Little gesture…

Melissa’s coursemate was knocked down by a mat rempit (reckless motorcyclist) outside the teacher-training institute in Sungai Petani, Kedah some two months ago and sustained a fracture in her leg and had to undergo surgery. It was no doubt a stressful time for her and her family and yet the institute insisted on her sticking around, crutches, wheelchair and all, for the last few weeks even though most of what had to be done was already done. Luckily, she had her friends around to help her in any way they could and when they were finally dismissed and told that they could all go home, I helped book the air ticket for her so she could come back together with Melissa as she would be able to help her along the way from Penang to KLIA to Kuching and finally, to Sibu (as by then, all the direct flights from KLIA to Sibu were already fully-booked)…where her parents were waiting for her to take her back to Bintangor.

It wasn’t a big deal, really – the least we could do for a friend but her family was very grateful and insisted on inviting us out to dinner as a gesture of their appreciation. So there we were at this restaurant

Nice House, Sibu

…with them…

Angel baby

In one of my earlier posts, I mentioned that when eating here, it would be good to come extra early before the crowd comes in unless one makes a reservation…and does not mind the commotion and the noise. Well, we didn’t and even though we could get a table quite easily, we were told that we would need to wait for around 45 minutes for the food to be served. So we waited…and waited…and it was way after an hour before we finally got to eat. Another thing about coming here after dark is one should avoid parking one’s car under those trees…

Birds in the trees

See those little white spots in the trees? Those would be the “swarm” of birds in the town centre, millions of them, and you can imagine what your car would be like when you get back to it after having had your dinner here.

Anyway, we had their steamed fish…

Steamed fish

– a Soon Hock, it was and Melissa said it was very nice. Personally, I thought that the recipe, their way of cooking was nice and the sauce was very tasty but I found the fish itself to be quite bland and best eaten dipped in soy sauce.

The plum sauce pork…

Plum sauce pork

…was very good, very tender and delicious and so was the sizzling beef on a hot plate…

Sizzling beef

…and the specialty of the house – their own-made tofu

NiceHouse tofu

Every table seemed to have ordered this…

Yam basket

– the mixed vegetables in a yam basket but I did not think it was all that sensational. Ah well, never mind where but I’m never a fan of that, anyway. Give me the cangkuk manis fried with egg…

Cangkuk manis with egg

…anytime…and I would say that they certainly do it pretty well here too.

The sea cucumber soup was all right…

Sea cucumber soup

…but I did not like biting into those thin strips of ginger in it.

Actually there were 7 of us, 6 adults and one kid (who could actually eat quite a lot…and almost finished the whole bowl of rice all by herself!!! LOL!!!) and we ordered for 4 persons only and my goodness! The servings were really huge for 4, I must say.

All in all, it was an enjoyable dinner…and a great opportunity for our families to interact and get to know one another better. Thank you so much, Christina, and everybody for the dinner treat…

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

49 thoughts on “Little gesture…”

  1. sea cucumber is my fav… nice house, nice food…

    Now, just who is Odin? Let me google…..”Santa Claus is said to be largely based on Odin, merged with the Christian legend of Saint Nicholas of Myra.” Oh? You’re going to be Santa Claus? Going to bring me lots and lots of presents? Hehehehehehe!!!! πŸ˜‰

  2. I’m so sorry to hear about what happened. 😑

    So many of those rempits going around nowadays, a friend of mine got rammed by one the week before and she didn’t come out of the car for fear of the mob. They surrounded her car and kicked and hurled abuse at her despite just the tyres hitting her bumper and no damage to their bike (according to her).
    They can be really out of control.
    On a happier note, glad to hear that she’s doing fine now!

    Nice House! I remember eating here with you. πŸ™‚
    Haha! It’s a good place to have dinner, except for the birds as you mentioned. It’s funny, I’ve heard about the birds since I was a kid and since they removed most of their perches (the electricity wires) I wonder why they still a murder of them.
    The soon hock looks good – the only way to eat it! πŸ˜€

    Yes, we were here together once, can always come again. The authorities have tried all ways and means to get rid of the birds but they keep coming back.

    Ya…glad that my daughter’s friend is ok now, getting back on her feet again. I told my daughter that if it had been her, I would take legal action against the institute for negligence…and they will not hear the end of it. My girl stayed on the 3rd floor in one of the hostel blocks and it was not near the road but whenever I called her, all the time, I could hear the noise of the motorcycles and cars zooming past – all of them must have been racing up and down that road. They should have got the people concerned to do something and put an end to that.

