setups.

    I like this place – it’s clean and has a nice variety of seafood, certainly not the smoky chip shops I used to frequent, they don’t wear protective webbing to avoid hair dropping into food, for one. 😉

    I like the Sugarbun fish burger too! Haha!

    BTW, I’m not 100% sure but I think crayfish is different from a proper lobster…at least the ones I’ve eaten there, it’s what hypermarkets here would label a “lobster” but it’s not a lobster per se…it’s crayfish. 😀

    Yup, they do look different from the lobsters that I’ve seen before e.g. the one at Harrods – similar but not identical.

  23. Wait, the restaurant offers live seafood on the spot? You choose your own fish for fish and chip? :O

    I’m a burger person, so I’m bias here – the fish burger looks way much nice than the plate of fish and chip.

    I had that as I wanted the bread for a bit of bulk and no regrets – it was great! I don’t know if one can pick and choose – Melissa made the orders and opted for the pick of the day – the warehou.

  24. why didn’t you order the oysters or crayfish, arthur? they both looked very seductive there, especially the shucked oysters!

    Ooooo…I most certainly would if my money grew on trees. But I did have crayfish later in Auckland. See tomorrow’s post. Oysters? Remind me to tell you the looks terrible, smells terrible, feels wonderful story when we gte\\et to meet. Hehehehehehehe!!!

  25. Our local eateries have lots to learn as far as burgers are concerned!

    Lame imitations of Mat Salleh stuff. Should just stick to what we do best, no need for all the pseudo-authentic stuff.

  26. ooo, lobsters! oooo… oysters! Aiyoh “low how sui”! Tomorrow I must go SHUCKS!

    Next time we meet, must remind me to tell you the “Looks terrible, smells terrible…feels wonderful” story… LOL!!! 😀

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