Wake up in the morning…

When we wake up in the morning, of course, we will have to think about what we would like to eat for breakfast…

Breakfast @ CafeCafe 1

Well, this is a new place in town, Breakfast @ CafeCafe – a subsidiary of this very nice cafe here in Sibu and as a matter of fact, it is located right next to it…

Breakfast @ CafeCafe 2

…at No. 8 Old Street, now Jalan Chew Geok Lin and it opens from 6.30 a.m. until 5.00 p.m. daily.

It just had its soft opening on the 1st of December and it is not really ready yet. I saw some carved wooden panels and also a big bird cage by the side and I was wondering where they would hang that and whether they would rear birds in it or not. These birds’ nest lampshades certainly seem very popular…

Breakfast @ Cafe Cafe - decor 1

If you remember, there were a few at this other place as well.

There were some nice paintings on the wall too…

Breakfast @ CafeCafe - decor 2

…and I love these nicely-aligned cylindrical lampshades by the side…

Breakfast @ CafeCafe - decor 3

But of course, at places like this one, what matters most would be the food…so is it any good?

I had the stewed pork belly kampua (RM9.80)…

Stewed pork belly kampua

…that came with a huge chunk of meat, 6 inches long, at least…and hey, hold it right there, ladies and gentlemen!!! I’m talking about the pork belly, if you don’t mind! Tsk! Tsk! LOL!!!

I wasn’t exactly thrilled by the kampua as it certainly wasn’t anything like kampua noodles as we know it. I understand that they used the sauce from the stewed pork and other ingredients to toss the noodles. No wonder it tasted…different! Personally, I would prefer to have kampua noodles in our usual, more familiar style with the stewed pork belly by the side but others may beg to differ.

The pork belly was really very nice though – very delicious and tender enough and all the while, I was wishing I had ordered that with rice instead…or even better, steamed mantao…or perhaps even those lightly deep-fried golden-coloured ones.  I am sure they would go absolutely well with the pork.

My missus had the stewed pork rice (RM9.80)…

Stewed pork rice

Oh no! She would not have the pork belly – the reason is, of course, pretty obvious and I am pretty sure there are many of you ladies in those same shoes. Hehehehehe!!!!

Melissa had the beef noodles (RM9.80)…

Beef noodles

I tried a bit of the soup and I would say it was quite all right but I’m afraid this is not something that I would like to order. If only they had done it in the same way as Kah Hiong in KK, Sabah – in which case, you can bet that I would be back again and again…just for this!

But I loved this a lot though…

Nyonya lor mai kai 1

…their special nyonya lor mai kai (RM5.80)…

Nyonya lor mai kai 2

…which is in fact, nyonya bak chang (meat dumplings) minus the wrapping and cooked and served lor mai kai style. Of course it would be less of a hassle to do it this way but I am not complaining as it was so very delicious – very fragrant with the ketumbar (coriander)…lots of meat and the ingredients were bursting with flavours and there was even some or nee (sweet yam paste) in it. It does not come cheap, of course, but I think there is enough in one serving to make two of those regular-sized dumplings and those that I bought in Malacca sometime ago were RM4.50 each and in comparison, I would not think there was as much in one of that…plus they did not taste as nice!

Well, I would not refute it if you feel that things here are a bit pricey…and at those prices, I would expect a much more impressive-looking menu…

Breakfast @ Cafe Cafe menu

…than a laminated piece of yellow-coloured A4 paper but let us give them the benefit fo the doubt and assume that they are still working on things and are not really in full swing yet.

Hmmm…they have kompia there too, I see…and one would have a choice of minced meat or stewed pork belly filling. I wonder if they are as nice as the ones here but that, of course, would have to wait a while before I would be able to drop by there again to give them a try!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

59 thoughts on “Wake up in the morning…”

  1. Finally I’m the first commenter. Hopefully still the first after I finish typing this. I never get to stay up this late but I just finished working, so do blog hopping for a while before calling it a say. Haha…
    The lor mai kai really nice…making me so hungry in the middle of the night now. Loves the pork belly kampua too. That big chunk of meat is indeed satisfying. The abstract painting on the wall is very nice. Really a very good environment to enjoy a good meal.

  2. Marmite with meat floss?…. euwwwww!!! 4 sticks of pork satay for RM 9.80 * faints*. They better be huge chunks of meat and at least 6 inches long… Opssss!Love the decor.. Very soothing to the soul and thus the price of the dishes can be forgiven:)) Safe flight and see you at the other side:))

      1. Thanks. Ya…I also wondered at some of the items…and also some of the prices. The original cafe is very popular as there are some cheap items – servings so huge that 2 or 3 people can share. Not too sure about this one.

  3. I would have the stewed pork belly anytime! Somehow the decor doesn’t quiet fit in with the surroundings. Looks quite a mismatch for me, but I could be wrong as I wasn’t there. Anyway, that Nyonya lor ma kai looks interesting.

