Love is all around…

This came via courier service last week, DHL no less…

From Huai Bin 1

…from my dear friend and fellow-blogger, Huai Bin

From Huai Bin 2

He went to the Philippines sometime ago and it really was so sweet of him to remember me when he was over there having a ball of a time. He actually went through the trouble of buying a couple of things that he wanted to give to me the next time he came home. Unfortunately, he has not had the opportunity to come back to Sibu lately so he decided to send the things over to me instead.

Inside, there was a packet of dried mangoes…

Dried mangoes 1

…which were very nice – not pickled, just dried…

Dried mangoes 2

…and other than that, there was this as well…


Chicaron? I did not know what that was so I had a look at the ingredients…

Chicaron - ingredients

Eyewwww!!!!!! My goodness gracious – pork skin!!!

But come to think of it, when we go to eat those slabs of roast pork belly at the char siew places, don’t we love the crispy skin or what they call the crackle? I am supposed to put this into the microwave and let it pop…and then I can eat it but unfortunately, I have not got round to doing that yet so I would not know how good that actually tastes. We will just have to wait till one fine day when I can manage to pluck up enough courage to get down to doing that. Hehehehehehe!!!!

Anyway, thanks so very much, Huai Bin…and at the same time, I would like to thank my very dear old friends, old in every sense of the word, Vivien and Mary, for the lovely birthday card that they sent me…

Birthday card

 It arrived the day after I got the stuff from Huai Bin and this is what it says inside…

Birthday card - inside

I quickly texted them to thank them and I added, “My eyesight is failing already so you two will look real gorgeous to me, no worries!” God is indeed fair and merciful, don’t you think? LOL!!!! Well, thank you so much for the card, ladies. I love it, I really do! It not only made me smile – I actually LOLed when I opened and read it. And just in case anyone is wondering, no, it is not my birthday yet – there are still a few days to go before I hit the big SIX-O!!!

And if you think that is all, think again for you are indeed very very sadly mistaken. Annie-Q‘s mum who just got back from KL, dropped by my house yesterday afternoon to pass me this…

Exclusive from Starbucks

Holy Moses!!! A birthday present – something exclusive from Starbucks!!!

Birthday present from Annie

Oooo…thank you so so so much, Annie! I saw somebody’s photos of it on Facebook and I was wishing and hoping that I would get one…and yippee!!!! My wish has come true!!!!

But wait a minute! She also sent me these yummy stuff from Marks & Spencer, including my favourite All Butter Viennese…and a Christmas present for Melissa as well…

More goodies from Annie

Thanks, Annie, on her behalf – so sweet of you to get something for her too.

Then there was Yi Ling as well – an ex-student of mine in one of my English tuition classes sometime ago. If I’m not mistaken, she was in the same class as Huai Bin’s sister…and presently, she’s married with 3 kids and is based in Johore. I did get to meet her when she came home last year but this time around, she just had her 3rd one so it was not convenient for her to come out. Still, that did not stop her from sending her father to deliver these…

From Yi Ling

…to my house. Thank you so very much to you too, Yi Ling and also to your father for sending the stuff over.

Gosh!!! I must have done something really good in my previous life or what to be so blessed and so very much loved in my present one by all the wonderfully kind and generous friends that I have all over, praise the Lord. May God bless you all abundantly each passing day of your lives…

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

37 thoughts on “Love is all around…”

  1. May God bless you all abundantly each passing day of your lives… i like the last sentence… Have a good day Pak!

    You too, brudder…and bless you! Wah!!! No more Super Heroes…now Pirates of the Caribbean pulak… LOL!!! 😀

  2. No worries! 🙂

    I’m glad you enjoyed it mate, I don’t think I could come back with the ticket prices as it is currently so I reckon I’ll just send them over.

    I like the dried mangos, bought a pack for my parents too, as well as a pack of chicaron – great when eaten with a dash of vinegar.

    Wow! You certainly do get a lot of stuff from your friends all over. It just goes to show how nice you are for people to think of you. 😀

    Cheers buddy!

    Thanks again, my friend…and yes, it certainly feels great to know that one is much loved.

    It has been said that of all the pain, the greatest pain is to love but to love in vain. However, I believe that on the other side of the spectrum, there is nothing like to love and being loved in return – it makes life and everything in it so much more beautiful…and for all the sincere and loving friends that I’ve made through blogging, I am indeed thankful.

    1. Eeee.. Why la you must make me feel melancholic!!!Love,love, super love ur reply to Huai Bin… so beautiful n lyrical.

      Mean every word I say…comes from the bottom of my heart – friends are precious to me and their love, I will always appreciate and cherish! 🙂

  3. Wow! Getting present is very exciting and tempting. Happy weekdays!

    It’s not so much what you get but the warm feeling that there are people who care and are thinking of you… You, have a great week ahead too.

