How many ways…

When I was growing up, everytime we had leftover rice, my mother would fry it for breakfast in the morning. Hers was simple – just fried with shallots and egg plus salt and Ve Tsin according to taste but it was a welcome change from the usual bread and stuff.

I did not know of any other way by which people would fry rice until much later when a friend fried hers with ikan bilis (dried anchovies) and chili pounded together with belacan (dried fermented prawn paste) and I loved it! After sampling hers, I tried doing the same at home and it was a success. Everybody liked it too.

Over the years too, I have been eating the fried rice from the Chinese chu-char (cook-fry) places and restaurants and most of the time, they would have tiny bits of char siew (barbecued pork) and those frozen vegetables – carrots, peas and sweet corn…and I’ve tried some of the fried rice at a few Malay stalls around town as well. Some aren’t too bad but frankly, I think I prefer my own.

Of course, when it comes to frying rice, there is no fixed recipe – it is up to you to do it whichever way you want. A couple of weeks ago, I fried it with some lap cheong (Chinese sausages)…

Lap cheong fried rice

…and even with char siew before…

Char siew fried rice

…and the other morning, I used luncheon meat instead…

Luncheon meat fried rice

My missus would usually fry it kampung-style with ikan bilis and I would do the same as well sometimes…

Kampung-style fried rice

…or I would be a bit more adventurous and use belacan instead…

Belacan fried rice

…or cincaluk (fermented shrimps) perhaps…

Cincaluk fried rice

How do you usually fry yours?


Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

45 thoughts on “How many ways…”

  1. I love my fried rice with lap cheong and luncheon meat. And on hardworking days, I like to throw in some bacon bits smack before serving.

  2. hmm, are those recycled pics?? looks so familiar i think i’ve seen them in your blog before, hehe.. no specific way i would love my fried rice, because i just love fried rice of any kind, hahaha!! all the above, TICK and LIKE!! πŸ™‚

  3. Among all, my favourite is still the old and ‘vintage’ style. Fried with soya sauce. πŸ™‚
    Other than that, I love to fry it with Dabai, and Belacan goreng….

  4. I would campak everything and anything in my fridge into my nasi goreng.. even leftover gravy ie sambal, kuah laksa, asam pedas etc.Saves me having to pound chillies,belacan and shallots as the base.All your nasi gorengs look so sedap.

    1. Come to Sibu and I wil fry for you. Oooooooo….thank you so much for the most awesome, simply out of this world breakfast this morning. Oh dear…ate so much that I am skipping lunch and dinner…and now I’m thinking maybe I should skip Auckland on the way back. One meal, eat so much…and I can imagine one day…and one week… Omigawd!!! LOL!!!

  5. I love fried rice very much. But can’t replicate the “wok hei” of the Chinese style fried rice at home, unless if I want to take the risk of burning down the kitchen πŸ™‚ Well, I shall cook some fried rice soon πŸ™‚

    1. Shouldn’t be a problem. Can also be nice without burning the rice… The commercial ones may be nice as they dump in a lot of msg….not really wok hei. 😦

  6. the char pui master.. I know how to cook really really simple ones only, and most of the time it comes out lembik.. huhu.. need to learn from Janice. haha πŸ™‚ Good morning Arthur!

  7. All the fried rice looks great. Never try fried rice with belacan and cincaluk. Will try one day. Most of the time will fried with lap cheong, luncheon meat and ikan bilis. Over night rice are best for fried rice.

    Have fun and enjoy yourself!!!….

  8. I enjoy all sort of fried rice and my mom’s the most! Although hers is the simplest, I can feel her “love” in it, hahaha!

    I wonder if there’s black pepper fried rice anywhere…. maybe I should buy the sauce and replace it with dark soy sauce πŸ™‚

  9. Even though I couldn’t stand the sight (and taste) of fried rice, that was exactly what my Mom did when I was younger. She would use the lap cheong and cook it together with the peas before she would throw in the overnight rice.

    Come to think of it, maybe I should give fried rice another chance.

      1. I actually cook all my rice in advance and keep it in the fridge for the next day’s use.

        I will do that if I have fried rice for a party the next day.

  10. You know what??? I love all the above Fried Rice!! So wonderfully cooked… seriously one.. no LOL, see?

    Next time you come to Sibu, I fry special for you. You will never eat fried rice outside again – all cannot compare lah!

  11. Fried rice are all delicious and I realised Chinese style fried rice has got the wok heat aroma and is often dry as opposed to the Malay style fried rice. They are usually still quite wet. Being the half Korean, I can only do Kimchi fried rice even tough mum only make Chinese style fried rice.

    Heard a lot of kim chi fried rice, never tried. Tried kim chi once, didn’t like it. Guess it’s a taste I’ve yet to acquire – everyone loves it so much.

  12. 200% agree with you it is the most versatile ‘One-dish’ meal. I fry mine with shallots, Prem (Canadian brand luncheon meat, I prefer lap cheong if I could get my hands on some) just because its in my pantry eggs and frozen fav. seasoning is just salt and white pepper….my Daddy used to add finely chopped cabbages for a veg item. Another old time fave seasoning is Bovril instead of soya sauce. I say there is definitely more then 100 ways to cook left-over rice. But I think the technic of how rice can be fried is the basis. Even a simple fried rice with just egg and shallots can taste as good without all the remnants of yester-meals.

    Not really a fan of lap cheong but will use once in a while when available for a change. I would go for char siew or luncheon meat anytime.

  13. Yeah, I should start doing a series on fried rice inspired by you. I’ll cook one whole big batch of rice and leave it in the fridge and start cooking batches for meals, each one slightly different. Haha.

    It’ll be a fun project. πŸ˜€

    Alas! I love lap cheong, it’s really good stuff, but I guess one man’s meat is another man’s poison.

    Not fond of the smell but some people love it – the ones I have right now have Chinese wine content, very nice fragrance…and nicer than the regular ones. Hmmmm…let’s see your versions of the humble fried rice. Hahahahaha!!!! πŸ˜‰

  14. True that fried rice is just what the person desires in it.

    STP, what you have here would do very well on a restaurant menu. haha..

    Definitely…much nicer than any I’ve eaten outside. πŸ˜‰

  15. so delicious looking fried rice there! makes me go hungry and I do agree that fried rice with lap cheong is nice!

    I prefer char siew or luncheon meat but I’m fine with lap cheong once in a while. Got free ones, very special – friend gave me…with wine inside. Very nice, extra fragrant.

  16. i am a rice person, and i love fried rice!!! I like all the fried rice above, but except that cincaluk fried rice.

    Hahahaha!!! Noted, and no belacan for you either! πŸ˜‰

  17. gimme the luncheon meat & sambal belachan anytime!! I love frying up these…. πŸ˜‰

    Ya…somehow I don’t get tired of fried rice in the morning but I guess it’s because I fry it in so many different ways – not the same all the time.

  18. All your fried rice version look delicious. i love mine with dried prawns, chilli padi, big onion, egg,capsicum then garnish with spring onion and fried shallots. Best regards.

    No garlic. Add a bit, will enhance the taste.

  19. Goodness! You have so many variations of fried rice photos! You can compile them all into “ARTHUR’s KITCHEN RECIPES”… I am sure it will be a sell out if you put your photo on the book cover with a white hat over your head!

    I have not mastered my fried rice yet as I still find the restaurants can fry better. I think their wok is big with stronger fire that makes the big difference.

    The fire isn’t that important, it’s the combination, the ingredients. Maybe I should publish a book: Just FRIED RICE…wonder if that will sell well or not.

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