Sometime ago, I had some luncheon meat left in the fridge. I had used most of it to make sandwiches for breakfast and I only had the round edges left – not enough for a dish by itself so I decided to use that to cook an omelette. I decided to add some curry leaves to it and by George! It turned out to be so good! Even my missus, never a fan of luncheon meat, was impressed and loved it a lot.

Seeing how compatible curry leaves would be with luncheon meat, when I wanted to cook it that day, I decided to add some. After all, I did hear somewhere that they are known to have some health benefits. These were the ingredients that I used…


– a can of made-in-Canada Ma Ling luncheon meat, thinly-sliced Bombay onions, a few sprigs of curry leaves and eggs. There wasn’t any fresh chilies in the fridge, otherwise I would definitely add one or two, thinly-sliced.

I think I had a post on this before – how to cook luncheon meat with no extra oil added but anyway, I guess there is no harm in going through it all over again. Firstly, I cut the meat into bite-size pieces and grilled them in a non-stick pan, turning them over regularly…

Step 1

…until they turned nice and red and crusty on the outside…

Step 2

…and some of the fat/oil would have melted onto the pan.

Then I would add the sliced onions…and this time around, I also had the curry leaves as well…

Step 3

I mixed them thoroughly and kept stirring till the onions and curry leaves were more or less done…

Step 4

…and finally I added the eggs, beaten plus a pinch of salt and msg added according to taste.

Once the eggs were cooked, it was ready to be served…

STP's luncheon meat 1

…and indeed, with the curry leaves added, it certainly brought the taste of the dish to a whole new level…

STP's luncheon meat 2

I love it, I really do! Perhaps, you would want to give it a try? Wink! Wink!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

39 thoughts on “Compatible…”

  1. hmmm, nice nice!! but then if i were to cook this, i will split them into two dishes.. one is the plain spam, and another one is the onion omelette.. like that i can have two dishes, and feel like having more things to eat (though the amount would be the same).. haha!!

    All in the head, my friend…all in the head… Extra work for two different things which will end up in the same place and come out in the same form. But actually, if you separate them like that, the end results will taste VERY different – the luncheon meat (NOT SPAM!!!) will taste plain and unexciting, minus the egg & onion taste…and your omelette will be missing that special fragrance of the luncheon meat….and where will the curry leaves come in? Not very smart after all, are you? πŸ˜‰

    1. Well, like your explanation and reply here. Arthur you damn right. You are the god of food. SK cannot fight with you la!

      Of course lah… I wonder how much cooking he does, if at all!… Wink! Wink! LOL!!! πŸ˜€

  2. Ooooh….you have me on this one. Always love luncheon meat. But must try with curry leaves one day. Looks very delicious.

    It’s very nice. Wouldn’t cook it ever again without the leaves after this.

  3. Ok, folks…here’s the answer to yesterday’s guessing game:
    Fish curry: RM5.00
    Assam prawns: RM5.00
    Cempedak: RM3.00
    Salted eggs: RM2.00
    TOTAL: RM15.00
    So, Irene Tan is the one who guessed it right. Anybody else? Come on over to Sibu and I’ll treat you to all you can eat at this Bandong stall… LOL!!!

    1. Just for the fun and I am happy to guess it right. BTW, any expiry date or not for the treat, hahahaha!!!… Thank you!!!!…

      No expiry! Come anytime. Will treat you to this and a lot more!!! πŸ˜‰

  4. curry leaves isaround A$70-90 per kg my friend! so i always bought a few sprigs and put in freezer using sparingly! Curry just dont taste good without the leaves. luncheon meat goes well with laksa too.

    Good grief!!! I have a BIG tree in my garden, have to trim and trim by the kilos to throw away and it keeps growing and growing. I think the roots are far reaching too – I have seedlings sprouting out all over as well. A friend in Adelaide has a tree, a small one just a metre high…and it survived the winter. She posted the photo of it on Facebook – looks like you can grow your own there!

  5. I just discovered parsley and I have been using it a lot. It does makes a difference to a simple omelette. Now… Where can I get curry leaves here Hehe

    Btw, my guess was so close yesterday. Haha, that was fun hehehe

    LOL!!! Something different for a change, a break from the same ol’ routine. I dunno parsley, just Chinese parsley (daun sup) – a must for laksa, beef soup and others. My missus planted some rosemary, thyme and dil – the thyme died…but the other two are growing, still small though.

  6. I still have another SPAM with me.. I love the smell of curry leaves.. YES! maybe I will try this one day.. when my kids come back for the weekend.. they will be thinking that their mom is “suddenly” very creative! hahaha…

    LOL!!! I prefer luncheon meat to SPAM though – not so salty and more fragrant. πŸ˜‰

  7. Luncheon meat sure brings back childhood memories. My grandma does something like what you do, that is slice them and pan fry. I would eat it with rice and tomato sauce or if it is fresh out of the can, I like it with bread. Wow, I must go and buy a can soon. Frying it with curry leaves is something new to me and I know it must be good because there are those “kam heong” dishes that use curry leaves and they are so delicious.

    We grew up eating it fried with Bombay onions & egg and loving it so much…and now, I’ve upgraded to curry leaves added. Ada kemajuan! Hehehehehehe!!!!

  8. I like the way you cooked luncheon meat. I will try this dish one of these weekends. I also want to try your cucumber and pineapple pickles in your earlier post. Arthur, I am glad to learn a few home cooked dishes here from you. Happy Weekend to you.

    p/s I will omit the curry leaves, because my girls don’t like.

    Awwwwww!!!! So fragrant and good for health too!!! I know at least one person who has made the cucumber pineapple acar – saw her photo on Facebook, served as one of the sides of her mouth-watering dish! Slurpssss!!!!!

