Round here…

This is new around here, not far from where my house is, along Brooke Drive but the other end of it and not near the town centre…

New shops, Sibu

There is this newly-completed building on the opposite side of the road, the side where my house is…

New church/temple

I don’t know what it is but it looks like a church…or perhaps, they call it a temple.

Anyway, like everywhere else in Sibu, where there are shops, there is a coffee shop…

Colourful, Sibu

…and the other day, I decided to stop by to see what they have there.

I was surprised to see a familiar face here – the man and his wife used to run a Sarawak laksa stall here and then they closed shop to travel overseas to visit their children living abroad…and then, they came back and I suppose, not ones to sit idle at home, they started a new stall here. I asked him what he was doing at this part of town instead of taking care of their stall at that other place and he told me that the one here was his daughter’s and he was helping her out a bit.

I was tempted to try their tom yam mihun with udang galah (giant freshwater prawns) at RM6.50 but I decided against that as it was a bit too early in the morning and my tummy might not be able to handle it. I decided to try their beef noodles instead (RM4.00)…

Colourful, beef noodles

…but it was just so-so. It was nice enough, nicer than here, but I would not think it was really great and if I were to drop by this place again, I would much sooner go for something else. I also tried the kompia (RM2.00 for 3)…

Colourful. stuffed kompia

…which was good though I felt the ones here were a bit nicer but at 80 sen a piece, theirs were more expensive and I really do not fancy driving all the way there just to have those. These would do fine, I think.Β Maybe I would drop by again sometime to see if they have anything nicer…

Well, that was the morning of the day when my friends, Simon and Helen, in Kuching flew into town Β and of course, I took them here for lunch…and ordered the usual favourites for them. I tried the Payung chicken with rice…

Payung chicken

…which was actually chicken cooked with yogurt. It was pretty good but since I prefer things more exotic and spicy, I think I would very much sooner order some of the other items on the menu whenever I drop by here…or at their new outlet.

The boss let us try their new tomato salad…

New @ Payung

…which did not really tickle our fancy as we did not really like the smell of the fried shallots sprinkled on top. The dressing was spicy…and personally, when it comes to tomatoes, I would prefer it with our own salad dressing – the way we would do it in our family with crushed peanuts and all.

Needless to say, Simon and Helen tried their jelly pisang and reminisced on our good ol’ Ban Chuan days while I had their durian ice cream with a special request for extra durian. Oooooo….that was good! Yum! Yum! LOL!!!!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

42 thoughts on “Round here…”

  1. I think it’s a church!
    The kompia is good, love the tomato salad. First time I heard of tomato salad anyway…hahha….
    Hmmm…the beef noodles a bit like Singapore style.

    No idea… No cross, maybe the Church of the Latter-day Saints or what people call the Mormons. Yuo…I loved the beef noodles at Cuppage Centre in Singapore a long time ago…but then they moved/closed down. I always have tomato in my salad – the family recipe, among other things.

  2. the kompia looks good to me, look at the filling, something like the char siew pao, i like that.. and RM2 for 3 pieces of those?? i have no problem popping a whole one into my mouth and slowly munch, then all three at one go and there goes my RM2.. haha!!

    You probably can stuff one in one mouthful…but more than that, you would need a very big mouth…

    1. The kompia picture attracts me, and I suppose RM2 for 3 pieces is considered reasonable cheap? We can’t get char siew pao at that price, can we? Definitely, NO! Hahaha

      Taiping too? I thought things would be cheap there? Not in the big cities, that’s for sure…

  3. chicken cooked with yoghurt? errr, so is it something sourish, with a touch of spiciness?? or it’s something like the butter chicken?? it looks nice actually, the gravy must be great for the rice~~

    Not spicy, not really sourish…just creamy. Tastes ok, not bad at all…just not something I would put on my list of favourites.

  4. Yes, I thought it looked like a Mormon temple too, guess all those American kids on their bicycles did a good job converting the local Foochows. That’s a mighty impressive place. No picture of the jelly pisang? As good as Ban Chuan and Payung?

    Not so much the Foochows, I think…but one of the other races. My friends had jelly pisang at Payung – the later half of the post is on our lunch there.