  3. Hopefully she’s getting well now.
    I know what do you mean by parking under the trees. The car will turn into a ‘dalmations’ design. hehehe

    She’s recovering, learning to walk without using the crutches now. Yup…that is exactly what will happen if you park under those trees.

  4. The little girl is so cute. One could have mistaken her to be yours.. got your ‘chop’.. hehehe. All those dishes look so nice and I like fish to be prepared that way. So long I did not get to eat in a Chinese restaurant as there are only 3 of us and so we can’t order a lot and secondly, the English menu in a Chinese restaurant always left us confused!If that is not bad enough, chickens and ducks don’t speak the same language…sigh! Kesian me or not? … got chance, ah we go and have a Chinese meal while you are here * puppy eyes*?

    LOL!!!…I guess she has that typical Foochow look – the prosperous look…like me…but unfortunately in my case, it is just the look and nothing more. 😦 Oh no, oh no…no Chinese dinner there for me – for one thing, I know it is mighty expensive and besides, we can get most of the things here…except perhaps Peking duck…which I love! Unfortunately somebody would not touch it with a 10-foot pole – she does not know what she’s missing… 😦

    1. Chinese food here very cheap la.. somemore come in huge portion unlike mat Salleh food that come in teeny- weeny dainty size and cost u a bomb. Oh wait, those are the terror restaurants.. Hehehe.But still, Chinese food are cheaper than pub’s or cafe’s food. How you think the Chinese here all very rich one????… like those in Sibu..muahahaha.

      Oh? So that’s why you are so rich… Hmmmm…no lah! Just cold sandwiches, pastries…simple, simple ok already! πŸ˜‰ Btw, I think the place I told you is Parnell…not Howick. Yoong suggested Devonport but that one, have to use ferry and eeeeee… mountain, – no, thank you! LOL!!! πŸ˜€

      1. Hah? what place in Parnell you talking about leh?? Devonport – I suggested it for sightseeing (if you haven’t been to before) coz I have a soft spot for it as it’s got some lovely quaint shops and I love the houses there. Got nice gweilo restaurants there also (we went to one, can’t remember the name…but very nice seafood lunch we had there – I go search for my photo and then FB you). No need to climb mountains, your chauffeur will drive you up and down the hills and round the winding roads. You just sit back and enjoy πŸ˜‰

        Shereen – you may already know and have been to these restaurants; for Peking Duck – the Empress Garden is good (we liked it). Also, the Grand Harbour is pretty good. And China Yum Cha on Beach Road is also good.

        No need lah, just spend time together and enjoy the company of Shereen and her lovely husband and son, good enough. After all, the main intention of the trip is to visit them and to attend my girl’s convo, that’s all. Next time, I make a trip to Perth and you can take me to eat all that…and lobsters too, ya? Wink! Wink! LOL!!! πŸ˜€

      2. Yes! When you come to Perth, we will take you makan makan till you say “no more…neck pain”! wahahaa! We’re having lobsters too for our Xmas do πŸ™‚ yuummm!

        *jeles* 😦

      3. No worries.. We’ll bring you to even the boonies. My Pakcik is a natural born Kiwi and we have been here for ages, you just sit back and let us worry where to bring you go Jalan- Jalan and makan- makan. Pakcik is taking off from work and will be your chauffeur 24/7.Aiyah, Yoong.. no time to panjat bukit la.. Arthur is going to bring his speedo and spend time by the beach. Weather is nice and you can see lots of beached whales, dugongs and if you are lucky, even mermaids!.. hehehehe.

        Eyewwwwww!!!!! Actually I’m a hill person, not a beach bum…except that I don’t walk…nor do I climb – just want to sit and relax.

      4. …my eyesight today no good leh..I thought you wrote that AW is a beached mermaid. These days, cannot read sentences in full – got selective reading and hearing modes on πŸ™‚ * wink wink * I love this * wink wink *, plenty fun πŸ˜‰

        Beached dugong, more likely!!! Gee! You ARE old…go, go get your eyes checked. You need new glasses already. LOL!!!

