La la means I love you…

I stumbled upon a can of curry clams (kari lala) in the pantry, two cans, in fact…the other one being the sambal lala variety. I asked my missus about them and she said they were lala in soy sauce and she wanted to use that to fry noodles. Soy sauce? But I was very sure I did not see any in that – just one can curry and the other can, sambal. Ah well!!! Whatever!!! In the end, I found a bag of noodles (1 kg usually) in the fridge so I decided to fry half of it using one – the curry one, to be exact…


I sliced half a Bombay onion and a few chilies, seeds removed…and I also had a stalk of serai (lemon grass), end bruised…plus two sprigs of curry leaves and two eggs.

First, I heated up a bit of oil and threw in the onion slices, serai and curry leaves…

Step 1

Them, I threw in the sliced chili…

Step 2

…and added the noodles…

Step 3

After stirring well and mixing everything together, I added the lala – curry clams…

Step 4

After frying that a bit, I broke the eggs into the wok and mixed it all together. I added a bit of fish gravy and a pinch of msg and soon, my dish of curry clam noodles was ready to be served…

STP's curry clam noodles

It was very nice…but I wished I had some green vegetable such as sawi orΒ chai hwa in Hokkien…or taugeh (bean sprouts) perhaps to add to it so that I would have a much better-balanced dish but there was none in the fridge that day. Sigh!!!


Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

36 thoughts on “La la means I love you…”

  1. Nothing can beat a home cooked meal πŸ™‚ and you’re good at that!

    Ya…my girl’s home from college and she is so sick of eating out – would want to stay home and eat everything home-cooked, all the things she misses so much. πŸ˜‰

  2. I agree with Annie, home cooked meals are great. I love them.

    I don’t think I’ve ever had curry clam noodles, then again, I’ve never had curry clam either. My daughter doesn’t like seafood, so I’d have to make this for my father when my mom is out of town.

    I guess it’s the same if you use canned curry anything…or you can omit that and sprinkle curry powder or tumeric powder and seasoning (salt & msg) over the noodles instead. Would be nice too, I’m sure.

  3. Whah….you make it looks real simple and easy. Arthur, you seem to be cooking more these days? When are you starting your baking? πŸ˜€

    Not yet, not yet… I usually see what ingredients there are lying around in the house and use those (if not expired yet). So far, no ingredients I can use to bake a cake. Hehehehehehe!!!! πŸ˜‰

  4. Arghhhh… everytime I see your fried noodles and fried rice, the cravings will kick in! The last pic look so sedap.. drooling now! I’ve never tasted lala in a can. I don’t even know such thing existed.. Hehe, mountain turtle betul I πŸ™‚

    They have now…not just cockles. Hah!!! Craving eh? I guess this is what you’re having for lunch then? Btw, seen my Chinese-style fried rice with lap cheong on Facebook? Just had that for breakfast this morning. Hehehehehe!!!! Wink! Wink!

  5. Lala means I lup you? In what language or dialect? Google about it found out lalas are gays haha, btw nice yummy noodles shall forward link to Mango again. She has not cooked the luncheon meat coz didn’t buy any yet ;).

    I dunno. Actually I never heard of lala before…mountain turtle like Shereen till I went over to the peninsula, places like Penang…and it seems that lala is a very popular dish there. Then only I knew…and started eating. Hmmm…ND Lala was a famous Malaysian singer, the daughter made it big on youtube – won a singing contest in Taiwan or somewhere…. I bet he’s not thus inclined….

    1. When we were kids used to ‘play’ with lala shells to see who has the strongest shell by pressing it against the opponent’s palm. Well those days its foc where got high tech & expensive gadgets like now where even a 2 year old are playing with iPad or smartphone. Come to think about it why we can get ‘the thrill’ breaking the opponent’s lala shell? We have got all foc toys like being pulled sitting on coconut leaves, playing with old bicycle wheel using stick to make it roll and many many more haha.

      I never played that. I guess we did not have lala here… We only played stones with those snails that stick to floating logs in the river.Very expensive these days and very very small! 😦

  6. Another “romantic” title :)? Eh, I don’t think I’ve ever come across canned la la, maybe because I haven’t been eating canned food for a while. Your fried noodles sure sounds and looks good. On my next supermarket trip, I’ll survey the canned food section πŸ™‚

    My missus bought those. I seldom look around at the canned section anymore these days…except maybe to pick up a can of tuna or sardine. Lots of unheard of brands and I don’t know whether they’re any good or not. They’re certainly not cheap anymore. 😦

  7. WHAT?! lala also got can type? i never came across this kind of thing leh! where u buy it?

    My missus bought at the supermart, I guess…and they’re all from your side of the country what! ..<

  8. oh, curry clams!! say me outdated or ulu, this is perhaps the very first time i see something like that, hahaha!! now that we can have virtually everything in cans huh?? hmmm, but why not use fresh ones, clams are pretty easily available right??

