It seems that a few of my friends have dropped by this place and they like the food there and the very nice boss who personally runs the place. One said that he had the chicken bryani (RM6.00) and he ordered some vegetables as the side dish. When paying for the food and drink, he casually mentioned my name and was not charged for the extra. Hmmm…I think I will have to start charging people for using my name, don’t you think? LOL!!!!

Well, I went back there again like I said I would as I wanted to try their white tom yam. I ordered that with mihun (RM6.00) and it came out looking like this…

Sri Pelita tom yam 1

It was not white at all, not really tom kha kai/gaiΒ as that would be really white because it has santan (coconut milk) in it. I tried googling and found in this blog that this clear version of the Thai tom yam is called tom yam nam sai. Whatever the name may be, I must say that it was very very nice.

Sri Pelita tom yam 2

There were three prawns in it and quite a few pieces of chicken along with all the tomatoes, the sliced Bombay onions, the serai (lemon grass) and the daun limau purut (lime leaves) and lots of chilies. There should be daun ketumbar (coriander leaves) in it too but the guy said that they had run out of it that day.

It tasted really great and I liked it a lot – flavourful, sourish and spicy…and I finished all the soup…

Sri Pelita tom yam 3

According to the boss, the guy cooking it spent some time in Kelantan and that was where he learnt how to cook this. I enjoyed it a lot though I would think it would be great as a soup to be savoured along with a few other dishes and rice.

With my drink, the bill came up to RM7.40 and of course, the boss rounded it up to RM7.00.

While I was there, I saw these pulut panggang (glutinous rice wrapped in banana leaves and cooked over an open charcoal fire) and was wondering whether they were any good. I found out that they were selling them for 80 sen each with a choice of condensed milk, kaya (coconut jam), curry or nasi lemak sambal to go with it…

Sri Pelita pulut panggang

I was already too full from the tom yam so I decided to buy them and try them at home…and guess what! The nice boss sold them to me at cost price! I found that they were very nice – there was sufficient panggang fragrance and they were quite Β lemak (rich from the santan). I would prefer Kate’s but these would be good enough for one’s morning or afternoon tea break and a lot better than some that I have had around town.

Hmmm…now that I’ve tried the tom yam, I wonder what I can have next when I drop by the place again…


Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

23 thoughts on “White…”

  1. i love white tom yam too, even much more than the red tom yum….Yum…yum!!

    This is different from the usual which I find similar to some of our local/kampung cooking…

  2. This is something new for me. I think I would love this dish!! Anything sour and spicy is a big plus for me πŸ™‚

    You must come and try when you’re home for the holidays. I am pretty sure you will like it. I loved it a lot! Nice, very nice.

  3. white tomyam… it is been awhile since i take eat TH food..
    i would prefer the normal tom yam kung….

    To each his own. I had a good one at the simple and cheap Thai restaurant behind the hotel where I was staying at Kelana Jaya, the normal tom yam but with santan added. Loved it!

  4. I love tomyam and would drink my bowl clean too! But I haven’t had this clear one yet and I am sure I would love it too. The pulut panggang I take it that it is just pulut with no filling? Haven’t heard of having it with condensed milk or kaya πŸ™‚

    Yes, I don’t like the ones with filling. My missus would eat it just like that – she also prefers it that way…but I would want it with condensed milk or kaya.

  5. Ooo~~ tomyam! I don’t care whether it’s red or orange or white, I just LOVE tomyam, but it must be a good one πŸ˜€

    This one is good – very nice, different from the normal/usual tom yam…but it’s nice. I like!

  6. oh finally you went back and had the tom yam nam sai!! looks good and they have did a nice presentation too.. or perhaps it was you who did that for the sake of taking nicer photo?? hahaha~~

    It was served like that – I only took out the mihun a bit for the second photo…

  7. so this is not entirely white, but we can say it’s something like clear tom yam?? hmmm, i wonder whether it’s hot because it’s not red at all, no chili in the soup at all (not the one used for garnishing of course)??

    It was spicy…just nice for me – maybe not for my missus…and may be a bot too spicy for other people. Ya, I would say it is clear tom yam, rather than white…

  8. It does not matter if its a white or a black tom yam as long as it taste like aTOMic yam its great tom yam. Lup the pulut panggang

    Not bad, but I know there’s one in town that is better but I don’t think they make it regularly. How are you now? How are your plans to come to Sibu? I can take you here to try this and more…lots lots more!

  9. Never try white tomyam…just wondering how is the taste like…just wondering which kopitiam sell white tomyam?

    You did not click the link meh? Got photo and all…Sri Pelita – to the right of Paramount Hotel, right below the Korean restaurant. You’re familiar with the area or not?

  10. I like this bowl of Tom Yam. I will prefer those with reddish colour. Anyway, I love all the side veggie like onion and tomato.

    It was very nice. Maybe one of these days, I try and cook it myself, eat as a soup dish with rice…use seafood – sure will have second helping one…very nice.

  11. Whenever people mentioned tom yam, 1st thing come to my mind is reddish in colour, sourish and spicy and this white tom yam is something very new to me. Minus the tomato, serai, chilli, it will be exactly like mihun in clear soup.

    Not really, not as simple as that. There are other things that go into the soup. Wait till I try cooking it myself – if successful, I will blog about it. If not, too bad…it will remain their trade secret. Hehehehehe!!!!!!

  12. ooo, i know there are lots of tom yam lovers out there, and i always love to read their posts about their tom yam adventures, but i have to confess that i can’t empathize, since sour and spicy are my two least favorite taste sensations. i stay away from sour and/or spicy food 95 percent of the time. but i’ll happily eat the pulut panggang! πŸ˜€

    I’m all for spicy stuff…and sour in cooking to a certain extent – not a fan of sour pickles and fruits. Hmmm…so one of our favourites here, the belimbing prawns, or the local dayak brinjal and also my masak kunyit dishes would be out of your list too then.

  13. oo.. I am a huge fan of white tom yam! and I love Tom Kha Gai too… maybe I just love white soup! πŸ˜‰

    Wah.. yr name is priceless leh! πŸ˜›

    It’s starting to become like a discount card, eh? LOL!!! πŸ˜€

  14. Now you making me crave for tom yam though I’ve never tried white tom yam before. I simply love tom yam and I’ll be like you too, finish up all the broth!

    The only place we can get it here. Thankfully it is nice…. In KL, I guess you can get it all over, any colour you want.

  15. I prefer clear tom yam to those red red colour tom yam..Yum!!

    We had thai food for dinner last night, didn’t order any tom yam, since eating with kids, must order some food that not too spicy.

    Hah!!! You don’t want or the kids don’t want… They may surprise you with their ability to eat spicy stuff. πŸ˜‰

  16. I love the pulut panggang, prefer the ones with sambal. The same goes to Tom yam. Tom Yam, white, orange or red, I love them all. πŸ™‚

    Not a fan of the ones with sambal. Usually the pulut is not lemak or wangi and would depend on the sambal for it to be tasty.

  17. cheap la the food. Not expensive at all

    Cheap kah? Ok lah…especially considering that it is nice, I would say it is worth it.

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