Cover you in kisses…

Well, actually, it was not covered in kisses but with salt…

CY salt-baked fish 1

This was the main thing that I wanted to drop by the restaurant for and what we had for lunch that day.

I first had that when I was in KL…and when I blogged about it, people told me that we could get that same thing here at this particular restaurant. I think it is also available elsewhere now as I have seen the signs displayed at some place, just that I cannot remember exactly where.

It took quite a long time to be ready though so in the meantime, we enjoyed the rest of the dishes that we had ordered. Their golden egg tofu was very nice…

Golden egg tofu 1

They use the tofu that they make themselves and it is golden in colour…

Golden egg tofu 2

…owing to the egg yolk content but without the smell that one would find in Japanese tofu and everyone liked the way it was prepared – deep fried with some golden egg sauce.

Of course, when I have visitors to the town from elsewhere, it is a must to order our local favourites – the midin (wild jungle fern) fried in belacan (dried fermented prawn paste)…

Midin belacan

…and the cangkuk manis fried with garlic and egg…

Cangkuk manis with egg

Both dishes were well done and to everyone’s liking.

And finally, the fish was served. The waiter removed the hard layer of salt and the skin…

Salt-baked fish 2

…and this was what we got…

Salt-baked fish 3

I noticed that they only stuffed it with serai (lemon grass) and cloves of garlic…

Salt-baked fish 4

…not like what I had in KL.

But truth be told, when we tried it, it simply swept everyone off their feet. The fish was so sweet, so soft and smooth and so fragrantly tasty. Hmmm…if I were to give 70-75% to the one in KL, I would give this one 100% – it was that nice, honestly.Β They probably got the fish from Batang Ai (from those huge lakes where the first hydro-electricity project in the state is), alive. I asked the man at the cashier’s counter and he confirmed that. He said that it had to be alive or it would not be so nice. Gosh!!! I loved it so much that I really can’t wait to go back there and eat that again. Anybody coming to town soon? Wink! Wink!

The total for the food came up to RM56 but the man said that RM30 went to the fish. I understand from mama kucing that according to the restaurant’s website, the one in KL cost around RM26, depending on the size and also the seasonal prices…but considering how good the one I had here was, I certainly would not mind forking out the extra RM4.00.

After that sumptuous lunch, we stopped by this place for “dessert”. I had the ang tao peng (red bean ice) while my missus had the cendol. Ivan saw this on the menu and could not resist ordering in – their coconut cendol (RM4.50)

Coconut cendol 1
*Bryan Hii’s photo on Facebook*

…which is actually ang tao cendol and bubur cacar combined and served in a young coconut…

Coconut cendol 2
*Bryan Hii’s photo on Facebook*

…so one can feast on the smooth succulent flesh of the young coconut simultaneously. Ivan loved it so much that he quickly took a photograph of it to share on his Facebook page – it was that good…and a few hours later, I saw my friend’s photos of the same on the social media page too! Good grief! It seemed that after they saw our photograph, they made a beeline to the place right away for that. LOL!!! Talk about being influential, eh? By the way, Bryan, thanks for giving me permission to use your photographs in this post, much obliged.

After enjoying that, we went back home to rest and at nightfall, the “marathon” continued… Stay tuned, folks! LOL!!!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

46 thoughts on “Cover you in kisses…”

  1. Bubur cacar!! Nice! I love to eat bubur cacar!

    Come on over again, Mandy. You did not get to eat this last time. I did not think it was good enough compared to the more highly-acclaimed ang tao cendol over at your side so I never suggested it…but Ivan loved it. Said it was soooo nice – I guess it is worth giving a try when you come here again.

  2. I’m a FISH person and I like what I saw. Yums! Must go get some fish tomorrow.. though it’s not that fish 😦

    You have tilapia there too. That was what I had when I had fish done the same way in KL. My daughter would not touch it though because the mum bought some home once and let them swim in the water in the kitchen sink. My daughter saw them and would not eat the fish ever again since that day – she said so kesian the poor fish… LOL!!! πŸ˜€

  3. That tofu looks heavenly… getting hungry now…

    It was good. Different from anything I’ve tasted before…and despite the colour, no eggy smell like Japanese tofu that puts some people off.

