Sunday again…

Well, it was Sunday again and as usual, after the service at the cathedral, my missus and I went round looking for something for lunch and the other day, we stopped by here…

LMY Sibu

For the uninitiated, this is located in the area behind the Rejang Medical Centre here, to the left of Mitsu Shabu Shabu and Sushi Tie is right behind it.

I love the sio bee (70 sen each) here…

LMY sio bee

…even though they do not look as nice as those at the other places. In fact, I think among all that are sold in town, they’re my favourite though some feel they are a little bit sweet and not to their liking. I would say they’re definitely better than the somewhat popular ones here or those here or here orΒ elsewhere.

I like how one can still feel the texture of the meat inside…

LMY sio bee - inside

Some of them have been beaten so well till they become rubbery like fish ball texture or perhaps, they contain too much flour and that makes them become like that and I am not a fan of those.

The tua pao (giant steamed buns) here…

LMY tua pao

…are also very nice but at RM2.80 each, I suppose I would not be having them too often.

The meat filling is really very tasty and they have a bit of egg inside as well…

LMY tua pao - inside

That morning, we had the sio bee and I bought the paos home for breakfast the following morning.

There used to be a nice kampua noodle stall here but now, somebody else is running it. I don’t know if it is any good as I have never given this one a try. There was a fried kway teow stall at the back – my daughter used to love coming here to eat that but they are no longer there. Somebody told me that there is something nice at the current stall but I cannot remember what. We had the beef noodles (RM4.00) from another stall there that morning…

LMY beef noodles

…but we did not think it was really great. There was a lady running the stall before but there was no sign of her that morning. We used to like hers but that morning, there was an elderly man doing everything at the stall so I am not too sure whether that was the husband or somebody else has taken over the business. The soupΒ had very little beef flavour and was extremely strong on those spices like cinnamon sticks, star anise and so on. I asked for the special but we only got beef – no tendon, no gu tor (tripe) but to be fair, it was not that it was not nice at all…just that as far as beef noodles go, I think what we had here before was so much better and presently, there are a few other places in town that we would very much prefer.

Anyway, since this place is open around lunch hour on Sundays, we probably would drop by again soon…and perhaps, the next time around, we would try what they have at the other stalls.

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32 thoughts on “Sunday again…”

  1. Yo! Beautiful Sunday! The sio bee is much cheaper than the 1sen sen at 100sen vz 70sen here. The tua pao is kinda smaller in size compared to KatLumPor or camera trick? haha.

    Yup…the sio bee is cheaper and nicer…and yes, the pao is getting smaller but the price keeps going up! 😦

  2. That’s a pretty famous place. Weren’t they in town before? The sio bee looks good, will have to try them. You’re right about the too much flour, that’s why I seldom buy them in Sibu. I like the ones in the open air market in Kuching (by Electra House).

    I don’t know if it has reopened after the renovation. Many love those but personally, I’m not too crazy over them. Yes, this place has been around for a long time – formerly by the side of Ngiu Kee building long ago (and I was stopping by to buy their paos even then!!!) and then they moved here…and has been here since – even when I was still teaching.

  3. Morning STP!
    Just wake up and saw your post….. >.< So hungry leh~
    I love siew mai (aka sio bee) and cha siew pau, these 2 are my must-order everytime I eat dim sum πŸ˜‰

    Go, go and have something nice for breakfast! Enjoy your Sunday. Wahhhh!!! You just woke up? I was up at 5 something – my friend in Dengkil called. He thought I was up as I would usually be up and about around 4-5 in the morning. Poor thing! Heavy rain. flash flood there…and his car was submerged in the water and he could not go to work. I hope the water has subsided…and everything’s ok by now. Terrible weather these days!!!

  4. the best taipau i ever had is in JB around rm3 each, but loong time ago opposite Palace cinema very nice ones too. You seldom cooked on weekends?

    Maybe sometimes for dinner. The Palace ones – not buying anymore. Quality keeps dropping, prices keep going up. I had very nice ta-pao in KL before…chicken with chunks of meat and huge slice of egg…but that was a long time ago. Haven’t had one there for ages so I do not really know if there are still any good ones around.

  5. Love the wordings on the mug and I really have true love for the sio bee and the tua pao. Have a great weekend, Arthur. God Bless.

    Hah! You’re very observant! Here, rain…rain…rain! Some parts and towns upriver, flooded. Let us pray that God will be kind and will show us His Mercy.

  6. Just finished watching ‘Electric Dreams’ a moment ago. Tried going into your link but internet not stable keep buffering guess lots of people could be chasing and ‘dreaming’ on it after your comment caused traffic jams in YouTube, so opted for the mini series of 9 parts. Hey remember this theme song ‘together in electric dreams’ very nice. Had one program back in 90s and that can interact with words showed on the screen. Got scared of it as it refuses to let me go and wanted to communicate non stop. Somehow lost the program.

    LOL!!! I love the theme song…and I also love Culture Club’s “Love is love”, also on the movie soundtrack. I’m linking movies that I enjoyed these days on Facebook – have you watched “Beaches”? So sad, I tell you!!! I love sad movies. Today, it’s “Fiddler on the roof”. Go…go and watch. You will love it, I’m sure. πŸ˜‰

  7. There is a dim sum shop in Taman Megah that I used to frequent for their tua pao. Forgotten how much it costs; I think that it will carry the same taste.

    Sio bee looks familiar… I think I might have eaten it before.

