In the evening…

After our mid-afternoon tea here, Ivan and I went around town and among the places that we went to, we stopped by this riverfront…

Sibu riverfront
*Ivan’s photo from Facebook*

Imagine this! I actually live right here in Sibu and I have never set foot on this place before. I drove past a few times though – bringing visitors on car rides, sight-seeing and it did not seem like much. I was pleasantly surprised that it is really very nicely done with these nice craft works and stuff…

Sibu riverfront - carvings

It certainly is a very nice place for evening walks or to go jogging, if you like. Unfortunately, it started raining soon after we got there so we had to leave before I was able to take more photographs.

We went to the pasar malam (night market) too but I did not take any photographs there. Here, we have it every night and at the same place and everyone who came seemed intrigued by what they could get to see there and enjoyed browsing around and buying a thing or two.

Then, we came here for dinner…

Cafe2 Sibu 1
*Ivan’s photo on Facebook*

We were early so we were able to take a few photographs of the place…

Cafe2 Sibu 2

Ivan was amazed by how nice the place looked – I guess he never expected anything like this in this small town…and that was not all! His eyes almost popped out when he saw the prices of the things on the menu.

This grilled Norwegian salmon with lemon butter sauce…

Grilled Norwegian salmon with lemon butter sauce

…that he had was only RM28.00. He said he could get nothing at that price anywhere in KL, not with such a very pleasant ambiance and classy surroundings.

I ordered the grilled tenderloin beef with red wine sauce (RM35.00)…

Grilled tenderloin beef with red wine sauce

…and both of them were pretty good.

I felt the banana pancake (RM8.00) I had for dessert…

Banana pancake

…was not to my satisfaction though as the pancake was kind of tough or hard. Ivan liked it so he took over and finished it all off.

He did not quite care for the jelly pisang (RM8.00)…

Cafe2 jelly pisang

…that I ordered for him as I wanted him to try this original Sibu-creation and when I tried it, I was not surprised. Generally, it tasted good, better than what I had here, Β but they used agar-agar jelly. They should use the jelly – the ones you can make using the powder available at most supermarkets, cherry flavour no less and other than that, they had ice cubes inside! No! No! No! They should use crushed ice instead…or just do without it like the ones here.

It certainly was a sumptuous dinner, I would say and I’m glad that Ivan enjoyed himself. You would too…if you care to drop by our little town!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

36 thoughts on “In the evening…”

  1. fuyoh!!! so rich lah STP, go high class restaurant to eat expensive food!! so you paid for the bill?? hehehe.. the salmon looks good, and RM28 is not particularly cheap lah, maybe to those rich people that is cheap lah.. how’s the beef, you didn’t take more photo, should have cut it and take another shot, want to see the texture…

    Nope! Ivan paid… So sweet of him, he insisted on treating me to dinner that night.

    Not cheap kah? I see in people’s blogs – they eat this kind of stuff…no less than RM45 one. I guess there are cheaper places that do not invite people for food tasting so they never get featured in blogs? Sure would like to try – next time, I go KL…you take me and treat me, can?

    Then I will slice the beef…little by little…take photo and show. You like it rare…with the blood oozing and all?

    1. SK you dont worry if you go SIBU. Your hand will never be fast enough. STP always have the first sip in paying unless you turn to sneaky method as like arrange with the boss and give the boss the money first

      Nope, this dinner was on Ivan – he insisted on picking up the tab. Haiyar! People come here, I’m the host…so I pay lor. I go to people’s places – they are the host so they pay lor… It’s as simple as that. Hehehehehe!!!! πŸ˜‰

    2. i poor student mah, where got money to eat two pieces of fish that cost me RM28?? haiz~~ RM28 is enough for me to eat one week of wantan mee already!! o.O

      That’s why I seldom go western. Expensive and not really that nice. With the money, a family of three can go to a chu char place here and have a very nice dinner and will probably enjoy it a lot more.