  4. Did the kisses refer to you blowing kisses after tasting the fish? Hah! Hah! Ooohh…I am very interested in the coconut cendol. Very innovative and the mix of ingredients is very appealing. And of course the fish, love very fresh fish cooked like that or steamed.

    Ya, come to think of it, it was so good that I could have ended up kissing the fish or covering it in kisses. Hahahahahaha!!!! Ya, the coconut cendol is certainly very innovative – very nice but as you can see, it is very big…quite a lot for one, in fact.

  5. Hi Uncle Wee, I love your blog! You have such nice pictures of the food that I miss so much since I am currently overseas. Never been to East Malaysia but maybe one day .

    Thank you for your kind words and thanks for dropping by. Most welcome to hop over – just let me know, would be glad to show you around too…and eat the best in town.

  6. Hey Arthur, you left out this restaurant when we were there…. such a waste!! I would love to try the fish…never seen that before! *yummy*

    I knew of this place but never went so not too sure whether it was good or not. Heard it was cheap and very popular – but that did not necessarily mean it would be good. Now that I’ve tried it, I would say the other things were good but there would be others just as nice or even better and one would not need to go so far to eat…but that fish!!! Oooooo….I would not mind going all the way to eat that. Saw it and had it the first time that day in KL – this one is A LOT nicer!!! Come, come to Sibu again…and we’ll go there and you can taste for yourself to see that what I say is true.

  7. awwww.. the fish really looks nice, even just from the picture.. looking at the flakes already show how fresh it is, and nope, you don’t need a lot of seasoning if the fish is fresh.. i guess just simply salt is enough to bring out the taste.. guess with the lemongrass and garlic, the flavor is more enhanced.. nice and RM30 is acceptable if that is fresh and tasty right??

    It is!!! I did not go, “Ugh!!! So expensive!” because I thought it was so very nice it was really worth it.

  8. coconut cendol!! fuyoh, i like this too.. like the idea of having cendol and bubur cha-cha combined and served in the coconut.. wow, this must be the “coconut-est” dessert ever!! hahaha~~ but don’t eat too much lah, once in a while will do.. πŸ™‚

    I did not. After that heavy lunch, all I could manage was a small bowl of ang tao peng. I don’t think I would be able to finish that! πŸ˜‰

  9. I never had this salt covered fish before. I saw this quite a number of times in the streets of Bangkok, and never got to try it. I guess I will try this in my next visit.

    You can get this in KL…so I’m sure you can get it in Ipoh too…and in Penang. We have it in Sibu even – no need to go all the way to Bangkok for this.

  10. i think i would love that golden tofu.. looks real yummy, crispy on the outside, soft on the inside..

    Can Janice still fly? Better come over quickly before the baby arrives. You will be grounded for the next few years….

  11. Coconut cendol..pretty impressive. Duno can find it in KL or not.ehheheheh

    Can come to Sibu again. Two times already…come, make it three! LOL!!! πŸ˜€

  12. All my fav dishes, yummy fish. Oh what a great way to use kokonut for cendol and bubur cacar

    Ya, very innovative. Never seen before…and very nice. Your cendol and angtao peng, not as nice as others…never mind. Come up with something different that people cannot get elsewhere. Dare to be different!

  13. Aiya problem with the auto corrective spelling thingy will change by itself if not careful sorry not a typo for ‘cacar’ haha

    Ok, edited liao… These supposedly smart things are at times too smart for comfort.

    1. Huh you can edit Bananaz’s comment one kah? Eee like that quite dangerous man you can frame him up and fry him as you wish at anytime then haha.

      Can. My blog mah…can just edit one word and change the whole perspective of what you say in your comment. Hehehehehehe!!!!

  14. The presentation not good but as long as it taste good then mahal a bit also nevermind la. Ya fish over here usually depending on seasonal price and the size of it.

