The ties that bind…

It is indeed crucial for families to spend quality time together every opportunity they get to strengthen the bonds between them. Over the years, we tried our best to do that but then again, at the time, everyone was quite busy – my missus and I with our work and our chores and commitments and my daughter with her studies. Now that she has completed her degree and both her mum and I have retired, we certainly have a lot more time on our hands.

I have been to this park…

Let the sunshine in

…a number of times lately when my New Zealand friend came to town and then, Mandy and Yee Ling and more recently, Ivan…but my daughter could not even recall the last time she went – probably when she was still in primary school perhaps. So that day, around 3 or 4 in the afternoon, we went for a drive and stopped by there…

Peace & quiet & open air

…to enjoy the peace and quiet and open air and to feed the fish…

Feed the fish

We saw one really big one that day…

Big one!

…and while we were at the park, Melissa wanted some young coconut to enjoy the refreshing coconut water and the flesh…

Coconut woman

…and we also had the rojak

Bukit Aup rojak

It was very nice, I must say…and I hear that the kompia is good too but we did not have any that day as we just had tea before we left the house.

We stopped by the cultural village across the road after that but it still did not seem to be fully-completed yet. We left after a while and on the way back, stopped by the Giant Hypermart here…

Christmas at Giant

The Christmas decorations are up too but I must say that they are quite minimal here – not very impressive, I’m afraid.

I spotted this belt…

New belt

…that seemed VERY long…

54 inches

…and it was not very expensive…


…so I quickly grabbed it. It certainly is not easy for the likes of me to look for belts that are long enough to tie around my waist and hold up my pants. LOL!!!

Well, we all enjoyed the outing…and I would say that it was time well spent to strengthen the ties that bind…

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

43 thoughts on “The ties that bind…”

  1. nice fish… wonder it will taste good … hahaha… a good post today… btw, is that the longest belt there? hahaha…. dunno whether can fit me…or rather tie me up…

    Don’t even think of it! Poor fish! Once, some sicko poisoned the water and all the fish died! The town authorities had a tough time changing the water, cleaning the pond and putting in new fish. Well, if the belt fits me, I don’t think it is long enough for you… Maybe can use for tying and other purposes lah… Wink! Wink!Hehehehehehe!!!!

    P.S. Now who is Selvig? Lazy to google liao…

    1. What?! Someone poisoned the fish? Why? The fish don’t do any harm to anyone, do they? Unlike some stray dogs which bark and chase little children, I really feel like feeding the dogs with chocolate but I didn’t :p

      There are always some really sick people around – people who do not support the efforts of the local authorities, always criticising and trying to bring them down and they are the destructive ones – damaging and destroying all the public amenities prepared for the good of all…we have lots of them here. They do not appreciate how nice Sibu had become compared to the shithole it once was many many years ago.

      Dogs? We have a few – all belonging to one house in my lane…and they will go from house to house every morning and leave a pile of poo right in front of everybody’s gates – everyone grumbling away but the owners don’t give a damn. The world would be a much better place without this kind of characters.

  2. nice heartwarming post. i’m looking forward to some family time too when my relatives from malacca visit kl next month πŸ˜€

    Coming over for Christmas – best time of the year to spend with loved ones…

  3. Woah! That’s a lot of fishes! They all look hungry. haha! Such a beautiful place!

    It is, eh? I like the fact that it’s well-maintained…been around many many years but it is still as good as new. Kudos to the town council people for their effort…

  4. Love the story of the ‘ties’… yeah… both the family and waist ties:) Hey! You’ve got lovely park with very impressive fish population πŸ™‚ …their family and waist ties must be good too πŸ˜›

    This one’s the biggest and perhaps the nicest in town. There are other smaller ones…all around the town…and one nature eco-park that joggers love a lot. Dunno what it’s like, never been there. Hehehehehehe!!!!!

  5. The first thing which caught my attention is the amount of the fish!!

    Glad that you found a belt which fits you well *wink*

    Still using the old one. Keeping this new one as should anything happens, it is not easy for me to find one… Yes, everybody loves the fish! Going to the park to feed them is a favourite pastime… πŸ˜‰

  6. Where is the park located? Never knew Sibu had this lovely park. huhu… It’s Xmas mood everywhere right. I love looking at the Christmas tree.

    Bukit Aup… Teku side. It has been there since a long long time ago. When my girl was small, I used to bring her there. She loved playing at the playground.

  7. Oh! The rojak! The rojak! I miss thee!!!!! I remember this park, extremely clean with millions of fish. Nice pic of the fishes by the way. How come I didn’t get to sample the rojak when you brought us there?.. Tsk! Tsk! Tsk!
    Wah, you will be extremely well dressed for your trip to NZ. Who are you trying to impress, eh? *wink! Wink!*

    With a RM20 belt, well-dressed? Sobssss!!!!!

    I think we had the kompia with Lucy’s sambal at home for breakfast and we had the egg-wrapped kway teow at Sg Merah (Did we have the canai too? and we were saving tummy space…for Rasa Sayang kampua so we did not eat anything while at the park. Two nights only and you expect to eat the whole town kah? Come, come again…lots more here that you have not tried…and stay for at least a week this time!

