Twilight time…

If you may recall, I did mention in an earlier post that I did not have anything grand for my 60th birthday and that we just went to the Sunday service at the cathedral here and after that, we went for a quiet and simple dinner, just the three of us – Melissa, the mum and I. I told Melissa that we would not plan on exactly where we would want to go and just play by ear…as at times, the place of our choice might be packed or we would not be able to find a parking space and had to go some place else, feeling kinda disappointed. Eventually, we ended up here…

Payung Mahkota

I was here once before in the daytime and this was the first time I had dropped by the place in the evening…

Payung Mahkota by night

The Christmas tree was up and as in the previous year, they had used recycled artificial flowers…

Payung's Christmas tree

– those plastic flowers that people would display in their houses and had seen better times. They would collect all those from both family and friends, wash them clean and arrange them on a conical frame. Pretty innovative and creative and very environment friendly, I would say.

My missus had the tom yam prawns, extra spicy with rice (RM16.00)…

Tom yam prawns with rice

…while Melissa and I decided to try the western fare on their menu.

I had the beef spaghetti (RM17.00)…

Beef spaghetti

…and I had expected the usual bolognese sauce with minced beef, tomato and all but it turned out to be something different – something quite original with a hint of cheese, tomato and herbs and I liked it a lot!!! It certainly was a welcome change from the usual and Melissa did try a bit and she liked it too!

I also ordered the garlic bread with chicken sauce dip (RM8.00)…

Garlic bread with chicken sauce

…to share and we all enjoyed this too! The dip was great though I would prefer it a bit thicker or creamier, not so watery.

Melissa wanted the chicken chop (RM26.00)…

Mel @ Payung Mahkota

…and she loved it!

They were very generous with the chicken, one huge slab of it and whatever it was very marinated with tasted very delicious. At most places, the chicken would be coated with bread crumbs and fried and whatever taste it would have would depend heavily on the meat plus the sauce, but not the one here. As for the sauce, it was a class of its own as well – different from anything one would encounter elsewhere…

Chicken chop

…very creamy, very nice. I was put off by the taste of green peppers in it though, something that I seem to have developed an aversion for but Melissa didn’t mind it one bit so she enjoyed herself and finished off everything on the plate which incidentally was a breakaway from the usual boring  french fries and coleslaw.

For dessert, we had the Mulu ice cream (RM12.00)…

Mulu ice cream

…that Ivan fell head over heels in love with when he was in town…and I could not resist taking a photograph of it and sending it to him via mms. Gee! Am I mean or what? Hehehehehehe!!!!

We also had the banana cake with ice cream (RM10.00)…

Banana cake with ice cream

…which also is a hit among many instead of their very nice durian ice cream as Melissa isn’t exactly a fan of the fruit.

I told the guy there that it was my birthday and he wanted to serve us dessert. He said that it would be their usual practice to give a complimentary dessert to diners celebrating their birthdays but unfortunately, we were all too full already so I had to decline the generous offer. But anyway, I was given a 20% discount on the bill – no, it was not for my birthday but I was told that throughout the month of December, regular customers would be given this special discount each time they dine here.

All in all, it was a delightful dinner that we enjoyed a lot and needless to say, we would love to drop by again…anytime.

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41 thoughts on “Twilight time…”

    1. Lau hiao still want party hahaha. We are never too old for anything right? Rock on bro

      No lah, small gathering, good friends and loved ones…more cheer, more fun.

  1. Love the Christmas tree and it didn’t look tacky at all. Food look good but I cannot tahan when I see that stinky Parmesan dust on spag-bol. That will just kill any meal as the smell itself is darn teruk! Remind me to let u try Parmesan that did not smell like that, okay.Enjoy urself today… beautiful weather again 🙂

    Yes, like I’ve been telling you…I bring sunshine wherever I go. 😀 Hope the weather holds as long as I’m here. Blue skies & everything nice! Not a fan of parmesan either…but theirs don’t smell bad too – they have it on their mushroom roll and I’m not complaining. Wonder what brand they use…

  2. Hee…hee…I will have to agree with Shereen. I don’t like Parmesan either. To me the smell is like, I know this is rude… vomit. Arrrghhhh…I said it, apologies! The chicken chop looks really good.

    Hahahahaha!!! I’m sure those people think our belacan and cincaluk and tempoyak all smell as bad, if not worse. 😉

    1. Phong Hong,
      Hahaha.. Ya, now that u mentioned it, those Parmesan granules do smell like baby’s vomit. However, do try fresh Parmesan that comes in block, they are totally different and not stinky at all. I actually prefers Parmesan to cheddar.. More flavor.

      I don’t mind cheese as long as the stink is mild or not too strong.

