Never on Sunday…

In the old days, the people in Sibu were among the most hardworking people around. They would be up at the break of dawn and they would stay open all day till late at night. People said that they were among the most stingy as well but look at the huge mansions in the town, the number of their children who studied overseas (and stayed back there) and many have been baffled as to how things are so cheap here and yet they have all that money for all that.

Unfortunately, times have changed, it seems. Every Sunday, after the service in the cathedral here in Sibu, my missus and I would go around town in search of something to eat for lunch and most of the stalls in the coffee shops would have closed for the day…


I would think that Sunday would be the best day of the week and business would be extra brisk as everyone would want to relax and not sweat it out in the kitchen? They would rather go out and spend quality time together as a family and have lunch somewhere? Maybe they go out a little earlier, later in the morning for brunch so by noon, there would not be anybody left?

We did manage to have something at this place though as there was a stall that was still running that Sunday…

Take it or leave it

…and they only had kueh chap (RM5.50) left…

Kueh chap

It was nice but I remember it was much nicer the last time I had that. Maybe they too would be closing for the day so they just made use of all they had left for the last two bowls…so the soup was not as great as I remember it to be.

They were not very generous with the sambal either…


…but the kopi-o-peng (RM1.50) was all right…


…also not the best that I had had there but it was not too bad.

Looking at the way things are going these days, it certainly looks like Sunday is not a good day to go out in search for things to eat unless you can go earlier in the morning…or you are willing to make do with the few and far between that would stay open the rest of the day.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

25 thoughts on “Never on Sunday…”

  1. Well, Arthur, I noticed that too — not too many places open on Sundays — but to be fair, I guess they need a day of rest too. And those huge mansions, you think they belong to these small-time operators? Methinks they have more to do with logging than making kueh chap or kampua.

    The extraordinarily big ones perhaps…but there are some belonging to simple businessmen and stall vendors. Heard that our friendly kompia lady has at least two or three to her name…and the canteen ah pek during our time too – the fruits of their hard labour and scrimping and saving. Did you hear about the kampua guy who bought a Rolex King and the next morning, the income tax people came knocking on his door? πŸ˜‰

    1. Haven’t heard that one. You’ll have to tell me next time I see you. Famous kampua man?

      We grew up eating his kampua…and I also heard of this man who delivered newspapers in the early morning. He told everyone that he would want to buy a BMW and all were shocked and advised him against it. Lucky thing, he listened to them or the IRD people would be sure to nab him too!

  2. My my my favorite kueh chap. Yalor open shop on Sundays and off days on some other day would have better revenue. You are the Mayor mah change the rules to have all shops open on a Sunday.

    They do close on other days – mostly Tuesdays or Wednesdays. My guess is they have their target for the day…and on Sundays, things run out faster so they just call it a day. They probably get fresh supplies every day and they wouldn’t want to order more…in case e.g. if it rains heavily…and then business would be slow and they would be stuck with all that extra stock in their hands.

  3. hahaha, sunday is never an early day for me.. will sleep in slightly later till around 10am, and then laze around the bed till like 10:30am only i willingly crawl out of bed~~ πŸ˜€

    Some people have all the luck in the world unlike many who have to toil from dawn to dusk…even on Sundays. Hehehehehe!!!!

  4. but strange huh?? usually stalls are definitely open for business on sundays, there will definitely be more people.. maybe this stall owner is just there to spend his day and not really care about earning money?? like you say, spending more quality time with friends and family is more important to him.. πŸ™‚

    Not just this stall but most stalls at most coffee shops in town. See my reply to Bananaz – I think that is the most logical explanation.

  5. did you retrieve the earlier post and replace with this?? remember seeing something about “close to the end” last night.. hmmmm~~ o.O

    Oh? So you were here and you did not comment!!!??? Tsk! Tsk! Somebody commented this morning – not a very pleasant one so I just delegated everything to trash – malas to layan. I wonder what makes them think they can get past moderation when they make nasty comments like that.

    And it really amazes me how some people stay waiting, lurking in the shadows…and the first chance they get, they’ll come slamming all and sundry – using fictitious names & email addresses some more, those cowards. No time arguing with the likes of them – they are so set in their ways, their minds made up…nothing one says can change that and the easiest thing would be to remove everything – it’s as easy as that, no big deal.

  6. It seems the other way round in Kuching. Most will open for business during weekends and closed on Monday or one of the weekdays. Kueh chap looks good though.

    Here, they do close on weekdays – once a week, Tuesdays or Wednesdays…but Sunday, they will enjoy brisk business in the morning and then close around noon.

  7. sound like pretty bad leh the food. stingy with sambal and expensive.

    weekend people usually family day la. Week days busy then weekend relax lo. Go Jalan jalan and take care of whatever chores that need to be done

    …or sitting around the square table building brick walls???

  8. I remember when we had Chopsticks near Phoenix Hotel (back when it was still there) they did brisk business on Sunday mornings after church (before 12 pm though) as did several around the SMK Methodist area (Aloha and other food courts).

    Yeah, now that you mentioned it, it didn’t use to be like that. It would be good business to stay open and take another rest day off (like how restaurants do on a weekday) instead of closing during Sundays.

    Hey, is this the place that a local politician goes for his kampua? I can’t remember if it’s called Fantasy but I was there once and didn’t think much of the kampua.

    Happy Sunday buddy! πŸ™‚

    Nope, this isn’t the place – I don’t bother going there. I feel the kampua’s awful – I think you did too…saw your photo on Facebook at one time. The present Chopsticks will open way past lunch hour on Sundays (or on any day of the week for that matter)…but I can’t be having chicken rice all the time. Variety is the spice of life… Hehehehehe!!!! Besides in the end, I will have nothing to blog about.