  5. The kompia filling looks pretty good. Is it minced pork? The tomato salad looks strange πŸ™‚

    Yes, minced. Yup…with the fried shallots & the spicy dressing, I think it’s an acquired taste one would need to get used to. I’d just stick to the more familiar stuff…

  6. The kompia makes my mouth water! J would love the yoghurt chicken and I think that would go well with pasta too.The church/ temple looks very impressive.I guess the good looking preppy Mormon boys on bikes must have done their job well πŸ™‚

    Ya…I think so too – the yogurt chicken would taste great with pasta – more compatible.

  7. kompia! looks yummy! and payung chicken? yogurt? wow really something new to me!

    New? You have a lot of nasi kandar & mamak shops there – they use a lot of yogurt in their cooking…

  8. hey Arthur, Sibu really has a lot of food to offer… so many shops you recommended.. the list seems endless… πŸ™‚

    Many more. What to expect? One block of shophouses, you will find a few coffee shops in a row…and they’re all crowded.

  9. Chicken cooked with yogurt? That’s interesting. Have hop over to SK’s new entry twice & yet no comment so far guess Mon is slow day huh haha

    Indian shops, you’ll find a lot of things cooked in yogurt… Oh? Nobody at SK’s? So kesian… Hehehehehe!!!! πŸ˜‰

  10. i thought you were telling us on your new mansion.. lol
    so that you can entertain any bloggers that visit SIBU..
    I love the kompia.. I think I could eat a dozen.

    My mansion? So small meh? You come over and see lah… Muahahahahahaha!!!! Ya, I would love to see you eat a dozen… πŸ˜‰

  11. Come come KL. Uncle Cheng Beef noodle very sedap. Chicken Yogurt ah? No thanks. Gimme the salad anytime

    Don’t say anything till you’ve gone to KK and eat Kah Hiong’s. Beef noodles will never be the same again… Here, I just eat lah. Even our Ah Sian which is actually very good, maybe as good or better than KL’s…cannot measure up to that standard! Best in the world!

  12. Haiz,I really don’t know how to comment lol but tell you something here, suddenly here in my place,this Kolok Mee was like suddenly sprouting up from nowhere,so many of them, tried once, didn’t really like it and some more rather expensive RM4 for very small portion………… I no try again lol

    I know. Saw in some blogs – I always think that those who open up shop elsewhere would be those who cannot make it here in the face of the stiff competition…so they may be good but would not be the best! Kolo mee…is Kuching’s noodles, Sibu’s is kampua – not the same, totally different taste and everything.

  13. That looks like a mansion and at same time looks like a Church. Kompia looks good but chicken with yogurt, give it a second thought.

    Dunno. Maybe one of these days, I’ll drive down that lane to see if there is a sign in front or not. The kompia’s ok…and the chicken is pretty good too.

  14. Always love the kompia…its like inviting me to wallop it. Tom yam with udang galah will be great. Hope you can try it one day and share here!

    Come on over! You can try it yourself…and enjoy the kompia & the kampua here too! πŸ˜‰

  15. Any idea why it is called payung chicken? What;s the relation with yogurt? LOL

    Payung’s the name of the cafe – I thought you would know this already since I have had so many posts about the place. I guess they call it Payung chicken as it is their own original recipe – they always create their own and try out and if it is well-received, it will get onto their permanent menu…and for this dish, they use yogurt. They have Payung fish too on the menu…but that’s a traditional Foochow ikan keli recipe – we do cook that like that at home too.

  16. AH! I think i know this place? Quite near to my mum’s house? Everytime we passed by there. If i am not wrong, my mum did said something about this coffee shop. The owner of this coffee shop, used to work at One Cent? Or something like that, then ends up he/she opens his own coffee shop here after curi all the “kungfu” from One Cent?

    That beef noodles look good, but usually i will order the soup only and i will go it with my kampua.

    LOL!!! Same place all right, I’m sure.

    His laksa (and others) stall is still at One Cent – the wife runs it there. The couple used to sell laksa, mee sua and beef noodles at e-Cafe (behind Delta Mall) long ago.

