Kia Ora! Hello from New Zealand, the Land of the Long White Cloud…


…and thankfully, up till the time of writing, the weather has been good – bright and sunny but cool…like in a nicely-chilled air-conditioned room.

We, Melissa and my missus and I, flew to Auckland via MAS, stopping on transit at my friend’s lovely house there before catching our flight on Air New Zealand to Wellington. You know you are entering Middle Earth when everything reminds you of the Hobbit…

Hobbit 1

…including the trivia quiz on the aircraft monitor screens throughout the flight…

Hobbit 2

So here we are in the Home of the All Blacks…

Home of the All Blacks

…putting up at the Quest Wellington at the corner of Lambton Quay & Hunter Street.

Quest Wellington

Wellington is a lovely city, not unlike one of those in England, with some very nicely-restored and well-preserved old buildings…

In Wellington

…that give the city a charm of its own.

This is Kirkcaldie & Stains, her equivalent to Marks & Spencer…

Kirkcaldie & Stains

…and Christmas is in the air…

All I want for Christmas

Even the buskin’ busker that I saw had a few Christmas songs added to his repertoire…


On the day of our arrival, I chanced upon this couple dancing in the street…

Dancing in the street

…for their wedding photo and video-shoot.

Well, stay tuned as I will have more, lots more to share on our trip to New Zealand.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

26 thoughts on “Clouds…”

  1. Lovely! Lovely! I have relatives there. One fine day, I will drag my better half to take me to NZ. Hee..hee…Looks like you and your missus and Melissa are having a wonderful time there. Keep enjoying!

    We most certainly are having the time of our lives here? That would save a lot on accommodation – not cheap! Nothing’s cheap here! But I love the way of life, so polite…and so disciplined, and also the people – everyone’s so friendly and nice the people…and the weather’s superb! 🙂

  2. what a fabulous set of pics… love the clouds and the wedding couple pics… so romantic…. the land of hobbits is also on my list to visit one day… 🙂

    I would think this is a much nicer place to visit than any place in Asia…or even Australia. Love it here…loved the UK too – hope to go there again someday.

  3. Love the building in the 6th pixz. Guess Bananaz is old horse looking for old ancient stuff. Have a great time in NZ. Would be nice to hear if that buskin’ busker do a rap version of Xmas songs haha.

    This morning, here in Auckland, saw another one…so very good…like Willie Nelson. I just stayed there to listen to him sing! So nice here – everything’s so nice…

  4. Bra on 50% sales? Wah!!! Hehehe, my first thing to notice is the sales :p

    The land of hobbits, the land of sauron, the land of weird-weird creatures, yay, New Zealand!! The weather is so nice and the building is so gorgeous!

    Is that a complimentary cup? wink!

    You can take it away with you, no problem. They throw it away, anyway. I did not bother. 50% all right, but don’t expect it to be cheap – nothing is cheap here. 😦 It’s a lovely place though, lovely people…a totally different experience from home or in any Asian country – really love it here!

    1. Wonder where and what Old Zealand is like before it turned New hehehe…people say ‘chiak pa bo su cho’ *eat full got nothing to do* asking stupid Q expecting stupid A hahaha.

      Search me…

  5. The buildings are so well-maintained and the streets are extremely clean. Indeed very interesting, dancing in the street for wedding photo shoot. Everybody’s eyes will be on them.

    After 5 on a Saturday, hardly anybody on the roads already…except maybe if you go to those parts of the city where the night life is.

  6. wow so you are now invading new zealand huh,
    what a lovely view and the buildings there were superbly done
    so magical

    Yes, it is such a lovely place. I really love it here…just that things are rather expensive.

  7. those couple were so adorable,
    well looking forward to see more of new zealand here in
    your blog 🙂

    Keep coming back for more… Posts will go on till way after Christmas, I’m sure.

  8. I should’ve visited Wellington while I could. It seems like a great city to explore. I don’t think I’ve finished exploring the whole of Auckland either. =/

    50% off on bras? *raises an eyebrow* We barely get that here.

    I did not go all over Wellington either, not even the city but still I had a great time. Now in Auckland = my friends here are taking me round and round and round…I am sure I will see more of it than Wellington. Well, console yourself! 50% here is probably 2005 of the usual price in our country. Everything’s expensive here…even without conversion!!!

  9. I am going to bookmark NZ in my travel list.. whether it materializes or not is another matter! hahahaa…ok, show more pictures and highlights, please.. 🙂

    Of course I will…till you will cry out, “Stop! Stop! No more!!!” LOL!!!

  10. Indeed NZ is really nice and the people so friendly. The ground is clean too. I remember after 16 days there (North and South Islands), my shoe soles looked as clean as the first day I wore the shoes. How long will you be there? Only Wellington? Enjoy the rest of the stay!

    Now in Auckland. Will be home before just Christmas.

  11. You are so lucky to arrive in Wellington when the sun shines throughout your stay with no gale force 10 wind to blow you away:) Like you say, the sunshine follows you wherever you go, eh.

    Yes…and now the sun is shining brightly in Auckland. 😉

  12. OK lah, OK lah, got your message. NZ is nice, the UK is nice – Australia…KIV only lah. It’s great to see old architecture preserved and I look forward to seeing more photos of the old charms (you included…hahahaaa!!).

    I went to Oz in the summer and THE FLIES!!!! Brown brown, desert everywhere…and there was a heatwave….and a garbage collectors’ strike – you think I would want to go again? LOL!!!! 😀

  13. Arthur, you went to the land of Hobbits but you forgotten to bring along THIS hobbit here 😦

    Poor thing! No worries, you stay there, hold the fort…till I come home! 😉

  14. What a great time to be flying ANZ and seeing all the Middle Earth stuff! 😀

    I like the Hobbit cup.

    Haven’t been to Auckland since 2010 and even then that wasn’t much of a vacation. It looks good looking through your photos buddy! 🙂

    Ya, it wasn’t a very happy time then, eh? Would be a whole lot different when travelling on holiday and when there’s reason to celebrate.

    1. LOL!!! Thought I would join in the fun. Had a great time in NZ, went to Welly and Auckland, didn’t manage to go south but I went a long time ago, 1980.

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