Home away from home…

This is certainly a very nice place to stay – Quest Wellington at the corner of Lambton Quay and Hunter Street…

Quest Wellington

It has been converted into a serviced apartment accommodation place  from an old building adjoining the old Bank of New Zealand…

Bank of New Zealand

…which now houses the Old Bank Shopping Arcade. It seems there is a clock in the tower at the top…

Plaque @ Quest Wellington

…but I never got to see it.

I was googling for some place that would take in 3 people in a room and I found this one. It is not cheap though (if you convert it into Malaysian currency) – if I remember correctly, it is around NZ$180 or 190 for 3, inclusive of breakfast. Well, breakfast isn’t much to shout about – just two slices of bread with butter, jam, peanut butter and Vegemite plus a fruit juice…all served in convenient packs to your room the day before.

But you can always buy your own foodstuff and cook your own breakfast or for that matter, all your meals yourself in the room as there is this kitchenette, complete with a refrigerator, a microwave oven and even a dishwasher…


They certainly are very generous with the complimentary stuff (including the toiletries)…


…unlike the hotels in our country where they will put up a sign to tell you it is free but you can always request for more…at a price!!! Tsk! Tsk!!!

This is the lounge area…


…and you get free internet connection as well…


The bedroom comprises two Queen-size beds…


…and is definitely big enough for four (or more) and this is the bathroom in which you can find a washing machine and a dryer so you do not have to bring a lot of clothes as you can do your laundry yourself.


It is ideally located in the central business district so there are shops all around and New World Metro, the supermarket, is just round the corner and so is Fix (their equivalent to our 7-Eleven).

I would say it is very nice, very comfortable – one would have everything that one needs, a home away from home indeed! The members of the staff are helpful and friendly too and are always smiling and cheerful (unlike those snooty ones that we find in the hotels in our country).

All things considered, if I were to come to Wellington, New Zealand again, I definitely would want to stay here, no doubt about it…

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

39 thoughts on “Home away from home…”

  1. nice… considering all facilities and amenities… not too expensive actually…

    Especially if you do not convert, it is very very cheap. Where can get something like this at RM195 in Malaysia?

  2. Nice and cosy hotel. Congratulations to Melissa too.

    Thanks. It was a serviced apartment and thank goodness we stayed in one, not in a hotel – can do own cooking. Cheaper to buy food at the market and do that – eating out costs a bomb!

  3. Very nice accommodation. It looks cosy and lots of convenience. Will take note of this place if I ever go to NZ 🙂

    Check out their website.Quest apartments are all over the country.

  4. Yes!! Big enough for my family definitely!! Will bookmark this if we go one day…. like the toilet.. so big! hahaha..

    They allow 3 or more people per room. That was why I decided on this place.

  5. Senior citizen half price and from the half price for retired gomen servant another half price and further discount for Mayor of Sibu *tap tap tap on calculator* the room is foc haha.

    Dream on!

  6. You will be staying there for quite sometime so *tap tap tap calculator* ooohhhhh!!!. Aiya for millionaires no sweat bro.

    My hard-earned and hard-saved money, all gone. Never mind, cannot bring with me also…and it’s a very special once in a lifetime thing. Worth spending.

  7. Nice & cozy serviced apartment well equipped with all the facilities. The 2 Queen-size beds looks comfortable and makes one feel like our own home.

    It was good, very good.

  8. indeed a very nice and comfortable place to stay, so well equipped and so convenient.. and indeed big enough for a big family to bunk in..

    Many do that in Malaysia, not too sure how the Mat Salleh people would feel about that, not so kiasu one…

  9. definitely a good stay. How come you never ajak me along…**I can be the maid**ahhahahahhaha

    You so kaya, holiday north, south, east,west…can come anytime, stay nicer hotels, where got want to stay at places like this one? Hehehehehe!!! 😉

  10. I like rooms with a small kitchen!!
    But this one comes with washing machine too. Really convenient.

    And a dryer too! Sure beats washing up in the sink in the bathroom…and trying to dry the wet clothes in cold air con room..

  11. well im glad that you had a very nice accommodation there
    somehow it is a huge part of the enjoyment of travelling

    Yes, especially for people like me – like to reat and relax in the room a lot… Old man mah!!! 🙂

  12. that place looked really worthy… its like renting a furnished apartment so that is really a great price… I wil ask you for details if I ever get to visit Kiwi land… 😉

    You can click the link. Quest has apartments in every city all over New Zealand.