      5. Arthur,
        I have a bone to pick with you.How come you wrote, ” ..enjoy the company of Shereen and her lovely husband…..’? Shouldn’t it be, ” .. enjoy the company of lovely Shereen and her husband’? See the different placing the word ‘lovely’?…. grrrrrr! I’m so offended 😦

        Oooooppppsssss!!!! Actually I meant yo type: “…the lovely Shereen and her loving husband and son…” but got it wrong. Slip of the fingers, not the though of mind. So many comments today – the earlier post already gone past 50 and no prize for guessing who’s been very busy. Old man kelam kabut replying, panic mode… LOL!!! πŸ˜€

      6. Eh, that compass finger simply pointing pointing ahh! I only noisy 13 times in yesterday’s post and just 4 times today…oh, so many! Oops! Aiyah, you made me a star yesterday mah so I must walk the red carpet that many times lah πŸ˜‰ I will gwai gwai in Friday’s post πŸ™‚

        No worries, do what you want. Many will use my blog as a chat room…but hard to reply when they’re not talking to me. πŸ˜‰

  5. The little girl is so cute…

    Loves the fish… hehe…

    Bet that would cost a bomb where you are. Not cheap here either – that’s why I seldom order steamed fish and would just settle for the cheaper stuff like sweet & sour fish fillet, good enough. πŸ™‚

  6. Oh, wow! What a scrumptious spread. I like all the dishes ordered and sea cucumber is a new favourite for me. But looking at the dried ones, eeuuww!!! I hope Melissa’s friend is recovering well. Poor girl, these mat rempits are a real nuisance and a health hazzard! The institute should have allowed her to go home early. I can’t understand why they didn’t. Hey, that little girl is so very cute. She looks like a happy friendly child.

    Hmmm…those people there, dunno how they function! Let them know so late that they could go back – airfare extra expensive…and luckily was able to get seats. A real nuisance, I would say. Thank goodness it is all over – no need to go back there and suffer anymore.

    Sea cucumber, expensive…and here, we buy already soaked and cleaned – not easy to soak yourself, really a hassle.

  7. Glad to hear Melissa’s friend is doing fine now.

    Ooo…that’s a yam basket! Only get to have it once in a while and I love the crispy and yet chewy texture of the yam.

    I’ve had better ones elsewhere – didn’t actually like the one here – not sweet, not salty…rather bland.

  8. Sorry to hear about Melissa’s course mate. Well well just can’t digest this comment from one of our gomen big guns who suggested to recruit Mat Rempit into the polis force?????

    Stupid is as stupid does! I’m not surprised at all that they cannot even handle a simple problem like taking measures to make it safer for the trainees to cross the road and have their meals on the other side…and this accident is not an isolated case – there have been others before in the past! 😦

  9. reckless motorcyclists are everywhere nowadays, even my car front bumper got grazed the other day.. the poor girl, fractured >< ..

    plus sauce pork and sizzling beef for me please, i can finish the whole plate to myself :D.. haha

    Hmmmm…she reckless, or you? Wink! Wink! πŸ˜‰ Muahahahaha!!!! πŸ˜€ Well, your baby’s due soon…and you’ll be tied down for a number of years…no chance of you coming over now to enjoy these and more, lots more!

  10. Oh king gamblers say ‘shit’ is luck, its hot money bro, its 932 shall give you tons of $$$ haha

    3 digits only? Will need four… Who knows? Surprise birthday gift this weekend? πŸ˜‰

  11. will always try not to park under a tree or else you get a car with lots of snow. hehehe

    There too? Here, we have had that problem for years and years now… 😦

  12. My late mama would love to prepare cangkuk manis in soup form with of course ma fav poached egg. You may hear this from Bananaz when ordering pan mee..”Boss plz gip me one bowl of pan mee with poached egg without the pan mee”.. Huh how can like that..stupid is as stupid does..and its RM3.00 for pan mee without pan mee kakaka

    The mee is tasteless anyway…it’s the soup and the condiments! I used to order beef noodles for my girl…without the noodles. πŸ˜‰

    1. … and we ordered abalone congee in HK without the abalone and still get charged the same! WT*!

      They see your colour not the same…can sharpen the knives really well mah!!! Best to go to places where you have friends – better to go around with locals…like in Sibu. Wink! Wink! πŸ™‚

      1. Huh! That’s daylight robbery..they are not using a knife but a chopper.

        Never mind…overseas people all kaya raya, can slaughter kau-kau, never mind… Hehehehehe!!!!!!