    Obviously you have never bought them fresh, washed and prepared and cooked. You buy a whole lot and you wash half-dead…again and again and again, and still a lot of sand…and after you have managed to get rid of all of the sand, you have to go through the chore of getting the meat out of the shells…and out of that whole lot that you have bought, you will probably end up with only a handful. Now, you tell me lah! You want to just buy in cans or get the fresh ones. Tsk! Tsk! 😦

    1. hahaha.. true la about getting the fresh ones. Banyak kerja. But I like the fresh ones. πŸ˜‰

      The only canned food I have is sardines. Simpan stock. Nothing else to cook, can always fall back on those sardines. πŸ˜‰

      Not me. My daughter not a fan… 😦 See! See! What do those guys know! Never lift a finger to help around the kitchen…just want to say only – use fresh lala kot!!! As if it is so easy! It simply reflects how little they actually know. Tsk! Tsk! 😦

  9. yeah, you got it!!! no wonder i feel something missing in the noodles!! ah, yes, taugeh and some greens in it…

    Oh? You noticed? Hmmmm…wonders will never cease! Muahahahahahaha!!!! πŸ˜€

  10. *drools*.. going for my breakfast now.. cannot tahan already.. lala with noodles must be very nice… nowadays the fresh clams are not cheap… next time when I retire, I might end up cooking with different varieties like you… listen first.. hahaha…

    You can also do it on weekends. Nothing beats own home-cooked, compared to eating outside. A lot cheaper too, I would say.

  11. Lala in the can? First time seeing (and hearing) about it. I like lala with shell intact and I enjoy the sucking :p

    Funny is, I only eat lala and not other shelled sea creature – si ham or bali-thong.

    You suck? Are we talking about the same thing? I thought we would pull the lala meat out of the shell and eat, like si ham (cockles)? I love balitongs…suck one end, suck the other end….slurpsss!!!!!! Have not eaten for a long long time though… People say very dirty. 😦

    1. Your mee goreng is very very nice and tempting. Looks like mamak style because it’s “wetter” from what I see πŸ™‚

      Needed some moisture to cook the noodles when frying…plus the curry gravy from the canned lala as well.

    2. Hehehe, of course I know what is lala. Maybe the way I eat it is different. Not pull out but use my mouth to suck the meat and slurp the juice, yum!! Yes, yes, sometimes I’ll swallow the sand (when it’s not properly cleaned, yiieerr)

      Eyewwwwww!!!!! I wouldn’t like that! 😦

  12. Wa…Arthur can cook !!! Looks delish ! Yea, with the lala added , it will make the fried mee more appetizing. I have posted your laksa paste post :p And I cooked fresh lala yesterday with basil…love , true ah, lala means I love you LOL!

    Yup! I’ve commented already – looks really yummy!!! I’m not really a fan of lala – such a chore to eat…and each time,so little the meat. Instead of frying it and eating, my missus would get the meat out of the shells and use in cooking soup perhaps – very sweet.

  13. wah it is really looks nice..
    you should add on some fresh la la..
    sibu should be cheap on all those seafood…

    Check your maps!!! Sibu is 3-4 hours to the nearest seaside town…so don’t expect seafood to be cheap here. We can buy lala at the market though – maybe one stall selling, something like that…and see my reply to [SK]. So very easy to say add fresh lala when you are not the one having to clean and prepare everything. Tsk! Tsk!

  14. **jakun**…first time seeing a can of curry clam.

    Another one? Gee! What do you have in your shops, your supermarts, your hypermarts? I see these and all kinds of stuff a lot around here just that I never bother to buy…

  15. LA LA LA LA LA LA…Sing the happy song. *smurf song*
    U using those instant noodle type of noodle to fry?
    Can use that curry lala in frying maggi goreng. Shld b nice hor….

    Nope. Our yellow noodles, just that ours not so yellow and not so firm due to the absence of what chemical people use to make the noodles firm. Ours don’t have that chemical smell that puts some people off as well. But if using our noodles in soup, must not cook too long and must eat quickly…or it will be too soft and soggy.

  16. does the canned clam taste or smell fishy? I tried using one before to make clam spaghetti but it had a strong fishy smell… but this can from Rex is only in brine water and not curry or sambal. After this I didnt feel like buying another can clam… but is still very curious if maybe i just bought a wrong brand…

    still yr recipe looked yummy!!! if Arthur can cook…. so can I! πŸ˜‰

    Frankly speaking, it did not have much smell nor taste – the lala…and the curry gravy’s rather mild. I guess with all the ingredients – the onions, the serai, the fish gravy and all…everything contributed a little bit to make the noodles very nice in the end, thank God for small mercies. Canned curry – I like the Ayam tuna ones. I only used this one because it was in the pantry – my missus bought it. Personally, I wouldn’t go and buy unfamiliar brands…like Rex! LOL!!!