  8. Very nice park! Haven’t been to one in ages. I wonder if Melissa agrees that there is an advantage of being an only child, get mummy and daddy’s full attention πŸ™‚ What a nice outing together. The rojak I like very much πŸ™‚ I am starting to like coconut water again. Many years ago when I got chicken pox, I was made to drink coconut water every day until I got so scared of it. And I laid off coconut water for years after that. Hee…hee….XXL belt. Hard to find those πŸ™‚

    Ya…that was why even though the one I’m using is still very good, I just bought it to keep just in case I will need a replacement someday – can’t just go out and buy anytime. Ya…I heard that coconut water is good for gout too, dunno true or not. I suppose being the only child has its advantages…but it may get a bit lonely sometimes. Really nice and relaxing…going for a stroll in the park – good for the body and good for the soul. πŸ˜‰

  9. wow!! crazy!! so many fish!! simple dip your bare hands into the pond and you are ready to get one fish out of the water, hahahaha!!

    awww, you’ve found an XXL belt!! great, and it’s actually very cheap!! what a steal for your christmas present huh?? didn’t buy anything else from the mall??

    Nope…I’m not really into shopping. May browse around when free and may pick up something I think I would need…like at another place that day – I bought a few XXXXXXL underwear. Hehehehehehe!!!!! There was another brand at the place but I simply refused to buy – it is called “Fatty People”. Tsk! Tsk! 😦

  10. There’s an arowana too in the pond! This is a very beautiful fish. I’m always amazed by the sheer amount of fish in this pond. I love going to the park too. If possible, I’d like to make it there every weekend. I love showing my boy the fishes, insects, and birds there, and my boy will have a fun time running around. Getting together is the best way to strengthen family ties.

    That’s an arowana, eh? Thought that is worth a fortune? People keep at home and sit and watch it move slowly – supposed to be soothing and relaxing, can promote long life. Yes, kids love playing in the parks…and a great time for family bonding too. πŸ˜‰

    1. Yes, I love arowana too. The price is depends on the body coloration. Supposed this one is the normal white silvery colored fish. Those with gold color, or reddish gold fetch a very high price in the market.

      Oh? I don’t know much about fish… Not really into them….unless they’re the edible kind. LOL!!! πŸ˜€

  11. That’s a nice park you have! And my, the number of fish is incredible! And they looked hungry too! LOL! Now that Melissa has finished her studies, I’m sure you have plenty more opportunities to spend more quality time together as a family πŸ™‚

    For the time being. Don’t know where she will be posted to work… Will cross the bridge when we come to it. Hmmmm…greedy, I guess. Shouldn’t be hungry as all the visitors to the park will buy the fish feed and feed them.

  12. its really nice to spend time together… often when kids grow up and left the nest, its really hard to have such moments anymore these days…I also hope my little one will spend time with me when he grows up…. hehehe

    I love the pic of all the fishes… gorgeous… postcard perfect! Nice one…

    Yes, lovely fishes, nice way to spend one’s leisure…relaxing in the park. You have a boy? I thought you’re still so young and single? Hmmm…..

  13. Hey Arthur! I didnt come by this park, that’s for sure.. so perhaps next round if I ever fly over.. πŸ™‚
    Yes, spending quality time with family is a bonus… before they fly off to their own nests… so Melissa is waiting for posting now? Hope she comes over to Penisular.. hahaa…

    Nope! I kept telling you people to go on your own, worth a visit and you all have the GPS to tell you the way…but you all did not. Ya…we’ll go there the next time you come to Sibu. Anywhere will do, as long as it is a place with electricity and water…and hopefully, internet connection.

  14. In Chinese when we see lots & lots of people literally we say ‘people mountain people sea’ wonder what about fishes? “Fishes pond fishes sea?” lolz. Think SK or those ‘mangoes’ got an answer?

    Dunno…all make no sense to me. 😦

  15. Yeah, I recognize this place from the fishes and you have a few post of it before. It is the same place, rite. That’s a lovely and well-maintained park. Nice to stroll around. Love the rojak.

    Yup! I think I had two posts on this place before…when Shereen was here and Ivan…and you may have seen the album on Facebook.

  16. Nice outing with daugther and wifey. First go to the garden, pond, have refreshment, cultural village, then the mall for some shopping. I love ths type of family outing, so relax and no sweat at all.

    Yes, we have all the time in the world…to spend together, what more can we ask for? πŸ™‚

  17. Bukit Aup! I have a lot of memories there. Heh.

    I remember riding a mountain bike down the steep stairs and shouting at the top of out lungs (a very high school thing to do) during a high school reunion.

    I think the place holds a lot of memories for Sibu folks. I’ve eaten there too, during a break while working. It’s a bit far away though but a nice place to walk. My parents used to walk there too.