      They have cheaper stuff at this cafe though – cincaluk fried rice RM10, mee mamak RM8…servings so huge – enough for two or three persons but Ivan wanted to treat me to western mah…and so be it! Good offers, sure one must not decline one… Hehehehehehe!!!!!! πŸ˜‰

    3. No wonder its not kampua mee… somebody else’s treat! wakaka

      Yalor…me cheapskate, will only treat people to kampua mee…but wait a minute! When we went for kampua the morning of that same day, it was also Ivan’s treat – he insisted on paying all the time! πŸ˜‰

  2. haiyah, your eyes are only on food and especially kampua noodles and pian sip only.. not surprised you won’t even realize that place and that sculpture at all lah.. BTW, how disappointing, you did not blog about kampua noodles for the consecutive third day~~ πŸ˜€

    Serba salah! Got kampua, complain…no kampua, also complain. Of course, cannot have the same thing all the time – variety is the spice of life.

    If the same thing, then my readers would not know how to comment anymore – they cannot be saying the same things all the time…even if the kampua came from different places, some good and some not so.

    Would be useful for people here or people coming to town as they would know where to look for the good ones…but for people like you on the other side of the world, they’re all the same…kampua, makes no difference whatsoever.

    1. hahahaha, just like you lah, so difficult to please.. like this complain, like that also complain.. eih, if you write kampua noodles for one whole week, then you can test your readers mah.. :p

      And then? The winner will get one year’s supply of kampua noodles. is it? Where got I always complain? Ask everybody lah… I’m always so nice, so sweet…so wonderful. You so free today kah? Writer’s block? Mind blank? Ah well, what’s new?…It’s always blank, anyway… vacuum inside! Hehehehehehe!!!!!

  3. If only it was as easy as 1-2-3….I would be in Sibu the very next flight available….cause you organize a very good tour, Arthur!!

    Ya, I’m sure you would and I’m sure you will have a wonderful time here – great place, great food and great company…and very relaxing. You will go back fully-recharged, all rejuvenated. Other places…the crowds, the rushing here and there, the horrendous jams all over, hours to get from one place to another – that alone will wear you out.

  4. Where is that 1st photo? Near the Ark Cafe ka?

    Nope…the other end of the town square, turn to the right. To the left will take you into the town centre.

  5. “It certainly was a sumptuous dinner, I would say and I’m glad that Ivan enjoyed himself. You would too…if you care to drop by our little town!”… you sure like to rub it in, don’t you..muahahaha.
    Everything look so well presented and the restaurant ambiance is nice and it reflects on the food price. How come you didn’t order the jelly Pisang for me to try one????

    Didn’t you try that at Payung? Maybe we did not order as Simon is not a fan of fruits?

    This place is along the row of shops near the temple – you were complaining in a comment once that I just drove past all the nice-looking cafes…and never took you to eat there, I remember. Well, two nights only and like Ivan, where got time to eat everything? Still lots more that he didn’t get to enjoy e.g. he has yet to go to Ruby! Looks like he has to come again…soon! πŸ˜€

  6. I want that ice cream now!

    Don’t rush… Just so-so at this place. Wait for a couple of posts – the ice cream desserts are better at this other place.

  7. Nice scenery! And the restaurant has a classy ambience. Norwegian salmon at RM28 is a steal! Here the cheapest would be about RM35 plus. And I am curious about the jelly pisang, read about it in your earlier posts. Oh yes, what were they thinking putting ice cubes!

    Yalor!!! Obviously they’re not as old as I am…so they don’t really know what the original jelly pisang was like…or they want to create it their own style. Cheap, eh? That SK said expensive – I wonder where he goes to in KL that is so cheap. For one thing, the salmon here is air-flown…very fresh. They will announce on their Facebook page when they have new stock arriving…and it seems they do not last very long. Very often, sold out – not available.

  8. Looking at these mouth watering goodies makes my stomach groaning. Good choice for a nice dinner and enjoy eating to your hearts’ content. Jelly pisang, bet there are bits and pieces of pisang inside, rite.