    Oh? I didn’t know this is his coffee shop. The wife is Payung’s Peter’s auntie or something…. He said he was helping his daughter at her stall there – somebody else runs the kampua stall…and yet another party is doing the drinks business.

    Here, customers pay as served – item by item…not like One Cent…after eating, pay for all orders one go, never mind which stall.

    1. Oh yes! You’re right, now you mention it, it is the daughter’s stall!! Not his coffee shop! hahahhahhaha

      Everytime when we passed by, it look quite crowded, maybe should try that next time.

      Will drop by and try something else next time…

  17. kompia, i still like my usual stall one..

    Yogurt chicken? I think when i am there last round, they did ask me to try, but i didn’t order. Tomatoes salad? Sour? Eeeeeeeeee….

    Not sour. Spicy actually… Not really to my liking. The chicken’s ok…but not my favourite. Other things there much nicer.

    Hmmm…must try at different places – everyone’s is different. I like Noodle House best but soooo expensive. 😦

  18. Arthur, your life is so relax, always jalan jalan cari makan at Sibu with your missus. Life is really good for you.

    Yes, no complaints….but the quality of one’s like when old very much depends on how one lived when young. As one sow, so shall one reap…

  19. The tomato salad looks…… kinda weird to me (or am the odd one here?). Why the fried shallot? It’s like east meets west and kaboom, mismatch!

    Well, you’ll never know unless you try… Who knows you may create something really special and nice? Can’t be following other people blindly all the time, nothing special there…and others may cook the same thing a lot nicer than you – will have to be more creative and innovative.

  20. Hmm… I no see your cute reader anywhere here. The one who goes by the catchy Tony Stark name πŸ™‚

    Busy maybe? Otherwise, the kompia would certainly lure him here… He loves them so much! πŸ™‚

  21. A tabernacle perhaps and the building looks good and spanking new. You didn’t do a little exploring there?

    The kompia filling looks good!

    Not really completed yet – construction still going on so I always avoid that lane – quite a mess. Yes, the filling is very nice…but I prefer stewed pork belly…

  22. hey, the church/temple is kinda nice. it almost looks like one of those quaint buildings that you’d see from people’s vacation photos when they’re visiting countryside towns in europe πŸ˜€

    It does, doesn’t it? I’d prefer this anytime over those modern church structures….

  23. Mmmmmm I gotta try making kompia here since I don’t know when I’ll be able to have one next. Hehe

    If I go KL, I will bring some for you… Problem is dunno when I will be heading that way again. Sigh!!!!

  24. That is Mormon Church. πŸ™‚ My mum liked the bitter gourd soup beehoon there, I tried the tomyam, not the udang galah, not bad actually. The “suijiao” at the tomyam stall were very delicious. But you have to wait quite a bit for the “suijiao”

    Ya, I can jolly well guess that’s what it is. I had the sui jiao at the wife’s stall at One Cent – nice but not cheap…RM5 for a plate of 5. They do not make the sio bee – selling for some friend, ok…just not really great. Ya…I saw the bitter gourd mihun that day – maybe should try it someday. The one at One Cent was nice.

  25. Payung Chicken, Jelly Pisang, Tomato Salad… I have never even heard of these dishes…. is this place serving Chinese dishes or others? I cannot really figure out since they are just so creative with their names and dishes….

    They serve everything! They have the Chinese kacangma chicken, the Foochow-style ikan keli with ginger and soy sauce and wine – they have Malay, Nyonya, Indian, Bangladeshi, Myanmarese, Thai…anything goes…like the workers here – all races, all very nice and friendly! As long as it is nice and well-received, it gets on their menu…..

  26. I have not eaten kompia. But this kompia look awesome, the filling look so good. Izzit pork?
    Tomato salad look something new to me. Look ok to me!

    Yes, it was pork… Looked ok, edible…but I would not think I would want to order that if it gets on the menu. Others may like it though, I wouldn’t know.

  27. wah the colourful cafe is really colourful! Even the shop is in orange colour!

    Many buildings here this colour – maybe there was a sale on the paint! LOL!!!

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