  13. You are right. Dollar to dollar, it is a terrific rate for an apartment. Is there a ++ to the bill? Nice accommodation. Enjoy your stay!

    I think GST here is 15% but I don’t bother about it. They charge 10% for using credit card as well. We should count our blessings really and not complain so much…

  14. shared out with another 3 friends with reasonable amenities, this is quite a good place to stay. you save quite a bit since it has a washer and dryer.

    Yup. Continental breakfast is provided and cooking own meals, one can save a lot on food – not cheap eating out here.

  15. Aisey, you never tell me got double bed or else I can drag my whole family to join you there.. Hahahaha. Really nice place you got there, value for money.We all so poor one, go wellie sleep in the car only and then cuci gigi at the roadside petrol station. Very Kesian, hor?

    Rent car one day how much? Told you to come along you sombong, say Auckland better. Anyway, you had to stay back to make cookies, bake fruit cakes, cook all the nice dishes for me mah… 😉

    1. All this about Shereen baking cookies for you, baking fruit cakes for you, etc etc etc….I am so very not jealous at all…nah… 😦

      Yes, of course not. You would be very happy for me, I’m sure, and besides, you have it all there and I bet you can bake your own as well. Inviting me to visit you in Perth next? Would love to hop over soon… 😉

      1. Please do come over, winter will be perfect for you. No flies 😉

        Winter? Brrrrr!!!!! Shuvers!!! LOL!!! 😀

  16. Nice service apartment, and it worth what you’re paying!! Love the two queen bed, big enough for three of you and the whole place look so comfy! Will consider this place IF we ever go to NZ one day.

    I’m sure you’d love it too. 🙂

  17. Y U no bring me along! hahaha 🙂 .. i’m back in kl now, while waiting for the mrs to give me a call when the baby comes .. excited times 🙂

    You grounded already lah… Get ready to change and wash nppies, getting up middle of the night to make milk to feed baby etc…etc… Ah!!! The joys of fatherhood.

  18. NZ$180 is pretty expensive after conversion but as the Cantonese saying goes, you pay for what you get.

    It’s really nice of the management to inform which item is free and which item is chargeable. All the hotel managements here should really learn from there instead of taking advantage of the guests. Had eaten one Kit-Kat (I thought it was free) during my stay in a Johor Bahru hotel and almost had to pay for it. =(

    Everything that they had in the apartment was free…and they even gave free choc chip cookies every day. Well, they always say if you go overseas, never convert…so if RM180-190 in the Malaysian cities, all you get will be some lousy shit-hole… Don’t expect anything this nice. But staying in serviced apartments in places like KL, ain’t that cheap either – stayed in one long ago, Ampang area, not anymore as it’s too expensive now RM300-400…and it is not so well equipped. Whole apartment, share the same washing machine in the laundry room…and no dryer.

  19. I think it’s good value and the place looks a good size, and looks clean too. If that’s a phone I see (in the bedroom), then it’s quite ahead of many hotels 🙂

    Yup, that was a phone and there was another one at the lobby…not that we had any use of them…and the bedside clock in the bedroom doubled as an ipod charger too.

    1. I noticed coz most other hotels seem to still have the old fashion press button ones…but I may be wrong about this though 🙂

      Yup, first time seeing this kind of cordless phones in hotels too.

  20. so convenient, got washing machine and dryer some more! better than staying in hotel lor..

    Definitely…and I’m sure dobi will cost a bomb here.

  21. STP, you are right, we should count our blessings though it’s hard to argue that the grass does look greener on the other side. haha..

    GST here they promise will start at 4% and we are paying a surcharge of 3% on credit card use and that too not totally across the board, thank goodness!

    Here, the company will absorb the surcharge – only a certain isolated cases, they pass it on to the customer. I understand they cannot do that and one can report such cases to the credit card company and they will terminate their credit card charging facility. Everywhere, there are good things and things that are not so good – just have to learn to live with both, and appreciate the blessings that come our way.

  22. Thanks for sharing. Now I know where to stay if I happen to travel to NZ. A nice and spacious place to stay indeed!

    Not cheap though but it was good…and very comfortable & convenient.

  23. Serviced apartments are the way to go! My parents and sister stayed in one for my convo too. This looks like a great place for a group of friends to stay. I love the laundry facilities. 😀

    Yup. With all the facilities, can save on dhoby and food. Not cheap there, I would say.

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