No longer there….

My teacher cum blogger friend, ah^kam_koko’, and I went to this place for breakfast one morning last week. I had always wanted to try the traditional Foochow mee sua there but I never got round to doing that.

When I reached the place, I discovered, much to my dismay, that the stall had closed down or moved somewhere else. In the end, I decided to try the Foochow-style fried noodles (with gravy) from the chu-char (cook and fry) place at the back…

Foochow fried noodles

…because I saw some people having that and there seemed to be a lot more ingredients than at many other places in town. Indeed, there were more green vegetables and some other stuff and on the whole, it tasted quite good – not enough of that much-coveted wok hei fragrance but it was nice enough and I would not mind having that again should I drop by the place anytime in the future.

ah^kam_koko’ had the Sarawak laksa special…

Laksa special

…and of course, he felt that the ones in Kuching would be a lot nicer. For one thing, I ordered the special and it was very expensive – RM6.50. In the photograph at the stall, there were two big udang galah (or one cut into halves) but in actual fact, all there was instead were some small prawns. I should have ordered the normal which would cost RM4.00 only.

The kampua stall seemed to be enjoying bustling business…

Kampua stall

…and I noticed that he would serve giant-sized portions like this…

XL kampua

…upon order.

I didn’t try anything from that stall but I did order this so-called Doraemon mantao (RM1.50)…

Doraemon mantao

…from the same stall that sells the Sarawak laksa, as well as the sio bee and the jiaozi that we had on our previous visit. I saw a lady having that and I thought I would like to give it Β a try.

They had minced meat filling inside…

Mantao filling

…and were not very generous with that. I suppose that would be the same filling one would get when ordering their stuffed kompia. On the whole, I was quite disappointed as the mantao was kind of tough or rubbery and personally, I would prefer it to be stuffed with braised pork belly, gravy and all.

Well, even though the mee sua stall is no longer there, if anyone wants a bowl of bitter gourd mihunΒ (I ordered that from that stall that day), he or she can order it from that laksa stall now…and if theirs is as good as the daughter’s at this other place, I am sure it is worth having.

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26 thoughts on “No longer there….”

  1. love the hockchiu mee! can only get in Sibu.

    Can get that very easily in Kuching now… The city is infested with hock chiu lang! LOL!!! πŸ˜€

  2. Haiyah! Got nice kompia, you pulak go and makan mantao! Waste of calories only eating that kiddies roti!!!! I’ve yet to eat a to die for mantao.. enough said! Love the look of the laksa and I never knew one can also put taufo-pok. Must be extra nice eating that sponge, eh?Got my last half packet of Sarawak laksa paste and am going to add taufo-pok in it.Sure extra sedap one πŸ™‚

    Must try mah… wouldn’t want to miss in case it happened to be something really nice but unfortunately, it wasn’t. Yup…they have tofu pok in fish head curry here too…and Melissa loves it a lot – with all the gravy soaked into it. Hmmm…it would not be a problem getting more sambal laksa for you but you said I must not bring any food? Better wait till you come and you can buy lots and lots of that yourself. January? Chinese New Year in Sibu?

  3. Hi there. I had limited time back in Sibu. Managed to have dinner at Kampung Hilir that night. It was quite good stall. Saw many people ate there. Regret that I didn’t got chance to browse around for another stall.

    The ladyboy place? Very popular but I hear the food is just so-so. Never went as parking can be such a pain and a bit too crowded for my liking plus I don’t really fancy driving along the narrow kampung road with all the cars parked along the side.

  4. DORAEMON mantou?? why is it called doraemon mantou?? doesn’t look like doraemon at all.. and did they pay for the loyalty fees for using the name doraemon?? hahahaha~~ BTW, doraemon only loves red bean fillings and not the meat lah~~

    ROYALTY fees, you mean? Maybe they think it looks like what Doraemon likes to eat all the time…or perhaps, it’s big fat and round like Doraemon? I wouldn’t know. I, for one, would never name anything after Doraemon – can’t stand that character…especially when dubbed into BM. The mere voice makes my hair stand on end…

  5. oh, so that’s foochow mee sua?? it looks like braised yee mee to me.. and that’s sarawak laksa, i wonder what’s the uniqueness of sarawak laksa as compared to the common curry laksa??