  4. wow!! how lucky and blessed and loved you are King Kampuarthur!! you have got so many people sending you things, i guess not only for your birthday, but all year round!! how nice.. the very popular FOOD MAYOR of SIBU..

    the dried mangoes, oh, i think we can get that in KL.. the chicharon, i have no idea what that is, and now i knew it’s some crunchy pig skin, hehe, looks good.. but of all, i just love that starbucks mug, wow, that is just so gorgeous present!! and together with all those goodies from M&S, Annie is sure one very sweet and nice lady…

    She is! A VERY sweet and nice lady…and so are the other ladies too and Huai Bin as well. So blessed indeed to be loved by them all and all the rest. 🙂

    1. Ahem Ahem cough cough *clear throat*

      Thank you SK. *shy shy*

      No need to be shy, memang nice & sweet… Like me, if people say such things – never shy one. LOL!!! 😀

  5. Arthur, I would have inspected the Chicharon without further ado! Pork skin, mmmm….but I wonder if that one will get really crackly like the freshly roasted pork. So, you open that up soon and tell us about it, OK? 🙂 Hee..hee…:D

    Can’t wait eh? Penang people would love it, I’m sure. You have the crusts from the melted fat/lard in your char kway teow and everybody there seems to love it a lot! 😉

  6. Good morning!
    Awww your friends are so sweet! Sending you lots of love for your tummy! 😉

    Yes, one thing’s for sure I will never be short of nice stuff to eat… 😉

  7. wow you got a present all the way from here, the philippines i so love that dried mangoes and chicharon

    Yes, thanks to my friend, Huai Bin, now I have the chance to sample some of your Filipino delicacies… 😉

  8. Really LOVE is all around you, Arthur!! Is your birthday coming or is it over? 🙂 I didnt see any announcement from FB.. so I guess it is not over yet, right? 🙂

    Not yet, not yet… Yours already over, mine on the way. Watch out for my birthday post! 😉

    1. secretive about your BIG day!! OK, will look out for it.. where are you going for your Christmas? U mentioned not being around… coming over to the penisula?

      No lah…going for my daughter’s convocation…and will stop by to visit my good friend, Shereen & her family.

  9. Christmas comes early to you, Arthur and one lucky man to have all the love around you. Indeed truly blessed. Love the birthday present from Annie. May the Good Lord Bless you abundantly.

    And bless you too! I am indeed so very lucky…and happy, that’s for sure…. 🙂

  10. Arthur… all I can say is that You have been a Very very good boy! Santa will surely be delivering more presents to you soon…. 😀

    Chincharron… I wish they have them available here in Msia… I love them… lol… not good for the heart but definately good for the soul? ;P

    Oo.. big day coming.. any plans to go through it in style? Else come to KL and we will all celebrate for you… XD

    You love those? Nice kah? Hmmmm….must get down to preparing it and sampling to see what it’s like! 🙂 No plans for the big day, right now… No big bash, I’m sure…just a simple, quiet one here. 😦 Yes, I’ve always been very good…so I’m waiting eagerly for Santa to drop be. LOL!!!! 😀

  11. Pork skin! Gasp!!!!!!!!!!!! I tot he sent you some BR vouchers! haha..

    “My eyesight is failing already so you two will look real gorgeous to me, no worries!” I’ll let your eyesight fail you more before finally find the courage to meet up okay? 😀

    I’m sure he would but there is no BR outlet here, so that’s out of the question. 😉

    Hey, cannot lah!!!! You are so very small so if my eyesight gets too poor, I may not be able to see you at all. LOL!!!! 😀

  12. wow, definitely blessed indeed. you’re always receiving great things in the mail (whereas i only have bills to look forward to in the postbox, heh). but it’s fair that good people like yourself receive good things 😀

    I also get bills…bills…and bills so much so that I dread seeing the postman stopping by my house and would heave a huge sigh of relief if he goes post on his motorbike. Phobia… LOL!!! So such relief from the usual once in a while would be so very much welcomed. 😉

  13. oh… pork skin? hope it will be like those roast pork skin.. crunchy!! Happy B’day Cikgu!! May you be blessed with many many more happy returns and healthy always!

    I hope so too. That would be nice… Hey! Not yet! Not yet! Still a few days to go…but thanks, anyway, Cyn! Make sure you come back for the special birthday post.

  14. wow wow..really love is all around or is it Christmas come early?
    Ah, i love that Philippines dried mango, now i can get it from Shop Rite. 🙂
    Glad you love the mug. 🙂 See i can read you!!! hahahhahahhahahha i love their Christmas collection, very nice.

    Yes, it is very nice indeed. You like the mango? I’m ok with it but I normally do not eat such things. Dried fruits, sour plums, pickles and all…I think they’re more a woman’s thing, right or not? 😉 Will try the pork skin soon… Ummmm…no leh? No Christmas present for me…YET leh? Only for my birthday….Hint! Hint! Wink! Wink! LOL!!!! 😀

  15. What a lot of goodies – happy to see you so spoilt by your friends 😉 That is a very nice coffee mug that Annie got you – use it lah instead of keeping in your display cabinet. If not, send to me, I’ll use it, heh heh! 