      1. Shereen, heh..heh…thank goodness I’m not the only one who thinks so 🙂 OK, if I have a chance to try the fresh one, I will 🙂

        Now I’m thinking of buying that parmesan home…like some people going to Sibu and buying belacan. Hehehehehehe!!!! 😉

  3. Agree with Shereen and Phong Hong. Parmesan dust is really stinky. The real proper parmesan, which is block hard and shaved off into thin slivers, is really, really nice and smells like how cheese should smell. Hehe.

    Ah!!! Maybe that’s the one Shereen wants to show me. Will be dropping by her place at the end of this week…

  4. just 20% discount is too little for the FOOD Mayor of Sibu.. you should have asked for more since you have blogged so many times about this restaurant..

    No lah! I do this on my own accord not for any personal gains…not like some bloggers, ask for freebies…and then bring friends along too. I pay my own, no obligation to anybody and free to say what I want. Small town people not so materialistic, so calculative one lah. We’re simple people.

  5. wow..this payung restaurant is really something… I would love to go there next time cos I have fallen in love with the desserts! LOL…

    When’s the next time? Come, come…come again soon. Don’t wait too long.

  6. Nice! It’s one of the best places to have a good dinner in Sibu. I haven’t been to Payung Mahkota myself but I love the original Payung too!

    The steak looks very different – especially the sauce being piled up on top like that and of that color and texture. It’s certainly very interesting, I’ll love to try it!

    Good to see that your enjoyed your birthday dinner buddy!

    Ya, it was ok. I still prefer the old Payung for the ambiance, the setting. The food’s the same.

  7. Nice and impressive dinner. All looks so great. Love the very unique and creative Christmas tree. Thumbs Up!!!….

    Ya, one thing about the people here – they’re very creative, cheap simple things used for decor but very tastefully done, very nice.

  8. as expected of you a mouth watering dishes as always,
    the sauce seems perfcet as well as that yummy cake

    Yes, all good. Always enjoy dining here.

  9. Oh yikes, for a moment there I thought you were going to review the latest Twilight movie!

    I haven’t even watched one… Twilight time is an old Platters’ song from the 50s/60s…

  10. The food looks so yummy!!!
    And I’m LOL-ing at the Christmas flowers not tree already! XD

    LOL!!! It’s the thought that counts – I’ve seen a lot of those abstract art kind of trees here (overseas) – they look….yucky! At least this one looks nice…

  11. Looks like a nice place!
    Most importantly, nice companion, right? 😉

    Yup. Ummm…you change name already? 😉

  12. What a nice and lovely birthday celebration with your family! It really doesn’t matter where you go as long as you’re all together! Happy 60th Birthday STP! Many happy returns!

    Thank you. Ya, it was ok.

  13. The christmas tree is very unique and beautiful with a lot of flowers. I like the chicken chop, always loves food that comes with large portion. hehe

    Watch out. Sure you don’t want to take over my sui-tuapui title! 😉

  14. I’m sure you were very happy to spend your 60th with your two loved ones 😉

    Of course…especially now that my girl’s home for good…or at least, for the time being. 😉

  15. Love the X’mas tree, very unique and they are creative!

    Your beef spaghetti, it is not minced beef i see? It is slices of beef? Nice!

    I can see Melissa enjoy her chicken chop, so concentrate and serious look. hahaha

    Yes, I was impressed by the chunks of beef too – not minced…and the sauce is nice, not the usual boring bolognese.

  16. Yiier, I thought you went for Twilight movie (you know, I’m a sucker for this movie installment).

    Food porn is equally good as the handsome Robert Pattinson, I like the beef spaghetti especially

    Isn’t he gay or something? Hehehehehe!!!! 😉

  17. I dont like the heavy coated breadcrumb chicken chop too.. this one here has a nice looking sauce..

    Mulu Ice cream.. interesting…just as creative with the Christmas tree too.. lol

    That, I would agree! 🙂

  18. Hi Happy belated birthday. Age is just a number, keep your self young at heart and you’ll remain the same age every year – INSIDE your heart. 😉

    Very scrumptious meals. Good and yummy!!
    Best regards.

    Thanks. Ya, the dinner was good…

  19. I went to the original payung two weeks ago and if I remember correctly, the Mulu ice -cream was RM10.00. RM2.00 price increase is 20%! Maybe it was on their special menu that day.

    Ya, I think they’ve increased the prices. Maybe that is why they give a discount to regulars – maintain the same for people like us. I would say the food is not cheap – just nice and I love the ambiance and the friendly people there.

  20. I fall in love with banana cake and durian ice-cream at first sight. Both fruits are my top favourite.

    Come, come to Sibu! It will be worth your trouble and money, I assure you. All those who came are longing and hoping to come again… Only those who have never been here look down on us, think we live in the trees, nothing here are all…better go Thailand, Bali or the Far East. You all don;t know what you’re missing…

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