    SIGHHHH!!!!! Ah well, as they say, ignorance is bliss…so go ahead and think that is Foochow mee sua…and I’m not going to explain either the difference between Sarawak laksa and Singapore/nyonya curry laksa…or curry mee, for that matter. No point!

  6. That Foochow mee is like the Hokkien mee here except that the latter has more wok hei.
    Sarawak laksa is not quite there for me in taste. I much prefer the regular coconut milk curry laksa. Yum!

    Whoa, that plate of Kampua mee can feed me for two meals. hehe..
    I like mee sua but have not been able to cook it well enough. The smell of flour gives me the shivers.
    Good morning, STP! Happy Sunday!

    Nope! It is very different from KL Hokkien mee (which I gather is not the same as Penang’s either) – different taste altogether. The good ones are supposed to have just as much wok hei…this one not so much…and those with hardly any wok hei would be considered FAIL!!! So you have your KL Hokkien mee there…which we have here too – at the restaurant in yesterday’s post and they do it very well there…and we have our Hock Chiu (Foochow) char mee here which you do not have there! So there!!!

    I wonder where you had your Sarawak laksa – sometimes, when you go some place, you need to know the people who will take you to taste the best ones in town…like if you come to Sibu, you cannot just go to any coffee shop to have kampua and say you have tasted kampua and it sucks!!! Mee sua, smell of flour??? Where is your mee sua from, I wonder? Ask those who have been here…and have eaten OUR Foochow mee sua in traditional red wine chicken soup – nothing like it over at your side…and those who got to eat my missus’, no need to say lah – they would be craving for more! SHEREEN!!! SHEREEN!!! Where are you? You tell them lah….

    A very good morning to you and a Happy Sunday too!

    1. Happysurfer, Yeah Foochow mee looks like hokkien char in Penang with dark gravy. Oh boy that plate of Kampua mee has exceeded Bananaz’s usual 500 strand of noodles.

      Ya…they also say that I look like a lot of people but we’re definitely not the same, not at all!!!!

      Hmmmmm….Like that, better don’t come to Sibu – nothing to do here other than eat…eat…eat!!!! I really love and admire those who came like smallkucing & gang – they really could eat…and they enjoyed every moment of their stay here. My friend, Ivan, has come twice…was here a few weeks ago and and he called me yesterday – said he wants to come again next week! Told him to go home…visit his folks in Ipoh, two months already he hasn’t been home…. See! How they love coming to Sibu!!!

      1. Definitely not the same even though if we do have kampua noodles and etc in KL they can never be the same compared to Sibu. Just like char kuey teow we have Penang char kuey teow in KL but the taste is totally not like Penang. We were merely trying to visualize in our minds..;).

        Of course, not the same… Even two stalls in the same place cooking the same thing, what they dish out would be different. That’s why here, there are nice kampua stalls…and others, not worth the calories.

  7. so cute! doraemon mantou! haha and yes pictures can be deceiving!

    Cute? Well, the taste is nothing to shout about…so one thing’s for sure, I would not be having it again. 😦

  8. Doraemon mantou? When did Doraemon started to eat mantou one? kekeke

    No idea! But the Malays here have their own version as well- deep-fried mini-buns stuffed with sambal ikan bilis & thin slices of cucumber…and they call them Doraemon. I used to love eating those a lot when they first made the scene but not anymore…

    1. I thought that one (the roti bom sambal) is called Burger Malaysia. Call it differently in Sibu?

      That was the name I knew it as when it first made the scene, burger Malaysia – I only found out recently that the kids in the primary school loved it and named it Doraemon…after what that character would eat in the show – looked like it, they said.