    No idea where Taman Megah is. There used to be a stall selling big paos and zhangs along Bukit Bintang – I used to buy them there…but of course, it is nowhere to be found now.

    1. Simple Person, it costs exactly 4.80. >.<

      Good grief! Throw in 80 sen more and I would be able to buy two here!!!! RM4.80, I’d rather eat something else…

  8. The sio bees you bought for us on the night we arrived very nice and if I remember correctly, was reasonably priced too. I love tua pao but I selalu lupa to makan them when I balik kampung. Boss don’t like them as there’s egg inside so no chance to makan when he’s around. So Kesian I:(

    Yes, those were these…the same ones. Nice, eh? πŸ™‚ Hmmmm…must remember to get you these when you come again. Never mind, boss can take the egg out and pass to me. I like!!!! πŸ˜‰

  9. Tua pao at RM2.80 is still cheaper than in KL. Ours is now at RM3.50, so is the lor mai kai. Yes, some sio bee here do taste like fishball. 😦

    My fav beef noodle is still at Lai Foong, a Chinaman restaurant a walking distance away from Central Market.

    Good Sunday morning, STP!

    Those would be the Jalan Petaling ones. I here 5 shops – 2 “normal” and 3…with salted veg. I do not like those… 😦

  10. i don’t really like to have these sio bee.. and rarely will i have bao and kopi for breakfast, haha!! usually just settle with a bowl of noodles..

    Noodles? I thought you would have eggs and ham and toast and stuff like that? Wink! Wink! πŸ˜‰

  11. and i usually have noodles for breakfast also.. i won’t have rice (except nasi lemak).. just think that my stomach is not yet ready to digest rice, haha.. that’s why i faint when i see people opt to have economy rice for breakfast.. @_@”

    I have seen people doing that here – maybe they have a full breakfast and then go to work…and skip lunch. I don’t mind nasi lemak or fried rice…but not chicken rice or chap fan…

  12. come to kuching, i bring you for ah mui gu bak mee. πŸ™‚

    I was a fan of Ah Mui since the 70’s…but the last time I had it was such a disappointment that I never went back again. The stall at the coffee shop the other end of Harbour View block is related and was quite good, dunno now. I think our Ah Sian in Sibu is much nicer…

  13. My father, back then in the lovely old days, always had a taipao whenever he took us out for yumcha. I remember the filling was a lighter colour and had chunkier meat…chicken, I think. Hey, that mug is familiar, I’ve seen it before – there is a personal ad on it that I like, heh heh!

    Yup! Same mug! I’m very loyal to my stuff…will keep on using for as long as I can. Same with friends, loyal and true… Wink! Wink! Ya…KL ones chicken…not so dark.

  14. we call that tua pao, siopao,
    and that seems really tasty

    Sio pao would be baked buns here – these are steamed…and tua means big…so these are bigger than the usual steamed buns.

  15. yay, the giant steamed paus also bring back memories of my childhood for me. when i was in primary school, and when i woke up at 8 or 9 o’clock on sunday mornings, i’d find a nice warm pau with pork and hard-boiled egg on the dining table, courtesy of my grandfather πŸ˜€

    We did not have nice ones when we were small – Foochow paos…thick skin, not much meat inside…for carbs loading as people then had to work very hard and would need something really filling and could give them energy, quantity not quality. We enjoyed them nevertheless, thankful enough to have things to eat – not as spoilt as today then. πŸ˜‰

  16. One look at your photos and I love that cup of kopi O! It’s so kao ! The Kampua noodles looks good too! I need that cup of kopi tomorrow morning! πŸ™‚

    Kampua? Where? The kopi-o’s Nescafe… I drink that at home. πŸ˜‰

  17. Yum!…tua pao…sigh…haven’t eaten that for ages. I have stopped buying from the coffee shop nearby because they put a lot of pork fat and too much of it is really yuks. Somehow the one with chicken does taste as good 😦

  18. Sio bee at the food court one nicer leh

    The Muhibbah ones? No quality control, I think. So nice when we went to eat but another time, I went and bought some home, ok…not bad but did not seem as nice that day. Maybe have to eat there… 😦

    1. Bcos the meat type we can get it here ma…
      That butter type I couldn’t get in Peninsular Malaysia :-p

      I see. I would very much prefer the lau sar pao at the dim sum places.

      1. Ohhh…yalo yalo…lau sar pao now became something popular in dim sum restaurants here pulak. Last time din really hear it pun.

        I love it when the salted egg custard filling oozes out like volcanic lava… Slurpsss!!!!

  19. I also had dim sum on Sunday at Ipoh with my PIL. I will blog about it one day.

    Very limited dim sum places here…and I’ve featured all the main ones. That means unless there are new ones coming up, I will not be having dim sum anymore…or perhaps I will but I will not blog about it.

  20. why so many beef noodles lately? hahahhaha..
    Oh..i love that vege in the beef noodles soup, we called it “niu niu chai” cannot find it here.

    I love Sibu sio bee…big, nice and yummy!! I like the one at “hook Chu Liu” restaurant.

    Not my favourite, nor the ones from New Capital either. Very famous, amny like…but not me. Hah??? No khiew chai (curly veg) in KL? That’s strange! I love it in clear soup…and in steamboat too.

  21. Hi everything look soo delicious. The tai pao look so tempting….love the filling, so scrumptious!
    Have a great week ahead.

    Very nice…but at RM2.80, I’d think twice about eating. A plate of kampua noodles is to the most RM2.50 only… 😦

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