    1. I wouldn’t be going often – the good ol’ kopitiam is good enough for me…maybe nicer even!! But bring friends visiting Sibu, ok lah…ada class sikit, ada gaya…pay more, never mind! Must give special treatment mah! Hint! Hint!

  4. 八珍猪? Eight pearl pork? That’s a nice way of attracting the would-be diners.

    I love lor mai kai and especially the nyonya ones. Not a big fan of pork belly, but I’ll drool over pork trotters. I hope the restaurant is still in the midst of finalizing their menu. If they haven’t, they better get started on a better-looking menu. =)

  5. They are using yellow noodles for kampua here. That huge chunk of pork belly can give it a pass. What is that yellowish transparent thing at the side of your missus and Melissa plate? Cabbage???? Lor mai kai looks good.

  6. Nice! I’ve got to check this place out when I go back. The stewed pork leg rice looks delicious! 🙂

    Wow, Cafe Cafe has really been dominating the F&B scene back home eh?

  7. Ooooo…you’re killing me softly with this post on your 6-inch…chunk of stewed pork belly 😉 The lor mai kai – looks good; I hope to be able to get the good old-fashioned ones when in KL, yumm! Enjoy your feasts over there and think of me when you’re tucking into the nyonya’s great cooking…sobss, I want!

  8. haha, now that is what i called a different kampua!! looks good with the braised pork although i would prefer that to be something more and more and more lean.. hmmm, RM9.80 expensive lah!! you might as well buy your normal kampua and cook the braised pork yourself, sure a lot more delicious!! :p

    1. I avoid eating pork belly not because I’m scare I’ll gain weight.

      I dislike fatty meat. I only take lean meat. People think I miss out the best of the world~

  9. Sometimes, I already thought of what to eat for breakfast the day before, hehe..

    The lor mai kai looks delish~ I love it, but maximum can only eat one at a time, cause too filling already…

  10. I always love lor mai kai~ Never had nyonya one before and would love to try it out! Bookmark this first, in case I get to visit Sibu one day 😀

      1. Malacca? Over-rated…people also very sombong, like don’t want to do our business – I guess they would rather earn all the Singapore dollars, look down on our own money…and all of us here. And the food there isn’t all that nice leh….or at least, not what I had on my brief visit recently, ok…nice enough, nothing to be so stuck up about!!!Tsk! Tsk!

  11. YUM!!! If i am there i will order that today special! You go there for breakfast, i assume? Early morning had stewed pork ? wow! I would want to try that nyonya lor mai kai next time when i am back. Love the interior design, very nice.

      1. Sir,

        The “today’s special” on that particular day was “part chan” (chinese…er…. herbal (?), tonic (?) soup….which especially good for ladies) pork trotter soup – serve with rice or mee sua.

        Never had the soup with mee sua before but i imagine it should be ok. The only thing is…. that would be a “super heavy weight” breakfast. Well, at least for me. 😉 (the white board with “pre-printed wording” – Breakfast. So, i assume that is for breakfast) 🙂

        Ok, thanks for the info. Breakfast is the name of the shop…all-day breakfast till 5.00 p.m. Oh? Herbal eh? Ummmm…I can live without that. 😉

  12. If others don’t like the pork belly, I would gladly take it. Just give it to me pleaseeeeee! hahaha! Ykaie would love to eat all the fat of that pork belly! It’s her fave. lol!

    1. Me too…and that is exactly what my missus would do to me – pass me all the fat and she eats the lean. Ummmm…you think she’s trying to get rid of me? Muahahahahaha!!!!

  13. Wahhhh…rm5.80 for the special LMK..just becos of the special word..Nyonya.LOL!!

    Okay….i should make my own LMK more often

    Not same lah…this one like nyonya bak chang taste. I super like!!!! You can make? Ok,put on the list for my next trip top KL! Hehehehehe!!!!

  14. fuiyoh,….the oink oink really delicious looking. Hmmm but the loh mai kai i think i can do better la

    Now you know nyonya-chang style taste already eh?

  15. I love the interior very much. So artistic and cozy to dine with friendssssss! Hint! Hint!….

    The Nyonya Lor Mai Kai looks appetizing with its unique pandan leaves wrapped! It must be fragrant and nice for sure. Over here, they will just dig them out from a big metal tray!

    Come, come on over to Sibu… You’ll love it here, I assure you…nothing like places over your side, very different and so much nicer!

  16. I was there that morning… I noticed that you were there having your breakfast.
    I should go and greet you… hehe

    You were? So what stopped you? Shy kah…or scared? This huge, grumpy-looking old man. 😉

    1. I scared that I will mistaken person.
      But when I saw this post, and I’m sure it’s you.
      I was in the picture as well… haha

      Ya, I can see that… 😉

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