  9. Doraemon mantou??? Next, will be Pink Panther & Popeye mantou. Love the foochow style fried noodles.

    You can get those in Kuching. The one at Me Kong (opposite Heritage Restaurant) is very good – can lawan any of the best ones in Sibu!

  10. sarawak laksa is still my choice πŸ™‚ delicious spicy sourness

    Latest: My Collection of Gold

    Ya…and the rempah has its own special taste – not like tom yam…and definitely not like curry. This one’s a bit too lemak, I see…which is a no-no as far as Kuching laksa connoiseurs are concerned! They will certainly condemn it to kingdom come!

  11. yum!! yum!! so much of good review from your blog. got get paid or not? why not open a restaurant since you like cooking a lot too? Am sure you will be very famous in Sibu πŸ™‚

    Too old to venture into such things. If I had known when I was young that I could cook, I would have gone into the food business and would be a billionaire by now. 😦 Not necessarily good all the time…but I try to be subtle so as not to offend anybody – up to the readers to get the hint or catch the drift.

  12. SARAWAK LAKSA!!!!!! How can I not have tried it before? ever ever ever :O LOL doraemon pao thingy looks cute haha

    Hmmm…what does it remind you of? Hehehehehe!!!! There’s a very popular place at Bangsar – lady from Kuching…..I hear her Sarawak laksa isn’t too bad. Try googling – you’ll get her exact location.

  13. A Sibu specialty that chu char, although Kuching does a pretty decent version too (although the chefs inevitably are Foochow and come from Sibu haha).

    Nice! This made me miss home a lot.

    I’m also looking forward to having you home again…and we can go round to eat the nice stuff we have here. πŸ˜‰

  14. Julia’s mentioned to me ages ago that there is Sarawak laksa here (or is it kampua noodles??), but I have yet to check it out. I really should not bother but wait to try the ‘real’ thing, yes πŸ˜‰ ? Haha! fight your own battle, the Shereen Calvary is awol… πŸ™‚

    She was here earlier… Usually, she makes an appearance early in the morning and would reappear the next day. 😦

    I’ve heard that too…and told my cousin and nephew there…and one of them made a beeline to the place to try – she told my nephew not to bother going…so I guess you can get the message. Of course, beggars can’t be choosers…so something is better than nothing.

  15. I don’t really like mee suah..
    But as what you say I have not tasted the best…
    Maybe it will change my mind..

    Yup, I tried the one at Jalan Alur…all the newspaper reviews, like very famous one…but I did not even manage to finish half a bowl. Nothing like ours here… 😦

  16. the Sarawak laksa looks good though…and yours looked like our Penang Hokkien Char.

    I really cannot figure out why named ‘Doraemon’ for the mantao… go figure!

    Neither can I. Maybe it’s big, fat and round? Oh? Penang Hokkien Char? Not like the KL ones, I understand…and somebody told me Hokkien mee in Penang is the har mee or prawn noodles. Looks like there is something else then. Hmmm…would want to try some day, see the same or not…

  17. You’re there at One Cent, too bad, the famous stall decides to close down the biz. sigh

    Oh ya, talk about foochow fried noodles, my mum just found out a place, nearby Sarawak House, not sure is it coffee shop or just a stall, selling those old school foochow fried noodles, she said it taste really good, let me get all the detail from her and i let you know.

    Wow!! That is a huge plate of kampua!! I don’t think i can finish it, even though i am a kampua die hard fans. How come last round when i was there i never notice the kampua they serve is giant size? hmmmm…

    Many people ordered…and then they shared. Yet to try the kampua there – dunno nice or not. Foochow fried mee, there are a few places that I like – Min Kong’s very nice (minus the prawns, not expensive…just order the normal ones)…but so sad these days – everywhere the same…can hardly see the meat…and not even the veg. Will only have tiny little bits, so sad….

  18. i have tried dry version of that noodle dish i was pretty delicious but i guess what you had was way better

    Which one? The fried noodles? This is the Foochow-style which you may not be able to get elsewhere – many may look the same…but they would taste quite different. Most would be dry – no sauce or gravy.

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