    The Coconut Cendol looks great. Should be good for a hot day

    I wonder if the ones there alive or not before cooking. Probably that made the difference. A friend of mine complained – always sold out – she went to Thomson Corner for this- no coconut! So Ivan was lucky…lots of coconut that day, and all those who saw on Facebook and went too. They got to eat that. Once I went…no bubur cacar!!! Things there get sold out very quickly one. 😦

    1. Usually Tilapia in most restaurant over here are alive ones unless you go for hawker stall then those are frozen. Not nice. But even in aquarium will have to see how long they were in there. Too long no taste

      Yalor…that one bluff diners only. May be swimming, still alive but out of the natural habitat too long, sure not nice anymore. Here, we can get fresh supplies all the time from the Batang Ai HEP dam lakes (halfway between Sibu and Kuching) – they rear fish in the giant lakes there.

  15. There you are, i knew it. hahhaha..

    See, i told you, the fish is super nice, the meat is sweet and juicy and dip with the special sauce, yummylicious. That is why, when we finished the first fish, i told my brother, like not enough, we have to order another fish! ahhahah

    The other day we passed by a restaurant that serve thai food, i saw an uncle was grilling the fish, the same way, wrap it with salt? I told my hub, the one i had it in Sibu is so so nice. Maybe should drop by one day to that shop to try, see is it as nice as Chuang Yang.

    How come the cangguk manis like soupy type not dry?

    I think they add water, no need so much oil. Still ok, very nice. Wah!!!! How many of you – can manage two? Three of us, we really enjoyed that fish to the max!!! Much nicer than the one I had in KL…even though that one I would say was already very nice! Come, when you come back next time…we will go here again…for the fish!

  16. Early morning you already made me drooling… >.<
    The tofu color is so good! Looks absolutely yummy~

    Hahahahaha!!!! Good! Good! Keep coming and keep drooling! LOL!!!

  17. isnt too salty? hahaha
    love that egg tofu and that refreshing drink

    No, the salt is outside and it is removed together with the skin…and it is dry so the solution will not seep into the fish. Just don’t mistake those lumps of salt as the fish and pop them into your mouth to eat. It is the same as people burying food under some earth or sand or hot ashes to cook….all the flavour of what is being cooked will be retained. So very delicious.

  18. OMG! RM56 for all the food, damn cheap la! I love the fish, the taufu, the midin, the cangkuk manis and I love the coconut bubur cacar + chendol dessert. It sure tastes heavenly good.

    I will not be tempted by cakes, ice-creams, and western food. I will be tempted by dessert like this one.

    Me too, actually. Especially those Taiwanese desserts – tried once, never again!!!! Give me angtao peng or cendol or bubur cacar anytime. Love pulut hitam also…but none here. 😦 The fish RM30…here fried veg, standard price RM8 a plate X 2, so the tofu, RM10…that plate for 3 persons. I thought it was reasonable…and the fish was soooo nice! Really worth it.

  19. OMG that’s sooo awesome! First time I’ve seen it done like that. Look at the texture of the fish meat! Fresh indeed! I must try this! I dont think Kuching has that, do we?

    I haven’t heard of this in Kuching. So far, first time in KL…and now here. Die-die, must eat one…really really good! πŸ˜‰

  20. How do they cover the thick layer of salt on the fish? The fish is baked or grilled?

    The fish reminds me of salted chicken πŸ™‚

    I’m so hungry now…. better go to the cafeteria earlier before I chew my monitor!

    Baked, probably same as in the case of the chicken. Definitely nicer that the salted baked chicken. I asked Ivan – he’s from Ipoh…and he’s not too crazy about the chicken but he loved this soooo much. Went ooo…and ahhhh…and finished it all to the very last bit. Go…go and enjoy your lunch. Hehehehehe!!!!! πŸ˜€

  21. Hi suituapui,

    I am jackson from . Can i have your email contact? I got a blogger invitation for you! I am reachable at . Thanks!

    I’ve already sent you an email…so you can get the address from that. I’m all the way in Sibu, Sarawak though so I wonder what you may have up your sleeves. Never mind, I guess I’ll hear from you soon enough. Cheers!

      1. Hurm….I also receive d same msg/comment on my blog. Shld I reply too??

        You can search for the guy on Facebook. Seems like a decent chap – fat… Maybe he wants people to contribute to his food website. So far, he has nothing on Sarawak.

