All around the world…

I guess many of our blogger friends would know that she went to the US on a holiday and just came home recently…and what a pleasant surprise I had when the postman came to my door that day and delivered to me this parcel…

Special delivery 1

I quickly opened it and inside, I found this very nice t-shirt…

Special delivery 2

I love the very pleasantly soothing peach colour but I was kind of skeptical when I saw the size – 2XL. Hmmm…I wonder if I can fit into that.

I quickly tried it on and voilà!!! It fits me like a glove with room to spare…and it is so very comfortable to wear!…

Special delievery 3

I really love it a lot and I think I will save it for Christmas or for Chinese New Year next year unless there is something that crops up before then that would give me  a good excuse to wear it.

I wonder if she got it from here…and if you look at the label closely, you will notice that the t-shirt was made in India and it went all the way to America…and then, it was transported to Ipoh in West Malaysia before being dispatched over to Sibu, Sarawak. It certainly looks like it had gone all around the world…or almost.

That was so very sweet of you, Claire, to remember me while you’re out there having fun. Thank you so very very much…

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34 thoughts on “All around the world…”

  1. Huh peach coror kah!!! haha. Anyway never mind, is there a blue line?

    White lines but in the second photo, they look bluish…probably because of the lighting. Hey!!! You can see colours now? Or you always can see blue?

      1. Nasib baik peach.

        Kalau pink, Arthur Oppa very the Gay like that! Muahaha

        I’m colour blind…never mind what colour as long as is nice. I think guys (or ladies too for that matter), if fair…will look nice in pink and bright colours but not if you’re dark-skinned.

      2. Pink nice, wert! All Japanese have at least one pink shirt in their closet (as quoted from Rurousha)

        Ya…and they say, “Real men wear pink!” (Joop! cologne tagline) and “The stronger a man is, the more gentle he can afford to be,”
        Elbert Hubbard

  2. Nice colour and you look handsome! Why hide your face? Show! Show! Show!

    Cannot lah! Don’t want to steal the thunder – focus is on the t-shirt. LOL!!!! I had to lower the brightness so as to hide the BIG double chin – can see it in the shadows. LOL!!! 😀

  3. Those are nice colors, my father prefers shirts like this. It’s s staple father’s day gift, along with other goodies (of course).

    My missus would buy for me…but here, most of the time, they would not fit me. Can’t get clothes around here – everyone is so small. 😦

  4. Alamak!..and there you go telling me to buy 4XL!!!!You’ll b wearing maxi dresses la like that..tsk!tsk!tsk!

    It depends on the brand…and also on the material – Big Daddy that Quay Po always gives me – 3XL, ngam ngam…but if I put on weight some more, cannot use already – the material is soft and very stretchable though, so maybe can use but you will see my watermelon like pregnant woman 9 years overdue. LOL!!!! The All Blacks you gave me – 3XL, also ngam-ngam but the material is not stretchable so if I grow fatter, cannot use already lor.

    Best thing is to measure around the waist part – 25 inches…or circumference, 50 inches…then sure can wear liao. Sleeves and length, no worries…only the waist part…watermelon cannot get in.

  5. Aiyoh, tak dapat first sip today at this blog! wakaka

    Agree with TM. Why hide face. SHOW! SHOW! SHOW! 🙂

    You two been watching too many Chippendales’ shows, is it? Tsk! Tsk! Come at 12.05 a.m. – sure there will be a new post and you can have your first sip… 😉

  6. Sure you dont need double X? hahahaha…ok, that shows you still have room to spare for more food… 🙂

    Cannot lah… Not easy for me to find clothes to wear. Faded, longgar and full of holes, I will still have to wear…so kesian. Luckily it fits very well…so I have a nice one to wear on special ocassions. 😉

  7. A very nice t-shirt…..My dad prefer such T-shirt too, but he make it a point that the T-shirt must have a pocket. The pocket is for his spectacles 🙂

    I don’t mind without pockets but I like shorts or trousers with a lot of them…can put in everything. LOL!!! 😀

  8. gwai lo XXL size I think you sure can fit lah.. see, you look so nice in pink my dear Arthur… wakakaka!! eih, received my gifts then only start to call me dear [SK] huh?? before that always scold me stingy and one eye big one eye small pulak~~ 😀

    Like the Kitchen God mah!!! People offer sweet cakes, so when go back to Heaven, will report about them…say all the sweet things. Come, come…send me some more…and I may progress to sweetheart or darling. Muahahahahaha!!!!!

  9. yeah, things of course travel but this peachy pink (not bitchy pink mind you) travels around the entire globe!! fuyoh, how nice is Claire huh?? eih my things also came from China, then KL then to Shah Alam then to Kuching and finally Sibu leh~~

    Lots of things come here from China…China dolls too! Hehehehehe!!!! This t-shirt came from India though… 😉

  10. wow .. present from pretty girl..
    wei receive so many presents and need to balas one you know…
    ahem ahem ahem…

    Of course! Our kampung culture, people give…must balas, cannot return plate empty – never mind big or small…not like old Chinese practice – had to find out price and return exactly the same price – could not be less or you would lose face, and could not be more or the other person would lose face. So kiasu lah… Thank goodness the modern day ones no longer have all these silly ideas. I already sent her something in return and she has received it already…. 😉

    P.S. Oh ya!!! You just came back from China, so what did you get me from there? Not what you got from your China Dolls, I don’t want that…thank you very much! Muahahahahahahaha!!!!!