  13. Poor girl.. as parents, we would be worried sick of such happenings! These nuisance, they will never end… sigh..
    As long as their girl comes home safely, it is a big relief.. yes, chinese like to give thanks through food and food.. hahaha.. The sea cucumber looks nice and the Soon Hock fish is not cheap too.. it is expensive over here…

    Not cheap here as well, I think. Never dare to order…cannot afford. Ya, so glad it’s all over and they do not have to go there anymore. So worrying, so helpless…can really get all stressed out over the years! 😦

  14. Paiseh in the past 61 years dunno what the angmoh lang called ‘poached’ egg until you posted it. See learn a new word from STP. No need to be ashamed if dunno must ask that’s how I picked up so many dialects and languages. Bananaz can speakinging Bahasa Malaysia, Engrish, Australian, American, NewZealand etc and can talkinging Mandarin, Teow Chew, Hokkien, Hakka, Cantonese, little bit of Hainan & Tamil, little little bit of Thai, little little little bit of Japanese but soli totally hopeless in FuChow only know ‘kaliu kaliu’ hahahaha.

    I’m not sure but is poached egg called “nui pao” or egg purse in Hokkien? Me also, all alang-alang one…a bit here and a bit there – still have a lot to learn as well.

    1. See my Engrish is half past six, Hokkien also ‘pua tang chui’. Guess nui pao is quite close, egg purse normally refers to those fried egg where you fold it just like a wallet hence the name. In life we are learning day by day and can never stop learning.

      Ya, I know that one…but I’ve heard of people asking me if I wanted nui pao in the soup or not…and it came out as poached egg. Maybe it is the same name for two different things.

  15. Yam basket – I miss having this. Can get here but must pre-order (in most restaurants), tsk. OK, put yam basket on my list – you belanja me makan this in Sibu πŸ˜‰

    Not too sure where I can get nicer ones as I seldom order this – not really a fan…unless it came with the set dinner and I had nicer ones before – just can’t remember where.

  16. I hate those Mat Rempits. Thought they are macho and good looking! Crazy bunch!

    I was drooling over your dishes. All so delicious.

    Just a reflection of their pea-brained mentality…to make up for their inferiority complex. 😦 Yes, the food at this place is pretty good – one of my choice places to eat in town.

  17. wow NICE!! the plum sauce pork, the sizzling beef, the toufu, the yam basket and the sea cucumber soup!! all nice and i love them!! yummy yummy!!

    Of course!!! This is Sibu! Everything is nice here. People also nice…like me! Wink! Wink! πŸ˜‰

  18. I hope Melissa’s friend’s leg is fine now.
    Food looks indeed good, and you do take good pictures, Arthur.
    Good that you and Melissa lend the friend a helping hand and her family really appreciated your help.

    She’s recovering fast, which is a good thing…the poor girl. What are friends for? Must help any whenever we can… The food here is good, much nicer than some of the places that I’ve tried over at your side, I would say.

  19. That was really a good deed that you did, STP! Sometimes little gestures like this mean the world to others. Bravo! And I’m glad you had a good meal after waiting for 1+hour!!

    “The least that you do to the least of your brethren, you do unto Me!” I believe that for every little good thing we do, we will be blessed.

  20. like I said.. Arthur is always a good boy… watch out for those pressies to come from Santa!! πŸ˜‰

    Glad to know we can all do our part to help someone… to us it may be little but to others, it means a lot. A colleague of mine was also attacked in the early morning in the car park by mat rempits. They robbed him and hit him with their helmets… he broke his arm… sigh…

    on another note, I look forward to trying Cangkuk manis with egg… never had it before.. πŸ™‚

    Good luck! Looking forward to your post on the cangkuk manis… Gosh! I thought they only race around on their motorbikes making a nuisance of themselves. You mean they actually go around beating people some more. Tsk! Tsk! Should just round them up and put them behind bars. 😦

  21. Bravo!!!..Arthur, you have done a good deed and she is lucky to have good friends around her in time of need. Gosh, all the food looks so nice.

    What is this world without friends? No man is an island and I’m sure should I need any help, lots will come to my aid as well… That’s the way it goes.

