Not the right time…

I went back to this placeΒ , the Sri Pelita Cafe at Kampung Datu Road here in Sibu, with my missus as the boss was singing his praises of their “white tom yam” and somebody was telling me that that would be the original tom yam – white. I don’t recall ever having had that before so I wanted to give it a try. Unfortunately, when we got there, I was informed that it was not the right time of the day as the guy making the tom yam would only be around in the afternoon and I would have to drop by at around 3.00 p.m. if I wanted to eat that.

Well, since we were already there, we decided to have something else instead. My missus had the mee goreng (fried noodles), extra spicy…

Sri Pelita mee goreng

…and she liked it very much. She said it was not oily as would be the case at many of the Malay food stalls in town and it tasted good too.

I decided to try their murtabak sardine (RM3.50)…

Sri Pelita murtabak sardine 1

It was served with their fish curry gravy and it seemed that they mixed a bit of their fish curry with the sardine too in the making of the murtabak.

It was good…

Sri Pelita murtabak sardine 2

…and I wouldn’t mind having that again the next time I drop by the place.

The total, inclusive of two kopi-o-pengs (RM1.40 a glass compared to RM1.50 elsewhere in town) was RM9.30 and the boss just rounded it all up to RM9.00. Gee! Isn’t he nice?

Well, I definitely would go back there again as I have yet to try the “white tom yam” to see whether it is as nice as it is claimed to be.

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29 thoughts on “Not the right time…”

  1. The mee goreng sure looks good, even at this time of night … oh, wait, it’s morning already!
    White Tom Yam could be Tom Kha … I love that version more than the usual red one.
    Here’s wishing you a good night … or rather, good morning and happy zzzz-ing.

    Morning! My missus loved it and my murtabak was good too. Will go for the tom kha one of these days…

  2. damn…wrong wrong decision to visit your site at this time! my stomach is growling annoyingly damn damn!

    i would like to have a meehoon goreng now Now NOW

    Go! Go! Georgetown…city mah and the city never sleeps – can always go out and there will be lots of places open and lots of things to eat. πŸ˜‰

  3. ooo, good morning arthur! πŸ™‚ it’s a beautiful saturday morning. :)..

    I am like your mrs, when i go for mee goreng like these, i like it extra spicy! hehe

    Penang people, all for extra spicy one, I know. I learnt to eat spicy food from a Penang friend.

  4. Not really into the noodle la. But the murtabak looks good. So when going there again?

    Soon, I hope…very soon! πŸ˜‰

  5. Oh, the mee goreng looks super delicious! I haven’t had the Malay version for a long time. Sardines in murtabak? Eeeeeekkk…….I don’t like sardines hee…hee…hee….

    Normally, I don’t…even though I love sardines with rice and sardine sandwiches. First time trying and not bad really! Mixed with the fish curry, does not really have the canned sardine in tomato sauce taste anymore.

  6. Ohhhhh… You tak payah cakap sedap, I see the pictures already know memang sedap.The murtabak look so garing the skin. Beautiful photos today by the way.

    Went in the daytime. In natural daylight, the photos sure to be nicer… πŸ˜‰

  7. oooh how disappointing to have missed the right time for the “white tomyum”, but the mee goreng and murtabak look good lah.. at least you had something nice, and make you want to go back for the tomyum even more right??

    Yes, we enjoyed what we had even though we did not get to eat the tom yum. Sure, I will go back there one of these days for that… πŸ˜‰

  8. ooh, the kopi-o peng is 50 sen cheaper?? this is so rare when everyone is trying to increase their price during this time.. and rounding the total amount to RM9.00 from RM9.30 is just so generous.. others won’t even give you a 1 sen discount..

    I know. Even 5 sen, they will wait for you to fork it out…much less 30 sen!!! The coffee is 10 sen cheaper lah…but I know one place RM1.70 or 1.80…and the coffee’s not even nice. Will never go there again. The boss an old friend – I thought maybe, first time there, he would treat me to the coffee free. Humph!!! Dream on! More expensive some more. Tsk! Tsk!

    1. My Mamak here still can roundown their price if its 20/30sen. The kedai by the river near MV (at the low cost apt) also still rounddown price for us. Nice people. So we become regulars there. πŸ™‚

      Mamaks do that, Malays too. Otherwise, don’t dream… Hehehehehe!!!! But those nasi kandar places over at your side, their knives very sharp lah… Everytime I kena slaughtered one – nothing less than RM10, the nasi campur.

      1. They know by listening to the way we speak BM. Last visit to Kuching when I asked for the price for terubok in BM, my dad asked me to let him do the talking. He said listening to my West M’sian BM they will get ready to ‘slaughter’ already. No wonder I went there first time without my dad, they wanted to sell me a piece of terubok egg for RM25. When my dad asked it was RM10. But I am a East M’sian, how can they slaughter me?