    Yes, you can make it yourself. Sliced bananas, jelly (cherry flavour), and crushed ice – add syrup and evaporated milk. Very nice! These days, they also add a scoop of vanilla ice cream… Yummmm!!!!!

  9. hey..that looks very romantic!! Have you taken your wife there before? hehehe.. A very nice place for couples!

    Of course. We go there quite often…but unfortunately, romantic is not the word I would use to describe the place. When the crowd comes in, it gets very noisy – not much better than a coffee shop, all the mood ruined, totally spoilt. We go there often and also their Japanese restaurant next door because the food is nice and the prices, reasonable.

  10. This place has many pisang dessert ka? ^_^
    I think that jelly pisang is quite interesting.
    HHmmm…that grilled salmon for RM28.00..I think we can still get that price here..provided you don’t go to those famous cafes lah… πŸ˜€

    Don’t know how fresh those would be. This one, air-flown but limited availability – not always available, depending on their supply. I’m not a fan of salmon myself…but my daughter loves it. I think I would very much prefer the very cheap fish & chips, dunno what fish they use – probably Dory.

  11. Angmoh-style pisang dessert? Interesting! Usually I had pisang goreng, cucur pisang and the other local pisang-related kuih muih.

    I seldom have western food, so I’m unaware of the food quality and price. I’m more to fusion food. But that plate of grilled salmon with lemon butter sauce looks tempting and good πŸ˜€

    Ya…it was very good when I had the banana pancake quite sometime ago but that night, it was a disappointment. Will not order again.

    I seldom go western either – usually expensive and with that amount of money, can go for a nice Chinese dinner at one of the small chu-char restaurants…for the whole family. Once in a while, ok lah… We need to pamper ourselves sometimes.

    But this place has some local fusion cuisine, very nice…and prices a lot more affordable…just that we did not order those that night. Their cincaluk fried rice is very very popular.

  12. I love that banana pancake with ice cream the most. I like this type of flat pancake. Looks so good here. The ambiance in this restaurant is really classy and nice.

    Yes, the place is very very nice, no doubt. Too bad it attracts those boisterous youngsters, no class at all – talking so loudly like they’re deaf or they’re quarrelling or something. I did not like the pancake that night – I think I know one place that makes nicer pancakes than this one here.

  13. nice food.. nice ambience…
    so STP.. turn to high class people now..

    Huh??? You mean all this while, you consider me as being low class? Eeeeee….now I’m insulted!!! @#$%^&*!!!!! LOL!!! πŸ˜€

  14. Nice ambiance. Long time never fine dining…feel like sneaking out again with my wifey for some fine dining indulgence.

    LOL!!! The sacrifices parents have to make for their children. I had my share of that… Watch out! One day, when you are old and you need someone to keep you company and take care of you, your kids will also be sneaking out… What goes around comes around. Hehehehehehe!!!! πŸ˜‰

    1. Oh no…you are scaring me off. Okay, I will stay at home this weekend. haha…

      Hahahahahaha!!!! Yes, be a good father, stay with your boy.

      By the way, congrats on winning Huai Bin’s ( BR ice cream contest. Saw your name on the list. And you won YeeLing’s whatever cream too. Gee!!! You’re on a winning streak, I see. Can give me a number? Hehehehehehe!!!!!

      1. Yeah thanks. Luck is on my side this few weeks. Not only from Yee Ling and Huai Bin, I also got something from claire. I’m going to write about this next week. Let me see whether I can dream of any number tonight, then i pass it to you, but i seldom have dreams…hahahaha

        Claire? My good friend? She’s in Ipoh… I guess you met her personally then?

  15. food porn!!!!!! soo scrumptious looking dishes
    love the first photograph by the way

    Yes, I love it too! Ivan took it using his smartphone camera, Samsung. Turned out pretty good eh? πŸ™‚

  16. Very reasonably priced Western food! But I think you can cook better lah!

    I’m not into western. My attempts will turn out like something Chinese or Asian. LOL!!! 😦

  17. love the first picture, nice!

    That is Cafe Cafe…if i didn’t click the link, i don’t know where is the place, look so nice and romantic!! I been there once only, not for western food, but for local food, i had their sea cucumber soup, i quite like it.