  9. Oh..that is definitely not for me… dont know how to love eating the chap yet… but give me a plate of kampua noodles anytime!! πŸ™‚

    Well, if you’re not in luck, all the other stalls closed…you will not have a choice. Hehehehehehe!!!!

  10. Mmm I miss kuey chap leh!! Hardly can find a stall selling kuey chap here, but tried once at Thailand, nice~

    No? I thought you can get it easily there? I saw on AFC the kueh chap they have in Singapore – oooooo… nice! All the parts of the you-know-what such as the ear, the tongue and so on. Bet that tasted great! LOL!!! πŸ˜‰

  11. Interesting to know that Sundays most stalls are not opened for lunches nowadays, used to be so easy to eat out n tapao during our time living there.

    Maybe business is so good that they run out way before noon…or people these days also know how to relax and enjoy, not like those in the past. There are a number of places that are still open, of course – the chicken rice and roast meat places, the chap fan/mixed rice…, Min Kong being one of them and you will see long queues at their chap fan counter…or you can go to places like Ruby and order dishes that you want and Rasa Sayang will still be open – can go for kampua, and Thomson Corner – not really a problem, just that you need to know where to go and on my part, I would like to try out new places and something different each week…and many of them would be closed. 😦

  12. Here in the Philippines, most of the shops are open on Sundays especially if the shop is located near a church. Business is good on Sundays because it is the day when families go out to stroll and eat outside of their houses.

    Being stingy and the hard work have great benefits, indeed! The mansions and sending their children abroad is an evidence of that. How I wish can have a little of their fortune. πŸ˜‰ Well, i guess I need to be stingy too. And, of course, to work hard.

    That’s the advice the old folks used to give: if you are not stingy, you will never become rich. I guess there is a lot of truth in that but I do not see myself being overly-miserly…depriving myself of almost everything…just to amass a fortune. I think I would be a lot happier…just having enough, and not rich.

  13. hmmm, maybe the coffee shop stall operators have experimented with which day to close on, and they might have found that sundays are the slowest business day of all. but hey, what do i know πŸ˜€

    Probably. That’s what they told me – many Malay shops and stalls do not open on Sundays here as most would cook and eat at home, not much business unlike on working days so they might as well make it a day of rest as well.

  14. I guess as society becomes more affluent and life is not so hard as it was compared to the old days, people become more relaxed and don’t need to work that much. Which explains why food stalls also close on Sundays. But then again, maybe they experienced slow business on Sunday and decided that it’s not worth opening.

    Perhaps, perhaps… The Chinese have this belief about the 3rd generation, squandering away everything, all the family property would be gone – I think there are many in that 3rd generation right now…and we have heard of some of such cases happening around us.

  15. my all time favorite comfort food… kway chap! I am a huge fan.. must get my fix in Penang where they serve with duck meat, pork offals and soy sauce egg. I do love the one you had because I spied pork liver there… hehehe πŸ˜›

    Duck? Hmmm…thank goodness they do not have that here. I love duck…but my missus would not touch it. That’s why we do not cook it at home and I do not get to eat it… 😦

  16. I noticed that too on my visit and was disappointed. Missed KL then.

    Ya, if you are staying in a hotel in the town centre, you will find that most of the shops around would be closed on Sunday afternoons. Quite dead – Sibu town on Sundays after lunch hour. You would need to know where to go…or just head on to the fast food joints – McD’s & KFC and the like would be open. Something like KL or the other cities during Chinese New Year.

  17. of course now when the children can start earning the money, they won’t want their parents to work so hard anymore and thus don’t need to open stall on Sundays or early mornings

    Most of the stalls run by the children, I think…not many stalls with the original old folks anymore – but looking on the bright side, at least they are not run by Banglas or Myanmarese…or Indons like those in KL. Nothing tastes as good as what I used to enjoy in the 80’s…or even the 90’s anymore.

  18. most store here are closed every sunday as well haha i think i gonna love that kopi-o-peng

    This is one of the better places in town…but it would be nicer if the guy (barista) makes it – I think he had gone home for the day…so it was all right that day, just not as good as usual.

  19. They are doing exactly what you are doing cuz…….even though the demand is still there…..hehehe

    Me? No more demand already…old already, out-dated…served my time. 😦

  20. that bowl of kuay chap really got me salivating. . . Hard to find a stall of kuey chap in KL leh!! >< sad!

    Oh? Is that so? Not that common here…more in Kuching…and I think they have very nice ones in Singapore as well.

  21. The best Koay Chap in Penang is at Pulau Tikus area opposite the church. So it is packed with people on Sundays eating the koay chap and other hawker food. They put duck meat inside and smells so fragrant with herbs. Have you eaten Instant Koay Chap in packets? They are manufactured in Thailand. Nice!

    I’ve tried. Ok, never bothered to buy ane eat again. Pulau Tikus…never been there. Heard they have lots of nice food at the market there. No one to take me around mah…so usually I would just eat at places near the hotel where I stay. 😦

  22. Everything looks good as usual! Not sure what Koay Chap is though..not sure if they have it in Seremban, do they? Does your wife/yourself make confinement food? Was wondering if you could share some recipe for me please, Uncle Wee?

    Sibu Foochows will just eat mee sua with lots of ginger and red wine every day –
    but people in Kuching will eat kacang ma chicken and I know there are people who will eat black vinegar pork.

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