  9. Can’t find bruncheon meat so can’t eat luncheon meat for brunch woh. Great way simple & nice guess those days not a fan of luncheon meat maybe its without curry leaves. Will try it your way. kamsia

    I love luncheon meat and with the leaves, I love it even more…

    1. Told Mango about your luncheon meat during our brunch this morning and she said shall try. Have forwarded your link to her email already. So next future meal shall be luncheon meat with curry leaves.

      Oh? You communicate via email? Interesting! LOL!!!

      1. Sometimes using sms also lolz . Easier via email she can take her own sweet mango time to visit your blog than rather interrupt her by summoning into ma room to see your blog mah

        LOL!!! The age of technology…

  10. Luncheon meat has always been my favourite. Yeah, that’s the way I cooked mine….but without curry leaves. Maybe should try adding curry leaves one of these days.

    Give it a try! I like it a lot… I’m sure you’ll love it too.

  11. wah, another creative recipe. i like how you think outside the box to spice up a recipe by combining familiar ingredients in an unfamiliar way. and it looks delicious too πŸ˜€

    Ya, always try the roads not taken. You’ll never know…may stumble upon some pleasant surprises.

  12. Wah, I must try lar your this luncheon meat version. However, my poor pokok Kari got very tiny leaves and tu pun just a sprig.. so miserable! It must be the very cold winter we have recently… still very cold now although summer is just a few weeks away and almost a non existent summer early in the year.Also, my overzealous plucking for my cooking not helping either. My precious pokok Kari merajuk I think.. hehehe. We have lots of curry leaves sold here but the fragrance not the same.. from Fiji I suspect. Not so wangi.Anyway, do you kunyah the curry leaves?

    Yes!!! After cooking, they are easy to chew and nice to eat! Poor thing!!! Too bad NZ is so strict with these things. My tree sprouting anak like it is never going to end!

  13. wow its prefectly done it seems a chef’s work nice one
    more onions please!
    in my case we cook luncheon with soy sauce and onions its taste good too

    Dark soy sauce? Why? Isn’t it already quite salty? Would end up rather dark in colour, wouldn’t it?

  14. Aw, man, you’re so lucky that your tree is sprouting well. =) Mine was walloped by a thieves in broad daylight. Not once, but twice. >.<

    If I'm having this dish, I won't be having it with egg; I'll have it with Cantonese or Teochew porridge, depending on the weather, or fried rice. But you wouldn't mind if I come a-visiting, would you? =D

    Most welcome, anytime… Just let me know when you’ll be coming. Hmmm…thieves? Too bad nobody wants to steal mine so I have to go through the chore of trimming the tree myself regularly. 😦

  15. wahh… I just cannot resist luncheon meat too!! drooooling….. ok.. I will definately try this recipe… and I think I will make it spicy… lol…. ;D

    Yes, good idea… I would have added some sliced chili too but there wasn’t any in the fridge… 😦

  16. Looks good! And oil-free too! hahaha~~~
    How are you feeling? Up for a meal with me some time?

    On and off…like the weather but still very much alive. Give me a tinkle when you’re in town. No exam for the whole of next week, right? Deepavali & Awal Muharram… You’re gonna be in Sibu all week?

  17. Almost missed this post! Strange coincidence, I just cooked luncheon meat too, but I took the simple way, just fried it with eggs and onions. Came out great, I almost finished the whole thing in one go.

    Hah!!! That was for dinner and we did finish it all in one sitting… πŸ˜‰

  18. Bagus ML from Canada. I bought before one from ahem ahem country and it was lousy quality. Same brand name but different packaging

    I never buy ML from China anymore, so mushy – dunno what they have inside, tastes horrible…not like what I used to eat when I was small.

  19. Yum! Curry leaves sure make the difference to the aroma. Made-in-Canada Ma Ling? Interesting. I used to buy those made in China but has now switched brands.

    Yeah, the non-stick pan is helpful. You’ve given me an idea what to redeem the next time. Mine has gone sticky. haha..

    I still have two non-stick woks, unused… And my pans are all still good – this one in the post I bought at Parkson, cheap…after collecting enough stamps. The China Ma Ling luncheon meat, I do not even bother to look these days. Really horrible. Gulong is not bad…but not so fragrant, just ok.

  20. wow, very creative indeed. I like the idea of adding the curry leaves and I might try it the next time I cook the luncheon meat. yum yum

    Love it! Grows in abundance in my garden…so I can always go out and pluck for free! Good for health, they say…so must eat more. πŸ™‚

  21. Yum!! Looking good!! Next time i want to try this, add in some curry leaves, since we got curry leaves plant at home too..very convenient.

    Yup…I add in a lot of things actually. Love the fragrance…

  22. You’re very innovative. The luncheon meat with curry leaves look delicious. I love the curry leaves fragrant smell. So your twin tower how many storey left? LOL

    I gave two to my in-laws…and right now, only one left. But one place in town stocks up that particular Singapore brand now and a few others…so not a problem getting some more. Just got another two cans of SPAM from my niece in KL/Singapore the other day. I really do not have the chance to go out and buy my own. Hehehehehehe!!!! πŸ˜‰

  23. blimey…the malay stall takeaway, only rm15? if my father knows, hm… πŸ™‚ ma ling luncheon meat made in canada? where did you get this, may i ask? maybe my mum won’t be so harsh on me if she sees the “made in canada” wordings on a luncheon meat can πŸ™‚

    Poor thing! My friend, Philip, brought that back to Sibu for me from the states… If only you had mentioned it earlier. That was the last can and I could have saved it for you… I still have a lot of SPAM and the one from Singapore…and the expensive Highway one…. πŸ˜‰

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