  22. After all that yummy food, still sambung session one ke? WoW!!!!!

    So hungry looking at the photos. *drool*

    Ivan loves sweet desserts…so I made sure he had something after the sumptuous lunch. I thought he would go for those colourful fruit cocktails – lots of varieties here…but this one caught his eye instead and he wanted it, no second thoughts…and no regrets! He loved it so much. πŸ™‚

  23. Wow.. I LOVE the coconut cendol idea!! So brilliant! How come no one in KL did it before??? I would certainly pay good money for it.. and it looked a lot like bubur char char too, which is my favourite! Gosh, drooling now! HAHA

    Hah!!! If you see that anywhere else, remember where you saw it first! It all started in Sibu! Hehehehehehe!!!!! πŸ˜‰

  24. ooo, i wonder if it’s possible to find a similar version of that egg yolk tofu in KL. i think that’s one dish i’d fall head over heels for, since i’m crazy for eggs πŸ˜€ i’ve tried a few salt-baked fish dishes in KL too, and you’re right, i’d grade most of them a B or a B+. looks like i’ll have to head over to Sibu for an A+ version of it! πŸ˜€

    Come on over. Would be my pleasure to be your host and your guide. Most every restaurant here have their own-made tofu…with or without egg…and they’re all good but usually, the egg ones would have the egg smell…like Japanese tofu. This one hasn’t – maybe they use free range eggs – that’s why so golden in colour…and no egg smell which makes me dislike those eggs but I liked the tofu! LOL!!! So confusing hor? πŸ˜€

  25. That salt on fish..I only tried before when I was in BKK…so fresh and juicy!
    BTW..the cendol looks very nice and refreshing..bcos put in the coconut. πŸ˜‰

    Nice!!! Longing to go back for more… Ivan loved the coconut cendol a lot! I think I’m quite ok with my angtao peng – our beans are smaller, btw…and must cooked till really really soft but not mushy or squashed. The one here is very nice. I don;t like the big ones over at your side…

  26. Cendol and bubur cacar in a coconut – very interesting…will that make one’s stomach do a cha-cha later on?? πŸ˜‰

    Not unless you have a weak angmoh-ised tummy that has gone with santan for a long long time… We love it extra lemak, no problem at all.

  27. Did the fish tasty salty? I love fresh fish that is not heavily seasoned like some of the restaurants. I guess I should buy the coconut from the nearby vendor and cendol and mix both of ’em together. =D

    No, not salty at all. They gave very good sambal dip for the fish but all of us did not bother with it at all – the fish was so nice that we would want to eat it just like that – savouring the freshness and sweetness of its original taste. Absolutely superb.

    Hmmm…i guess you can do that if you are that desperate to have the same. LOL!!! πŸ˜€

  28. Hi, everything look so delicious. YUM YUM!! But I love the young coconut with bubur chacha and cendol ang tau. I shall go buy coconut and make my own concoction since we don’t have it here.

    Have a nice week ahead.

    LOL!!! Good luck! My friend, Ivan, loved it a lot. I think there is a bit too much for me – so I would just stick to my little bowl of red beans.

  29. The fish dish looks creative…..

    Very sweet, very nice… I think this is catching on here, should be available at other places as well.

  30. All the food looks so yummy and I x’pecially like the coconut cendol. Nice and refreshing

    Yes, all nice…and only in Sibu! Wink! Wink! LOL!!! πŸ˜‰

  31. I still think that the chendol served in the coconut is a great idea!

    It is. Very innovative. Would attract a lot of people to order, I’m sure.

  32. wah… me likey the idea of ang tao cendol and bubur cacar combined and served in a young coconut!! interesting and I am sure very lemak… πŸ™‚

    It has to be very lemak, otherwise not nice. Can’t stand those cendol at some places…so diluted. 😦

  33. Agree with your review of the fish. It’s freshness really stands out in this dish. Also, the fish is not salty at all! It’s just sweet, juicy, moist & chewy flesh! Top stuff!

    Will try the coconut cendol one day. It looks really good!

    That’s at Thomson Corner. Loved the fish so much but so out of the way – that’s why we never went back again. 😦

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