  17. Slurpppp!!!…looks delicious. A must try dish, easy peasy receipe for me again. Thanks.

    Ya, not easy…forget it! I see in blogs…seeing the list of ingredients already scares me off, much less try and cook! 😦

  18. Noodles look good! I wonder how they keep the lala “fresh” in the can… Lotsa preservatives I’m sure. But of course an easier way to enjoy it.

    Fresh? It’s not fresh…it’s cooked! But canned foods are full of preservatives – that goes without saying, all the stuff in cans, packets and all. They say even the freshly-baked bread in the bakeries – that’s why can keep for so many days…and guess what I just heard! They spray “kapur” on dabai to keep them looking “fresh and new” so if you see traces of white on fruit, don’t buy!!!! Someone also told me that if you do not see lots of flies around the meat and seafood at the wet market, don’t buy! Lots of chemicals to keep them from going bad…so much so that even the flies will not go near….

  19. i lurrrve lala too, though i’m always very lazy to korek them from their shells, heh. they add a nice salty-rubbery feel to any food πŸ˜€ anyways, another very tempting recipe that you’d posted!

    You need a mother or a wife like my missus. She would korek for our daughter so she could eat and would not need to get her hands dirty. Unfortunately, she does not do it for me… Sobssss!!!!! Muahahahahaha!!!!! πŸ˜€

  20. curry lala and sambal lala in can? Something new to me. Is this same as “teng gan” or different?

    I still prefer fresh lala, either cook with sambal or cook it in soup, yummylicious!!!

    Last picture, the noodles look liks spaghetti to me.

    “Teng gan”? What we call “tek khang” (bamboo clams)? Not the same…this one in shells like clams, that one in cylinders like bamboo. I think they have canned ones too – look for razor clams on the label.

  21. I like how the can has the words “FREE OF GERMS” on the bottom. Heh.

    Hey, this is actually a very good way to cook a fast and relatively cheap meals. I’m aiming for that nowadays, cutting down cost of living to a bare minimum – know a couple who managed to get on with RM 10 per day while they save up for their house.

    This looks delicious! I think if I add enough noodles, it could probably last two days. I bet it’ll taste decent from the fridge too. πŸ™‚

    LOL!!! Where there is a will, there is a way!

    My! You sure are observant! I didn’t even see that! πŸ˜‰ I think those “harmful germs” refer to the ones that cause hepatitis B or whatever – they say we can get that from the si ham (cockles) e.g. in our char kway teow especially when they’re not well-cooked- better do without those.

  22. Must learn to cook from you, Arthur. I’m no good in frying beehoon or noodles. My son doth protest when fried beehoon is on the menu!!

    Nah!!! My cooking’s always simple, hassle-free… If I can do it, anyone else can. πŸ˜‰

  23. oh my! It’s so simple and easy to make!! I can do this on my own as a quick lunch or dinner! thanks for sharing ! ^^

    It is! Anything more sophisticated and complicated, I would not bother… Just leave it all to my missus… Hehehehehehehe!!!! πŸ˜‰

  24. i looove lala since i was kiddo. back then popo and yiyi still had a economic rice stall. every week, once or twice, lala would be one of the 40 dishes displayed on the tables. every time, i secretly wished patrons no likey lala. so that i could sapu them all when i came back from school hehe

    40 dishes!!! That’s a lot! I think there is one place like that here…but I have never tried. Always thought they need not cook so many – just a few very dishes dishes would be more than enough and that would be better. Gosh!!! I never had lala when small…never heard of it either till I went over to Penang a few years ago…or was it Sg Petani, and my friend ordered the dish.

  25. I think I’ve seen canned lalas on the shelves here. I’ll have a look this weekend…not that I’ll be buying, I prefer fresh lalas. Join me in KL when I’m there early next year, I’ll take you eat fresh and spicy lalas

    Re Constance Ant’s comment of ’40 dishes’ at the stall – I am trying very hard to imagine how long it would take to cook 40 dishes, how many cooks to do that, would customers have time to check every dish out in their lunch time… Wow, I can imagine the length of the table for 40 dishes and I certainly would like to know how one can come up with a 40-dish menu daily – I am absolutely amazed at so many dishes…unless the 40 is a typo πŸ™‚

    No, it isn’t, I’m sure as we do have one chap fan place here like that. Never tried though – I would prefer those with fewer dishes – just feel that if you specialise, you would be able to do it better. Maybe I will go and eat one of these days…and take photos for you to see with your own eyes… Me? Go to KL? Whatever happened to you coming to Sibu? >.<

  26. not really keen on yellow noodles. maybe can use for bihun

    Our yellow noodles not the same as yours over there – not so firm and no smell…but yes, I think it would be nice with mihun.

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