    Good bonding with the family there buddy and nice buy with the belt. πŸ™‚

    It certainly is much nicer now than long ago – I think the town council people have done things to spruce up the place and they have maintained it well. I saw workers changing the wood on the bridges that day… The restaurant at the cultural village across the road looks promising but I have not gone to try…

    1. Yeah, there was a while when it was quite run down eh?
      Oh yeah, that’s the restaurant we were talking about going to one of the times I was back too.
      Well, we can go someday! I still owe you dinner. Cheer buddy! πŸ™‚

      Can’t wait! But I think the people at the original restaurant then have moved – last I saw, they were at the YMCA building. Not sure who the people running this one are…but would be nice to go and try. Let me know when you’re coming home… πŸ˜‰

  18. Love this park, my boys too, they love to feed the fishes there. I think everytime we go back, we will go there. Maybe next round i should bring my running shoe, can run the stairs to the top, that is a good exercise! But one thing i don’t like, a lot mozzies!!!

    Oh, you went early, no wonder it is quiet, i think around evening, it is quite a lot people ?

    The cultural village still not ready? We went there on my trip back in May till now? tsk tsk tsk.

    Either it is not ready…or that is it – nothing much to see or do. The restaurant’s very big though…and there is an air-conditioned section. Mosquitoes? You are too fair…and your skin is so smooth and sweet. Mine, they will not bother… Muhahahahahaha!!!!! πŸ˜€

  19. yeah i guess all family must spend a pretty good quality time together most of the time or if possible every week
    anyways isn’t an over plowing pond hahaha

    Crucial. Many families in this day and age do not have time to spend together – going out to eat also they will all be engrossed in their smartphones and pads and all, no interaction whatsoever, what more to say when together at home. Real sad… 😦

  20. I love this photo of Melissa – it says it all about multi-tasking being fun! πŸ™‚ Is that a koi pond? If not for the neighbourhood cats visiting our garden so often, we would have had a small fishpond put in. Hey, that belt should come in handy…* wink wink *

    Nope, I would not ask what you would do with it… Hehehehehe!!!

  21. I agreed spending some quality time with family is equally important too.
    I made sure I spend time bringing my family go makan2 and sometimes jalan2…

    Have to. Sad that child neglect seems to be the order of the day now with people too busy with their own activities including social ones.

  22. What was the walking arrangement for the dat..INDIAN FILE?….Father and daugher in front and missus at the back…?My guess is missus and daughter only walking and STP smoking in the corner somewhere….LOL

    …father following from behind at a distance so they will not breathe in/smell the gas – and don’t ask me what gas! BOTH!!! Muahahahahaha!!!! πŸ˜€

  23. Hello Melissa, the coconut juice must be totally refreshing after a walk in the park.

    STP, I love the shots of the fishes. And that sure is a big fish.

    I know how you felt about quickly grabbing that belt. Strange that when we are looking for a particular item, it’s quite elusive but when we are not, the item shows up.

    Lucky to come across one here! I can never buy anything my size…so I have to wear/use everything till it is in a miserable state – clothes, underwear…belts. Luckily my feet are not too big, can still get footwear here.

  24. You are going to NZ and will probably eat the whole lambs with gallons of milk! You might need a spare belt in case this one rips apart!

    Milk, no need to go there…here we have – may be cheaper even, RM4-5 a carton…”Fresh from the source”, that’s their slogan.

  25. I was shocked to see the huge number of fishes! It could not be a private fish pond in a public park. I love to relax or laze in the parks alone. It will calm my tensed head!

    Have a safe and happy trip to NZ!!!

    Always love hanging around there, very therapeutic…so peaceful, quiet…relaxing. NZ? Not yet lah….still sometime to go…

  26. the belt looks nice.. PLC..
    have a good trip to NZ.. and get me some NZ presents ya.. πŸ™‚

    Ummmm…and then you will fly over to Sibu to claim it? Can, no problem at all!!! πŸ˜‰ Hehehehehehe!!!!!

  27. Oh? You’re heading to NZ for holidays? If and when you are, please, please share with us your adventures there. =) It’d be lovely to read about the North Island. =)

    A family outing is always nice – especially at a peaceful place like that. Truth be told, this place reminds me too much of Western Springs and of its ducky residents.

    Not going on tour or for any adventure. Attending daughter’s convo and visiting my dear friend, Shereen and her family… πŸ˜‰ May not have any updates in my blog while I am away.

  28. LOL…the belt is hard to find. I wonder over here Giant have it too or not

    54 inches…long enough for papakucing kah? I can give him this one – my old one is still as good as new – should be able to find another in the meantime.

  29. Wah… Must be nice to jalan-jalan around the park there. πŸ™‚

    Family time is important. SInce everyone is so busy now… we have no choice to make sure that the quality of whatever little time we spent rather than quantity. Some people have all the time in the world also can neglect their family.

    Yes, it is really very sad. That is why we have all kinds of social problems these days. Don’t blame society, don’t blame the friends, the teachers, the schools. The fault lies in their upbringing – the parents.

  30. Nice park.. and nice bonding time… drooling on the rojak!

    Yes, now that we’re all pretty free, we are making the most of the time to do this… May not get the chance that often if Melissa gets posted to teach far away. 😦

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