        Oh? So they do that in Kuching, eh? You’ll have to learn to speak Sarawak Malay then… I used to speak that well – grew up speaking it with my kampung friends but after all the years of standard BM, I’m no longer proficient, Tend to use BM instead.😦

  9. The murtabak sardine looks sinfully good, but i know it is high in carbs and fat. I better say no to this, otherwise I forever can’t my bikinis.

    Hmmmmm….now I know who I should avoid if ever I go to Taiping,. so susah cannot indulge – this cannot eat, that cannot eat. You, no problem what, go and join your bodybuilder hubby at the gym..will burn all the extra calories in no time at all.

  10. Mmm, simple and cheap food! You like kopi o peng? I don’t like, hehe.. Will get insomnia at night, so I stay clear from all caffeine drinks….

    I’m ok…but will not drink at dinner or after. Tea also, whole night so busy getting up and going to the toilet to urinate.

  11. “White tom yam”, sound interesting, something new. I wonder why it is called “white tom yam”, anything to do with the colour. Slurppp!!!…I would love the mee goreng, looks sooooooo…… good.

    I don’t know. They tell me it is the real tom yam. Have yet to see, have yet to try. Will post on it for sure once I have had the chance to do so.

  12. You better not been rounded again and again and too often, you are already round enough dunwan to be rounderest hehe.

    No worries. Retiree…can’t afford to indulge too much, once in a while…so will not be as round as before. Hehehehehe!!!

  13. Oh have tried murtabak sardine before. Oh oh the mee goreng reminds me of my fav in Ah Pek (my mil version) of some ‘P with Rich one’.

    Oh? That franchise place? I’m sure it does not come cheap there… πŸ˜‰

    1. Oops typo have NOT tried murtabak sardine before haha most of the time only chicken. Eh not that very expensive in Ah Pek’s and eat there only once in a blue moon.

      K, we can go there when I go to KL again… Hehehehehe!!! πŸ˜‰

    2. But that franchise place got decent breakfast set… For RM5… OK lah. Just a bit more expensive than at Mamak. ;p

      Yakah? I went a number of times – for one thing, it was near the hotel where I stayed, next block. Food was good enough, prices a bit more than the coffee shops and stalls…service was great and of course, place was a lot classier and more comfortable. But I would not go out of my way to look for one and eat there…

  14. white tom yam or clear tom yam ? Rain whole day, nice to have a bowl of hot tom yam now.

    I love murtabak and I love sardine , but I don’t take sardine in murtabak or in roti canai. hahaha Maybe they mash it up and make me feel geli.

    Clear tom yam, so nice… Just had a bowl, so full now. Will blog about it soon. LOL!!! I don’t usually take sardine in murtabak too but I just thought I would give it a try. Nice, not bad – would be a great option for breakfast or afternoon tea.

  15. if you approve of them, they definitely must have tasted so good πŸ™‚ happy weekend! πŸ™‚

    Seems that my friends have dropped by too and they like the food there as well. Pretty good really… You too, have a nice weekend.

  16. The murtabak is cheap! I wanted to eat one in Singapore, this is at a roti prata (same thing as roti canai) place, but it costs SGD 6-9 minimum and I already had a plate of mixed rice.

    It’s at a relatively cheap food court too, they serve great roti prata.

    I’ll get my fix when I come back…extra spicy! Nice! πŸ™‚

    Good grief! That’s why I don’t bother to go to Singapore anymore these days. Used to do that a lot but later found the hotel and the food too expensive after conversion and we can get better here for a lot less. Some miserable hotel there, here we can stay five-star… Not much sense going there unless it is for the other attractions like Universal Studios and so on. Hmmm…doesn’t look like you’ll be home this year from the way things are going – they certainly are taking their sweet time. Hope it’s not in December as I will not be around for most of that month… 😦

  17. I told him about you!
    Now he knows that you’re giving him a lot of CHINESE business! I did notice a lot of Chinese people there nowadays.
    He should give you meals complimentary! hahahaha~~~

    He did! He let me try a lot of things and then he refused to accept payment. Once is enough lah – business is business. Can’t expect freebies all the time…and anyway, whatever is good, I will surely let others know…free or not free, never mind.

    1. Which makes your recommendations credible. Well done!

      I told him when I saw him yesterday – if good, I will say good…but if not, I will say so and explain why and maybe give suggestions as to how it may be improved but it is all from my personal point of view. What I don’t like, others may be ok with it…which probably explains why so many lousy eating places can still stay open – like that classy expensive place with the papadum that had gone limp! Tsk! Tsk!

  18. seeing the murtabak makes me wana go and have one now! love murtabak with pickled red onions and fish curry!

    Oooo…that sounds nice. Must suggest to the guy here – I wouldn’t mind having the same.

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