They certainly are a really good bargain, the set lunches at this place

Red Carrot iced coffee

I had not been here for a long time but a couple of Sundays ago, I decided to stop by for lunch with my missus after the church service.

Gosh! Business was so good and it was so crowded that afternoon. Luckily, there was a table vacant and we quickly grabbed it. This is the counter and you may see the chefs/cooks at work by the side at the back with the some kind of open-kitchen concept that they seem to have here.

Red Carrot @ Pedada, Sibu

I chose their pepper honey fish set (RM6.50)…

Pepper honey fish rice set

…which came with rice and vegetables by the side plus a choice of iced coffee (you can see that in the above photo) or cucumber juice. It was very nice but I would not think that it was so great that I would be dying to go back there for more – just a likely option that I might choose should I happen to drop by there again.

My missus had their nyonya chicken curry kapitan set (RM6.50)…

Nyonya curry kapitan set

…and this was served with rice as well and one would also get either the complimentary iced coffee or cucumber juice with it. She loved it a lot and I must say that I would agree with her. It was indeed very very nice – not like curry as we would know it but something like a cross between masak merah and the ayam belada/masak kunyit (cooked with tumeric). I certainly would want to order this the next time around – it is that good!

I did not like this though – their fried brinjal…

Fried brinjal

This was one of their add-on’s for an extra RM3.00 if you order the set lunch. I did not want to order the chicken curry as my missus was already having something along that line but I should have ordered their fried cangkuk manis with egg instead of this. I probably would like it more if they had just steamed it and served it with sambal belacan…or perhaps they could have grilled it in a bit of oil, cut a slit lengthwise and stuffed it with freshly-pounded chili like what we may get at the Malay food stalls or the Indonesian nasi padang places. I like those a lot!

All in all, it was a delightful lunch – value for money…but I do think they should get some more waiters or waitresses. There were only a handful and they seemed pathetically overworked, trying desperately to cope with the crowd – taking orders, serving, cleaning and everything else and I thought they looked quite miserable unlike those very cheerful, happy-looking and polite ones at some other places in town.