    Ummmm…you haven’t sent my my present yet? IKEA, can shop online or not? I need a new cabinet to display all the gifts that I so cherish and treasure. You have my mailing address…so you can instruct them as to where to deliver it. Muahahahahahaha!!!!

  16. When you eat those pork skin, be careful.. don’t chip your teeth. I did.. hehehe. I must buy some for you when you come over. The ones we like is from the UK. I see you eat only la as I dah bertaubat.. hehehe. You got wonderful friends 🙂

    Ummmm….I remember that food court near the jetty in Auckland. Nice roast pork…and the guy asked me, “Wanna cackle?” waving that piece of roast pork skin in the air… LOL!!!! Hmmm…must be extra careful when eating then – later, go Auckland can’t eat anything…no teeth! 😦

  17. Man, those presents are lovely! Love, food and presents can really brighten up one’s day. Deep-fried pork skin sounds …. tasty. Have you given the chicharon a try?

    If I’m reading it right, can I wish you an early Happy Birthday? =D

    Thanks. There will be a special birthday post on the day itself – I have one every year. 😉 Yes, the fact that one feels so much loved is enough to make any day bright and beautiful. 😉

  18. Those dried mangoes from Cebu are the best in the world! The chicharon is also good! You’ve got the most wonderful birthday presents there:) Happy birthday Arthur! 60 years of many blessings eh? That’s Good! There’s more to come!!

    Thank you, thank you. Certainly looking forward to that… 🙂 Will try the chicaron soon… 😉

  19. wow so many foods..
    I am sure you will finish it in no time….. big capacity of engine.. lol…
    btw when is your Birthday? what cannot hear you..
    YOU MUST SPEAK LOUDLY .. kakakaka
    next time when you come to KL I will bring you to look for SK and we ask him to belanja..

    Just wait lah!!! Coming soon! Check out my posts every day…and on the day, there will be a special post and you will know.

    Ask SK belanja? No lah…he’s jobless, no money…cannot! We belanja him instead, ok – friends must always understand one another’s situation…cannot simply be like parasites. Hehehehehehe!!!!!

    Of course, everything will be finished…sooner or later, no problem at all. 😉

  20. I believe you are a special person. I strongly believe that… ;D U are so special in a way, that u have friends , who stays miles away from u , yet they can be so close to u (by heart) ..

    Blessed man! ;DDD

    Happy Birthday Mr.Arthur!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Yes, distance does not matter when in our hearts, we will stay each passing day. Thanks, just a few days more… 😉

  21. Pork skins are quite popular in parts of the USA, while I see them everywhere I see more when we visit the Southern States. So try them, you might like them. 🙂 How blessed you are to receive things from friends.

    I hope you had a fabulous birthday!

    Thanks, Opal… It’s just round the corner. Yes, I am truly so blessed that I have all the wonderfully loving friends. Will try the prok skin soon…

  22. And you say nobody send you anything….LOL

    Pork skin nice ah….yummy leh

    Hehehehehehe!!!! Sikit, sikit ada lah. 😉

  23. Those dried mangoes from Cebu Philippines are very nice. I had these when one of my colleagues bought it as a gift to me during her work trip there. I think you have treated people well for a start, hence they always remember you. 🙂

    What goes around comes around…or as I always say, what thou giveth, thus would thou receive… 😉

  24. Wahh…wahh…so many pressies! You are such a kind & humble man who deserve the best from everyone. Happy Birthday! I think this year is another blessing year, for your daughter is back home to celebrate your birthday and silence night together with you and wifey.

    Thanks, Yee Ling. Yes, this year is going to be special indeed… Watch out for the post on the actual day! 😉

  25. Err err.. when is your birthday ah?? O.o

    Errrr.. should I say happy belated birthday?? hehehe..

    No, no…not belated. Still a few days to go…and thanks, anyway. 😉

  26. Thanks for your rambutans too! The weather is too hot for outing and we have been staying at home since hubby’s back to Johor. Baby is handful with all his unscheduled naps and ‘hyperactiveness’ when awake. Hubby consoled me saying things will get better next year if I would still plan to be back.

    Yes, it gets better when they get bigger. No worries, we can always meet some other time if we can’t make it this time around. Who knows I may make a trip to Johore sometime… I have never been to JB or any of the towns in the state. Do text me if ever you can sneak away, no problem…I’m free most if not all of the time. 🙂

  27. Hi, all the wonderful gifts from your friends. You must be in cloud nine. 🙂 You’re one lucky gentleman. Best regards.

    Indeed I am! Very very lucky…

  28. Recently received 2 packs of those pork crackling too and trying not to have too much of it at once. Artery clogging stuff!

    Are they any good? I haven’t got round to trying yet… 😉

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