    Grilled salmon looking good. Is that raisin they put on top?

    Banana crepe? My all time favourite too, but you said it was so so only, not so nice.

    Not this time. The last time I had it, I loved it so much. Maybe the chef was having a bad day.

    Yes, their local favourites are very nice too – I hear their zhao chai hung ngang is so very nice and the serving is huge!!! Never tried, not really a fan of that…but I love their cincaluk fried rice – one of the very few fried rice outside that I like.

    Dunno what’s on the salmon, lemon peel perhaps…since it was lemon sauce.

  18. nice wood carvings at the riverfront. i guess sometimes we miss the cool stuff in our own backyard, rite. i bet there are interesting streets that i’ve never ventured into just within a 10-minute walk from my office in downtown kl πŸ˜€ the ambiance of the cafe looks really good too. a romantic charm to it πŸ˜€

    Yes, one of the few places in town that are very nicely done. There is another one similar…but that one was kind of over-done – I hardly ever go there, doesn’t have the feel to it. Would rather go to this one or another one here, Payung.

  19. It’s a nice place to unwind from the work stress and not only inhale the fresh air but to also admire the beautiful wood carving of the bird.

    Do you’ve the address for the restaurant? I’ll definitely want to have a meal here when I’m in Sibu.

    10 Jalan Chew Geok Lin
    They have an outlet at the Giant Hypermart here too. They also run the Ark (Rejang Esplanade, Jalan Maju) but the menu’s different there. Nice place, award-winning architecture, but not too crazy about the menu there (non-halal)

  20. wow, beautiful, you can be one of those great restaurant reviewers already. πŸ™‚

    ps. I don’t know who Alexandra Burke, blame it on my lack of TV for the past 5 years in my room. huhu >< .. I'm just in it for the fun of it. lol!

    Hahahahaha!!! I knew it! She’s not famous what – just won the contest and hardly heard of since…so can’t blame you. I’m sure many do not know her either…but she was good…in the contest, dunno now.

    1. Alexandra Burke is the singer who won Britain’s Got Talent, am I right?

      X Factor UK…and she sang Hallelujah in the final! Loved it! She did it really well…

  21. Gosh no midin or pian sip this time?! Rofl
    The ambiance is really nice. I think the decor even beats many of the ‘high’ eateries in KL. My grilled salmon at the fav local joint only costs rm14. ;s

    Wahhhh!!!! So cheap there! You’re in KL? I wouldn’t ask you to take me though, not really into salmon. I know it’s RM17.90 at MFM but that’s at a franchise place. Here, fish and chips…ordinary fish fillet, probably Dory, is around RM12-14 in that region in the hotels & cafes.

    No more piansip or kampua for a while…but there will be midin coming up in a day or two.

  22. Lovely! πŸ™‚ Like the look of that salmon. It’s definitely not cheap to even cook salmon at home. A sizable fillet would already be RM20 if you buy from the supermarket (of course, would be cheaper in wet markets etc). So I’d say this is quite reasonable, although you can find salmon around that price here too. Around RM30 is quite usual la.

    Ok, reasonable then since they get theirs airflown, not from the cold storage people or supermarts here. We do have that around here too at the supermarkets but I never bothered to check the prices as I never intended to buy.

    1. I prefer cooking salmon at home because I get to control the doneness (still slightly raw inside… yum) with guaranteed crispy skin! Super quick too!

      Ya, they eat it raw eg. at Japanese restaurants. Not really a fan of salmon, its certain smell/taste – would prefer cod or what they call snowfish or Alaskan fish, steamed or deep-fried….or our own local fish. Will be having a post on one in two days’ time – stick around!

  23. Hi, the riverfront look like a nice place. Good for evening walk or jogging.
    Food look yummlicious, love the pancake with ice cream and the last picture jelly pisang sure look refreshing.

    Hah!!! You’re very much into desserts, eh? Not quite up to expectations unfortunately – much nicer ones elsewhere. 😦

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