  11. Nice! It looks good on you, I reckon XXL in the US is a lot bigger than the XXL here.

    Nice friends you’ve got, that’s a truly blessed life buddy! 🙂

    Yes, I always count my blessings…so many wonderful friends that I have, you included, of course. 😉 Always remember to pick up a little something for me whenever you travel, so very sweet of you. 🙂

  12. Nice shirt there. That’s how everything became so expensive due to the brand names. Just like made in china iPhones to be sent back to America and then back to Asia! lol

    Ya, I had a friend from here who had a factory in China – they would buy the branded shoes from their factories there – over-production, remove the logo and put their own, something quite similar but not the same…and bring them back here and sell them cheap. He went over once a month, always asked me to go with me but I did not want.

    He said in the clubs, the girls…brand new ones every month. The old ones, used but still in good condition…send to Malaysia, sell cheap like the shoes. But I hear they try to pass them off as brand new here to unsuspecting hamsup-ers. I guess they do that with the branded stuff too – sell like the real thing at branded prices…even though they are actually factory rejects.

  13. Nice shirt! altho look kinda too big for you sir. =)

    No, just right. I like it a bit loose… More comfortable that way and nothing to show mah…nobody would want to see my layers and layers of fat…so no tight-fitting t-shirts for me, thank you! 😉

  14. Claire has always been a very nice and generous person, just like you are… by the way I still prefer (sorry Claire) the All Blacks t-shirt another blogger friend presented to you and you blogged about it, i don’t know who already but I guess she was Quay Po Cooks,kan?

    Too bad, you don’t have a full body size picture taken with the new polo T, otherwise you should look like one big American man…………..

    take care now and God bless

    Nope, that was Shereen, my dear friend in NZ. Quay Po would send me the Big Daddy ones…from the US. Yes, Claire is indeed such a nice lady to know…like you and all the rest as well.

  15. Uiks…i thought you posting about SK parcel.

    Yup i just collected from her also yesterday hahaha..

    Must queue mah! Claire’s came last week, SK’s one just arrived yesterday…

    1. I am most blessed too! I received double pressies from both of you the day before!! Two in a row.. STP came at 6pm.. and Kathy came half hour later… hahaha… so nice!

      Nice, eh? As they say…good luck comes hand in hand. 😉

  16. AH!! So sweet of Claire, she always remember you. 🙂 Nice shirt & nice colour.

    Yes, very nice – I really like it a lot… Claire’s always thinks of others one, such a nice friend.

  17. There you are, presents again. Truly, truly blessed. Nice colour.

    People all so very kind mah, kesian me…no clothes to wear, no food to eat… Muahahahaha!!!! 😀

  18. Ahh…so thoughtful of Claire to bring back a gift for you…

    Certainly is a pleasant surprise. I usually will get little souvenirs or trinkets for people when travelling – things that will not take too much baggage space and easy to carry.

  19. Lovely shirt from Claire~~

    Your missus doesn’t mind you wear shirt chosen by other ladies? Ahem~~ Later she uses the scissors and cut into two, muahahaha.

    Just kidding, I know your missus is very sporting 🙂

    Aiyor…you so jealous type one kah? Takut!!!!! We all friends one, my missus also great friends with all my blogger and non-blogger friends – male or female all the same. Yang curi-curi…got udang under the stone – that is the kind the wives should get worried about. We do things all in the open means we have nothing to hide.

    Like my missus told me she met a friend of mine with another woman and he greeted her and asked me where I was. I said that was probably a colleague or a friend…and they were out together for lunch, nothing to hide. Another time she saw another one – that one pretended not to see her and later I saw him too and since he was acting kind of suspicious, we pretended we did not see him. Now, that one may have something fishy going on…and had something to hide.

  20. So nice that Claire was thinking of you even during her holiday overseas. It is so nice of you too, thanking Claire in such a manner. Nice shirt. Nice design and also nice color. Everything is nice la!

    She’s such a nice and thoughtful lady – I am sure she came home with lots of goodies for lots of people…

  21. Ceee…i also tak mahu kalah. Gona tayang my souvenir also.ehehhehe

    No leh? No update yet in your blog… I’m sure she got a little something for the usual suspects – mama kucing also got something… 😉

  22. This is such a generous and thoughtful gift!
    I think it’s better than keychains and food, right? 😉

    I don’t mind food…but clothes can be a bit risky as they may not fit…and I would not be able to use. Real sad.

  23. The shirt looks good! So you save money on one shirt for Christmas or CNY!

    I guess so. I seldom or never buy new clothes anyway…cannot get my size. 😦

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