Before the parade passes by…

It was Sunday that day when the Santa Parade for Christmas 2012 in Wellington, New Zealand was scheduled to be held so that morning, we went to the Sunday service in the church near where we were staying – the Church of St Mary of the Angels…

Mel & mum

We were early so we had time to loiter around in the garden and take photographs…

Mel & dad

After having fulfilled our Sunday spiritual obligation, we had lunch and then waited for the parade to begin.

There was a big crowd that lined the streets and everybody seemed to be in the festive mood…

Christmas mood

Thankfully, the weather was great that day – blue skies and sunny and yet, not hot at all. It was like in a very nicely-chilled air-conditioned room. The parade was very grand and very nice and impressive with all kinds of beautiful floats…

Float 1

…and familiar characters…

Float 2

…such as Sylvester…

Float 3

…and Ben 10…

Float 4

Even Harry Potter was there…


…and so were Spiderman, Darth Vader…

Darth Vader

…and so on. I was a bit disappointed though as the much-publicised Hobbit was nowhere to be seen.

There were bands…

Bagpipe band

…and gymnasts…


…and dancers…

rock & roll

…and stilt-walkers…

On stilts

…and there was even a dragon dance by the Chinese community in the city…


There were angels…


…and this, by the way, was the only float that depicted the true meaning of Christmas. Unfortunately, I did not manage to snap a shot at the nativity scene at the back of the float though.

Finally, at the end of the parade came the reindeers…


…pulling the main attraction, the star of the parade – good ol’ Santa Claus…`


Well, at least the message is there – that this is the time for spreading the love and joy to one and all.

One thing I must add here is that despite the huge turnout, at the end of the parade, everybody dispersed in an orderly manner and there wasn’t any litter on the ground, not at all…unlike what we would usually find when such events are held in our own country. This is definitely something that we must emulate as it serves as a clear reflection of what kind of people we are…and it’s high time we discard our repulsively-disgusting habits. Double thumbs up to the Wellington-ians! That was a jolly good show indeed!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

27 thoughts on “Before the parade passes by…”

  1. wow.. nice parade… enjoy your trip and have a great Christmas.. syeok max!

    Thank you! Was glad to catch the parade the day after we arrived. We missed the Hobbit’s a week or two earlier… 😦

    1. Especially when the MYR-NZD exchange rate is higher now.

      No need to convert, already more expensive… Small simple souvenir key chain NZ9.90. I’m sure something like that will not cost up to RM9.90 in Malaysia….and I will not say anything about a NZ$59.90 apron that I saw.

  2. Very nice! I see it wasn’t as crowded as what we normally see at our National Day parade. Thanks for sharing.

    Just nice, everybody lined the streets – not all at one place so it was not so cramped…and the weather’s absolutely perfect. I wouldn’t bother to go and squeeze in the crowd to see our parade.

  3. what an experience.. i’ve never been to an “Ang Moh” country before, just asian countries overseas.. thanks for sharing the photos!

    You can give a try – I, for one, would much prefer it…except that shopping is out the question.

  4. The incy wincy spiderman could have crawled out of your blog and sipping tea somewhere or my eyes were playing tricks again? haha

    I didn’t bother to share the photo – so skinny, not nice… You can see it in the album on Facebook, if you want to have a look…

  5. the only parade i saw here in our country, is those chinese temple ones. they decorated the floats well too, nicely-lit as well (usually at night).

    like Isaac, i have never been to guailou’s country before. but my dream is marrying a guailou. okay unrelated i know 😛

    thanks for sharing STP! i don’t know why i have the tendency calling you that, instead of Arthur. 😛

    It’s all right, anyone will do… You want to marry one, you will have to establish contact online…or do your PhD overseas… 😉 I feel eerie watching those Chinese parades…somehow.

  6. That was a nice and interesting parade. Ermm…. there was even a dragon dance. Was it you who sit in the sleigh. Love the ear-rings of the ang moh cha bo.

    Hehehehehe!!!! Looked like me eh? They should ask me to dress up at Santa – would make a good convincing one.

  7. the parade was awesomely cool the floats were uniquely creative,
    i was bothered with those angels are they hanged there all the time

    Should be fine. At least, they did not have them dangling in the air…

  8. suituapui, the Kiwis are more civic conscious than us (although somebody gave us the middle finger when my Mom was behind the steering wheel), which is why their streets are much cleaner. =)

    The Church looks gorgeous!
    Just like St. Patrick’s Cathedral.


    Now why did they do that? Your mum was too slow? I wouldn’t want to drive here. NO, I’m not fast – I am ver very slow and that is not allowed here. 😦

    1. Nah, I don’t think she was that slow. She never drives like a tortoise. I guess it was because we were foreigners and the other party tried to be funny. ~.~

      No idea. Everybody is so very nice here, very hospitable…shop attendants, taxi drivers, people I met in the lifts or in the shops, no problem at all with any of the people and even the weather has been so lovely…only the prices of things…or at least, for the likes of me. 😦

    1. I was just about to ask that question.. Lol!

      They just happened to be there lah. I did not snap those…accidentally on purpose. LOL!!!

      1. Ahah!! Caught red handed.. 🙂

        I’m innocent! Didn’t even notice when sharing the photo… Only people like you all will notice. Hehehehehe!!!! 😀

  9. Nice photos Arthur! 🙂

    I like the little cheerleaders (no, don’t look at me that way, in a totally cute and innocent way I mean). Haha!

    Harry Potter looks a bit off but I love Star Wars – Darth Vader and all the Stormtroopers. Very grand parade! 🙂

    Hahahahaha!!! I should have taken the photo of one with a flabby tummy, so fat – bet you would not want a second look. Muahahahahahahaha!!! 😉

  10. Not only the streets would be clean after the parade, there will be no pushing, no one will stand in front of u and blocking u etc. Everybody will be so considerate and polite… except the Asiians.We have ‘The Boobs On Bikes’ yearly parade and you can see the Asians pushing and shoving like they never see such ‘things’ before. The mat Salleh relax only.. so shy:))

    Bad habits, we should discard…and good ones, we should emulate. I guess it depends on the young Malaysian parents now to teach and guide their children so we may change our ways for the better…

  11. hahaha.. as I read this, I keep thinking of the Merdeka parade.. why didn’t we have these?

    A Christmas parade? We have in Sibu. Every year – ours more religion focus. I think this year’s was last Saturday.

  12. Nice place, NZ is always a place that i want to visit, but hub not keen. 😦

    AH! You naughty! How you secretly snap that earring picture? hahahhahah

    Cute earrings mah! LOL!!! 😀

  13. have not been to the south, Australia or New Zealand. hope to be there one day (love the look of their country and their weather 🙂

    I certainly love it here in NZ or the UK… Not too fond of Oz in the summer.

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