  22. well dish looks perfect as always specially that mixed vegetable it seems so healthy in a yummy way lol

    Hah!!! Food cooked in the restaurant – I would never say is healthy. Nice, yes…but healthy, I’m not that sure. πŸ˜‰

  23. it’s really sweet when we know our efforts and thoughts are appreciated. it helps keep kindness alive in this world πŸ˜€

    Indeed…but do good deeds and never expect anything in return. Appreciate and be happy, should people reciprocate…but that should not be the reason why we want to do good deeds. Right or not? πŸ˜‰

  24. Ishh….reali hate those mat rempit! Curse them kau kau.
    That lil gal is such a sweetie. Well done STP…I really hope there is such ‘buat baik dibalas baik’.

    God is all seeing and all knowing and whatever we do, we will be blessed and will get our due reward one day.

  25. food looks good. Soon Hock expensive fish leh. Seven dishes. Can finish ka?

    All finished except the yam basket – that one they tapao-ed home… πŸ™‚

  26. Mat Rempit again…Some years back, one of my relatives’s child was knocked by these mat rempits while cycling to school. Unfortunately he did not survive the accident, and it was a great loss the the family. We’ve been hearing about social issues, havocs and even deaths caused by these mat rempits over the years, yet they are still here today, bringing fears to our daily life. 😦

    No one like the yam basket? It’s my dad and my favorite dish. We will normally order that during any dinner. πŸ™‚

    I guess everyone was too full by then and could not appreciate it as much…but I do think there are other places that are nicer. Ya…seems to be a serious problem over at your side. Here, we do have a sprinkling but not a worrying problem as there are not that many of them around. The authorities should take serious action against them – these scum of the earth!!! 😦

  27. the plum sauce pork and cangkuk manis looks yummy!! The soup looks so diluted, i thought it should be a bit sticky…

    Yes, the one at Ruby is definitely nicer. Hmmm…when will I see you again? Come, come…we’ll go round and eat…eat…eat…some more! πŸ˜‰

  28. Melissa has a kind heart just like parents. You and Lucy brought her up well. These pictures reminds me of the meals I had when I was in Sibu. I hope Melissa’s friend will recover speedily. Everywhere in Malaysia is not safe now, not even in your own home. In my family and my circle of friends, at least 70% have either encountered snatch thief, break ins or being robbed. My brother just got robbed last week but luckily he was not hurt. One of my friend’s brother was not that fortunate. He was robbed and killed. So sad.

    Oh dear!!! It certainly looks like things are really really bad over there. It is quite ok here – I guess that is one of the perks in living in a small and boring town where nothing much ever happens. Yes, Melissa has grown up to be a sweet and gentle girl though I wish she would be a bit street smart and less kind-hearted. Seeing how the way things are going in society these days, sometimes it is good to have a mean selfish streak in you…

  29. Nice restaurant, nice food, nice host and extra nice Mayor of Sibu!

    Why every table is ordering the yam basket? No one order it here, I only get to eat it during wedding dinner, hmpf! It’s my top favourite dish and I’ll get disappointed when there is none on the menu for wedding banquet. Hehehe….

    Seems very popular though I can’t really understand why since it did not sweep me off my feet. The tofu dish is a whole lot nicer!

  30. Sorry to hear about that incident.. Those mat rempit…. Really, we just don’t need them at all!!!

    Anyway, those food looks yummy! And that girl is so cute!

    She is…and my goodness, can eat so much like an adult. Finished the whole bowl of rice and she loved the tofu and the cangkuk manis. Usually, kids hate vegetables!

  31. Glad to hear that Christina is recovering well.

    Nice House, yes nice food, although no chance to eat there, but at least i had tried their food once. The food pictures you posted, look yummy and all my favourite! Lucky i had my sea cucumber soup twice recently, kekekekkeek…ah, talk about ginger slice in the soup, i didn’t add in that, it still taste good. πŸ™‚

    Usually if I must, I put slices…or chunks, bruised…and then I throw them away. Not a hassle like when cut into thin strips…or worse, pounded!!! My missus would do that…and I would have to spit the bits out. Tsk! Tsk! 😦

  32. I’m so sorry for your friend…. its so scary to go out these days, robbery, mat rempits *faints*

    Ya…thankfully, it isn’t so bad here – small town where nothing much ever happens…but then again, small town – not much reason to go out either. Hehehehehehe!!!!

  33. happy to know melissa’s friend arrived safely…ooo…i haven’t been to nice house for 5 years. it’s very difficult to enjoy food, it is super noisy!

    I think it is because of the low ceiling. I seldom go there for that same reason…and the long wait. Can go early though, around 6…not many people…and avoid weekends.

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